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20+ Best Hens Party Ideas In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Melbourne has a lot to offer if you're looking for some fun ideas for your friend's hens party whether you want to go out clubbing or take a more relaxed approach, there are many activities to choose from.

It is going to be a fun and exciting time for the bride-to-be. But before you start planning, there are some things you need to know. This blog post will give you some tips on making sure the hens party goes off without a hitch. So read on for what you need to know about throwing a successful hen's party.

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    Ultimate List Of Hens Party Ideas in Melbourne, Victoria

    Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    magic men hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 624 426

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party, or simply having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies night unforgettable. The Magic Men can perform private shows in suites, private function venues, and residences throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man possesses the body, moves, and charisma to excite and delight, delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers who will customise a smart and sexy show to your preferences. Various shows are available to match the THEME OF ANY PARTY.

    Hens Night Melbourne

    Are you looking forwards to a fun night filled with chitchat, laughter, and all the glitter and glamour? Magic Men will make your Hens Night Melbourne spectacular. We provide a full-service package of entertainment, good looks, and professional service at an affordable price.

    Magic Men can make your Melbourne hens night entertaining, taunting, and hilarious. Celebrate your hen's party idea with live shows, e-shows, and private visits. Expect jaw-dropping performances from our Magic Men for a night to remember. Join us in celebration and have your phones ready to snap photos. Enjoy your last night!

    Holey Moley Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    holey moley hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 727 841

    We are a mini-golf course and bar that transforms the classic putt into a multi-sensory labyrinth of distinctive holes that are motivated by everything from the fun of your favorite childhood games to your everyday life.

    You've never played mini golf as crazy as this. Some of our holes may or may not make you think of the producers of popular culture, but we are in no way connected to them. The Caddyshack will take care of all your off-the-green requirements with the drinks, cocktails, and music on offer in our full-service bar.

    With our distinctive mini-golf course and personal caddy for your off-the-green needs, you can fend off Bridezilla. Celebrate your victories and toast the future bride with food and drinks in the event room you have reserved.

    House Of Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    house of hens party ideas melbourne


    1800 901 852

    Girls, we all know, love to have fun. And we at House of Hens make that possible by handling all the details so you can unwind, unwind, and pop another cork. We have years of expertise planning group events, and we specialize in last-hurrah celebrations! We've saved a lot of stressed-out #bridesquads from the nightmare of months of nonstop (and frequently argumentative) group chats while trying to plan a hen party that would please everyone.


    FAQs About Hens Party

    Granted, they will all be at the wedding but how do you decide whether to bring them to your hen do with all your besties! You should always invite the sisters of your partner. It is way too close to not having them there, and we advise not to cause any argument here.

    They knew the score and were happy to come to hen and celebrate with me in the evening. Good enough friends to invite to your hen do, they are good enough friends for you to explain the situation too.

    • Provide both your email address and phone number on the invites to ensure everyone can get in touch with you.
    • Check the guest list with your bride-to-be before sending any invites — just in case you didn't know she hated that girl now or never actually wanted her grandma there.

    For those who prefer to preserve the idea of a great bridal party with female friends and relatives, splitting the occasion in two is a great way to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

    Typically, the deposit that needs to be paid for the hen's party package would be covered by the bridal party, by the bridesmaids or Maid of Honour paying upfront for their cost. The rest of the invitees then pay the chief bridesmaid their per head cost.

    Men Of Dreams Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    men of dreams hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 407 641

    So now that your closest friend's special day is just around the corner, you have the honor of organizing the hen's party! However, unless you're a frequent bridesmaid like Jane in 27 Dresses, this is your first time organizing a bachelorette party.

    Making sure the upcoming bride and her invited guests have an amazing day and night can be difficult when planning your friend's hen party. Additionally, you want it to be a memorable occasion that you and your friends talk about for years to come!

    Vamos Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    vamos hens party ideas melbourne


    0415 463 342

    Organising The Perfect Hen's Night

    Do you have the privilege of organizing your closest friend's hen's night? So get ready for a thrilling but interesting excursion. You have a lot of work ahead of you, including choosing the ideal place, looking through various themes and accessories, and everything else.

    But don't worry, organizing the ideal hen's night in Melbourne will be simple as long as you know how to accomplish it. We'll walk you through some practical advice and fun party suggestions to make that day just as special as the wedding.

    TF Recipes Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    tf recipes hens party ideas melbourne


    Unique Hens Party Ideas | House Of Hens | Hens Party

    Flower Queen from the Flower Crown Workshop. Every Queen has a crown, and floral crown making classes are a lovely way to honor the upcoming bride. A trained instructor will demonstrate patterns and techniques to help you create your very own flower crown using lovely seasonal blooms, foliage, and vintage ribbons.

    Making a cocktail: Shake, Stir, Sip. Never before have cocktails with the gals looked (or tasted) as amazing! So take a seat in a popular cocktail bar's private section and get ready to learn the craft of mixology! A Toast to Us: A Winery Tour. Even the bride's mother will appreciate the sense of refinement that comes with a day of dining and drinking while surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills.

    Blissful Beauty is a spa service. This Hens Day party is set in a luxurious day spa with a pampering package to please even the most discriminating lady. Breakfast with champagne and bottomless brunch. We wholeheartedly concur that breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. So take advantage of your beauty sleep before getting out of bed to join your best friends for a bottomless brunch.

    Dreamscape Tours Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    dreamscape tours hens party ideas melbourne


    (03) 9844 1141

    Any form of event, including special occasions, social clubs, business events, team building exercises, and the wildly famous end-of-year Christmas parties, can be catered by us. We take our commitment to maintaining high standards seriously. Only events that pass our stringent criteria are offered.

    Hen's Party Ideas In Melbourne

    To ensure that the hen's party you are planning is more than just a regular night out, there is a lot to organise. Therefore, if you want to get going right away, why not go to Dreamscape Tours and employ their ideal hen's party ideas.

    We will put on a party to remember, whether you are envisioning a wild hen's night on our party bus or are just looking for a few calm drinks. Everybody can enjoy Dreamscapes Hen's Party Ideas thanks to our fantastic party packages that can be customized to your group's requirements.

    Baroq House Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    baroq house hens party ideas melbourne


    (03) 8199 3759

    Do you have a crucial date marked on your calendar? Pick Melbourne's most sought-after corporate event rental site after meticulous planning. For a memorable evening, our team is on ready to make sure your cocktail event goes off without a hitch.

    We are skilled in ensuring that every aspect of your hen party goes off without a hitch. We can assist you in planning the ideal evening with our wide range of hens night packages. Additionally, our unique function team has the expertise and capacity to make your vision a reality so you are free to be imaginative and come up with some novel ideas.

    Storyville Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    storyville hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9993 9040

    Storyville's drinks are inspired by well-known classic works of literature as well as some of our favorite children's novels. With names like "Down the Rabbit Hole" and "Goblet of Flames," our distinctive beverages will pique your interest and taste senses, paying homage to Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, respectively.

    So, as we welcome you to our dream kingdom, where spirits are shaken and cocktails are churned for your enjoyment, please draw up a mushroom.

    Lemans Entertainment Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    lemans entertainment hens party ideas melbourne


    (03) 8787 8751

    Le Mans is all about adrenaline-fueled excitement. We like competing. I was travelling fast. the thrill of making a quick turn fear of a virtual zombie conflict the challenge of achieving success in laser sports

    The world's best free roam VR and Australia's best Lasertag Arena were installed as part of our complete refurbishment in 2018. However, throughout the past several years, we've developed to add in more awesome activities that get the heart pounding.

    Let us assist you in organizing a party with lots of fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Additionally, if you wish to stay for a meal and drinks, we can arrange for something delectable in the Sports bar just for your group, as well as a bar tab for when you are through.

    My Ultimate Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    my ultimate hens party ideas melbourne



    Ultimate Hens Night

    We are so excited to have the privilege of working with you to organize your best friend's hen party. In order to free you up to have unbroken fun with the bridal tribe, we are here to be your ultimate wingwoman and assist with the party organizing duties.

    We're pleased to share the current bride tribe favorite packages! So if your dream submit entails a topless waiter, a drag queen, a cocktail making lesson, a day spa, or anything in between, My Ultimate Hens has you covered!

    The Hen And The Coq Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    the hen and the coq hens party ideas melbourne


    0423 172 641

    Our company, which started in Melbourne, saw a need for a more modern and sophisticated version of the classic hen's party. Our clients wanted a more refined night out and an experience (consider more style, less penis whistles), but they also wanted a good amount of fun, creativity, and sex appeal.

    Our boutique-style mixes creativity with a good time, and our experienced hosts both teach the traditional methods for drawing the naked body and know how to throw a party! In addition, a (always-beautiful) fit and hospitable model will pose for your creative enjoyment. The Hen and the Coq is the finest place to do life drawing because of our classy, entertaining, but silly and cheeky art experience!

    Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tours Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    yarra valley wine tasting tours hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9650 0847

    We run a daily wine trip from Melbourne as well as a regional wine tour of the Yarra Valley. Why not come along with us for a day of winery touring in a cool climate wine region that is only an hour away from Central Melbourne? The most popular grape varieties are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

    You will also be able to tour the famed Domain Chandon, the biggest wine producer in the Yarra Valley, which was founded in 1987. This winery produces renowned wines from the Champagne area of France and is a member of the illustrious Moet and Hennessy group, one of the largest wine producers in the world.

    In order to help you organize the finest friend hen's ever, if you get in touch with us, we'll email you some suggested itineraries and prices for your special day. For lunch and visits to vineyards, chocolate factories, breweries, and distilleries, we can offer half-day or full-day alternatives.

    Melbourne's Best Functions Hens Party Ideas

    melbourne's best functions hens party ideas melbourne


    (03) 8199 3742

    Hen's Party Packages In Melbourne

    Obviously, the hen's night! Every bride anticipates the boisterous shen's party because it's their last night of "freedom," so it must to be memorable! So let Melbourne's top events' party planning staff assist you in throwing a glamorous hen's night fit for any type of bride. We provide a variety of hen's night packages in Melbourne that perfectly balance luxury with nonstop fun.

    There is no chance that a hen's night you host in Melbourne will be uninteresting or forgettable. With more than a decade of expertise assisting the upcoming bride and her loved ones come up with entertaining bachelorette party ideas, our creative staff is knowledgeable on what to do to make sure that everyone there has a blast.

    Forever Hen Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    forever hen hens party ideas melbourne


    Here, we assist bridesmaids and event coordinators from all over the world in planning wonderfully entertaining and special pre-wedding events with the help of motivational essays and gorgeous printables.

    You will enjoy navigating your way through the enjoyable, charming, and wholly original concepts covered throughout For Every Hen, from the preliminary planning stages to games, themes, and personalized touches.

    So please, be inspired, ask questions, and take pleasure in being a part of this amazing community. Because, let's face it, without you, it wouldn't be a party! We provide information on how to host an excellent picnic party and some of the best picnicking ideas available, from recommendations for choosing the perfect venue to the games and activities. This motivation will ensure that your event is a smashing success!

    Yarra River Cruises Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    yarra river cruises hens party ideas melbourne


    03 8488 8842

    One of the most significant occasions leading up to the wedding is the hen do. But choosing a destination might be challenging. Therefore, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas, we have come up with 17 unique hens party suggestions Melbourne brides will adore in 2021.

    Botanica is an award-winning spa that is the ideal location for the bride and a small group of friends to relax before the big day. It is situated in Rialto Towers in Melbourne's central business district. A variety of soothing treatments are provided by the knowledgeable beauticians at Botanica to assist the skin, body, and mind be renewed. Everyone will consequently leave feeling and looking like a million bucks.

    For special occasions, La Di Da on Little Bourke Street offers the Champagne Lounge for rent. But why not combine the lovely lounge with the adjacent cocktail bar to throw your own exclusive cocktail party and make the occasion truly memorable?

    Williamstown Charters Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    williamstown charters hens party ideas melbourne


    0409 944 351

    Travel slowly on the calm waters of the Port of Melbourne or down the Yarra River via the Docklands, have a private boat tour of Melbourne, or visit particular locations throughout Port Phillip Bay in elegance!

    Perfect for a corporate event, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party, engagement party, or any other private gathering!

    In addition to offering food catering services, Williamstown Charters is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Alternately, you are welcome to bring your own beverage to the gathering. Bring your own music and use our iPod dock to play the tunes you want. So throw a party on board, relax on the back and take in the scenery, or recline on the upper deck with a drink in hand.

    Rice Paper Scissors Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    rice paper scissors hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9663 9848

    For your hens' night, go to Rice Paper Scissors on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Our private party space can hold 60 standing guests or 30 seated visitors. The best place in Melbourne to go out with your girlfriends. This option is suitable for groups of at least 12 people.

    Do I have to reserve the space? not an issue because you can reserve the entire space for up to 100 guests. Our delicious food and beverage selection can be customized to your preferences. Are we organizing a wedding or a birthday party? We can also assist! or why not enroll in one of our entertaining, hands-on cocktail mixing classes?

    Champainting Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    champainting hens party ideas melbourne



    During our sessions, the goal is to lose yourself in the creative process, forget about your problems, and produce something you can be proud of. Any level of artistic talent is welcome because none of our workshops require any prior training. Our trained artists guide them through the process step-by-step from beginning to end.

    Our BYO or luxury VIP paint and sip sessions let you create a work of art while sipping a glass of your favorite wine (or your alternative drink of choice) and small bites, making them ideal for creative date nights or just an excuse to catch up with friends. Our painting and drinking events are enjoyable with friends, family, or the entire staff.

    Every day of the week, we provide open paint and sip sessions as well as corporate team building activities, social gatherings, hens parties, and Christmas parties.

    Top Less Waiters Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    top less waiters hens party ideas melbourne


    0431 431 948

    In addition to being charming and talented, our Topless Waiters are also lively, active, and incredibly kind. We carefully choose our Topless Waiters because they are the best in the business; we don't just hire gym junkies with no charm. Not just because of their good appearance, but also because they are incredibly amiable, they brighten any space when they enter! All of our hens party packages are available here.

    Our waiters are the greatest in the business, but our outfits are what set us apart from the other topless writing companies. Our famous bottom-baring apron, a collar, and cuffs are all worn by our Topless Waiters!

    Saluja Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    saluja hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9534 0049

    Hens Party Melbourne

    Want to treat the prospective bride to a sophisticated night of cocktails? Save yourself the stress of stocking up on alcohol, mastering complex cocktail recipes, and achieving Pinterest-perfect home décor. Being Gatsby is not simple, so let us assist you! Make a reservation for your hen's party with us to take advantage of a unique Melbourne experience hosted by a friendly, attentive team that is proficient in all things alcoholic.

    St. LuJa offers a sophisticated selection of finely prepared cocktails, whisky, and food in a tensely varied 1930s art deco setting. The atmosphere is as luxurious as the drinks we offer, enveloping you in a home away from home where the discussion is more interesting than the notifications on your phone.

    Great Race Night And Day Ideas Melbourne

    great race hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 504 142

    Hens Party Activities

    You're planning a hens party but you don't want to follow the "usual" route... and you want to be certain that all of the bride's friends will be invited. Despite the fact that nobody knows anyone else, you still want to make sure everyone has a great day. We've got you covered, girl, so stop worrying!

    In contrast to other companies, Great Race views hen parties as an incredible opportunity to have an unforgettable event with your closest friends and family members. You simply have to do you boo, and that's not for everyone. That's not to say that it's necessarily a terrible thing.

    You can therefore picture yourself racing about your city with your favorite hens while doing jobs, solving puzzles, and sneaking in a few cheeky drinks (if that's what you want! ), if you're searching for hen's party games that are a little different, check out our selection.

    SWbusiness Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    swbusiness hens party ideas melbourne


    61 1800 997 642

    Secret Women's Business is constantly thinking of innovative, fun ways to make your hen's night unforgettable and customized to fit all preferences and budgets. We take great delight in offering high-quality events, affordable hens party packages, venues with wonderful staff, hot guys, and fantastic locations to organize your events in.

    In order to create a quote specifically for you on the moment, our Party Planner will let you choose from a wide variety of party food, drink, and services. The most diabolical diva to the prissiest princess will all enjoy our incredible selection of themed Hens party packages, which may be customized to meet your needs.

    Your last night as a bachelorette should go off with a bang, according to Secret Women's Business! We specialize in hens party packages, hens night themes, and everything else that turns on the girl power. Therefore, whether you're celebrating during the day or at night, naughtily or politely (or a joyful blend;), we'll handle all the tedious work while you relax and have a good time.

    Paint For Fun Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    paint for fun hens party ideas melbourne



    Hens Party Melbourne

    Host a memorable hen party that includes alcohol, a fantastic painting lesson, and plenty of fun. Give your best buddy a suitable send-off into married life by organizing a unique painting party without any hassle!

    Many women anticipate a bachelorette party before their wedding day because it is a cultural pillar. The bride-to-be is given a magnificent night of fun and celebration by her closest friends as part of a bonding ritual. A girl's bachelorette party should be among her most exciting and enjoyable nights ever.

    The bridesmaids are under a lot of pressure because they frequently try to think of unique and creative ways to surprise the bride with a bachelorette party. Unfortunately, bachelorette parties are typically very ordinary more than 90% of the time. Even though everyone had a fantastic time, the party falls short of what it could have been because no one has a particularly memorable experience.

    Redballoon Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    redballoon hens party ideas melbourne


    Hen's Party Ideas

    Get the girls together and enjoy a cooking class that combines Mexican cuisine and margaritas or a drink and tapas event. If you want to organize a unique hen's party, consider taking to the wide seas and spending the day indulging on a high tea cruise.

    It's time to create the best hen's party in honor of the upcoming bride. If you're in charge of planning the special day, you should think of hen's party ideas that are entertaining, unique, and ideal for bringing the ladies together. No matter what kind of experience you're looking for, our selection of activities has been carefully selected to offer suggestions. The 3 Hour Paint and Sip Workshop is ideal for your girls if you're looking for entertaining hen night activities that'll have you all giggling.

    If you want to go all out for the bachelorette party, why not consider making travel plans. The Calm Blue Mountains Family Getaway is a weekend getaway for up to 6 people. Get all of the bride's besties together and spend two nights in a completely self-contained home, the ideal setting for a hen's night celebration. The ideal approach to start the party and throw a hen's party the bride will remember for years to come includes wine sampling and cheese platters for everyone.

    Melbourne Boat Hire Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    melbourne boat hire hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 988 349

    Self-Drive Boat Hire Or Skippered Cruises

    We offer our crafts every day of the week. The distinctive and enjoyable approach to have a year-end office celebration is to rent a boat for a Christmas party. Up to 35 persons can board private charter vessels for small or large groups.

    Take a water taxi to the Spring Racing Carnival. Make the trip special! Make the trip a special occasion by booking a catered cruise and packing your favorite music. Beat the traffic, the lines, and the parking issues.

    Plan on-water transportation to a supper at a riverside restaurant, a concert, or a night out. Pickups can be scheduled to coincide with the timing of your special event. One or two people, as well as groups of up to 35 passengers, may ride in a water taxi. Attend a performance, eat dinner, or spend the evening on the Yarra River. Onboard our ships or while floating between the finest restaurants serving the best cuisine, progressive dinner cruises offer the ideal approach to experience a variety of fine waterside restaurant dining courses.

    Menonfire Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    menonfire hens party ideas melbourne


    61 422 440 641

    Hens Party Sydney | Hens Party Ideas

    As an alternative to surprising the bride with a life drawing or mobile cocktail class, we specialize in hen parties for women who don't want a stripper. We therefore have all of your Sydney hens party ideas covered.

    There's a reason why hundreds of delighted clients shout our attractive crew's praises. Our crew of sexy firemen are always entertaining and live to make your hen's party a night to remember for all the right reasons.

    Making a bride's last night as a single woman into a night she'll never forget might be your goal, whether you're the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or just a friend. You'll cherish the memories you create instead for the rest of your life.

    Epic Holidays Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    epic holidays hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 523841

    Hens Party Las Vegas Packages

    Packages for discounted hen parties in Las Vegas! Las Vegas, with its casinos, bars, pool parties, and nightclubs, is a continual, 24-hour, 365-day party metropolis. It is situated in the Mojave Desert in Nevada. The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and the pyramid-shaped Luxor are just a few of the opulent theme hotels that dot the four-mile-long Strip, much like in the movies. You can rent a hummer and tour the desert nearby, or you can take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

    Additionally, Las Vegas boasts the top-notch resident DJs, musicians, magicians, and acrobatic performances. Guaranteed to be the best hotel rates! Contact Epic Holidays to learn more about our Hens Party Las Vegas packages, which are available in a variety of price ranges and configurations.

    Gobananas World Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    gobananas world hens party ideas melbourne


    1 300 635 448

    GoBananas assists individuals in organizing and reserving outings, solitary pursuits, team-building activities, and party weekends. Since we began planning events, we have aided thousands of people. We are aware of the difficulties an organizer encounters when tasked with planning a group's journey. The entire planning process, including the lodging, activities, food, and transportation, will be walked you through by GoBananas.

    Melbourne is a well-known tourist destination, so getting there is not difficult. There are simple methods to travel here by bus, train, or air. Or, if you like, you may have a lovely scenic drive. However, since there will probably be a lot of drinking, it might be difficult to convince one of you to serve as the designated driver.

    Ausvenueco Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    ausvenueco hens party ideas melbourne


    180 083 6841

    Venues for Hen Parties in Melbourne

    There are numerous award-winning party locations in Melbourne that will make every hen in town pleased if you're arranging a fun ladies' night out on the town with excellent cocktails, delicious cuisine, and endless dancing.

    The Imperial Hotel on Chapel Street in South Yarra and the Exchange Hotel in Port Melbourne are popular choices with live entertainment for the hen and her brood to party into the early hours if she like getting down on the dance floor.

    Let's say a little more complex material is needed. If so, the females will be entertained and delighted all night long at Trinket's quirky cocktail lounge on Flinders Lane, which has a luxurious vibe and unlimited trademark drinks.

    Karaoke Bar Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    karaoke bar hens party ideas melbourne

    karaoke bar.Melbourne

    (03) 9938 8842

    One of Melbourne's most popular karaoke establishments, Party World, sets the benchmark for multi-purpose karaoke establishments. As the name implies, Party World is a place to celebrate with your friends, sing along, and make new acquaintances. Additionally, Melbourne Central, the venue's handy location in Melbourne's city center, is nearby. However, these benefits are enhanced with contemporary furnishings, plush couches, private rooms, and cutting-edge technology to guarantee everyone has a nice time.

    A variety of event kinds are catered to by Party World. Partyworld can simply set up their 44 well-furnished function rooms for anything from small gatherings like birthdays and private celebrations to larger events like afterparties and corporate end-of-year functions. These event rooms, which range in size from the small to the large, can hold groups of up to 35 people.

    Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    hens party ideas melbourne


    03 9981 9041

    Hens Packages, Melbourne

    Celebrate one of your night's most important moments in style at one of Melbourne's most lavish and exclusive locations. Make your hen party one to remember, whether you decide to make a day of it or party into the early hours.

    We can assist you in organizing, preparing, and enjoying your party because we specialize in original hen night ideas across Melbourne. We can assist you in planning a hen party unlike any other, taking care of every aspect to ensure a seamless evening that exceeds your expectations.

    The power of our convictions is based on our capacity to use our many venues as event planners, organizers, and experience to produce a communal melting pot of thoughts, memories, and experiences. We've organized a lot of successful hens over the years since we're experts at coming up with unique hens' night ideas.

    Get Loose Hens Party Ideas Melbourne

    get loose hens party ideas melbourne


    1300 438 542

    We are experts in premium locations and boats, and we provide all you need to organize, reserve, and enjoy the perfect celebration. Discover adventures, locate a special party package, create your own package, or let us handle everything for you. We make arranging a party simple. We have the best networks in the business and exclusive offers to maximize your investment. It's never done like getting loose!

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