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Top 20 Japanese School in Melbourne [2024]

It can be a challenging endeavour to locate the most reputable Japanese language school in Melbourne. However, you shouldn't be worried about it because we're here to help make the procedure a little bit simpler. In this post, we will provide you with an introduction to some of the most reputable Japanese language schools in Melbourne, as well as some crucial considerations to take into account when making your choice.

If you are either a student in search of a Japanese school or the parent of a student in search of such a school, continue reading for information that will assist you in selecting the appropriate school to meet your requirements. Check this list of top Japanese schools in Melbourne. 

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    Ultimate List of Japanese School Melbourne

    Nunawading Japanese School Melbourne

    nunawading japanese school

    Website: www.japanesetutormelbourne.com.au
    Enquiries: 0421 234 951
    Address: 8-10 Wood Street, Nunawading Vic 3131

    Nunawading Japanese School is a Japanese school located in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2013 they have been providing fun, engaging Japanese courses for adults wanting to learn to speak, read and write Japanese. Face to face (onsite) classes are available for Melbourne students. They also facilitate online Japanese classes for students across Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Hobart) and Japan.

    Over the years they have developed their own unique curriculum with original teaching method. Their teachers are all ‘native’ Japanese who live and teach from Melbourne. Their reputation has grown to be one of the best places to learn Japanese in Australia.

    Japanese Classes - www.japanesetutormelbourne.com.au/japanese-classes-melbourne/

    Dr. Study Learning – Japanese School Melbourne

    dr. study learning japanese school


    0425 744 204

    About Dr. Study Customized Instructional Programs for Students of All Grades and Abilities

    Due to the individualized attention they get from the programs we offer, students make the most of their time with us.

    Observe as the Path Your Child Is Traveling Opens the Door to Greater Academic Achievement and Improved Personal Development.

    Melbourne Tutors Who Have Helped Over 30,000 Students Get Back on Track and Even Further Ahead

    We provide a variety of tutoring programs that can help your child catch up academically, advance academically, and reach their full potential. Our tutoring programs cover the following topics:

    • VCE subjects include English, mathematics, science, and humanities. Programs that Assist Students in Preparing for Scholarships and Offer Tutoring
    • Support for Postsecondary Students in Classrooms and Online
    • Providing Tutoring for Students of All Ages and Life Stages
    • Early Education, Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary Education - Counseling for College and Professions

    Dr. STUDY offers top-notch educational facilities that go along with the best programs available.

    Both the lecture hall and the learning hubs at our site are fully furnished with the best furniture, shelving, stationery, laptops, and other conveniences. The kids have access to our computers as well as a wide range of other cutting-edge teaching tools.

    The Tertiary Level and Beyond

    Essential English IELTS and Medical Headstart Getting Ready for TAFE and University From Primary through Post-Tertiary and Beyond

    The Pre-Higher Program was created with the intention of facilitating a smooth and successful transition to tertiary education. Our staff of academic experts is knowledgeable about all of the common difficulties that students have when they first begin their higher education, and they help our students avoid and get through those difficulties.

    Along with helping with material creation, assignment help, and online support, we also provide assistance with course design. Programs for higher education provide comprehensive course support, including aid with assignments, online assistance, and lectures, as well as help with writing and referencing.

    Award-winning university instructors who have worked with kids from Pre-Prep through the 12th grade and beyond.

    The students learn from our university professors one-on-one, which not only helps them get a head start on preparing for university life but also gets them a foot in the door! Get your kid ahead of the game by assisting them in developing their confidence and skills.

    Listen & Learn Australia

    listen learn australia japanese tutors


    03 8652 1330

    With our online courses available in more than a hundred different languages, test your knowledge! Get in touch with us, and we'll create a program just for you that is interesting and engaging.

    Our native Japanese speakers are available to train you and, if necessary, the rest of your party at your home or place of business at a time that suits you. They are completely prepared to teach their mother tongue. Whether it's the morning, the afternoon, or the evening, you are free to book your sessions on any day of the week—even on the weekends. The courses can be held at a location determined by your personal trainer if unexpected events prevent them from taking place at your home or place of business. You'll have access to the resources required for the class.

    The Japanese Saturday College of Melbourne Inc.

    the japanese saturday college of melbourne inc.



    At the Melbourne Supplementary School, which is open on Saturdays and uses materials written in Japanese, kids can learn both Japanese and mathematics (math). In kindergarten, the study of the Japanese language is required.

    The Melbourne supplemental school began welcomed students in April of that year. Our school's original goal was to provide practical answers to the serious problems that kids on waiting lists and kids living in the greater Melbourne area were facing. We were successful in meeting our goals at the start of the school year and providing benefits to the community. To continue raising awareness of the school development goals that our institution pursues.

    Caulfield Primary School - Japanese School Melbourne

    caulfield primary school japanese school melbourne


    03 9523 7934

    This is especially true for parents who desire to give their children the opportunity to get a bilingual education in English and Spanish.

    It's the language we use to teach, not the language we teach! Children who attend school in both languages are likely to have better literacy abilities in both languages as well as more mature thinking skills in general. This conclusion is supported by both research and practical experience.

    The majority of our students graduate with levels of reading, writing, and speaking Japanese fluency that are frequently on par with those of ninth- or tenth-graders.

    FAQs About Learning Japanese

    The typical tuition is around 150,000 to 200,000 yen for a 3-month full-time program. In addition, most schools charge a registration fee of around 5,000 to 20,000 yen and an insurance fee of 10,000 yen per year in case of long-term programs.

    The main reason there are so many students of Japanese language is because there are many schools which teach Japanese, either as a compulsory or as an elective course in foreign language study. Ninety-six per cent of those studying Japanese in Australia are primary and secondary students.

    In 2016 there were around 14,700 enrolments for Japanese students on a student visa, for English language study in Australia (7,367), vocational and technical education (4,128) and higher education (just under 1,493).

    Japanese is one of the hardest languages for English natives to learn. It doesn't have many similarities in structure to English. They estimate it takes 88 weeks of learning, or 2200 hours, to reach fluency.

    Japanese has been taught in Australia for more than 100 years and is widely taught as a second language in Australian schools.

    Now here's the thing. Japanese is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. It has a different writing system than English, a completely different grammar structure, and relies heavily on cultural context and understanding.

    Monash Japanese Language Education Centre

    monash japanese language education centre


    03 9902 6033

    The Center receives financial assistance from the Nippon Foundation.

    The Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education, originally the Monash Japanese Language Education Centre, was founded in 1996 and is now housed in the Japanese Studies Center on the Monash University campus in Melbourne, Australia, after securing funding the year before.

    Melbourne Grammar School - Japanese School Melbourne

    melbourne grammar school japanese school melbourne


    03 9865 7573

    Young people should be encouraged to develop in all facets of their existence, including intellectually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. This is a belief that we hold dear.

    Our culture, which is centered on the community and is open to everyone, recognizes and celebrates both the students' efforts and their accomplishments. Our distinctive culture has grown and developed in large part because of the active network of staff and parents, alumni's knowledge and experience, and the breadth of our connections to the larger communities around us.

    Melbourne International School of Japanese Inc.

    melbourne international school of japanese inc.


    0425 881 641

    With the ardent excitement of parents who wanted to help their kids learn and preserve the Japanese language and culture in order to educate Japanese kids, the Melbourne International Japanese Language School was founded in 1986. The education of Japanese kids is the main priority at the school.

    33 years have passed since then, yet the excitement and ideas have not changed. Along with the management, the steering committee, which is made up of the elected parents, continues to operate the school and lends support to the events the school hosts. To make sure that children get a top-notch education in Japanese language and culture, the school's management, teachers, and support staff are all working together as one team.

    Vocational Language Learning Centre

    vocational language learning centre japanese tutors melbourne


    03 9602 1631

    Since its inception in 1989, VLLC has served as a language school. We are the only company in Australia that specializes in teaching 13 different languages for both personal and professional use.

    It is a structured curriculum with a focus on seeing and linking concepts in your target language that helps you to "think" rather than translate. Your class was created with you in mind. It combines up to three alternative delivery methods, which could include both standard online classes and one-on-one conversations with native speakers.

    Oak Park - Japanese School Melbourne

    oak park japanese school melbourne


    (03) 9306 9181

    The border between Moreland and Moonee Valley is not far from where Oak Park Primary School is situated. Moreland is where this institution is situated. The school's maximum enrolment is 400 students, although there are presently 415 students enrolled there. The construction of the first schools didn't begin until 1954. The comprehensive repair of the school's initial phase was successfully finished in 2004.

    Stage two was completed in September 2007 after the final obsolete classrooms and passageways were demolished in 2006. New classrooms with a range of uses, an arts center, and a library were all a part of the second stage of building. A full-sized gymnasium with a unique design was also donated to the school in 2011 as part of the BER project.

    JAPANEASY Japanese Language & Culture School Melbourne

    japaneasy japanese tutors melbourne


    0422 266 374

    Both the teachers and the students treat one another as real family. People from all walks of life come together to have fun and learn about the Japanese language and culture at the same time. We want to say a huge thank you to all of our friends who helped us open our school in 2008 and to everyone else who has helped us along the way by sharing and caring while also smiling a lot.

    Konnichiwa Japanese Language School Melbourne

    konnichiwa japanese language school melbourne


    0480 354 577

    I started KonnichiWhat to bring together people who are interested in Japan and learning the language. It can be both tough and enjoyable to learn a new language.

    Our objective is to connect a learner with other students who may be experiencing a similar situation or who share similar motivations. To share your journey with others is always a wonderful experience. No matter what leads you here, be it a trip to Japan, a passion of anime, or simply a desire for some lighthearted fun, you are always welcome.

    Victorian School of Languages - Japanese School Melbourne

    victorian school of languages japanese school melbourne


    03 9474 0502

    The school's language program is delivered in a variety of ways, such as in-person classes held at various locations across the state and online education.

    The Victorian State Library (VSL) is committed to supporting the Victorian school system in achieving the language participation targets established by the Victorian government. The government's priorities and policies are followed by the VSL in its operations.

    Centre for Adult Education - Japanese School Melbourne

    centre for adult education japanese school melbourne


    03 9652 0616

    The CAE has offered a wide range of programs and services since it was founded in 1947 to suit the educational needs of the Victorian community. In order to meet the constantly evolving demands of adult students, these have undergone a number of revisions over time. Along with a consistent schedule of interesting and condensed educational courses, CAE offers approved programs that are intended to assist students in completing their secondary education and beginning or changing their career pathways.

    Japanese Melbourne Language School

    japanese melbourne language school


    0430 103 600

    Japanese language classes are available in-person and online at the Japanese Melbourne Language School for learners of all proficiency levels, including beginners, intermediate speakers, and advanced speakers.

    We usually have five pupils in each group when we train them. Six days per week, we provide daily Japanese instruction. If you have previously studied Japanese, we encourage you to benefit from our website's free, online assessment of your current proficiency level with guidance from an experienced member of our staff.

    The Japanese School of Melbourne

    the japanese school of melbourne


    03 9528 1945

    Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is reputed to be the world's most livable city. It is situated in the southeast of the Australian continent. Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is the second-largest city in Australia after Sydney.

    It is a lovely garden city with numerous wide streets, gardens, and parks surrounded by trees. Modern skyscrapers and 19th-century "City" buildings are in nice contrast to one another in the city's center. Additionally, it is highly known.

    Caulfield, 10 kilometers south-east of Melbourne's financial core, is where you'll find the Japanese School of Melbourne. This area is renowned for its tranquil residential neighborhoods and a wealth of natural beauty.

    Dandenong High School - Japanese School Melbourne

    dandenong high school japanese school melbourne


    03 9792 0563

    Dandenong High School was the 24th district government high school when it opened its doors to 104 students in 1919, and it has been a leader in its industry ever since. Even though it started out small, the institution has consistently excelled the competition.

    It was the first secondary school in the market town of Dandenong, which is south-east of the city. In 2009, it started a reconstruction project to transform it into a "super school," with seven new award-winning residence buildings that can accommodate more than 2,000 students.

    Avivo Australia Japanese School

    avivo australia japanese tutors


    0499 999 831

    To deliver individualized and interesting education is the mission of Avivo Australia. We aid students' comprehension of the subject by matching them with tutors that they can connect with and who can convey the information in a straightforward manner.

    Our objective is to create a learning environment of the highest caliber. We are able to do this by listening to what our students have to say and working together with them to meet their own objectives.

    BBI College - Japanese School Melbourne

    bbi college japanese school melbourne


    02 9264 8810

    At BBICollege, your Japanese courses will be designed with your academic goals in mind. While Travel Japanese is an intensive course aimed for your quick preparation for a trip to Japan, General Japanese is geared for broad aims like remaining in Japan for a few months and studying or working there.

    You have the chance to concentrate on the aspects of your language abilities that you believe require the greatest improvement with private Japanese courses. You have a great chance to start learning Japanese with the Japanese Special Beginner course.

    The University of Melbourne - Japanese Studies

    the university of melbourne japanese studies


    03 9035 5523

    Our research helps in the quest for answers to the current and foreseeable social, economic, and environmental issues facing the globe. The close relationships we uphold with the local and global communities in which we work benefit all of our learning, teaching, and research.

    Huntingdale Primary School - Japanese School Melbourne

    huntingdale primary school japanese school


    03 9544 2313

    Due to the phenomenal success of the Japanese Bilingual Language Immersion Education program, our school has developed a strong reputation as a pioneer in the field of bilingual education, both in Australia and abroad.

    Since it is the most natural way for them to acquire a language, studies have shown that early babies learn it most efficiently through immersion.

    International College of Melbourne - Japanese School

    international college of melbourne japanese school 


    03 9662 3343

    The National Vocational Education and Training Authority (NVR) has authorized International College of Melbourne (ICM) as a Registered Training Organization (RTO). Our company provides instruction and evaluation for courses leading to certificates that are nationally recognized.

    We are also permitted to offer occupational education and training to foreign students who are currently enrolled in an Australian educational institution. The major objective of ICM is to provide courses and other learning opportunities that will enable our students to study in a manner that is exhaustive, beneficial, time- and effort-efficient, and to their complete satisfaction.

    JIC Language School Melbourne

    jic language school japanese tutors melbourne


    (03) 9654 5100

    We provide a professional service that will help you better understand people from different cultural backgrounds and expand your linguistic vocabulary.

    Japanese Australia Online Language School

    japanese australia


    0430 103 664

    In 2006, the storage space of a manga cafe served as our first school. A white LACK table, four stools, a whiteboard on unstable wheels, and a textbook closet might all fit in the available space.

    After fifteen years, we are currently situated on the top floor of a structure with eleven classrooms, right in the middle of Melbourne's Central Business District. Students, families, Apple experts, ATO managers, council members, and even a Channel Nine news anchor have all received instruction from us. We know how to effectively engage students from a wide range of cultural and geographic backgrounds.

    iJapanese Language & Culture School Melbourne

    ijapanese tutors melbourne


    0401 886 612

    You will learn from knowledgeable native Japanese instructors at iJapanese who have years of expertise instructing in schools all across Japan and Australia. In 2004, iJapanese was established. No matter what motivated you to learn this language in the first place, we want you to get the greatest enjoyment and benefit possible from each and every one of your courses.

    Our students can learn Japanese in a group setting or through private instruction with a tutor, and the study schedules can even be modified to meet the needs and schedules of each student. When you get in touch with us, just ask about it.

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