Top 25 Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Shops In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring and wedding band, Melbourne, Victoria, is home to some of the best shops in the country.

These stores are worth checking out if you're looking for something unique and special. From contemporary designs to classic styles, you're sure to find the perfect rings for your big day. So take a closer look at these top-rated stores and start shopping for your dream rings today!

If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding band, you'll want to head to a shop specialising in them. You'll find a wide selection of rings to choose from and knowledgeable staff who can help you find the perfect ring for your fiancé. Don't forget to consider her style and taste when choosing a ring!

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    Ultimate List Of Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Shops in Melbourne, Victoria

    Temple & Grace Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    temple & grace engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    0414 500 999

    Australia's Finest Engagement And Wedding Rings

    With exquisitely crafted engagement rings and wedding bands, Temple and Grace will let you enjoy the anticipation of preparing your special day in elegance. Being a reputed supplier of wedding and engagement rings in Sydney is something Temple and Grace takes great pride in. Each piece of jewelry is created with great care and attention to detail by experienced jewelers. Therefore, if you're preparing for your special day, visit Sydney's Temple and Grace or get wedding rings online. At Temple and Grace, there are more than a thousand different wedding bands and wedding ring sets available. While the design of the engagement and wedding bands is essential, it is also advised that you take your lifestyle and preferred precious metal into account.

    Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Bridal Jewellery

    Our online jewelry collection features stunning design and exceptional craftsmanship. By making your purchase directly from the jeweler, you can save up to 40%. For your comfort, we also offer a complete money-back guarantee. Discover a lovely selection of jewelry for both men and women. At Temple & Grace, we have the best collection of wedding and engagement rings in Australia, including diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

    Some Of The Exceptional Services We Offer Include:

    1) A minimum discount of 40% on your wedding and engagement jewelry is guaranteed. As GIA-certified diamond wholesalers, we can promise savings. You can choose from a wide variety of diamond sizes and shapes as a result.

    2) 365 days of free returns

    3) Jewellery valuation certificate included with your order.

    4) Free postage and an easy returns process.

    5) Pay merely 25% at the time of ordering, and the remaining amount is due on the day of delivery.

    6) Use our home trial service to try on and choose your men's or women's wedding band in the convenience of your own home.

    7) Make an online purchase, schedule a visit to the showroom, or schedule a virtual appointment to examine our jewelry selection.

    Visit our engagement and wedding jewelry boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to select from our distinctive Australian jewelry, or shop online with our 100% peace-of-mind guarantee.

    Simon West Fine Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    simon west fine jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9639 1407

    We are situated in Melbourne's diamond district in Victoria, Australia. To assist record and celebrate the important milestones in life, we source, design, and make jewelry. We also offer the finest caliber of individualized service for personalized jewelry Melbourne-wide.

    We collaborate with you to create heirlooms in addition to merely designing jewelry for you. Therefore, there is a genuine sense that we have begun your tale when you take your item with you. It will be valued not just throughout your lifetime but also as a legacy for future generations. It will be worn with pride, grow with you every day, and be cherished. Milestones outlined today can be commemorated with jewelry for years to come.

    We obtain our diamonds from a variety of locations across the world, such as Australia, Canada, Mumbai, Israel, and Belgium. All of our diamonds come with a guarantee against conflict and are often GIA certified. Our diamond suppliers are able to track and distinguish the majority of diamonds by origin and give a chain of custody protocol for their stones. The mine operators from which Simon West's diamond suppliers must purchase their stones must adhere to recognized labor, trade, and environmental norms.

    Australian Diamond Company Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    australian diamond company engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9660 4457

    The Australian Diamond Company, located in the center of Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall, takes great satisfaction in offering exquisite engagement rings of the finest caliber.

    Our friendly and educated staff will provide you with a personalized experience while guiding you in your search for the ideal diamond. Our large showroom has been thoughtfully designed to assist our clients in the diamond selection process in a comfortable and welcoming setting.Our Melbourne store has the diamond you're looking for, whether you're looking for an engagement ring, a wedding band, or another particular piece of jewelry.

    Engagement & Wedding Rings FAQs

    The wedding band traditionally goes on the left-hand ring finger first, nearest the heart, with the engagement ring stacking on top. But, again, this practice is not law, and you can arrange the rings in any way that is most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you, including wearing the rings on separate fingers.

    Lay the stone onto the dot with the flat side down. Through the pointed end of the diamond, look down onto the paper. If you see a circular reflection inside the gemstone, the stone is fake. The diamond is real if you cannot see the dot or a reflection in the stone.

    If you're still wondering if you can use the engagement ring for your wedding ceremony, the answer is yes. The only factor that should go into this decision is the couple's personal preferences. There are no official rules.

    Engagement rings are generally bigger and flashier than their wedding ring counterparts. They typically feature a larger centre stone (often a diamond) and are characterised, for many, by their bling factor. Thus, the engagement ring is generally the more expensive of the two rings.

    You do have the option of financing a ring with a loan arranged through your jeweller. Using loans to make major purchases and keep cash on hand can be a smart financial move, and in some cases, the loans offered by your jeweller may fit your needs.

    Abrecht Bird Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    abrecht bird jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9650 3837

    Friedrich Robert Abrecht and John Bird both have European roots, and Pforzheim, Germany, and Birmingham, England, respectively, remain the hubs of jewelry production in Europe to this day.

    The Victorian jewelry business was only getting started in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and it was based in the city block surrounded by Swanston, Collins, Elizabeth, and Little Collins Streets. The two businesses, which were rivals and focused on producing high-end diamond jewelry, were rivals. Numerous young apprentices received their training in their workshops; many went on to become master jewelers who started their own manufacturing or retail businesses.

    Benjamin & Co Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    benjamin & co engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 (0)3 9670 9418

    The jewellery business owned by the BENJAMIN family has witnessed Australia's federation, participated in both World Wars, weathered the Great Depression of the 1930s, and survived floods, droughts, and fires. The BENJAMIN family's strong ideals and work ethic have been demonstrated through four (4) generations by their company's ability to operate for more than One Hundred and Thirty-Nine (139) years in a competitive economy.

    Jewelry is typically needed for happy occasions like weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, and births, yet it can also be worn for clothing, grief, and religious purposes. Finally, it might just be for fun. For its multi-generational clients, BENJAMINS continues this 139-year history of creating jewelry out of gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, and precious jewels.

    The 21st century technology of COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN ("CAD") and related 3D printing is now available to clients through in-house BENJAMINS. Therefore, BENJAMIN's clients see the custom engagement ring on their computer screen for the first time in CAD form.

    Jeeba Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    jeeba jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9650 3312

    Due to the fact that our designs are ever-evolving, many of our pieces are unique. The designs may be modern, organic, or have strong Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco influences. Additionally, a variety of imaginative costume jewelry created by global designers is available. The bright and unique French Taratata Bijoux collection and the French enameled Au Bout Des Reves Jewelry, both with Art Deco influences

    With the sparkling Israeli Swarovski Crystal by Mariana, the beautiful American-made niobium Holly Yashi collection, and a flowery collection by American artist Colleen Toland. A family-owned business with its headquarters in Melbourne, Jeeba Jewellery takes great pride in offering reasonable prices as well as the finest levels of customer care and satisfaction. Services offered include lay-bys, gift certificates, restringing, remakes, repairs, and loyalty card membership. Jeeba, an attraction that can no longer be missed in Melbourne, Australia, is situated in the lovely Royal Arcade.

    Reigne Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    reigne jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9639 9561

    Are you seeking for a Melbourne bespoke jewelry shop that sells handcrafted jewelry? For discerning clients who desire to commemorate the priceless moments in life, REIGNE JEWELLERY never runs out of collectible things. Unlike other upscale shops, our jewelers go above and above to give you a satisfying personal experience.

    As a result, whether you're looking for excellent custom wedding rings and engagement rings in Melbourne or want to give someone fine jewelry for a special occasion, we have something to fit everyone and every occasion. Our collection is full of gorgeous pieces, including sapphire pendants, solitaire rings, and jewelry with Edwardian and Art Deco influences.

    In order to enhance your experience, we also provide a number of services. We can, for instance, reset gemstones to produce whole new patterns. In order to keep your jewelry in the best possible condition, we also provide cleaning, repairs, and restoration. We can also help you with lay-by payment alternatives, valuations for the jewelry you want to sell, and other services.

    Arnold Goldsmith & Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    arnold goldsmith & jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9650 2992

    We are an artisanal, specialist company that collaborates directly with each client to design a unique piece of jewelry. By including the customer in the design process and delegating responsibility for the final product, our technique makes sure that the design does not detract from the quality of the final product.

    We begin by engaging with each client to develop preliminary design sketches, then we hone these into a final design brief before producing the finished item. By using this strategy, we are able to establish a close connection with each customer and show genuine interest in the work we produce. Our customers admire our strategy for attaining this since they seek a distinctive product. Our entire product line is made to order. We do not carry or serve "readymadereadymade" merchandise.

    Renato Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    renato jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9662 4412

    We have established a reputation for offering superior diamond jewelry, specialized service, and high professional standards since relocating to Melbourne in 1958. Unique engagement rings composed of precious stones, diamonds, gold, and platinum are our principle designer Renato's area of expertise.

    The exquisite beauty and intricate design of each piece of jewelry are the result of an unwavering enthusiasm for artisanship.

    As a proudly Melbourne-owned business, it upholds family heritage and values when creating the finest diamond jewelry. Our design team works with our knowledgeable personnel to enable clients to develop their jewelry items based on personal preferences and requirements. You can be certain that your idea will be realized, whether it is a straightforward sketch or intricate 3D full-color imaging.

    Anny's Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    anny’s jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    1300 092 012

    For more than 30 years, Anny's Jewellers in the Mornington Peninsula has specialized in making high-quality, custom-made jewelry. We have made it a habit to treat every client as though they were a member of our own family.

    We interact with you at every stage, from the design phase to manually choosing your diamond from a wide selection sourced internationally. Naturally, no two diamonds are alike. As a result, at Anny's, we make an effort to offer our clients knowledgeable guidance to help them through the process. Because jewelry is such a very personal item, we stand by our warranty.

    We specialize in producing jewelry that is completely customized for each client, turning their visions into reality. Some of the top master craftsmen in the business work for us. We accommodate any bespoke diamond ring design and jewelry orders thanks to our proficiency in both classic and modern creating processes. We collaborate with you to create the ideal piece of jewelry using your ideas.

    Jasmine Fraser Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    jasmine fraser engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9663 6111

    Jewellery design and production are Jasmine Fraser's area of expertise. Since its establishment in the city's center more than 15 years ago, Jasmine Fraser has earned a reputation for integrity, superiority, and style.

    Jasmine can provide individualized expert guidance to build a uniquely designed piece for any occasion thanks to her additional gemmology and diamond grading certifications. Enjoy the personalized approach by taking the time to schedule a free consultation with Jasmine to go through your jewelry needs.

    Jewellery design and production are Jasmine Fraser's area of expertise. Since its establishment in the city's center more than 15 years ago, Jasmine Fraser has earned a reputation for integrity, superiority, and style. Numerous precious metals and gemstones are available to suit your specific preferences. Jasmine can provide individualized expert guidance to build a uniquely designed piece for any occasion thanks to her additional gemmology and diamond grading certifications.

    James Alfredson Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    james alfredson engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9671 3954

    James Alfredson is a family-run jewelry store that specializes in genuine antique, vintage, and estate jewelry, including engagement rings, from the Georgian to the Art Deco to the 1960s, and is tucked away in the historic Howey Place in Melbourne's renowned retail district.

    James has a strong love and appreciation for historical jewelry because to his training in archaeology and history. He worked in various facets of the antique and fine jewelry trade for ten years after graduating from university while earning his gemological, diamond grading, and valuer qualifications before opening his store in October 2008. He is therefore quite interested in recognizing and authenticating jewelry from a variety of time eras, including Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Retro.

    H&H Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    h&h jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9650 2725

    We take great pride in providing a wide selection of stunning Engagement & Wedding Rings, Diamond Rings, Jewellery & Swiss Luxury Watches that are expertly crafted into amazing timeless pieces that are perfect for every occasion. We have three conveniently located boutique luxury jewelry stores in Melbourne.

    With 25 years of history in the jewelry industry, H&H Jewellery is a reputable leading family-owned specialist jeweler with a focus on the creation and design of custom-made unique diamonds and jewelry. Diamond & Master Jewellers and brothers-in-law Chris and Harry founded the company in 1996.

    To assist you in realizing your idea, H&H provides bespoke jewelry design services with an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence. To help you commemorate life's most important milestones, our talented team of jewelry designers in Melbourne expertly craft and design one-of-a-kind custom wedding rings and engagement rings.

    Our area of expertise is custom-made fine jewelry and diamond design. You can build a piece that is entirely unique to you with the assistance of our Expert Jewelers and their unlimited jewelry design options! Contact our Melbourne jewelry designers for a free, no-obligation consultation or quote on a custom jewelry design.

    Kalfin Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    kalfin jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9670 3436

    We started out by creating, producing, and supplying 3,500 jewelry retail stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. For 28 years, we supplied a wide range of independent merchants in addition to all the well-known jewelry chains and groupings.

    As we committed our lives to designing and making cutting-edge jewelry with exceptional quality and service, the name Kalfin came to represent excellence. Over the course of more than two decades, our urge to change and better serve the jewelry industry and customers became clear. The desire to influence design and outmoded practices evolved into the core of our philosophy.

    By embracing new ideas and cutting-edge technology, we have created an opulent setting for the comfort of our clients and equipped them with the knowledge they need to make an informed and unique jewelry choice.

    Our store was the first of its kind to open on Level 5 and continues to serve as a model for others. We have been able to meet the needs of individuals by bridging the gap between designers and end users, offering unmatched value and service without sacrificing quality.

    Pandora Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    pandora engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    1800 313 551

    The jewelry industry at Pandora is particularly distinctive. Discover intricate designs and craftsmanship that are brought to life by the wearer's interpretation of each hand-finished piece and the wonder of the stories they tell.

    ME Jewellers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    me jewellers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9621 1122

    The boutique store ME Jewellers, which was once a hidden gem, is now well-known as the place to go for all your jewelry needs. You will receive quality and value for your money whether you buy anything pre-made or have something customized made to order. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help.

    The jewelry is a stunning combination of both new and vintage pieces. A smaller variety of ME Jewellers' jewelry is shown on this website, although the Melbourne CBD store has a bigger assortment. So if you're in the area, stop over and say hello. ME Jewellers, which has a location in Melbourne's central business district, offers a wide selection of both new and old items that bridge the past and the present.

    Intermingled with exciting new and one-of-a-kind creations, classic exquisite pieces from bygone eras adorn the displays of our boutique venue. ME Jewellers offers unmatched customer service supported by decades of industry experience and knowledge and a strong dedication to exceeding expectations.

    Affordableness fuels our company's growth. We make an effort to deliver the item that consumers want at a cost they can afford without sacrificing quality or happiness. We cordially invite customers to choose from a selection of gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, opals, colored jewels, and opulent Swiss watches. ME Jewellers is convinced that the finished product will surpass all expectations, whether you plan to renovate or repair an old piece or create an altogether new item.

    Larsen Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    larsen jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9662 3001

    Everything we do is centered on sustainability. We are one of the few jewelers in Melbourne who provide Fairtrade Gold, and we are completely carbon neutral. In addition, we give away 10% of our annual income to charity. We are renowned for providing affable and straightforward service. Our Melbourne studio offers a comfortable setting where you can speak with our jewelers directly. They will walk you through the alternatives so you can choose a diamond and style that is ideal for you.

    When creating your ring, we go above and beyond and take the time necessary to provide a flawless product. We have stringent minimum tolerances to guarantee the structural integrity of your ring, and all of our jewelry is put through a rigorous quality control process. In other words, quality always comes first for us.

    Paris Argentina Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    paris argentina engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne



    Based in Melbourne, Australia, Paris and Phianne create jewelry. Their goal is to create a beautiful world via a love of exceptional materials, unique design, and fine craftsmanship, all of which are difficult to find in today's industrial-scale mass-produced goods. Their styles are distinctive, cutting-edge, and elegant. The design of modern, kind, personalized engagement rings is a specialization. Each garment is made to be durable and enjoyable to wear.

    Before moving to Melbourne, Paris and Phianne had Ixtlan, their previous store. The two, who were eager for a change and were ready for it, were thrilled when the new moniker, Paris Argentina, first came up in an early Melbourne chat.

    The beauty, design, and arts that underpin contemporary Melbourne and add awe to the world's most opulent cities have connections to Paris, Argentina. Their origins, travels, and Argentinian family history are all reflected in Paris Argentina, along with their intrepid French, Danish, and Spanish forebears. Additionally, it symbolizes a passion for making elegant, handcrafted contemporary jewelry that can be worn everywhere.

    Aqua Jewellery Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    aqua jewellery engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9602 2163

    We take great pride in all types of repairs at Aqua Jewellers, including the redesign of those emotional and priceless jewelry pieces that hold a special value for you. You will work with a skilled jeweler who is enthusiastic about his job from the first meeting. No job is too small, large, or difficult at Aqua Jewellers! Bring in your jewelry, ideas, and inspiration, as well as some images, so we can talk about the best ways to get the style you want.

    designers and creators of excellent and distinctive jewelry who offer individualized attention from a professional craftsman. Since he was a young apprentice in Syria, Adam Obeid has been creating jewelry. His work is of the finest caliber, and he has an unmatched reputation as a master jeweler and designer. He has received commissions from numerous high-end fashion companies, like BVLGARI, CARTIER, and others, to design distinctive, one-of-a-kind works of art.

    Additionally, he has designed and produced one-of-a-kind jewelry for the royal families of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. He has an amazing comprehension of his trade thanks to this experience and his global knowledge. Adam has the skills and talent to produce the ideal piece of art for you and your loved one by making traditional and designer jewelry, antique copies, and refurbished items.

    Diamond Story Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    diamond story engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    03 9642 3643

    About Diamond Story

    The new location to find and purchase gems is Diamond Story. We are a genuinely global firm committed to finding the highest value stones, with offices in Melbourne, Hong Kong, and SE Asia. We can negotiate even better prices with our suppliers thanks to our Hong Kong headquarters, and we pass those savings along to you.

    With more than a dozen years of experience, Diamond Story can guarantee that you'll receive the greatest service, recommendations, and craftsmanship. Our diamond experts take pride in providing direct guidance! We don't believe in giving false hope; only straightforward guidance. We are confident that you will do study to validate our claims!

    You can trust Diamond Story to give you the greatest deals, suggestions, and craftsmanship because they have more than a dozen years of experience in the field! We take pleasure in the direct guidance our diamond experts provide! Just straight advise is what we believe in; no sugarcoating. We are confident that you will conduct your own study to validate what we have told you.

    Hardy Brothers Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    hardy brothers engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    1300 231 391

    Since its founding in 1853, Hardy Brothers has remained true to the principles of excellence, mastery, and innovation that have shaped our past while serving as the defining forerunners of our present.

    Our customized services act as a means for our clients to explore the limits of their ideas. Our assortment of customization and commissioning services, which are supported by a dedication to creativity and individualized service, give customers direct access to our expert craftspeople.

    As keepers of wisdom, tradition, luxury, and craftsmanship, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible customer service. To fully appreciate the breadth of our collections and the distinctive theatre of experience provided by our knowledgeable staff, we encourage you to schedule a private appointment before your next visit.

    Charles Rose Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    charles rose engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    (03) 9642 8982

    By combining these actions, Charles Rose combines and complements stones to settings that reveal the best in both. The end result is more valuable jewelry that is better. Charles Rose employs expert jewelers, designers, and diamond graders who are pioneers in their fields. Contrary to competing businesses like Tiffany, Cartier, and others

    Charles Rose jewelry is wholly built to order, exquisitely designed, and regularly set with higher-quality diamonds at a more affordable price. Here are a few of the manual steps we go through, all of which are carried out by our designers in-house:Our designers create a polished concept sketch by drawing on their years of experience. The design is made entirely from scratch without the aid of any presets or modules. The end effect is a well-balanced, professional design.

    Brightness, homogeneity, proportional consistency, make and color, shape, and price are among factors considered while choosing diamonds. We are the largest supplier of good grade white and colored diamonds in Australia. Thousands of superior grade diamonds are also available in our inventory for our jewelers' instant use and direct sale.

    E.G.etal, Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    e.g.etal engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    +61 3 9639 5111

    Browse the selection of handcrafted modern bridal jewelry, unconventional wedding rings, and one-of-a-kind engagement rings at e.g.etal. Each of our rings has a unique narrative. Each item is designed and created by an expert craftsperson. E.g.etal is the best site to locate your ring if you're looking for unconventional gemstones, technically stunning settings, and designs that challenge the conventional notion of an engagement ring. Join us in our Melbourne gallery for a stress-free, casual consultation where we'll help you identify your style, pick the perfect ring, and personalize it to make it uniquely yours.

    We take attention of every little thing to make sure you have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that you will cherish forever and beyond. Jewelry has traditionally served as a means of individual expression. A person's jewelry collection reveals a lot about them. It can depict a person's life story.

    A Melbourne gallery called e.g.etal represents and promotes the burgeoning contemporary jewelry design trend in Australia. Since its founding in 1998, e.g.etal has been dedicated to creating modern jewelry. With sporadic visits from other countries, the gallery presently features over 60 jewellery designers and artists from Australia and New Zealand. At e.g.etal, dozens more artists have had exhibitions of their work during the course of its existence. The collection, which is always changing, features an inspiring range of modern jewelry created by independent designers.

    Lord Coconut Engagement Rings & Wedding Band Shop Melbourne

    lord coconut engagement rings & wedding band shop melbourne


    0450 015 262

    Men's Wedding Rings

    For guys, we have over 100 handcrafted wedding rings in store. To ensure the ideal fit, each ring is handcrafted in Australia by our skilled jewellers, designers, and artisans. You can select a wedding ring for even the pickiest groom because our rings are made to look a little different from those sold in chain stores. We have about 40 jewelers working in our shop, so you're sure to find a ring they'll adore.

    To help you stick to your budget, we have wedding and signet rings made of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium (black), sterling silver, and Damascus steel. Since we have a tight relationship with our neighborhood jewelers, you can alter many of our designs to make the ring even more distinctive. Each ring takes about 3 to 4 weeks to produce, but if you need one quickly, please get in touch with us; we can frequently expedite an urgent order. Since every wedding ring is produced specifically for each customer, we can accommodate any finger size. We like to think that we specialize in rings for men with finger sizes Z and above.

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