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Top 28 Wedding Reception Venues In Yarra Valley [2022]

The wedding reception venue in Yarra Valley is the perfect place to have your dream wedding.

It is a beautiful and romantic setting that will make your special day even more memorable. The venue is a picturesque valley with mountains and rivers, and there are many different options for your ceremony and reception. For example, you can have an outdoor ceremony in the stunning gardens or an indoor ceremony in the elegant ballroom.

Many different options for your reception include a sit-down dinner, buffet, or cocktail party. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary wedding, the Yarra Valley wedding reception venue is the perfect place to celebrate your love.

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    Brighton Savoy Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    brighton savoy wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 9152 2853

    Melbourne, Victoria's Award-Winning Wedding Venues And Receptions

    The recognizable, vibrant, and well-known Bathing Boxes on Middle Brighton Beach are located across the street from The Brighton Savoy. One of Melbourne's top wedding venues is the place to be, offering waterfront and beachfront ceremonies as well as four event areas that can accommodate 30 to 220 guests.

    We have celebrated with many bridal couples over the past 50 years in the wedding industry, and we look forward to sharing your wonderful day with your loved ones, family, and friends.

    You can be sure that you will have access to skilled wedding and event staff who can assist you in planning a special wedding day.

    Highlights Of The Brighton Savoy Wedding Reception Venue

    • Owned and operated by the Lee family for over 50 years.
    • Located 12 km from Melbourne CBD on prestigious Brighton Beach.
    • Hosting your wedding from 30 – 220 guests.
    • Wedding reception and ceremony packages are available
    • Beach ceremonies in conjunction with the City of Bayside
    • Photos opportunities at the world-famous Brighton Bathing Boxes
    • Elegance & contemporary style
    • Free onsite venue parking for guests

    Beach Wedding Venues & Receptions

    Welcome to the world of romantic tales. The Brighton Savoy Hotel & Wedding Reception Venue is tucked away on the sandbar where Melbourne's famed Brighton Beach boxes meet Port Phillip Bay with a view of the Melbourne central business district. With everything you could possibly need close at hand, your wedding celebrations may seamlessly transition from one lovely moment to the next. In the midst of those unmatched surroundings, our team of meticulous specialists performs their magic.

    The Most Popular Beach Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne!

    When it comes to weddings, we're just as dedicated to you and your significant other as you are to one another. With personalized meals and inventive romantic accents, Brighton Savoy is the ideal location for coastal romance. Those who like to explore and find hidden gems while visiting with friends and family will find our charming neighborhood to be a delightful and laid-back meeting place. Any visitors who decide to stay with us will get discounted hotel rates.

    There is no more romantic setting for wedding vows than a backdrop with expansive bay views. Whether it's a small gathering, a sizable canape event, or a sit-down dinner, your day will proceed as you like. An iconic part of Melbourne's scenery and the perfect place for a day by the bay wedding, the Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes are.

    Stones Of The Yarra Valley Wedding Reception Venue

    stones of the yarra valley wedding reception venue

    03 8727 3412

    The Barn and The Stables at Stones, along with a magnificent, rough-rendered Chapel and Dairy nestled behind century-old oak trees, make up Stones of the Yarra Valley. It is situated on one of the most beautiful and historic properties in the Yarra Valley, with unobstructed views of the Great Divide's blue-tinged peaks across vines.

    From every vantage point, there is something absolutely amazing to take in, surrounded by mountains with blue tints, vineyards, and oak trees that are several hundred years old.

    Balgownie Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    balgownie wedding reception venue yarra valley

    +61 3 9730 07452

    A 30-hectare vineyard, lodging, restaurant, cellar door, and spa facility is situated 5 minutes from Yarra Glen hamlet and 1 hour from the Melbourne CBD or Tullamarine Airport. With 70 rooms and suites, it's one of the biggest and most prestigious hotels in the area. A fully self-contained Directors Suite, superbly refurbished deluxe spa suites, and traditional spa suites with one or two bedrooms and private balconies are all options.

    Whether dining indoors or outside on our recently reconstructed deck, Restaurant 1309 at Balgownie provides delicious meals and fresh seasonal local ingredients prepared by Head Chef Beth Candy and Director of Food and Beverage Grant Flack. The knowledgeable Balgownie Wines team will lead a wine tasting in our new Cellar Door or a delightful drink in our new wine and cocktail bar.

    Paynes Rise Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    paynes rise wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 5964 2578

    It is the outcome of many years of dedication, adversity, and zeal on the part of Tim and Narelle Cullen. Paynes Rise aims to create luscious, varietally-driven wines that are fruit-driven and highlight the distinctive characteristics of the vineyard and the brisk upper Yarra environment.

    The very attractive cellar door was constructed inside Thomas Payne's 1860 homestead, which was also his land and was the first settler in Seville. The old house and outbuildings are open for tourists to explore.

    FAQs About Wedding Reception

    The best mangoes speak first, followed by the maid of honour and either spouse's parents (traditionally, the bride's father speaks first, but any parent/host can speak).

    Yes, individuals will ask these types of inside-baseball inquiries, potentially in order to offer feedback on your wedding plans and vendor choices. Of course, you can answer honestly, but be prepared for your friend's or family member's "useful input." "Oh, we're looking at a lot of the modern/rustic/ballroom/country club wedding venues in the region," you can remark if you don't want to divulge every tiny detail about your planning process.

    If you've already generated your seating chart, we don't advocate assigning tables to your guests ahead of time. Your guest may request a table change if they don't like where they've been seated. Instead, say something vague like, "We're still working on it!" On the other hand, if you're planning your wedding reception tables based on coronavirus safety precautions and seating guests with their families, it's perfectly acceptable (and a good idea!) to inform your guests about their table grouping ahead of time to avoid any confusion. 

    The bride's mother (or hostess) traditionally meets the guests with a handshake or kiss and a few words. The bride and groom, in turn, express their gratitude to the guests and make any necessary — and brief — introductions to the others in the line. Instead, stop by each table during the first course to welcome your guests during the reception. Make sure you leave enough time to eat.

    Then, make a brief speech thanking guests for attending and recognising vendors and parents (or anyone else who helped plan and pay for the celebration).

    The Yarra Valley is a calm hideaway located less than an hour from Melbourne's hectic CBD, with breathtaking landscapes, attractive hilltop villages, and many romantic venues ready to host your wedding celebration. Furthermore, the Yarra Valley, one of the world's finest wine areas, will pamper you and your guests with some of its native vintages.

    Oakridge Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    oakridge wedding reception venue yarra valley


    Since its establishment in 1978, Oakridge has grown to become a highly regarded wine producer and a must-see Yarra Valley attraction.

    Oakridge is recognized for creating outstanding single-vineyard wines that perfectly express the peculiar terroir of the upper Yarra Valley wine-growing region. Chief Winemaker David Bicknell, who was also crowned Gourmet Traveller WINE Winemaker of the Year for 2017, is in charge of the winery's personnel.

    Riverstone Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    riverstone estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 5962 3978

    The Riverstone Estate is a 75-acre estate located on the Yarra River in the famous Yarra Valley wine region near Melbourne. The Riverstone Estate, which builds on the region's heritage and reputation, is renowned for creating excellent cuisine and wine with breathtaking 360-degree vistas.

    The property's centerpiece is a traditional fairytale house and event area made of Bluestone and 100-year-old Oregon lumber reclaimed from the Newmarket auction yards. The first vines were planted in the vineyard in December of 1995, the same year it was established. Small quantities of wine and supplies for surrounding restaurants were shipped to China and Japan starting in 1999. The Riverstone Estate is still producing top-notch wine and is always happy to welcome guests. Come

    Marybrooke Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    marybrooke wedding reception venue yarra valley


    Wedding ceremonies and receptions, functions, and conferences can all be held at the spectacular National Trust listed reception center and guest house. When Marybrooke was first constructed in 1940, it was the finest of a chain of six guesthouses with the prefix "Mary" that Eric Dowdle had created and constructed between 1927 and 1940. Marybrooke is recognized as a property with social, historical, and architectural significance. The older Grendon Inn, which burned down in the 1930s, was where it was built.

    Major renovations have recently been made to the building in an effort to bring back its former elegance and charm. Twenty opulent four-star rooms, PJ's Restaurant, a restaurant and bar, four event spaces, and a location for indoor wedding ceremonies are all available at Marybrooke.

    Gum Gully Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    gum gully wedding reception venue yarra valley

    0418 102 751

    In an effort to resuscitate and restore its former elegance and charm, the building recently underwent significant restorations. Marybrooke offers 20 opulent four-star suites, four event rooms, PJ's Restaurant, a restaurant and bar, and a location for indoor wedding ceremonies.

    Gum Gully Farm is ideal for any event, with two huge open fires to keep you warm and toasty in the winter and air conditioning to increase comfort on a hot summer day.

    Zonzo Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    zonzo wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 9730 2853

    Every day, there is a ceremony and a reception for those who want to take a tour of the entire site. Every day of the week, a wedding and a luncheon are held for anyone who want to visit the entire estate.

    The product that our consumers enjoy the best.

    Chateau Yering Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    chateau yering wedding reception venue yarra valley

    +61 3 9237 3452

    Thanks to its breathtaking views of the Yarra Ranges, Chateau Yering has captured the hearts of numerous tourists. When you encounter this stunning motel, it feels as though you have entered another universe. Elegant but not difficult.

    Chateau Yering has been welcoming couples and grooms beginning a lifetime journey for the past 25 years. The Chateau Yering Hotel is located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria's oldest wine region, on 250 acres of private land.

    The location is now ideal for modern wedding styles that uphold long-standing rituals and traditions and are acknowledged as essential elements of your wedding. It can hold 20 to 120 people.

    Zinc At Federation Square Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    zinc at federation square wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 9730 4125

    We are aware of how important it is to organize a wedding that you will cherish forever. We take considerable care to ensure that your event is organized and carried out flawlessly. Our crew is dedicated about making your wedding day come to life and making sure it reflects your character, preferences, and sense of style.

    If you want to host your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place, Zinc's all-weather alfresco terrace is a fantastic choice. The spacious deck is the perfect place for private outdoor ceremonies in all weather because it is shaded by lovely elm trees and has a transparent ceiling. Say your vows in front of your loved ones with the Yarra River and Melbourne's downtown skyline as a stunning backdrop.

    Fergusson Winery Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    fergusson winery wedding reception venue yarra valley

    03 5965 7896

    In a region with 50 wineries and 110 vineyards, 20 acres of harvesting area are hidden by rows of trees where our vines are full of character. Two brothers planted the first crop in 1968. They converted it into a house.

    They mounted the family crest on the farmhouse's wall, and their namesake, Fergusson, was given ownership of the land.

    The vineyard witnessed the first commercial vintage, the opening of a joint dining establishment, and the birth of their offspring, who along with their mother would subsequently assume custody of the property. Then, in the 1989 fire, the estate was completely destroyed, bringing an era to an end. The vines suffered no harm. Every conclusion signals the beginning of a fresh day. The

    Pietro Gallus Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    pietro gallus estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 9844 1236

    Some visions need to come to fruition, just like John and Anna's plan for the Pietro Gallus Estate. Pietro Gallus is the outcome of the couple's shared love of fresh seasonal produce, exquisite cuisine, and the art of grappa distillation.

    The "paddock to plate" philosophy of John and Anna, which encompasses a lovely estate, combines traditional know-how with contemporary techniques to produce excellent cuisine, goods, and a dining experience that is as unique as the estate itself. Learn about the past and present of Pietro Gallus Estate.

    SkyHigh Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    skyhigh wedding reception venue yarra valley

    03 9751 4158

    SkyHigh is one of Victoria's best tourist destinations, located less than an hour from Melbourne CBD on the uppermost reaches of the Dandenong Ranges, surrounded by cool ferny glades and lush towering native trees. Visitors can enjoy the stunning views of Melbourne's skyline at any time of day or night.

    Our famed SkyHigh restaurant is open every day of the week from 10.15 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (last orders at 4 p.m.). With the exception of Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Christmas Day, the bistro lunch menu is available daily from 11 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (last orders at 4 p.m.) (no bookings required).

    Olinda Tea House Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    olinda tea house wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 9751 1265

    One of the most beautiful and distinctive wedding locations is the Yarra Valley. Lovely accommodations and gardens. The Strathaven Guesthouse is an excellent choice for a private wedding location. It can accommodate little inside boutique weddings as well as sizable garden ceremonies under tents or outdoor parties. A outdoor wedding can have up to 200 attendees. There is seating for 50 guests at the indoor wedding reception.

    We at Strathvea work hard to provide the perfect wedding environment. We don't impose time restrictions on you like other places do, so you may take it easy and enjoy your special day. With our 1- or 2-night Accommodation and Wedding Ceremony packages, the engaged couple, their loved ones, and friends may unwind in each other's company and enjoy the ceremony without any stress. All overnight visitors receive a complimentary breakfast.

    Yarra Valley Estate Wedding Reception Venue

    yarra valley estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    +61 (0)3 5965 4583

    In 1983, John and Louise Ward established a deer farm before building what is today known as the Yarra Valley Estate (YVCC), a conference center. The building was to be converted into a dedicated function space for conferences and gatherings in the long run.

    We want to leave the environment in better shape than when we found it, for future generations, by placing sustainability at the centre of every choice - Louise Ward. Our location offers a welcome and pleasant vibe that lets guests feel at ease.

    Tatra Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    tatra wedding reception venue yarra valley

    03 9751 1258

    One of Melbourne's finest venues for wedding receptions is Tatra Receptions. About an hour from Melbourne's central business district, Tatra Receptions is the ideal wedding location. It is situated among 10 acres of mature gardens and offers breathtaking views of the Dandenong Ranges forest.


    Our on-site wedding ceremony locations are close to our ballroom. For their wedding ceremony, couples can choose from our quaint timber chapel, wrought iron cupola, or gazebo. Views of our surroundings are magnificent from our large ballroom. For your wedding reception, our ballroom is exquisitely furnished with chandelier lighting, a bar, a dance floor, and a charming fireplace. We have space for 80 to 250 individuals.


    Tatra Receptions' vibrant gardens and selection of outdoor ceremony locations are perfect for garden weddings. Our hand-crafted wrought iron dome is surrounded by lush gardens and untamed vegetation. Many couples prefer to exchange vows beneath our gorgeous dome with the natural beauty of the Dandenong Ranges in the background. Our large gazebo, which is located in our gorgeous gardens, is a perfect place for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

    Elopevy Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    elopevy wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 9747 2885

    For nearly five years, we have been presenting one-of-a-kind, small-scale weddings in Victoria (and beyond), long before they were trendy. It doesn't matter how you get married; it will be unforgettable.

    By choosing an intimate wedding, you can sidestep the expectations of what a normal wedding should be and instead enjoy the occasion you genuinely want.

    Bianchet Yarra Valley Wedding Reception Venue

    bianchet yarra valley wedding reception venue

    03 8288 1874

    With style, elope. Elope in YarraValley (or beyond). We have performed over 300 elopements and small weddings, so we know how to make yours genuinely unique. We have been offering distinctive, private weddings in Victoria (and beyond) for close to five years, long before they were popular. Regardless of how you marry, it will be special. With an intimate wedding, you can ignore convention and have the wedding of your dreams without having to follow any rules.

    Sutherland Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    sutherland estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    0402 052 6523

    Wine tastings, sales, weddings, conferences, private parties, and overnight accommodations are all accessible at the stunning cellar entrance.

    A sit-down dinner for up to 100 people or a cocktail party for up to 160 people can be held in the splendid, well-lit subterranean entrance. Additionally, we've hosted wonderful weddings for bigger parties in our garden using a separate marquee.

    Flowerdale Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    flowerdale estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    03 5784 97852

    Your visitors will be enthralled by this region of Victoria's countryside's beauty. A delicious supper cooked by our Michelin-starred chef will round out your perfect day, along with our architecturally stunning pavilion, rich green lawns, and blossoming flowers. Jonathan Alston is a skilled chef. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable wedding crew makes sure that everything goes perfectly. Let's fall in love, then, together.

    Is it your dream to exchange vows at a country sunset with a 40-glass champagne tower, a breathtaking garden wedding in a rural idyll, or a romantic wedding surrounded by rolling hills? Your ideal wedding might include a lakeside ceremony beneath a rustic arbor, a quiet declaration of love next to a bubbling brook, a laid-back exchange on well manicured grounds, followed by barefoot bocce and an estate BBQ.

    Tokar Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    tokar estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    +61 3 5964 45236

    We kindly extend an invitation to you to join the Tokar family and enjoy our fine cuisine and wine.

    An amazing setting, genuine cuisine, prize-winning wines, and traditional hospitality. The Tokar Estate family is available to help you organize the ideal event. Please don't hesitate to contact us to explore how we can tailor a package to your exact needs.

    Elmswood Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    elmswood estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 7036 7821

    Seville, in the upper Yarra Valley, is home to the Elmswood Estate vineyard, which is renowned for producing exquisite, flavorful wines.

    It is situated in the center of the Yarra Valley and is a highly sought-after location for weddings as well as private and professional events. Our expansive wedding and events venue, The Pavillion, has floor to ceiling windows made entirely of glass that welcome you to our expansive terrace area with views of the vines, rolling hills, and mountains.

    Wild Cattle Creek Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    wild cattle creek estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    03 5964 9632

    With events ranging from outdoor picnics among the trees to a 5-course degustation with all the trimmings, you can have a modest, private wedding amidst the grapes. You come up with it, and we'll make it a reality. We recognize that this is a special day for you and your spouse, so we plan a Yarra Valley wedding that will be one-of-a-kind and memorable for you, your family, and your friends.

    You can exchange vows at Wild Cattle Creek Estate in a number of locations, such as on the deck gazing over the vines, behind the gum trees by the Lotus pond, or by our purpose-built pavilion. Then, before you leave, you can take pictures of the grounds.

    Alowyn Gardens Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    alowyn gardens wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 9730 8753

    Alwyn Garden, which spans a 4 acre area, is built around strong symmetrical lines that are softened by the spaces and the beauty of the trees. There are several distinct zones within the gardens, including a perennial border that is intended to be colorful from Spring to Autumn, a silver birch forest, a sizable culinary garden, a parterre garden, and other display gardens.

    A series of smaller courtyards and showcase gardens are accessible from the formal parterre garden, which is built in the manner of the 17th century. All of these places are connected by a 100m long archway draped in wisteria and roses, with a sunken garden as its center and a classical fountain as its focal point.

    Wandin Park Estate Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    wandin park estate wedding reception venue yarra valley

    0438 772 861

    William Anker left the tiny Swiss town of Ins in the canton of Bern in 1861 in search of a better life in Australia. The Yarra Valley is well known for its beautiful rolling hills and productive agricultural terrain, much like Gruyere's Swiss town. The Anker family began a winery in 1869 before moving on to agriculture and then equestrian activities following World War II. John and Angela Anker's Wandin Park Estate has undergone numerous changes.

    Swallowfield Vineyards Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley

    swallowfield vineyards wedding reception venue yarra valley

    (03) 5968 2165

    Swallowfield is the perfect location for your wedding or special celebration, just over an hour's drive from Melbourne's central business district. Please get in contact with us if you'd like to organize a property visit and discuss your event.

    Think about a lovely, exclusive, and exclusive garden wedding, followed by a personalized party at our boutique vineyard. The unique benefit of having your wedding ceremony, photos, and reception all in one place at Swallowfield is available to you. On our property, there are a number of truly breath-taking photographic opportunities that must be seen to be believed.

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