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Top 10 Photocopier Rent & Lease in Perth [2022]

A photocopier is an integral part of any office or working environment, but they're an expensive kit with a lot of required upkeep.

However, we've got some great news for any startup business needing a photocopier. When it comes to finding the perfect copier for your business, you don't have to make a hefty outright investment. You can lease your dream machine instead!

Leasing a photocopier is a more affordable, less concrete option that allows you to make monthly payments to hire a photocopier. This frees up cash flow and gives you budget-friendly access to the best-of tech. And, what with more than 80% of businesses choosing to lease their copiers, it's the popular choice for multiple reasons.

Here are the Top Photocopier Rent & Lease in Perth.

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    Ultimate List of Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    Abacus Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    abacus photocopiers

    1300 552 424

    For trustworthy and dependable office printing, we have just the service for you.

    In 1981, Abacus was founded to meet a niche market demand for office supplies tailored to the needs of micro- and small businesses. Abacus started out as a small company in Western Australia, but it has since expanded to become the largest privately owned technology company in the state. Abacus is proud to say that it is wholly owned and operated by Australians.

    Managed Print Service Company

    The Australian company Abacus Photocopiers offers specialised managed print services for SMEs.

    We have helped thousands of business owners across many different industries, including real estate, education, and professional services, gain control of their office printing needs.

    Our managed print service agreement incorporates hardware, supplies, maintenance, and management of vehicles to guarantee optimal use of your print solutions. You can modify your monthly volumes and/or add apparatus as needed for your company's operations.

    Abacus Rent It - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    abacus rent it

    0438 944 231 | 1300 55 24 24

    Our specialists go above and beyond to ensure the quality of your rental equipment. Our computer equipment can be tailored to your specifications and has unmatched support and replacement policies. Our Quality Assurance Policy assures that your equipment arrives on schedule and is properly set up. From the minute you call until the last pickup, Abacus Rent IT strives for client satisfaction. 

    Abacus Rent IT is an Australian-owned and -operated computer rental and audio visual hire firm with fast delivery from locations in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

    Hire Intelligence - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    hire intelligence photocopier rent & lease

    1300 655 552

    In this case, our printer rental service might be helpful. For your needs, Hire Intelligence provides the best printers. If your company needs it, we can also supply equipment with features like multifunction photocopiers. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your printer rental needs with one of our experts or to get a free quote right away.

    CDM Australia - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    cdm australia photocopier rent & lease

    0892 024 444

    CDM Australia is one of the major privately-owned business systems businesses in the country, with operations spread out over the whole country.

    With five market divisions and a wide range of ICT services available, CDM Australia caters to both big and small businesses. With more than 25 years of experience providing communication technology solutions to Telstra customers, CDM is a Telstra premium business and enterprise partner.

    Digital Document Solutions - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    digital document solutions photocopier rent & lease perth

    0893 284 609

    In our capacity as a Kyocera Premium Authorized Dealer in Perth, we also provide the whole line of industrial-grade TASKalfa full color and mono multifunction systems and ECOSYS multifunction and single-function printers. We offer repairs for Kyocera printers in addition to sales, rentals, leases, and hire services, among other things.

    We are aware of the importance of printing to your company's operations and how crucially important print quality is to communicating your brand's standards and preventing communications failure due to poor printing. Our group of factory-trained experts is available to help your company with machine maintenance, services, and repairs. For professional Kyocera printer service and assistance, get in touch with us right away.

    FAQs About Photocopier

    In a photocopier, the light-induced conductivity of the drum is exploited to create a latent image in the form of electrical charges on the surface of the drum. This image is made visible and transferred to paper using a special, charged toner.

    Laser printer

    The correct answer is Laser printer. Key PointsLaser printer; Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process. It produces high-quality text and graphics (and moderate-quality photographs) by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth over a negatively charged.

    True full-process colour copiers use just four colours of ink, called toner, to produce thousands of colours. These copiers blend magenta, cyan, yellow, and black ink in colour xerography. In 1978, Xerox released the 6500, the world's first colour copier printed in single, alternate colours.

    The photoreceptor drum (or, in some photocopiers, belt) is the system's heart. A drum is a metal roller covered by a photoconductive material layer. This layer is made out of a semiconductor such as selenium, germanium or silicon.

    Output. Business-grade copiers, the most common floor-standing models, are designed to produce 1,000 copies per month at the low end. High-end machines can handle up to 50,000 copies monthly.

    Copyworld - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    copyworld photocopier rent & lease

    0863 648 809

    In addition to connecting you with the newest technology available, Copyworld's expert technicians are also able to offer prompt, dependable, and thorough service. For Toshiba photocopiers, multi-function devices (MFDs), and facsimiles, Copyworld is the sole dealer. In order to manage your whole IT network, Copyworld also collaborates with Microsoft and other tech organizations.

    Kyocera Printers - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    kyocera photocopier rent & lease

    0892 024 498

    Get in touch or browse the selection to learn more about the excellent offer of free installation and delivery for our whole product line.

    Kyocera selected CDM's industry-leading service to complement their cutting-edge photocopier technology because of our extensive history and established reputation. Our client retention rate demonstrates that we pay attention to what our clients have to say and offer trustworthy guidance on the best technology for all of your corporate document needs. Join us to experience a genuine service and technology relationship.

    PrintCom - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    printcom photocopier rent & lease

    0862 705 509

    Our professionally trained and experienced staff has a combined 60 years of experience in the computer and printer industry, which enables us to offer our valued customers high-quality customer service.

    Our expertly skilled and knowledgeable personnel can offer a comprehensive service, from consultation to full supply, installation, and repair. They have extensive experience in the computer and printer industries. Numerous consumers who have been with us from the beginning have expressed great satisfaction with the services we offer and have found us to be dependable, trustworthy, and extremely price competitive.

    Global Document Solutions - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    global document solutions photocopier rent & lease

    0861 025 525

    We at Global Document Solutions are a team of highly qualified industry professionals with decades of experience speaking on behalf of different printer manufacturers. Many of the biggest manufacturers of office equipment and printers in the world completely support us.

    We are confident that our print and IT knowledge will enable you to accomplish your business objectives more quickly, and because to our national presence, we can assist you wherever you are in Australia. Call us right now whether you have 5 employees or 5,000! You will gain more knowledge to make the best print and document management decision for your company during our exclusive consulting process.

    Our Kloud - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    our kloud photocopier rent & lease

    1300 700 928

    Innovative technology solutions are offered by Our Kloud to large businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Sydney-based corporate headquarters and four significant regional offices. Our Kloud has grown into a comprehensive provider of IT Services, Cloud Services, Data Networks, and Voice Solutions.

    We provide our customers with a distinctive, individualized approach in a single source: OurKloud—thanks to recent acquisitions as well as organic growth.

    At Our Kloud, we rely on the technological know-how of a network of experts and technicians who are dedicated to providing prompt, adaptable assistance for any workplace issue you may be experiencing. We promise on-time delivery, timely replies, and exceptional customer service.

    Coastal Business Equipment - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    coastal business equipment photocopier rent & lease

    0423 652 064

    We sell and offer support for Kyocera multifunction laser printers, photocopiers, scanners, and other office equipment. The largest authorized single provider of Kyocera office equipment, Coastal Business Equipment is situated south of the Perth CBD and serves the regions of Joondalup and Bunbury.

    For the most adaptability and flexibility to meet your printing, copying, and document handling needs, our knowledgeable experts will find the most recent digital equipment solutions.

    Key Imaging Solutions - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    key imaging solutions photocopier rent & lease

    0412 240 435

    Key Imaging Solutions is committed to making your workday more efficient. Printers, photocopiers, and multifunction devices are available for rental in Perth. Thanks to our print management services, you can stop worrying about consumables and repairs. The only thing you need to provide is the paper.

    Key Imaging Solutions is committed to offering a straightforward and economical solution. Your printing, scanning, copying, and faxing requirements are met by this amazing multifunctional machine, which also makes office communication and presentation simpler than ever. We provide you with dependability, simplicity, and quality by working with Konica Minolta, the first company to win Buyers Lab Inc. for a record-breaking fourth time.

    Comparison Advantage - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    comparison advantage photocopier rent & lease

    1300 549 227

    Our history speaks for itself. Over 20,000 Australian businesses, including some well-known brands, have benefited from our assistance since 2017. We have assisted a wide range of organizations, from start-ups and small enterprises to multinational corporations, the government, and nonprofits.

    Your bottom line won't be dissatisfied thanks to our platform's typical savings of 20–40% on office equipment purchases including photocopiers, phone systems, business energy, business waste, IT and workflow software, among other things. We are experts in business partners and Australia's top information resource for B2B marketplaces. By connecting you directly with reliable and trustworthy companies and suppliers, Comparison Advantage enables you to compare the best products and services to meet your company's needs. This helps your business make better educated decisions.

    Metro Copiers - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    metrocopiers photocopier rent & lease

    We provide you a state-of-the-art copier with simple-to-understand options, plans, and upfront pricing. You receive a monthly service with a set price that includes toner and 2-4 hours of on-site engineer help!

    Your brand-new printer communicates with us and lets us know when consumables are needed; we then ship them to you. As if that weren't enough, we also plant trees on your behalf for each machine we sell in addition to only selling the greenest machines available.

    Absolute Office Centre - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    absolute office centre

    1300 728 668

    You might want to look over those sites first if you have a specific need for office supplies, AV supplies, or office furniture that you want to rent or hire. There are also prices and product pictures displayed.

    Toner Print - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    toner print photocopier rent & lease

    0861 508 027

    We at Toner Print like getting to know our customers and their companies. Because we are aware that creating a great business requires more than just making money online and being popular on social media. It involves looking out for individuals who rely on you and your offering to fulfill your promises.

    Having access to a live person to speak with when things don't go as expected. We deliver on our promises thanks to excellent employees and intelligent technology, allowing you to start, print, and unwind. Toner Print is a young, energetic firm with a specific goal in mind: to provide our clients with cutting-edge, reasonably priced business solutions.

    Mitronics Office Technology - Photocopier Rent & Lease Perth

    mitronics copiers photocopier rent & lease

    0130 020 7123

    A brand autonomous Australian-owned company, Mitronics is committed to boosting Australian Businesses of all sizes. You have access to the largest selection of well-known hardware, software, and technology brands in the world. We promise to offer your business the best recommendations, the lowest costs for leasing or outright purchases, and the highest caliber after-sales support.

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