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What Are Hangover Food In Melbourne?

You can still taste the alcohol, despite the fact that your head is throbbing and your stomach is rumbling.

Rest and water, proponents of this remedy say, are the best way to get over a hangover. We think you'd be better off with some good food, but that'll do the trick. You can get your salt and fat fix, your vitamin C fix, or even more alcohol if you please, and it's all right here.

A hangover is like an insidious little snake; it will strike without warning while you're going about your day. It might have been the result of just one drink or the planned outcome of a heavy drinking session. Nobody is immune to the effects of alcohol the next day. To help you recover from the night before, we've compiled a list of foods, drinks, and everything in between.

Given that the severity of your hangover will determine whether you're parched as the Sahara and dangerously close to alcohol poisoning, or whether you're ready to eat everything in sight, including the hummus with the layer of pink fuzz that's been hanging out in your fridge for a bit too long, we've split this guide into two parts.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure to drink plenty of water. After giving it some thought, you realise that you just poisoned yourself for an entire night.

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Top Hangover Food In Melbourne

Forget the fact that you can’t find your wallet or your car keys… we’ve pulled together the ultimate guide for your hangover meals in Melbourne—delivered to your door in around half an hour.

And because we understand that sometimes your brain is just too sore from working out what to get, we have come up with a handy diagram, so you know exactly what you need, and all you have to do is order.

Stagger Lee’s

The song’s most recent reinterpretation comes from the people who brought you, Proud Mary, in the form of their new cafe on a busy corner in Brunswick Street. Stagger Lee’s offers a concise but exciting menu and top-shelf coffee with a minimalist fit-out that offers maximum aesthetic.

The main difference between Stagger Lee’s and its nearby sister cafe is its liquor license. Stagger Lee’s also only sells single-origin espresso and filter coffee. Instead, it pairs a coffee from Brazil that works, without blending, well with milk and has two rotating options for black, all running off the Malkonig EK 43 grinder.

The menu includes dishes such as truffled polenta with in-season pine mushrooms and the Stack & Billy Burger made up of a double Black Angus patty with American mustard, pickles and tomato ketchup, complemented by bacon croquettes. Also on offer is a toastie with thick-cut bacon and HP sauce, which goes perfectly with the Bucket of Blood – Stagger Lee’s take on the Bloody Mary (named for a line in Nick Cave’s version of the song).

Royal Stacks

Royal Stack is a homage to the US burger chain Shake Shack. The owner became famous for his burgers at Dandenong Pavilion before bringing them to Grand Trailer Park Taverna and Motorhome Majestic for Josh Lefers. The eight burgers here take a similar approach – all are beef, except for one vegetarian option.

The simplest is the Single Stack: one beef patty topped with tomato, butter lettuce, American cheddar, special burger sauce and pickles, and wrapped in a soft white bun. Additions include bacon, raw onion, jalapenos and a monstrous, artery-clogging mac’n’cheese croquette.

There are fries and Tater Tots (known in this hemisphere as Potato Gems). from St Kilda’s 7 Apples, Gelato is in charge of the frozen custard, which is technically just ice cream, but a little smoother and silkier. Expect some interesting flavours, such as cheesecake or Kinder Surprise. 

Frozen custard is also used in the shakes. In addition, there are doughnut or waffle stacks served with frozen custard and toppings and a Coca-Cola freestyle machine with more than 100 flavours – everything Coca-Cola makes, plus some flavour combos. It’s operated by a touch screen and via an app.

The first store on Collins Street is a big space, with rows of brown-leather booths; a pink neon “burger” sign; and a live garden wall that changes and grows with the seasons.

The second, in Brunswick, add more pops of colour and gives the menu a halal makeover to cater for the local Middle Eastern community.


Friggitoria is the Italian word for a fried food shop, and the Italian community in Melbourne has long felt its absence.

who, with his wife (who also owns La Svolta in Hampton), decided to open

Figo, a casual takeout joint serving Italian fried food, pizza, booze, and desserts, was missing from the south side. Twenty tables fill the space, which was styled to evoke a New York pizza joint by Melbourne firm Projects of Imagination (responsible for Chin Chin and Supernormal).

In the fritto misto (assorted fried food), you can taste a taste of almost all of Italy, with polenta representing the north, seafood from the coasts, and arancini from Sicily. These dishes only need a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon juice to be perfect.

The costoletta, which is lamb cutlets breaded in parmesan and garlic, and fried, is another popular dish. The panzerotto fritto are two mini calzones that are deep fried and filled with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, and basil; they are great for curing hangovers.

Don't miss out on the pancetta, garlic, eggs, and pecorino that make up the carbonara pizza.

At Gelateria Primavera, they have six pozzetti (refrigerated wells) filled with a variety of flavours.

Galleon Cafe

Galleon Cafe is a little gem of a cafe that’s been a local's favourite for eons.

There is laid-back energy that washes over you from the moment you walk through the door. Whether it’s the mismatched decor or the friendly staff, there is a feeling that you’ve stepped into a unique place; one that has a little something rock‘n’roll about it.

Conceived in the eighties with the fifties flair, lino-covered tables offset colourful murals and hand-painted blinds in this eclectic space. Synonymous with the St Kilda of old, the time has worn the Galleon down over the years, but the result is an interior that possesses an authentic feel of yesteryear, ringing true to the phrase "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it."

There are always patrons sitting curbside on a sunny day at the Galleon, but the weekends are most busy. You might end up sharing a table, but you’ll likely be friends with your neighbour by the end of it. The menu is diverse and includes items such as a classic burger, scrambled tofu, pancakes and hot muffins, all available throughout the day.

The Galleon Cafe is an institution in St Kilda, steeped in history and helped by consistently good coffee, homely food and warm service.

Hanoi Hannah

hanoi hannah

Whether you say it as phOW, phER, or PERow (though hopefully not the latter), this well-known antidote to colds and blaster of all things wintery is an excellent remedy for a day after a night on the town. Grab a bowl of Hanoi Hannah's piping hot pho, some rice paper rolls (hey, we're emotional eaters, SUE US), and some refreshing coconut water.

In no time at all, you'll feel as good as new. Even though hawker-style restaurants are springing up all over Melbourne, Hanoi Hannah serves up some of the city's best traditional Vietnamese fare with a unique modern twist. Located on Prahran's High Street, Hanoi Hannah serves some of the best Vietnamese in Melbourne, such as sizzling pho, Peking duck, and rice paper rolls, as well as delicious combination cocktails and a wide selection of beers and wines.

In addition to its buzzing (and dog-friendly!) atmosphere, its cool surroundings of exposed brick and kooky patterned linens make it ideal for a relaxed weeknight meal. On Sundays, they serve breakfast, so try the Vietnamese baked eggs if you're in the mood.


Go classic—go pizza. The drunken go-to food, there’s something about pizza’s crusty, cheesy, basil-infused goodness that makes hangovers marginally better. A25 does some of Melbourne’s best Italian, so you can’t go wrong, but we’d make a beeline for their Bunga Bunga with tomato, mozzarella, Italian sausage, porcini mushroom, parsley and Parmesan.

Whether you’re in for a quick bite or sitting down to a multi-slice feast over a few drinks, pizza is one thing that we refuse to compromise on. The crust has to be perfectly crispy, the dough light but not soggy, and the toppings pimped to perfection! Which is why we’re so head-over-heels with the slices we’ve found at A25 Pizzeria, the South Yarra Italian restaurant that’s drawing from old-school techniques and the latest food trends to serve up pizza and pasta 

with a modern twist.

When it comes to creating the perfect pizza, Italian-born Remo Nicolini and the team at A25 Pizzeria are all about quality ingredients, culinary innovation and a dash of crazy new ideas. Open for dinner, seven days a week. With the new addition of a heated, umbrella-covered outdoor dining area, the playful pizza, pasta and antipasti venue specialises in freshly made dishes that change with the seasons. From traditional Napoli-style pizza to eye-popping squid ink and matcha creations, the team tries and tests everything, making sure it meets their exacting standards.

Thankfully, A25 is not only about savoury creations for our second dessert stomachs. The sweets menu includes homemade cannoli, an indulgent tiramisu, rosewater and blueberry panna cotta, and mouth-watering dessert pizza that comes topped with Nutella, fresh berries and vanilla bean ice cream—stuck for a drink to pair your final course with? Then, of course, there’s an Espresso Martini on the menu. Still, we’d also recommend the Bunga Bunga On The Beach—a cheeky vodka and peach blend that nods to ex-Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s, erm, colourful lifestyle!

While you might see some curiously delicious creations on the menu—the quirky L.S.D (that’s liquorice, sausage and dates) is an incredible, if unusual, match!—what lies at the heart of A25 is a passion for flavoursome pizza that *doesn’t* leave you feeling stuffed full of heavy carbs. In Italy, people eat this stuff every day, after all, so why shouldn’t we Melburnians be able to do the same?

Need an excuse to make a trip to this Italian gem? All pizzas are $13 on Mondays, and portions of pasta are $13 on Tuesdays, making it as pocket-friendly as that dirty takeaway you shouldn’t be eating. So, ditch those preconceived notions about pizza being cheat food, and get yourself to A25’s southside location. 

Gami Chicken

No one we know has rejected a piece of good old fried chicken during a raging hangover, but what can we say? Have wise friends. Customers can order a whole chicken, boneless fillets or wings at Gami Chicken—so invite your blurry-eyed crew over from last night and beat the headache together with a bit of honey mustard sauce. You can even order beers or Korean wine if you’re *that* person. 

Are you looking for the best chicken in Melbourne? Well, you're going to need to give Gami Chicken & Beer in Fitzroy a finger-licking try. Not only do they specialise in juicy, juicy chicken, but they also have a killer list of bottled and tap beers on offer. 

It's the ultimate feasting spot for you and all of your chicken-loving mates. So grab a bucket-load of chicken or the vegetarian fried soy meat option—for the vegans—and wash it down with a pint of brew. We also love the KimChi pancake, FYI.

1090 Burger

Ten per cent fat and 90 per cent meat. That’s the golden ratio that underpins Son Nguyen’s burger patties and lends his business its name. It landed on Swan Street in mid-2015, after a year operating from a trailer around Northcote. This casual, outdoor DNA is evident at the former charcoal chicken shop. The folding chairs look readymade for a picnic, and a feature wall depicts carp swimming among lotus flowers.

The all-important burgers use grass-fed Black Angus sourced from Mt Beauty. It’s aged 60 days, minced on-site daily and formed into patties by hand, not a machine. At Neil Perry’s Burger Project, Breadtop’s brioche is the bun of choice.

Unlike many burger joints, which emphasise minimal seasoning or flavouring, 1090 uses a secret nine-ingredient marinade to bump up the umami profile of its patties. Unfortunately, only two people know the recipe. This marinade is at its most vivid in the simple cheeseburger. The 1090 burger (single or double) adds some sharpness with lettuce and red onion. 

Then there’s the Thunderburger, made for proper fiends: double patty, double cheese, bacon, chilli mayo, ketchup and pickles. Other staples include a fried chicken burger; and a taro-and-potato veggie burger. Once you’ve ordered at the counter, take a seat and wait with a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, a Feral Hop Hog or a salted-caramel shake.

Degraves Espresso Bar

Coffee is what you need to cure a hangover. The caffeine will have your veins jumping for joy, and the sluggish feeling you get will slowly dissipate whilst the strong taste of coffee is enough to wake any sore brain up. 

Degraves’ is an unassuming little place, a place where you can linger, read a newspaper and enjoy the coffee or a big breakfast, or some maple syrup with bacon and maple syrup amongst other breakfast staples like BBM’s personal favourite, the croissant. This is the place for those who need to think about what they did last night.


Kong BBQ, located on Church Street in Richmond, is the newer relative of the popular Chin Chin and Baby Pizza restaurants.

Melbourne eatery Kong, which serves up bbq ribs, pulled pork, and Korean BBQ, does not take reservations despite the fact that the tiny space regularly sees waits of more than an hour. Don't bother going unless you don't mind leaving wondering if you'll ever get hungry again. Yum.

Esplanade Hotel

More than just a cafe, the Esplanade Hotel is a Melbourne landmark. Still, the sea's soothing influence allows for some excellent cooking, and the restaurant itself is pleasant and has excellent service. The Espy offers $10 breakfasts on the weekends because it's common sense that people will be low on funds over the weekend.

Our restaurants typically serve a hearty breakfast that includes free-range bacon cooked to order, sausages, grilled tomatoes, and toast. What could possibly be wrong with an old favourite? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Yes, you're exhausted and grumpy, but you're still a true foodie in Melbourne. Having Foodora delivery only makes Kong, the little (but mighty) brother of Melbourne's famous Chin Chin, that much cooler. If you're feeling like you need to douse your eyes in ice water, what could be better than having some delicious, modern Korean food delivered right to your door?

The vinegared rice topped with chopped tuna, avocado, cucumber, black sesame, and Korean hot and sour dressing is a dish that is sure to please your stomach. Plus perhaps some of the edges.

The Beer and Burger Bar

Home to some of Melbourne’s best burgers, including a top-notch Veggie Burger with a veggie pattie, caramelised onion, mushroom, halloumi, tomato, rocket, tomato relish and aioli, The Beer and Burger Bar is your headache hotspot. Don’t go past their cheese and gravy-coated chips, or if you’re trying to watch your waistline (LEL, what is a waistline), eggplant chips are a perfect crispy side.

Swan Street native Beer and Burger Bar is back with a brand new fit-out and a burger challenge to end all burger challenges.

They’ve upped their menu game, adding a stack of new meat options that could tempt you away from the legendary beef burger. So instead, grab the KPOP, a stack of crispy Korean fried chicken with coriander and kimchi, or try The Catch with southern fried barramundi and Asian slaw. 

Then chuck in some crumbed jalapenos, mac n cheese spring rolls and chilli fries for good measure. For the plant-based among your crew, there are five new veggie and vegan burgers to try. First, go for The Herbivore, a plant-based patty that’s as juicy as the rest and topped with a lot. Then, get it with a side of vegan poutine and thank us later. 

There’s an indulgent new loaded milkshake range (we’re talking slabs of chocolate cake and ganache). However, if you’re looking for something fizzier, they’re still slinging all the best local beers from Burnley Brewing, Moondog and Stomping Ground. So if that all sounds small-time to you, B&BB has the challenge to bring you to your knees. 

The Don 2.0 offers competitors the chance to battle in a gigantic 3.5kg in weight burger eating competition complete with over 1400g of meat, sixteen slices of bacon, sixteen slices of cheese and all the regular fillings and trimmings. You might need to train for this one. With their new pink and green interior dotted with neon lighting, BBB is seamlessly changing with the times. Luckily for us, they’re still operating on the pure idea of a good feed for the hungry folk wandering the streets of Richmond. 

Pidapipó Gelateria

Fittingly, the store evokes the '50s and '60s Italian aesthetic through terrazzo tiles, marble and glass. However, the focus is on the silver gelato-filled vats, which Valmorbida makes fresh from scratch each day. 

Her signature flavours include fior di latte, ricotta and fig, rosemary and chestnut and a rare rhubarb and vincotto swirl. Still, she adds a rotating selection of adventurous seasonal flavours to these. Some of her ingredients – including cheese from St Kilda's La Formaggeria – may not fit with your idea of gelato, but somehow, she always makes it work. Whichever scoop you choose, you can't go wrong.

The Meatball & Wine Bar

You’re a pretty cool bunch of people, so we’re going to level with you: there is no such thing as a “good” hangover look. Taking into account the red-stained eyes, swollen dark circles and inevitable lingering tipsy-ness, a little spag bol on your shirt isn’t going to make much of a difference. So take the opportunity to order meatballs and pasta from The Meatball & Wine Bar to your heart’s content.

The Meatball & Wine Bar's Smith Street post is every bit the meatball mecca. Like at the Flinders Lane and Swan Street branches, the menu asks you to pick your ball (beef, pork, chicken, fish or veggie), select your sauce and something for your balls to sit on, while also offering a selection of sliders, charcuterie and other delicious, non-ball specials.

 Make sure you leave room for their legendary Whoopie Mac: a chunk of ice cream sandwiched between two huge, decadent cookies. Drool!

Matcha Mylkbar

Matcha Mylkbar is a vegan cafe selling bright-green burger buns, mushroom lattes and vegan eggs. The cafe gained a significant Instagram following before opening – which you could partly credit its unusual menu items.

The “egg white” for the vegan eggs is made from agar-agar, a jelly-like substance derived from algae. It’s coloured with almond and coconut milk. The “yolk” is a soft puree made from sweet potato, coconut milk and linseed protein. The whole egg is then cooked in sous vide bath and served with a sprinkling of matcha salt.

You’ll see a lot of matcha (a powdered green tea) throughout the menu. It’s supplied by Matcha Maiden, a local company owned by Holloway and Davidson. The mushroom latte is surprisingly un-mushroom-y. It’s made with almond milk and sweetened with vanilla spice and agave. There’s only a subtle note of the Chaga mushroom blend.

Alongside colourful bowls (fruit-topped for breakfast or packed with grains and vegetables for lunch) and some pasta options, there’s also soy chicken between vivid-green matcha buns.

The smoothie list goes to town on the puns. Options include the Free the Nibs, and the Wiz Kale-Leafa served in a skull-shaped glass.

FAQs About Hangover Food

Drinking may lower blood sugar levels, so theoretically, some of the fatigue and headaches of a hangover may be from a brain working without enough of its main fuel. Moreover, many people forget to eat when they drink, lowering their blood sugar. Toast and juice is a way to nudge levels back to normal gently. 

Drinking may lower blood sugar levels, so theoretically, some of the fatigue and headaches of a hangover may be from a brain working without enough of its main fuel. Moreover, many people forget to eat when they drink, lowering their blood sugar. Toast and juice is a way to nudge levels back to normal gently.

Drinking tomato juice is another simple way to control hangover symptoms. This vegetable juice contains fructose, a type of sugar that helps your body metabolize alcohol more quickly. Plus, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help quickly overcome the after-effects of drinking.

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