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Top 30 Wedding DJs & MCs In Sydney [2022]

Do you want everything to be flawless during your wedding? To ensure that your wedding is a success, you must choose the greatest wedding DJ and MC in Sydney.

It can be difficult to know where to begin, but we're here to assist you. We've compiled a list of some of Sydney's greatest DJs and MCs so you can find the perfect fit for your big day.

We have you covered, whether you need someone to keep the party going all night or someone to handle all of the logistics. So, what do you have to miss? Begin browsing!

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    Event DJ - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    event dj

    (02) 8079 6990

    We take pride in offering the greatest audio, lighting, and photo booth services for weddings, parties, and other events.

    We work with local musicians like jazz musicians, acoustic guitarists, harpists, singers, and live bands in addition to our professional DJ and picture booth services to offer a one-stop-shop for party entertainment.

    DJ Kosta - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    dj kosta

    0413 742 004

    Making ensuring that the attendees have a great time is the main objective of all the events. To provide you with the whole entertainment package, we combined our expertise as experienced Greek singers and DJs.

    The only goal of all events is to make sure that the guests have a great time. We pooled our skills as DJs and talented Greek singers to provide you the best entertainment experience imaginable.

    Mobydisc - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney


    1800 100 606

    Planning the music for a party or wedding reception has never been simpler when a Mobydisc DJ is present.

    Wedding Dj & Mc FAQs

    Being a wedding DJ isn't just about playing music. Wedding DJs are typically asked to also MC the wedding. The MC (also called the “emcee”) makes any important announcements throughout the night, such as events about to happen, instructions for the guests, and anything that directs the flow of the night.

    The wedding emcee is like the host of the wedding. They are not getting married, nor have they organised or paid for the event. Instead, they are given the job of keeping the day running on time and ensuring that everyone is having a good time.

    DJ vs MC. The main difference between DJ and MC is that the DJ is responsible for playing music while the MC is responsible for making announcements and communicating with the audience. Both the job roles work towards entertaining the audience.

    Cost To Hire An Emcee

    An emcee to guide your guests from ceremony to reception will cost $2,300. Virtual event emcee rates start at $1000 per hour and will require a virtual production team. If you decide to hire a separate wedding emcee and a wedding DJ, your emcee should still understand wedding music.

    A Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee) plays a crucial role in the success of any corporate event. The Master of Ceremonies helps to represent the conference or event as a whole while keeping the show on schedule and keeping the audience engaged.

    NBD&E - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney


    (02) 8015 5092

    Extended Service

    Our aim is to go beyond. To make sure we comprehend your needs and that the night is successful, we will provide you with a free consultation. We have a DJ, a photographer, and a guitarist available round-the-clock.


    You can feel comfortable knowing that we will take care of every aspect because we have more than seven years of expertise with weddings, corporate events, and celebrations.

    Lily Road - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    lily road

    0401 594 986

    The Lily Road Band, a carefully chosen musical ensemble, performs at weddings, festivals, and other personal and professional occasions all around Australia. The Lily Road Band, one of Australia's BEST wedding bands, is made up of a variety of musicians and DJs. We take pride in providing excellent wedding entertainment that includes both charming acoustic music and thrilling live performances by skilled professionals.

    Tiger Boy Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    tiger boy entertainment

    0424 135 858

    Tiger Boy Entertainment was founded in Lebanon more than 18 years ago by DJ Tiger Boy, who is also known as Bernard Hobeich. They have achieved international success in Australia and Lebanon with partner and brother Joseph Hobeich spinning the turntables in both nations. The business is still thriving today.

    Our Experience

    We got the best reaction in Sydney. We provide a wide range of services for every occasion that incorporate music and cultures from different countries.

    Pro DJs Australia - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    pro dj australia

    0419 332 022

    Our team will take the stress out of your planning and will work with you at every stage to ensure that you and your guests have an excellent entertainment experience filled with enthusiasm and a fun-filled environment.

    Star DJ Hire - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    star dj hire

    1300 30 49 40

    We are Australia's top DJ hire and entertainment company, with our corporate office in Sydney. To date, we have played at more than 6000 weddings, engagement parties, corporate events, parties, and school formals. On the left, you can see one of our team meetings when we talk about how to rock your night.

    We are the leading DJ entertainment and hire company in Australia, with our corporate headquarters in Sydney. We have performed at more than 6000 weddings, engagement parties, business gatherings, celebrations, and formal school functions to date! You can see our team meeting, where we talk about how to rock your night, on the left.

    BJ Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    bj entertainment

    0423 285 109

    We have been providing DJ and MC services to weddings, parties, and corporate events all across Sydney for the past 12 years. To deliver the best music and MC experience at every event, we started with conventional DJ decks and later upgraded to cutting-edge technology.

    Best Dj Hire - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    best dj hire

    +61 (0) 420 671 491

    Each DJ has been trained to employ engaging techniques and a wide range of musical knowledge to pique your guests' interest in your event. Due to their keen sense of timing and courteous and professional demeanor, our DJs have won over the hearts of the public.

    We have been giving customers all over the world the highest caliber DJ and entertainment services since 2008. We offer a customized playlist to make your wedding distinctive, catering to all ages and musical preferences.

    You can get assistance from Osmic Productions DJ Hire in setting the right mood for your special occasion. Worldwide event, artist, and DJ booking agency Osmic Productions. hiring the best DJ. Our production crew currently operates out of Gold Coast, Australia, and serves a worldwide clientele.

    Celebrate Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    celebrate entertainment

    1800 453 933

    We make sure that we have the ideal entertainment package for you, regardless of the size or complexity of your wedding. We specialize in professional wedding DJ rentals and bring our professionalism and enthusiasm for providing the best entertainment experience to the table.

    As soon as you make a reservation with Celebrate Entertainment for your special event, you'll know you've made the right choice. All of our DJs have at least 10 years of expertise, and they all behaved extremely professionally during the event's sound and AV setup.

    Party DJ Hire Sydney - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    party dj hire sydney


    In order to improve your event, we can also offer photo booths! We offer the best Sydney vacation packages. On our Packages Page, select the ideal bundle for you. We can also put you in touch with the best caterers, MCs, live performers, and much more

    In order to improve your event, we can also offer photo booths! We offer the best Sydney vacation packages. On our Packages Page, select the ideal bundle for you. Additionally, we can put you in touch with the best caterers, MCs, live performers, etc.

    DJ Plus - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    dj plus

    0411 529 255

    DJ: Also! The highest quality of customer service is another thing that entertainment takes great pleasure in, making it ideal for the discerning client seeking a wedding or vow renewal celebration that is particularly intimate, classy, distinctive, easy-going, and thrilling.

    The highest quality of customer service is another thing that entertainment takes great pleasure in, making it ideal for the discerning client seeking a wedding or vow renewal celebration that is particularly intimate, classy, distinctive, easy-going, and thrilling.

    Exclusive Wedding DJ's - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    exclusive wedding dj's

    (02) 8205 9641

    Wedding DJs Only We specialize in weddings and are proud of each one. Exclusive Wedding DJs® stands out from other service providers in the market thanks to our emphasis on and experience with weddings.

    The most crucial component of their celebrations for the most important day of their lives was handled by Wedding DJ Hire Sydney, a company that is trusted by Australia's wealthy couples.

    Wedding Dj Hire - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    wedding dj hire

    0466 066 660

    Wedding DJ Services Spreading joy via sound We take great pride in the outstanding reputation we've built over the past 10+ years in the wedding entertainment business as being knowledgeable and dependable. You may relax knowing you are in capable hands.

    Jjk Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    jjk entertainment


    It's important to us to go above and above for our customers in terms of service. By being punctual, dressing appropriately, and helping you with your Wedding, Engagement, Birthday Party, and other events. We'll also help you choose music and make sure the dance floor is always hopping.

    We've worked with some of the greatest names in entertainment and have a lot of expertise. To put it another way, your event is in capable hands. To put it another way, your event is in capable hands. We take delight in the positive feedback we've had from our customers and everyone that comes to each event.

    Impression DJs - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    impression dj's

    1300 975 972

    The most award-winning DJ company in Sydney is Impression DJs, which has won the coveted ABIA Award for best DJ Hire Company in NSW nine times and advanced to the finals of the National Designer of Dreams Award.

    We have received the Sydney Brides Choice Award for exceeding expectations in service. You can be confident that you are working with the most seasoned, qualified, and dependable DJ in the industry since these awards demonstrate our dedication to providing excellent service and entertainment.

    Evoke Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    evoke entertainment

    02 9580 1462

    Premium wedding bands and corporate entertainment share many traits with a successful athletic, sales, or even marketing team. There is no doubting that a winning team works closely together throughout sessions, plays consistently throughout the week, and achieves set objectives.

    All facets of Evoke Entertainment, including our performances, production, and customer service, are infused with this idea. Because we are dedicated to quality, we continually go above and above for our customers.

    Sydney Wedding Dj’s - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    sydney wedding dj's

    0411 651 331

    Sydney DJs like what we do very much. We take great pride in offering the highest caliber of service and exert a lot of effort to design the right entertainment package for each event that will provide clients and attendees a special experience!

    Our team will make sure that every effort is made to cater to your needs and event. A one-on-one meeting is included in every wedding package to get to know the bride and groom and their plans better and to make sure they have full control over the wedding entertainment.

    Sound Express - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    sound express

    02 9802 5444

    We are a group of energetic, youthful entrepreneurs who like social gatherings and entertainment. Our objective is to provide suppliers and customers with unsurpassed service.

    Among our signature services are wedding MCs and professional DJs. Since we believe that music and entertainment are key elements of any event, our company now offers hundreds of different event entertainment-related services to complement them.

    Musiq Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    musiq entertainment

    0412 024 012

    Rupert Velasco, the company's creator, DJ'd his first event—a friend's 16th birthday party—in 1996 using only the most fundamental equipment he was familiar with. He desired to repeatedly experience the feeling he had when he had chosen the ideal song.

    Red Soda - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    red soda

    (02) 8006 2234

    You’re in the right place.

    You want the music during your wedding to rekindle your love for each other. Additionally, you want the music for the reception to cause your guests to embrace one another and raise their arms in the air as they dance the night away on the dance floor.

    What we do is that. We work with you every step of the way to choose the right songs to produce the perfect live music for your wedding.

    Disc Jockey - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    disc jockey


    We make sure that our service and performance meet or exceed the expectations of our clients as a minimum objective. As a result, we now rank among Sydney's top DJ services and consistently receive five-star ratings from clients.

    We follow up on every detail, regardless of how big or little, informal or formal, the event is. To guarantee that their needs are met on the day of the event, we interact with our clients frequently.

    Greek Entertainment - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    greek entertainment

    0404 235 783

    Greek Entertainment can offer customers "same day" availability and quotes on performers who are appearing in Australia and other countries right now. Greek Entertainment may provide a tailored entertainment program that may include recording artists, bouzouki performances, bands, M.C.s, D.J.s, and novelty acts, depending on the event, the client's needs, and the venue.

    Ministry of DJs - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    ministry of djs

    0401 270 183

    The Ministry of DJs is pleased to offer skilled, amiable, and educated disc jockeys who can read a crowd and get the party going. The DJs and musicians in our Ministry are all well-respected, accomplished authorities in their industries. We appreciate enhancing the special nature of your wedding or other event.

    Marriage Celebrant DJ & MC - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    marriage celebrant dj & mc

    0499 093 476

    constructing exciting, modern, and diverse wedding experiences for modern couples. a DJ, MC, and LGBT+ celebrant with an extensive resume of honors.

    Silent Shout - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    silent shout

    0455 434 222

    Silent Shout is a wedding entertainment company that goes above and beyond the norm. To assist couples find their mood, we employ music!

    Furthermore, your guests will feel as if they are severing a limb if they attempt to leave the dance floor. Sweating and tired muscles are a little price to pay for having so much fun.

    SOHO - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney


    0421 577 493

    In honor of the best night ever. DJ | East Coast of Australia. This is the most fun you'll ever have on a dance floor. The number of times SOHO has performed is over 300.

    Orange DJs - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    orange djs


    With the help of Chris Rawlins, a seasoned club DJ with more than 15 years of experience behind the turntables, you can bring the necessary skills to your wedding and provide a first-rate party experience.We are a well-known provider of event entertainment with an emphasis on weddings in New South Wales' Central West and Orange region. Hire a party instead of just a DJ.

    Luv Djs - Wedding Dj & Mc Sydney

    luv djs


    We are a bunch of skilled and enthusiastic DJs that will work with you to make sure the music at your wedding or event is top-notch. We're here to provide the ideal music for the occasion so that your big day goes off without a hitch.

    Your night will be unforgettable thanks to LUV DJ's personalized and expert musical experience! Our services can be used for every event, from celebrations and weddings to private and professional gatherings.

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