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30+ Best Hens Party Ideas in Sydney, New South Wales [2022]

Ultimate List of Hens Party Ideas in Sydney, New South Wales

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney

Magic Men Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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Regardless of the motivation for your Melbourne girls' night out, our handsome and sensual male strippers and cheeky bare-chested waiters will make your ladies' night one you won't soon forget. The Magic Men are available to perform for you and your guests privately in suites, private event spaces, and homes all throughout Melbourne.

A Magic Man must have the body, the motions, and the charisma to captivate an audience; just performing is not enough. Our male strippers are happy to accommodate you if you'd prefer a more refined yet sensuous performance. Additionally, a number of shows are available that may be customized to fit any event's theme.

If you're looking for the most skilled MALE STRIPPERS MELBOURNE has to offer or the cutest topless waiters to liven up your next event, get in touch with us right away. At your next event, make it memorable. If you're seeking a little something more for your:


They're even sexier in person, believe us!

rural ladies! Our hunks would gladly travel throughout Victoria to ensure that you and your guests get the chance to see a MALE STRIP SHOW.

Sydney Hens Party

It's simpler than you might imagine to throw a Hens Party in Sydney. It is, in fact! We will be there for you at this incredible hen party with our full range of services, and we'll take care of the entertainment. You can now mark that item off your to-do list, so gather your pals and get ready for a fun hen party.

We provide a range of activities for every type of hen and her hen. We will satisfy whatever requests your group may have. You have a variety of ways to see our events and brighten up your evening, including live performances, online shows, and house visits. In just a few clicks, you can make a routine gathering exciting and unforgettable.

Parties ought to be enchanted, and at Magic Men, we want you to feel the same enchanted atmosphere as your companions. Just so you know, there will be lots of smiles, giggles, laughs, bouncing, and happy yells at your Sydney hen party. Never claim not to have been warned!

Hens Party Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

Hens Party Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

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For hen parties, wedding showers, and hen nights, Hens Party Cruises provides private boat charter on a stylish, comfortable yacht. Whatever the occasion, you may enjoy a quiet day out or something a little more risqué with our selection of packages and boats.

Our hen's party packages include food and drinks in addition to the private boat rental. Alternately, select one of our BYO boats and create your own food and drink selections. For your ladies' night out, Hens Party Cruises can offer extra services like topless waiters, decorations, and games.

Twin Peaks - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

twin peaks hens party ideas sydney

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There are many of attractive, physically fit men available to serve and entertain you. Before the show even starts, the Twin Pecks Crew will greet you at the door, provide champagne, and direct you to your seat.

Before the opening Twin Pecks sizzling show, you'll be shown to your seat and given a free gratuity. When you arrive, a gourmet selection of platters will be waiting for you. Unless one of your exceptionally hot Topless Waiters selects you to be in a show, you won't typically have to get up from your seat.

FAQs About Hens Party Ideas

  • Count the Days till She's a Mrs with a Fun Sign. 
  • Add a Special Sign to her Chair. 
  • Break Out the Balloons. 
  • Celebrate with Some Cake! 
  • Or Some Hen Party Themed Cupcakes

A hen party (also referred to as a hen do, hen weekend or bachelorette party by our American sisters) is a pre-wedding celebration where the bride and her closest friends go away for a long weekend to celebrate her upcoming marriage.

The most likely candidate to organise the hen party is the Maid of Honour or Chief Bridesmaid. As the bride's most trusted confidante and support in the run-up to her wedding, the maid of honour is usually the go-to hen do planner.

Traditionally, the hen's night was mainly for female family members and possibly a few family friends. Still, as hen's parties get more raunchy and raucous, fewer brides-to-be are inviting their mothers or mothers-in-law and just partying with their mates.

Yes, you should bring your mum to your hen if she's great fun to have on a night out and gets into the spirit of things. - You're having a low-key hen with just dinner, afternoon tea, or daytime activity. - Your mother gets on well with your friends.

Ucruise Sydney - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

ucruise sydney hens party ideas sydney

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Spend the day on Sydney Harbour with all the ladies and enjoy a hens party in style and comfort. A Sydney Harbour cruise for a Hens party is undoubtedly fantastic, as evidenced by all of the positive feedback we get. If you've been searching for a Hens party idea for some time, look no further! The lovely metropolitan backdrops provide you some amazing photo opportunities, allowing you to capture the Hens celebrations forever.

Whether you're looking for a small, personal event with only your closest pals, a larger boat party that will shake the harbor, or something in between, we're confident that our selection of boats will meet your demands.

Medium to large catamarans for larger groups, medium to large yachts for a more upscale service, and floating loungers for small, private groups are all options.

Sydney Harbour Party Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney harbour party cruises hens party ideas sydney

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You've found the best website in Sydney to reserve unique tours on Sydney Harbour, the most stunning harbor on earth! With the help of Sydney Harbour party cruises, you and your friends may discover Sydney in a way you never thought possible, making every occasion special. Our party boats are renowned for giving our guests a front-row seat to Sydney's architectural splendor and breathtaking fireworks displays, even in the dead of night. We can assist you in locating the best cruise price available.

Party cruises in Sydney's harbor can help you create lasting memories on your special day. We have no trouble hosting birthday parties, Christmas parties, New Year's Eve parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, buck and hens parties, and even formal school functions. So, with your closest friends or someone special, go on a romantic tour of the picturesque harbour land. Our goal is to keep things straightforward so that you may take in everything Sydney has to offer and yet have plenty of time to partake in the city's nightlife, if you choose. Every time you visit us, we treat you like royalty!

Hen's Knights - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

hen's knights hens party ideas sydney

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For hen parties, bachelorette parties, and divorce parties, we specialize in supplying male strippers and topless waiters. We also offer these services for regular girls' nights out.

We've been in operation since 2009 and have a fantastic reputation for being trustworthy and dependable, which is rare in our industry. Your butler will be the greatest, most dependable, and most attentive one around if you hire him or her from us. Prior to your party, our boys won't vanish! And don't worry if there are any Nanas or Aunties in attendance; they will adore all of our magical men more than anyone else at the party, no matter how shy they initially seem so. Keep in mind, even if your Bride-to-Be protests during the planning stages, she will never forgive you if she doesn't receive at least one of these male entertainment options, no matter how much she protests (that's probably you, right?!)

Wicked Hens - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

wicked hens hens party ideas sydney

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In Australia and New Zealand, Wicked Hens Parties is committed to hosting fantastic hens' parties! All you need to do is unwind by taking a seat. Your event coordinator at Wicked Hens Parties manages party packages, transportation, outing ideas, and nightlife recommendations.

It's a big deal to host a hen party with Wicked Hen Parties! The bachelorette party might make or break the wedding. Here is where we can help. We can assist you in organizing the best hen's party that will be remembered for years.

The organization of a big group of women for a party has never been simpler thanks to our method for group party planning. Everyone in your group will be able to offer ideas for hen night activities, lodging choices, and any other party requirements they may have. Additionally, this enables group members to exchange private information like dietary requirements and vote on their favorites. Our system for organizing hen parties has been refined over the past seven years.

OzParty - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

ozparty hens party ideas sydney

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Our OzParty event coordinators are prepared to assist you and your guests in having a memorable live event. After all, people in Australia will want to collaborate like never before after this is finished. No of the occasion, the event planners at OzParty are here to make sure that your gathering is exceptional and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For the future bride and her closest friends in Sydney, our hen party planners can plan a genuinely unique hen party. You don't need to worry about anything because our neighborhood OzParty hen's planners are aware of how demanding and time-consuming arranging weekends can be. We've thus put together some of the most original and cost-effective hen party ideas and party packages available.

Sydney Event Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney event cruises hens party ideas sydney

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The buck's and hen's party cruise packages are Sydney Event Cruises' specialty. Throw a boat party to celebrate your friends' accomplishments. Since it's their last as a couple, Sydney Event Cruises will go all out to make it a night to remember.

Many groups are choosing party cruises over typical bar crawls for hen's and buck's parties because they are more personal yet still entertaining. Groups are also enjoying their Hen's and Bucks together, with open minds, male and female waiters, dancers, and a variety of other entertainment alternatives.

This is a terrific alternative if you want to have some filthy fun with the bride and groom before the big event because it is safe and entertaining for everyone. The Supercat has it all, whether you prefer elegant or informal eating, barbecue, two bars with a range of drink packages, or a dance floor with state-of-the-art sound equipment and a DJ. If you like, we can even make arrangements for unusual entertainment.

Sydney Party Bus - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney party bus hens party ideas sydney

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With the most exciting options and amenities offered for every kind of event, Sydney Party Bus has been offering the best party transportation in the city for more than 20 years. Our staff of tour managers, party starters, drivers, and tour guides wants to provide you the whole partying experience rather than just getting you to your destination!

You are now held accountable for a lot of things. Whether you are a whooper or a mellower is irrelevant. You should be prepared for this unforgettable evening. Getting together at home to lavish the future bride with presents and flattery is no longer appropriate; save that for the wedding instead. It all comes down to having a fantastic time with your loved ones and friends and making enduring memories.

CityClubhopper has hosted several Sydney hen parties throughout the years. Our programs are created to guarantee that everything works according to plan. The event planning procedure will go as smoothly as possible with our Event Coordinators by your side. A Partystarter is in charge of ensuring that everyone has a wonderful time by organizing the meals, taking lots of photos, and making sure that everyone is taken care of at each location.

My Hens Party - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

my ultimate hens party ideas melbourne

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We not only have everything you need for a great Hens Party, but also everything you need to make it even more special. There are options for temporary tattoos and badges with custom designs. Generic, pre-made party items won't cut it for you. Consider personalizing yours for the future bride!

The Hens Party is a crucial element of Australian pre-wedding custom. Anything from a morning cup of tea to a night out to a week in Bali and everything in between might be considered a final fling for a single lady. You can pick from a variety of temporary tattoos, party packs, and badges at My Hens Party.

5 Star Cruises - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

5 star cruises hens party ideas sydney

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The best boat tours in town, from bachelor parties to business outings, are provided by 5 Star Cruises on Sydney Harbour. By choosing us to handle your next event, you can be sure that everyone will be talking about how great of a party planner you are. We have a fleet of opulent boats at our disposal, as well as a number of skilled event coordinators and a little black book filled with the names of Sydney's sexiest waiters.

What more romantic setting for toasting the new Mrs. than one of our magnificent party boats? You will have the chance to sail the seas for the duration of your cruise with your best female friends while admiring the breathtaking sights of Sydney Harbour and the neighboring bays and beaches.

It's as easy as choosing a package, gathering your girlfriends, your bikinis, and your music, then boarding. We'll handle everything else onboard! While you unwind and sip some champagne with your girlfriends, we'll handle all the details, whether it's transportation, food and drink, or even where to continue the party after.

Sydney Topless Waitresses - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

sydney topless waitresses hens party ideas sydney

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Hire one of our topless waiters to add a little excitement to your Sydney hens night activities! Our topless waiters' stunning good looks and superb physiques will ensure that your hens' party is a night to remember. We can help you plan your event with our hen night parties in Sydney, so you won't have to worry about a thing. Now all you have to do is relax and have a good time!

When you're about to start your new life as a married woman, you'll want a hen's night to remember. Is there anything more enjoyable than preparing for your upcoming event alongside a group of gorgeous topless male models? There aren't many amazing hens party ideas in Sydney, such as a lavish rooftop party with a view of the city's sparkling lights or a luxury boat cruise. Every moment of your celebration will be enjoyable.

Men On Fire - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

men on fire hens party ideas sydney

0422 440 628

For the bride who doesn't want a stripper at her hen party, we offer Life Drawing and Mobile Cocktail Classes! For your Sydney hens party, we have a ton of fantastic suggestions. There is a good reason for the thousands of delighted clients who extol the virtues of our charming staff. All of our firefighters are appealing, seductive, and prepared to make your bachelorette party one to cherish. If you're her maid of honor, bridesmaid, or a close friend, make her last night alone one she won't soon forget. You'll always be happy that you created those memories.

Benda Party Bus - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

benda party bus hens party ideas sydney

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If you need to move a sizable group of people, think about hiring our Sydney party bus as your main mode of transportation. For any occasion, you are welcome to rent our party bus. The party bus has a qualified driver who will make sure you get there on time. You won't have to be concerned about getting lost or losing contact with your buddies while traveling!

We made the decision to bring a Las Vegas-style party bus to Sydney's streets in 2014 because that was what Sydney needed to ring in the New Year. You can go on the most passionate date ever if you are over the legal drinking age. To ensure that you arrive at that night out or business event looking like you're serious about having fun, you may either use The Benda Bus or stay on board (more on that later). On board, you'll have the impression of being in the biggest limousine in the world, where you can choose to unwind or dance the night away.

With cocktails, hosts, and bottle service available upon request, The Benda Party Bus is a private mobile nightclub in the center of Sydney that seeks to imitate the Vegas experience. This place has everything you require for a successful celebration!

Adult Events - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

Adult Events - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

0424 004 442

Considering you are the best bridesmaid ever, the soon-to-be bride has given you the responsibility of making hen's party reservations in Sydney. Therefore, avoid having a hen party that goes horribly wrong for lackluster entertainment. We specialize in offering fantastic hens party packages for you and your guests in Sydney.

To have male strippers perform, reserve a package that includes either Topless waiters or both. You can then view our Sydney topless waiters and Male Strippers by clicking on the link to the guy's page. If you reserve the Male Stripper in advance, you can even pick his outfit.

To reserve your space, just select on the Hens night package you want to purchase and complete the online booking form. Please get in touch with us as soon as you can if you're making a reservation the day of the event because doing so will speed up the process. To guarantee that your call is answered, do not utilize a private caller ID. We're going to have a great time at our hen party! We look forward to meeting you and your visitors!

XXL - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

xxl hens party ideas sydney

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Every Saturday night, Sydney's top Hens Night location presents the largest Hens Parties in the city. To reserve your party bookings, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Our deposit will be fully returned in the event of a lockdown. At XXL, we look after you from start to finish. With our assistance, it's simple to plan a special birthday party or hen's night in Sydney. All of this, including supper, beverages, a pole dancing class, a life drawing class, and an art class, may be done before the concert begins at 8 o'clock.

Unlike other venues, XXL provides all of its visitors with opulent booths and lounge areas. Additionally, all of our Sydney Hens and Birthday girls receive front-row seats to the performance. For suggestions on how to make your hen's weekend in Sydney unforgettable, take a look at our venue, gallery, and blog.

Escape Hunt - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

escape hunt hens party ideas sydney

+61 2 9299 3920

Escape Hunt is a fun substitute for typical hen parties. You'll need to cooperate and play to your strengths for an hour of heart-pounding gaming in order to beat the clock and escape. Then, toast your success (or drown your sorrows) with a few bottles of wine in our roomy lounge.

You and your crew will set off on an action-packed expedition across a brand-new universe under the name "Escape Hunt," battling it out with a number of nerve-wracking jobs and challenges as the clock is running out. Time is running out, the stakes are high, and the adrenaline is pumping. Escape Hunt isn't broadcast on television. You may get an up-close and personal view of it. Following an Escape Hunt scenario, all other sources of delight become empty.

How did all of this excellence occur? 2013 saw the opening of the first Escape Hunt location in Bangkok. We set out to create something entirely original but just as engaging, drawing inspiration from popular online video games like Myst and Crimson Room. As a result, Escape Hunters are taken back in time to solve a puzzling mystery created by our international game design team, Escape Hunt Studios.

Get Loose - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

02 8208 3396

Find specialized party packages and reserve uncommon venues, boats, dining encounters, day activities, entertainment, clubs, transportation, and lodging.

Get Loose can assist with party planning for any occasion, including birthday parties, company Christmas parties, bachelorette parties, stag parties, and everything in between. You can rely on us for your party planning and logistics needs because we only work with the best venues, including opulent boats and yachting events. Choose from a variety of party packages, design your own, or let us handle everything. We make it simple for you to plan a party. Due to our wide industry relationships and access to discounts, we can provide you the most value for your money. Nobody performs it as well as Getting Loose!

Wildboys Afloat - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

wildboys afloat hens party ideas sydney

(02) 9809 1667

For the most exquisite experience of your life, settle in! The girls' night out at Wildboys Afloat is unlike any other. You'll experience a wonderful Sydney Harbour cruise as well as get to observe our Wildboys in action. Sydney Harbour cruises are a terrific opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family while honoring a special occasion. If you have food, beverages, and entertainment planned out ahead of time, your night out will go smoothly.

Rockfish - Hens Party Ideas Sydney

rockfish hens party ideas sydney

02 9211 7901

Customers have received wonderful and unforgettable sailing experiences on Sydney Harbour with Rockfish Catamaran Charters since 2010. For your upcoming event or day on the water, hire one of three catamarans. Whether you are hosting a work event, a birthday celebration, or just a group of family or friends enjoying a day out, Rockfish Catamarans will give your group the chance to spend a carefree day on the most picturesque harbour in the entire world.

All year long, our catamaran rentals are available. Your charter is perfect for any occasion because it can hold up to 40 guests and comes with a Rockfish Skipper and deckhand.

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