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Top 20 Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

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    Whether you're a homeowner in Melbourne or just looking for the best pest control and termite treatment companies in the area, you'll want to check out this list. We've compiled the top 20 companies in the area, based on reviews from homeowners like you. So whether you're dealing with ants, spiders, mice, termites or any other pests, these are the businesses you'll want to call.

    Ultimate List Of Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    All Pests - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    all pests


    0409 523 029

    About All Pests: Pest Control & Inspections

    With more than 20 years of experience, All Pests performs inspections and pest management in a quick, safe, and precise manner. To control pests, we utilize environmentally friendly products.

    Our termite inspection and pest control specialists in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula work quickly and efficiently.

    To reduce potential risk to you and your home, All Pests specializes in termite inspections and treatments during pre-construction.

    Melbourne's Trusted Pest Control & Termite Inspection Since 2000, With Over 10,000 Happy Customers

    If you're seeking for high-quality, reasonably priced pest control services, you've come to the right spot. We've been trusted in Melbourne for more than 20 years, have performed over 10,000 pest control & termite inspection tasks, and have seen it all.

    • Termites & Ant Control
    • Spiders & Cockroaches
    • Mice & Rats
    • Bee & Wasp Control

    Home Pest Control & Inspection Services

    We have experience working with a variety of residences throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula because we specialize in domestic pest management.

    The removal of any pests that may be around your home or on your property can be ensured with the assistance of all pest professionals. Additionally, we provide professional guidance on how to prevent pests from returning.

    Our seasoned pest control specialists will thoroughly inspect your property and house to determine where bugs are entering, identify the pest that is causing problems, and then identify the best, individually tailored remedy to get rid of the pests that are already present. We offer suggestions on how to best keep pests out so they don't return.

    Termite Inspection & Extermination Quality Assurance

    Along with giving you the best termite remedy or treatment for your biggest investment, we will also give you a comprehensive written report that complies with Australian requirements.

    If your house or property has already been infected, we firmly advise performing a yearly inspection and preventative treatment to prevent re-infestation.

    Rat and mouse control is only one of the additional pest inspection and removal services we provide.

    Identify, Locate, Exterminate, Protect

    We can determine which kind of termite is causing the infestation, as well as the entrance points into the home and the location of the nest. We can take action to get rid of the nest and lessen the likelihood of a re-infestation by acquiring this information during the initial termite examination.

    Our termite inspection procedure will show you whether you have an active or inactive termite nest and evaluate any possible damage to the house. Following the initial termite examination, we can also provide advice regarding the potential severity of any termite damage that may have occurred while the nest was active.

    Termite baiting is one of the many termite elimination methods we employ in the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula region.

    Auswide Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    auswide pest control


    61 416 786 745


    Common household pests include rats, ants, mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, centipedes, mites, spiders, aphids, and fruit flies. Rats and mice are another frequent issue.


    A Victoria-based business called AUSWIDE PEST CONTROL specializes in installing pest management programs in commercial buildings.


    The pre-purchase inspection will provide recommendations to the potential buyer or any interested party regarding the state of the property on the date and at the time of the inspection. To accomplish the goal of the pre-purchase examination, this will be done.

    Termites Vic - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    termites vic


    0488 280 554

    services for termite control Subterranean termites, despite their small size, are a serious issue throughout the state of Victoria, especially in Melbourne. If the proper precautions are not followed, termites have the ability to seriously harm timber homes and other structures.

    Even worse, most homeowner's insurance policies do not provide coverage for expenses incurred as a result of a termite infestation, despite the fact that termites have destroyed more Australian homes than fires, floods, and hurricanes put together. Given how devastating termites may be, it is a good idea to educate yourself about them so that you can safeguard your property as best you can.

    Pest & Termite FAQs

    Drywood Termites come from dry wood habitats. Forests, suburban developments, and woodshops are some of their favorites. If they're in your home, it's because they've found uninhibited access to furniture and firewood (their favorite food). In nature, they set up shop within large, old trees.

    But in addition to their wood-chomping habit, there's another piece of information you should know about these pesky pests: Termites can fly, at least some of them, at certain times of the year (most of the termites in a colony are workers, not swarmers, and they never fly).

    Spray in the early morning or late afternoon when the ants are most active. And it's best to spray on a calm day to prevent drift. If ants are still building mounds after six weeks, treat the lawn again (the insecticide works for up to six weeks).

    Most bugs are more active in the warmer months of the year. When the temperatures are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, insects really are not able to move. At 45 degrees, they start to move slowly. Insects don't become fully functional until temperatures reach 70 degrees.

    Many insects are most active early in the morning and around dusk, making very early morning and early evening the most effective times for insecticide application. Insecticides can have undesirable consequences if they are applied at the wrong time.

    Select Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    select pest control


    0411 447 145

    We are a termite and pest inspection business with a focus on the Melbourne region. Our company was built on a solid foundation of many years of expertise, steadfast dedication to our field, and a sincere desire to satisfy our clientele.

    In the beginning, Melbourne-based Select House Inspections was a business that provided building and pest inspections. We developed into one of the city's most complete and comprehensive termite and pest inspection organizations as a result of the company's later decision to concentrate its efforts on termite and pest treatment.

    Noah's Ark Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    noah's ark pest control


    (03) 9372 2645

    These white ants can't stand a chance against the solutions we offer, which include termite inspection, treatment, and continuous protection. Whether you are interested in adopting preventative measures or are already having problems with pest control, we can be of assistance to you. We competed for the title of Pest Manager of the Year in 2018.

    Every day of the week, all year long, you are welcome to give us a call whenever you need to. We have full insurance coverage and licensing.

    Dawson's Pest - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    dawson's pest


    03 9222 2245

    Dawson's Australia, as a family-owned business, understands the disruption that unwanted pests can cause in the comfort of your own home. We can provide you with tailored pest control alternatives for your home that are safe for you, your family, and the pests.

    Zero Pests - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    zero pests


    1800 38 66 44

    If unwanted insects and rodents are invading your home and you are unsure how to get rid of them, Zeropests is here to assist you with our pest control services in Melbourne. With the help of our services, we guarantee that you will notice results and be able to return your home to the safe haven you so much need.

    We at Zeropest can get rid of any kind of pest from your residential or commercial property if you engage us. Our service area encompasses all of Victoria and Greater Melbourne in Australia. If you have possums on your roof, rats or mice that need to be removed, scratching on your walls, or problems with flying insects, we are the company to call. You can be sure that you will get the results you want.

    Pest-Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    pest control


    1300 989 345

    Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, the termite and white ant control products on the market today are more efficient than ever. However, it still requires specialized skills and a large amount of knowledge to get it right and prevent the calamity of selecting the improper termite treatment method or product to suit your conditions.

    An examination must be carried out to determine the precise kind and extent of the infestation as well as how or which treatment approach or product will be the most efficient before any treatment is considered for any circumstance involving the control of termites. Finding the most effective pest control or termite treatment is crucial if you want to get rid of the infestation in your house.

    Protech Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    protech pest control


    1300 486 154

    Pest Control Melbourne

    Imagine brushing your teeth in the morning with the cockroach that lives in the sink, eating breakfast while you hear the humming of the bees that relocated into your backyard, and waving goodbye to the possum that lives in your garage before leaving for work. These are but a few of the potential outcomes if you experienced a bug infestation in your house. Isn't it great that we have this life to live?

    Guardian Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    guardian pest control


    5987 1787

    Termite Inspections

    The cornerstone of a successful pest management strategy there is routine termite inspections of your home. Only someone with trained eyes may be able to spot the earliest signs of termite activity and the unique risks your property faces from a potential termite infestation. Due to the fact that environmental elements are constantly changing, the probability of a termite attack can change over time.

    At Guardian, we advise that the majority of houses undergo yearly inspections. These checks, which are completed in compliance with national regulations AS 3660.2:2017 by one of our knowledgeable technicians, are necessary. Our inspections start at $295, but the cost changes depending on how big your home is.

    Quality Pest Control And Maintenance - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    quality pest control and maintenance


    0422 805 245

    Homeowners must have their houses inspected for unwanted pests like termites and other pests before moving into a new residence. Infestation by termites affects more than 130,000 dwellings yearly in Australia. It is never fun for a family to move into a new home only to find out that it has termites or other wood-eating pests, but it does happen frequently soon after the relocation.

    A non-invasive process called a pre-purchase wood pest inspection would be used to check the property for termites using detecting tools by skilled and certified pest management (and other pests). This inspection's objective would be to confirm that there are no termites on the property. If it becomes essential, our experts will provide treatment recommendations to get rid of your insect infestation.

    Jim's Pest Control Victoria - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    jim's pest control victoria


    131 554

    There is never a good time to deal with an infestation, unfortunately. Unfortunately, pests may wander around your home as a result of over-the-counter sprays and grocery store traps, usually establishing new colonies or evading targeted extermination efforts. In addition to causing further financial harm, allowing pests to remain on your property for an extended period of time puts your health at risk.

    hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of structural damage. increased risk of physical damage. When you eat contaminated food, your health is put at danger. If something is not done RIGHT NOW, these are the long-term effects that will occur. We can help, says Jim's Termite & Pest Control!

    Vip Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    vip pest control


    1800 198 054

    The safest insecticides are used by VIP Pest Control. Our insurance coverage is at its highest level, and the Health Department has approved us. We pride ourselves on the dependability, friendliness, and integrity of our pest control specialists.

    Adams Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    adams pest control


    1300 933 745

    The common termite is the only pest that can cause as much expensive damage to buildings and other structures.

    Perkins Exterminators - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    perkins exterminators


    1300 884 045

    The social insect species known as termites inhabits a variety of settings. They reproduce quickly and cause a great deal of damage. They feed on cellulose, a substance that can be found in a variety of materials, including wood, retaining walls, cardboard, papers, and garden mulch, among others. Termites may thrive in temperatures between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius and can withstand conditions of exceptionally high humidity.

    Termite Solutions Victoria - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    termite solutions victoria


    03 9555 5945


    At Termite Solutions, a skilled group of pest controllers and licensed contractors work together to provide comprehensive pest control management services.

    In addition to providing comprehensive pest control treatments for residential properties, we are specialists in termite and total pest management solutions, termite prevention and treatment for commercial facilities, and commercial pest management for all kinds of facilities and industries.

    Mr Termite Solutions - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    mr termite solutions



    Melbourne's go-to pest control business for termite elimination is M&R Termite Solutions. All of Melbourne and the Northern suburbs are served by our termite inspection and control services. To solve your termite issue, get in touch with us. Give the experts at M&R Termite Solutions a call if you are struggling with a pest infestation on your home.

    Our Melbourne-based pest control business serves both commercial and residential customers and is fully licensed and insured. We are able to completely eradicate termites, rats, insects, bugs, and a range of other pests since we have access to the most advanced pest control tools.

    Amazon Pest Exterminators - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    amazon pest exterminators


    03 9302 1854


    They are known as "the quiet destroyer" as a result of this. Sadly, termites can exploit practically any house as a tasty invitation to invade. If you do not have a preventative strategy in place, there is little you can do to stop a colony from breeding on your property. Additionally, there might not be any evident damage or indications that you even have an issue because they could be hidden in your house or yard.

    Positive Pest Solutions - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    positive pest solutions



    Termites are helpful to the ecosystem because they destroy decaying wood and dead trees. This aptitude aids in the creation of manure, which plants require. Termites are incredibly tiny insects.

    On the other hand, if termites enter your house, you could lose expensive goods.

    Pest Net - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    pest net


    0403 616 345

    What what goes into a pest inspection? First of all, this is in no way comparable to a building inspection. Infestations of termites, other harmful or disease-carrying pests, as well as other pests that can cause structural damage, are to be found and treated via pest inspections.

    Inspections of buildings or homes look for structural problems concurrently. These inspections are often carried out for people who are buying or remodeling a house.

    Bayswater Pest Control - Pest Control & Termite Treatment Companies Melbourne

    bayswater pest control


    1300 870 445

    Regular inspections are crucial if you want to prevent infestations before they cause any damage. Taking the necessary steps to prevent termites from developing a colony in your house is the first step in effective termite treatment and prevention.

    If you want to stop infestations before they cause any damage, periodic inspections are crucial. The first step in effective termite treatment and prevention is to take the necessary precautions to prevent these pests from developing a colony in your house.

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