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What Are The Best Burgers In Melbourne?

Once upon a time, the best burgers in Melbourne could be found at your neighbourhood fish and chip shop, where they served them with a side of beetroot and some extra dim sims. Actually, we just realised that those are still pretty damn good. But in the last decade or so, burgers have undergone a radical transformation. The burger has been accepted by Melbourne's dark and fickle north, south, east, and west. In the past, milk buns were all the rage, but then the Brioche wave hit. There have been burgers with squid ink patties, doughnut buns, double stacks, triple stacks, fried chicken, waffles, sushi, and even meat pies as buns.

The Best Burgers In Melbourne

While there are a wide variety of foods available, nothing beats the flavour of a juicy, perfectly cooked burger, and Melbourne is a great place to find one. We enjoy them all, from the perfectly formed mini-patty to the massive, toppling tower piled high with toppings. Big 7 Travel has done the legwork for you, ranking the 25 best burgers in Melbourne. While everyone has a favourite and the list is sure to divide opinion, Big 7 has done the research for you.

Burger Road

It's a burger joint in the American style, and they serve anyone. Offering a variety of dishes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Burger Road's popularity can be attributed to the fact that many of its items have a noticeable amount of heat. Yes, the restaurant's speciality is spicy wagyu beef burgers topped with all the fixings and served with a side of loaded fries. In 2017, Burger Road was recognised as having the best burgers in Melbourne by Burgers of Melbourne and Urbanlist. However, it appears that the desserts at this Fairfield's establishment are just as good.


Goldieboy has earned its stripes as a cult figure in Melbourne’s burger world, one of the more elusive buns around town. Never stationary, Goldieboy and its signature craft pop-up all over town, and you’ve got to be on the pulse to know where to find them. Here the key is all about simplicity—offering a single burger. The winning formula is Scott O’Keefe’s combination of a thick potato bun with a burger patty crafted with leading butcher Peter Bouchier, thick-cut American style cheese, grilled onions, and a secret sauce. You can now pick up a Goldieboy burger two days a week at Two Wrongs or through their DIY Kits here. 


These Brunswick East burger specialists live for the three fundamental human needs of; burgers, booze, and bands. The B.East is a rock n roll patty grilling outpost, home to a couple of the best burgers Melbourne has on offer.  Try your hand at the ‘Sexy Beast’, a double beef, double cheese, hickory bacon, jalapénos loaded burger—or mix it with the vegan burger options like The Smiths frontman homage the ‘Morrisey’, fried mock chicken, sweet corn relish and special sauce. 

Sonny’s Fried Chicken & Burgers

For those who prefer a hearty meal, this is Melbourne's finest burger joint. You can find what may be Australia's finest chicken burgers on Lygon Street, a Melbourne institution. This restaurant is heaven for fans of deep-fried chicken. Fried chicken is the main attraction, but beef burgers are also available. Visit Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers, where the burgers are so crispy and tender you'll want to cry, but first think about the massive amounts of grease you'll ingest. They use chickens that have been brined for 24 hours, pressure fried, and delivered with a smile. Just look up; I don't think any explanation is necessary.

Danny’s Burgers 

An institution worthy of discussion of best burgers, this tidy little store in the depths of Fitzroy has been flippin’ patties for decades. Open till three am, Danny's brings a self-described ‘veteran’ approach to their burgers, which means you’re getting a classic ungentrified bun with the traditional fillings in a no-frills environment. 

Betty's Burgers and Concrete Co

what are the best burgers in melbourne (2)

Noosa's Betty's Burgers and Concrete Co. (or simply Betty's Burgers) has opened its first store in New South Wales, on Elizabeth Street. The burger joint's speciality is traditional chip shop burgers, such as Betty's classic, which comes with the standard toppings of cheese, lettuce, and tomato (pickles and bacon optional). There's a fried chicken burger, a vegetarian option with melted gouda and gruyere, and a pork belly number on the short but tasty menu. Skip the carbs if you must. They offer a burger called the Bare Betty, which is a patty without any bun.

Concretes, like Hot Fudge Coconut, Peanut Butter Brittle, and Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake, are another speciality at Betty's.

Create your own Concrete with your choice of chocolate or vanilla ice cream and as many or as few sauces and chunky toppings as you like.

FAT (Fried And Tasty)

You know what you're going to get at FAT when you read the sign. Fried and tasty food, and done well. F.A.T Fried & Tasty specialises in southern fried chicken and American burgers Melbourne style. At FAT, you can get everything from buckets of chicken, waffles, salads, sides, and sensational burgers stacked with their special fried chicken. 

FAQs Best Burgers In Melbourne

Hello Harry, Sonny's Fried Chicken & Burgers and Between 2 Buns are just some of the many burger joints in Melbourne.

The humble burger has risen in status to be a gourmet item of choice on menus across Melbourne. Culinary giants are making their burger versions for customers. There seems to be a trend from old-school burgers to burgers that incorporate more gourmet and quality ingredients.

Great beef makes great burgers! But don’t let the burgers and fries fool you. This ain’t no fast food joint! We’ve taken the idea of the humble burger and decided it could be improved upon. For a burger to be really good, you can’t just rely on putting enough “stuff” on it.

Andrew's Hamburgers

Since 1939, Andrew's Hamburgers in Albert Park has been serving up some of the finest burgers in all of Melbourne. Many Melburnians over the years have agreed that you can't beat the classic Andrew's Burger with the lot. You pick the protein, and we'll pile on the lettuce, onions we've cooked, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, melted cheese, and tomato sauce. It's not only one of the best burgers in Melbourne, but it's also one of the oldest burger joints in the city.

Phat Pizza and Burger

Offering customers fast service, Phat Pizza and Burger mean business. With an average turn-around time for the order to arrive in 5 to 8 minutes, this Elwood eatery is one to watch out for. The menu includes big and small burgers to cater to all appetites, and the burgers are consistently delicious and moderately priced.

Hats and Tatts

South Melbourne’s self-appointed frat bar has given us more than cheers and jeers for the last couple of years, and it’s given us some damn fine bar eats. They allow you to pimp whatever snack you order, whether it be spicy wings, gravy-laden tater tots or mac and cheese waffles, and their burger is a hand-held piece of life-saving art. It makes no apologies and doesn’t try to up the ante by using fancy cheese, upgraded lettuce or naturally risen gentrification buns. Instead, you’ve got yourself a white burger bun, a single wagyu beef patty with a slice of American cheese melted to it, pickles and a secret sauce. Tomato and lettuce are on the side, so if you want to feel healthy, you can slide it in yourself. A bacon weave will definitely upgrade your meal and comes highly recommended by everyone. The handful of crisps are token but always appreciated.

Burger Project

When you match fine ingredients with one of Australia’s most renowned and admired chefs, what do you get? A kickass burger joint named the Burger Project, that’s what. It has used its culinary prowess to create some of the most lavish and tantalizing burgers known to Melbourne. 

Serving up the finest Tasmanian Cape Grim 100% grass-fed beef burgers and a Southern-style fried free-range chicken burger with pickles and aioli, house-made shakes, soft serve, chips, and sauces, this mouth-watering burger joint is well worth a visit if you’re looking for some of the best burgers Melbourne CBD has to offer.

Tally Kitchen

Part of the Tally group, which includes a CrossFit gym and day spa, Tally Kitchen is all about the best food for both your taste buds, along with your exercise program and your guts. The team here aims for their customers to thrive with delicious nutrition. They feature a wide selection created using some of the freshest ingredients available. This South Melbourne eating spot is an excellent place to try if you’re looking for both healthy and hearty options.

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Juanita Peaches

Burgers and so much more, Juanita Peaches is part of the Beatbox Kitchen Taco Truck empire, and its local outpost in Brunswick has a slew of diner-based goods like fried chicken, burritos and burgers. Their cheeseburger is their pride and joy, with 120 grams of grass-fed brisket, shallots, double cheese, and pickles on a house-made bun. It's one of the best burgers Melbourne has ever seen. 

Royal Stacks

He started as a means of bringing burgers with an American flair to the Australian market. Dan opened his new burger joint to introduce American-style burgers to the people of Melbourne after successfully running and operating one of the city's most popular family restaurants, The Dandenong Pavilion. Royal Stacks was motivated by the American fast food joint Shake Shack. Dan claims that his first Shake Shack burger was the moment he realised he was a burger convert. An alternative to the typical fast food joints can be found at this renowned burger joint in the middle of Melbourne. Offering only grass-fed Australian beef that has not been treated with any hormones or antibiotics. Royal Stacks has a great vibe and serves delicious chicken burgers, fries, shakes, and unique desserts that will keep you coming back for more.

Three One 2 One

This restaurant, under the direction of the talented head chef Sargum Chaudhary, is a burger joint that pushes the envelope with its seemingly endless menu. In Melbourne, there is a burger joint called Three One 2 One that serves people from all walks of life and gives them something to marvel at. Their dishes are works of culinary art, and they taste just as good as they look. Here you will find flavorful patties that have been cooked to perfection, smothered in sauces that complement the highest quality ingredients, and served with heaping helpings. Milkshake connoisseurs will be delighted to discover unbelievable masterpieces worthy of Instagram. The restaurant is perfect for all types of diners because it serves all three meals of the day, has options for vegetarians and those with gluten sensitivities, and more.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co

The Melbourne branch of this popular chain from Queensland has recently opened to rave reviews. To what do you attribute your inexplicable crush? This place has great burgers and they don't make a big deal out of them. You can tailor their composition from a variety of materials and configurations. If you're curious, the "concrete" in Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co.'s name comes from their thick, frozen custard ice cream.

The menu includes burgers such as the classic Betty made from Angus beef, Southern fried chicken, crispy pork belly, mushroom, and a bun-less burger served between lettuce. The southern fried chicken burger might be the best burger Melbourne has to offer.

Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill

Taking inspiration from classic US diner’s, Fat Bob’s is an award-winning burger ship with a winning formula that dishes up delicious burgers. Here you’ll get generous portions of grass-fed beef, paired alongside ice-cold beer and gourmet sides. There is a good chance you will need an angioplasty after eating here, but, you know, you can’t live forever.

Hello Harry

Originating in Maroochydore’s renowned Ocean Street, this winning burger shop has multiple stores in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and South Australia. Utilises finely crafted cooking techniques to create distinctively different burgers at a great price point. 

The menu offers loads of cool and different options such as grass-fed beef, pulled pork, brisket, and Tijuana chicken, featuring jalapenos, house-made relish, and baked peppers. It is no-nonsense, no fluff, just delicious burgers and icy cold craft beer served up in a funky, casual dining room.

Fat Jaks

Another establishment in the heart of St. Kilda, this one also goes by the name Fat. As an American-style burger joint, Fat Jaks doesn't skimp on either the quantity or quality of its offerings. Premium, locally sourced ingredients are used to craft delicious burgers, and diners can kick back and relax while they wait. Rich Slade, the proprietor of this Melbourne burger joint, also uses a large, black FJ to brand each bun.

Balwyn Canteen

Want more decadence? Voila. Bursting on the burger scene in 2017, this little burger shop is famous for its enormous Burgers. And, it would appear as though Balwyn Canteen is trying to differentiate itself from the burger pack truly. Well, for instance, both the buns and doughnuts offered are baked in-house and often, the two are combined in these deliciously deranged burger-doughnut Frankenstein creations. This joint is not for the faint-hearted.


As stated on its website, Burgertory opened its doors in September 2017, welcoming those seeking the best of both worlds and bringing heavenly freshness and quality fit for gods, with a touch of Lucifer's cheekiness. The menu is divided into two categories – 7 Deadly Sins and Archangel Chapter II. Burgertory is a sinfully delicious haven for those who are seeking refuge.

Change Canteen

The creators of Changz Hot Sauce are now slinging burgers after making it big in burger joints around Australia. It is naturally laid back, full of personality and all about doing things properly, which also seems to be the theme at Changz Canteen. Burgers aren’t crazy monstrosities that make for impossible eating, but perfectly charred, medium-rare and without tomato and lettuce adornments, letting the Changz sauces and house pickles do their magic between the Casa Dolce buns. 

Upgrade your cheeseburger to a chilli cheeseburger for a complex, sweet and lingering version of the house standard. Vegetarians need not miss out. The fried black quinoa, pumpkin and chickpea cake make for one of the most interesting and satisfying veggie burgers we’ve had on our quest for Melbourne's best burger. 

Meet Patty

A relative newcomer to the burger game is Andy Gale of Duchess of Spotswood, offal-for-breakfast fame. After selling shops and stepping away from breakfast venues altogether, Gale stuck true to his suburban fan base and opened up a burger bar featuring the highest quality free-range, grass-fed and organic meats in Mentone. 

Meet Patty has proved deliciously successful, and in less than a year, they’re set to open their third outpost. The construction of this burger sits between a soft, toasted, house-made brioche bun covered in sesame seeds. The burgers themselves are always properly seasoned and a touch pink in the middle to leave you with maximum juiciness without falling apart in your hands from too many ingredients or unnecessary over-saucing. You may be tempted with add-ons and condiments, but we assure you that Gale’s burgers need no extra adornment.


Butchers Diner

The time span of a day is 24 hours. Con Christopoulos is committed to his new CBD business all hours of the day, every day of the week. It's a good excuse to order takeout at odd hours or eat steak for breakfast. That's why it's great to have Butchers Diner join the growing number of late-night hotspots in Melbourne's central business district. A longtime member of the European Group, Simon Poole is now at the helm of Butchers Diner, where he continues to break down animals and produce all things cured and aged for establishments like the City Wine Shop, the European, Kirk's, and French Saloon.

While the menu is meat-centric, it is not as predatory as it may first appear. You’ll clap eyes on a cabinet taking up the entire back wall filled with hanging meats when you walk in. Sadly, it’s stock for all the other restaurants, but the offering in the diner is compelling in its own right. There is a definite European lean on the menu, but Japan, America, and China have touched. Burgers starting from $9.50, made up of cuts of the day, sit alongside lightly battered, sesame-spiked Japanese fried chicken ($12) composed of marinated dark meat, Kewpie mayo and piquant pickled daikon. 

There are skewers of offal ($7.50 for 2) cooked over Japanese white charcoal and come unapologetically chewy, bouncy or irony (and depending on the cut, served medium); and you can get a soft, spiced house-made blood sausage and curried egg bap ($10). Plus, there’s the daily one-plate special that could be anything from a Carolina style barbecue pork with 'slaw and cornbread or crispy skin confit duck with pickled vegetables and a sweet chilli jam. Each of these items stands up on its own, but we’d advise coming with a few friends and ordering around the world.

But vegetarian gems punctuate the meat-fest. There’s a classic grilled cheese toastie ($6), falafel on a daily salad ($10), wood-fired seasonal vegetables ($8), a crispy tofu noodle salad ($10) and an American-style vegan hash you can pimp up with additional sides. If none of these takes your fancy, they’ve just installed a 24-hour, all-vegan vending machine with items all under $10 stocking up with coconut yogurt, a selection of salads, superfood studded energy bars, cold-pressed juices and raw chocolate. I bet you didn’t see that coming when you heard about this all-night diner.

Ordering is all done at the counter and is cash only (if you’ve left the house without hitting an ATM, they’ve conveniently installed one by the front door for you). Food arrives on stainless steel or plastic.  Eating with your hands is encouraged, so if you are looking for a formal lunch meeting, this isn’t it. All offerings come to take away, all day, every day, so, listen up, office workers. Booze is carefully selected craft beer tinnies ($8.50-$12.50) or premium half-bottle wines ($18-$60) to cater for all tastes. 

Prices are more thoughtful than smashable, so it’s probably not where you’d go to pound back a few after a gig if it’s rent week. If you’re after a pick me up, coffee is $2.50 a serve for the filter. This may be one of Melbourne’s first 24-hour food temples, but just like regular restaurants, it gets jam-packed at peak eating hours. And while the name may suggest that it’s a carnivore’s club, there is something for everyone, and pricing is as egalitarian as it comes.

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