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Where To Find The Street Food Snacks In Melbourne?

You can find the best of the street foods from just about any country in Melbourne. Take a look at our recommendations for the best fast food in the city. Be sure to call ahead to verify current hours of operation before making the trip.

Melbourne is often referred to as Australia's most cosmopolitan and culinary mecca. Melbournians have been spoiled by the city's multiculturalism, with restaurants catering to every whim and palate.

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Delicious Street Foods In Melbourne

Listed below are a few of the most popular and delicious street foods in Melbourne. To make things easier for you, we've also included suggestions for restaurants serving these dishes. Don't forget to do some research on the areas and incorporate that into your schedule.

Croque Monsieur

This tiny French cafe is entirely devoted to perfecting the art of the toastie. Try a cheesy béchamel-loaded Croque monsieur, or pop some eggs on top for a Croque madame. 

Croque Monsieur's sandwiches are filled with homemade sauces and chutney. They also do sweet toasties on brioche, the French way. That means (you guessed it) tonnes of Nutella!

Chunky Town

In QV's food court, Chunky Town's snack of choice is a hot dog, Korean style. The famously crispy and crunchy sausage-on-a-stick is battered and fried, then drizzled with cheese, ketchup or mayo. Or pull apart the oozey option filled with mozzarella. There's also waffle fries, Korean fried chicken and doughnut balls covered in soft-serve ice cream.


Soft buttery meat with crispy skin, a plate of Barramundi is a perfect piece of fried fish. People often take it up a notch by decorating it as fish steak, but Barramundi can best be enjoyed on the streets of Australia.

Heartbreaker Bun Mee

Hidden in a tiny laneway, this authentic Vietnamese cafe will cure those carb cravings. Head to Heartbreaker Bun Mee on Flinders Lane for ultra-crispy banh mi with perfectly balanced flavours. 

Best of all, the pork rolls come in under $10. Wash it all down with a Vietnamese iced coffee sweetened with condensed milk.

Dear Fry Day

The deal at Dear Fry Day in RMIT is Chinese street food on a skewer, with something for every taste. Like extra-spicy fried pig intestine, if you're brave. 

Or sweet-and-sour egg roll with prawn, if you're not. For a bit of everything, order the meat or vegetarian bucket. Wash it down with homemade coconut milk or gourd tea.

 Barbecued Snags

Available at almost all the street vendors across the country, Barbecued Snags define Australian food culture. With a variety of meat rolled into a sausage, dipped generously in garlic butter and then barbecued, it is no wonder that this is one of the most loved snacks here!

Dagwood dog

Another food to try in Australia is Dagwood Dog. Meat on a stick, deep-fried to crisp, and topped with tomato sauce, this delicious treat is permanent on the menu at any food market, carnival, and fair.

Nutella And Banana Jaffle

Every tummy needs a T-Roy Brown Nutella and peanut butter jaffle from time to time. Combining our two fave spreads, this Melbourne cafe has turned the all-too-familiar PB&J sandwich into one very sleek snack. Bursting with a mix of warm chocolate and peanut spread, these babies are available for the taking on the outskirts of Flinders Street Station, right next to the 24-hour gym. White shirts are not advised during consumption.

Acland Street 

St. Kilda is a neighbourhood in Melbourne, Australia. The Jewish community of the 1930s and 1940s is largely responsible for the area's rise to fame as a destination for delicious baked goods.

The area is notable for its pavement art and beautiful wide sidewalks, and it is located within walking distance of the waterfront and Luna Park. Restaurants and nightclubs of all kinds can be found on Acland Street today. It is influenced by Vietnamese, Indian, Italian, and Malaysian cultures, and a new generation of gelato shops has successfully established itself along the strip.


Southbank is an arts and entertainment district just south of Melbourne's central business district, within easy walking distance of both Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. There are many cultural institutions within walking distance, including the Arts Centre and NGV, as well as the Crown Entertainment Complex, which features a fireball show every hour on the hour.

Every Sunday, vendors set up shop on the promenade in front of the Arts Centre for Southbank's art and craft market. In addition, there are a number of excellent eateries with outdoor seating along the promenade. You can find many well-known brands, such as the Meat and Wine Company, among the many high-quality options available.

American Doughnut Kitchen

The American Doughnut Kitchen has been serving up jammy delights at Queen Victoria Market since 1950. Choose from a bag of five or 10, filled with raspberry-plum jam and rolled in sugar. Order ahead to skip the queues and avoid the pain of 'sold out. Their custom-built van is parked at the top of I Shed every day except Monday and Wednesday.

George the Fishmonger

Being spoiled for choice is half the fun at Queen Victoria Market. It's hard to go past George the Fishmonger and his awesome lobster roll. 

The seafood baguette comes complete with claw, mayo and plenty of delicious lobster. It's served with salad on a takeaway plate lined with Aussie-themed vintage newsprint.

Cheese And Spinach Borek

One of Melbourne's best savoury pastries is located in the heart of Queen Vic Market. Remarkably kind on your purse, these boreks are Melburnian legend. But, don't be fooled by the low prices; the ultra-efficient ladies at Shop 95 know exactly what they're doing. 

Just be prepared to elbow your way in because this Borek Stand isn't much of a hidden gem anymore — it's a rather popular one. You'll know why after you take the first bite. 

Chiko roll


As part of the Australian food culture, Chiko Rolls are like spring rolls, with a variety of vegetables and beef as the stuffing. This stuffing often varies from shop to shop! Since it is one of the most easily available snacks, they are the easiest option for a hungry belly.

Peking Duck

There aren't many Melbourne foods that can be talked about as symbols for decades, but Flower Drum is one of them. Established by Gilbert Lau in 1978, Flower Drum celebrates 40 years as a top restaurant in 2018. (30th at current Market Lane address).

Pigs In A Blanket

If you're wondering what people eat the most of in Australia, here it is: It looks like Pigs in a Blanket is the solution! This popular food is like eating two traditional sausages at once because it contains two kinds of tasty meat. Don't bother with the bread and instead eat more meat.

Lamb & Cucumber

The thought of a perfectly cooked lamb and cucumber always comes to mind when you're on the hunt for the best Melbourne street food. Melbourne, Australia, is well-known for its delicious street food, but you can also try some of the dinner-based foods that are typically sold as street food on the night of your visit.

At night, when it's starting to get dark, the stands would be open for business. Because of the overwhelming demand, we had to stop serving them in the afternoons because so many visitors enjoy them for dinner. To avoid missing out, you should arrive early.

Turmeric Pancakes

You can find some really tasty and edifying health pancakes, which are smooth as well caramelized well to benefit your health. Nothing is too much, and nothing is too less, bringing out the best eating experience while boosting your health!

We would suggest you give this one a chance, the main reason being, this ensures health along with some great taste!

Braised Pork Belly Bao

Surely a list of the CBD's best of the best cannot exclude the wondrous creations from Wonderbao. 

Wonderbao's sticky braised pork belly buns are the perfect 3 pm snack, set between their plant-your-face-on-it soft bao. Pickled mustard, fresh coriander and crunchy peanuts make up this gua bao dream from Wonderbao's A'Beckett street home. Splurge with some hot soya if you feel a cold coming on.

Crab Sticks

Unlike its name, Crab Sticks are not made out of crabs. Instead, small fish pieces are dipped in batter and fried in the shape of crab legs! It is a fun dish to explore, especially for kids; you must try it while here.

Fish Mackerel Dumplings

Dumplings are anyone's favourite, and this one's sure on the list when it comes to street food. Dumplings have taken the world by the varieties of stuffing that could easily be relished and the choice of various sauces that can easily get the desired flavour added to any dumpling!

If you want it a bit sweeter, add more of the sweet lime sauce, or if you would like to go for the tangy or maybe hot ones, try adding such kinds of sauces and get your taste buds a treat!

Fish And Chips

Travel to the shore, where the traditional Australian fare of Fish and Chips awaits you. This country must have the best seafood because it has the freshest fish. Yummy fish and chips are available in convenient bite-size portions from street vendors all along the beach.

Ricotta Hotcakes

Would you prefer some treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? We believe and are sure of your answer, which will be yes. Who would want to miss such opportunities when all you want is good food at comparatively great prices!

The cakes are made with various ingredients and are treasured by people, both local and tourists, due to their variety in the tastes available! So get here, offer some to yourself, and since these are sweet and flavoured with wines, you can even pack some for your loved ones!

Hamburger With Beetroot

While many outsiders find the addition of a slice of beetroot to a classic hamburger unique, this is what makes the Australian burger special! It cannot get any better than this: a crispy beef patty, soft burger buns, veggies, and a slice of beetroot finishing!

Herbed Chicken Gozleme

I was regretting that lunchtime salad because you weren't hungry? Do a runner down to Goz City, one of Melbourne's best Turkish takeaway joints. 

Warm timber and classic wooden stools make up this homey Lt Collins Street eatery, but if you don't have time to stop, grab your gozleme to go. Crammed with fresh herbs and tender chicken, Goz City's herbed chicken option is the ideal post-lunch filler.

Tagliolini Al Nero

The name would be new, but the satisfaction you could feel after having it would never make you a stranger to this dish. The aroma and the flavours are handpicked to buy the top world-class chefs, and the dish is the result of the regular trials made with the classical and traditional dishes.

The dish is a combination of rabbit and steaked pasta! The choice of sauces and the spices added in the bowl will make it a point to lift your mood with the world's finest and classy flavours, all in your street food at a nominal price!

Mango Sorbet

This is another sweet dish on the list that can help you get your sweet tooth and the desire of having something delicious satiated.

If you are a mango lover, this would be the sure thing to add to your checklist! The best recipes curated to bring the best possible flavour of mango will surely win your heart!

Baller Bucket

There is no effort left in bringing the best dish out for the lovers that so much indulge in loving food that their desires are very typical and rarely could be satiated!

This dish has all the necessary flavours and aromas, which will help one get to know the real and indigenous taste of the place. Each dish will surely leave you satisfied as well as with the desire of having more than just once!

La Gourmande Waffle

If melted chocolate layered with fresh strawberries and topped with whipped cream doesn't make you happy on a bad day, I'm sorry — there's nothing we can do for you. But if it does, then you're in luck. 

Tucked between the sandwich shops in Degraves Street, Waffle On is a haven for work-weary Melburnians (as well as an occasional awkward date-spot.) Order a La Gourmande waffle (chocolate, strawberries and extra cream) when you're down in the dumps, and prepare to slip into a blissful post-waffle state.

Coffee And Doughnut

A doughnut a day won't keep the doctor away, but we'll pretend Shortstop's goodies do until further notice. Their magnificent sticky date and gingerbread doughnut combo are hellishly decadent, merging three of the best desserts into one ridiculously delicious snack. 

You can also pick up your morning coffee in this deceptively small setup. Better yet, you can use your addiction to caffeine as an excuse to keep coming back. We certainly do.

Deconstructed Tiramisu & White Chocolate Mini Pots

Another hot goal on Mornington Peninsula with rave audits is family-run Merricks Creek Winery Cellar Door. Diminish Parker is a Clinical Psychologist in South Yarra who has likewise been making the absolute best Pinot Noir around for the most recent few decades.

He gives this winery jewel on Merricks Rd Merricks a 5-star rating. So no worries now, if you are on a hectic schedule, just come here and get yourself pampered with some amazing treats, which will help you be lifted in spirit!

One Piece Double Chilli Burger

You must be wondering where the burger is? And so we decided to pick one of the best and famous burgers. The place is well known for making burgers too high on the spicy level, yet a lot of cheese inside gets the spice topped up with smooth and cheesy flavours!

We recommend you try this once, even if you are not on the spicy side of the food always, as it can satiate your desire to have something delicious in Melbourne!


Ben Forehand and Rachael Browne, two chefs in Melbourne, have created a masterpiece with their Bossy Boots Cafe. They honed their skills in renowned Melbourne restaurants like Stokehouse, Circa, and Dench Bakers.

Ten years of experience cooking on luxury superyachts have given them the expertise to create an exceptional food haven in Brighton. The editors of "The World Loves Melbourne" went there for lunch to check out the delicious lasagne (meat and veggie lover), hefty gourmet wiener rolls, and flavorful plates of mixed greens.

 Meat Pies

Been to Australia and not had the famous Meat Pies? Impossible! Of all the things to eat in Australia, this one is permanent on every foodie's list. This flaky dish is packed with various combinations of meat, available as a snack or even a fancy meal. 

Pair it with gravy and mashed potatoes to have a filling meal at one of the gourmet restaurants, or get a piece at the local vendor!

BBQ Chicken Bahn Mi

The humble Bahn mi might be Melbourne's favourite takeaway roll. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, those of us true to Vietnamese baguettes munch away on the pickled vegetable and soy sauce combo. However, Paperboy Kitchen's BBQ chicken creation is perfect for your pesky second lunch craving. And while it isn't the dirt-cheap Bahn mi you can get elsewhere, it's got an edge you won't find in traditional offerings. Filled with marinated, free-range chicken and a killer sriracha-mayo combo, you'll be raring to go after dropping.

John Dory fillets

A happy resident of the Australian waters is a type of fish that is also one of the much-loved Australian snacks. Often served with chips, salad, or even mashed potato, this on the go snack is delicious, especially the ones with a dash of herbed oil!

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Potato Mac And Cheese Croquettes

When the afternoon blues hit and you require a delicious (preferably greasy) pick me up, there's no time to skimp on carbs. Luckily, one of Melbourne's favourite burger joints also makes gloriously crispy snacks, which are perfect for snagging on the go. 

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna's potato mac and cheese croquettes (pictured above in a burger) are stuffed with gooey cheesy goodness and piping hot potato — and they're guaranteed to make your afternoon considerably better. And at $4.20 a pop, you can grab two and still get change for a tenner.

FAQs About Street Food Snacks In Melbourne

The vegans can try Veg Burger, Fairy Bread, Veggie Pies, and Veg Pizzas as the quick food items available for the vegans with Aussie street food sellers.

You must try Barbequed Snags. This is a non-vegan popular and affordable grilled food item in Australian street foods.

Yes, most street food dishes are made of meat and fish. They are the best places to taste a variety of non-vegan foods by non-vegans on Australia tours. Which are Australia's affordable and common staple foods, which are also available with street food vendors? You can find Chicken Parmigiana in most of the street food places.

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