20+ Best Branding Agencies Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Either way, finding the right branding agency can be a daunting task. But don't worry, we're here to help! We've compiled a list of the best branding agencies Melbourne offers.

So whether you're based in Victoria or anywhere else in Australia, these agencies should be able to help you create an amazing brand that will represent your business well. Happy hunting!

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    Ultimate List Of Branding Agencies Melbourne, Victoria

    Hunter Branding Agency Melbourne



    Us. You. This

    Since Hunter's founding in 2010, we have contributed to the creation of wealth for our clients worth more than $1 billion. Startups, scale-ups, and larger businesses in need of a reboot have all been a part of it. Our goal is to assist you in improving your brand.

    A World Of Disruption

    We live in a disruptive world. As everything changes, major companies stand to lose the most. They were created for a world that no longer exists because their business models are primarily focused on increasing shareholder wealth. Therefore, for them, the topic of generating social or environmental riches is unpleasant.

    Cost Cutting, Not Innovation

    We observe increasing integrity of restructures, mergers, and acquisitions to stay relevant and decrease costs to return unachievable year-over-year profits to shareholders rather than growth through innovation or reinvention.

    Cheaper, Not Necessarily Better

    In retail, where the race to the bottom is stifling competition, eroding margins for brand owners, and depriving suppliers of a means of subsistence, we are also observing larger developments. This model must change since it is unworkable and broken.

    Start-Up. Scale Up. Reboot

    While this may sound like the end of the world, we think it's a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, challenger companies, and agents of change to launch, grow, and reinvent their businesses. It's simpler than ever to launch a business and grow it to incredible heights.


    Immersion, teamwork, and iteration are the foundations of our model. With our strategic planning process as a starting point, we are eager to comprehend your world. What winning and losing look like, how and why it's evolving, and finally, what's preventing you from progressing.


    You may have noticed something about how we handle our clients' branding if you've had a chance to look at our work. We'd certainly describe what we do with terms like "humane," "considered," and "contemporary." However, putting aside the lovely words, there is one universal reality about all brands: they must be created from a distinct, humanized strategic perspective. It is merely window dressing without this.


    We are serious about branding. It's more than just a logo, color scheme, font style, graphics, photograph, packaging, or website to us. If the individuals whose lives our brand wishes to influence don't feel empathy and respect for them, then we have failed.

    Seesaw Branding Agency Melbourne



    03 9329 8409

    As a values-driven company, we collaborate with clients who share our commitment to goodness, intelligence, and craftsmanship. Great people, smart thought, and flawlessly implemented solutions are what define us.

    Design for Good is the term we use to describe our belief in the power of creativity as a change agent. We commit a portion of our earnings each year to worthwhile, charitable, community-focused branding initiatives.

    With an emphasis on architecture, culture, education, leisure, and community, our clients are spread across a wide range of sectors and platforms. No matter the industry or the project, our work shows how audacious creativity produces tangible business results.

    Calico Branding Agency Melbourne



    03 9663 1029

    To provide the groundwork for the remaining work, we examine critical details about your company and carefully go through any pertinent project material (think research papers, strategy documents, marketing plans, and audience research).

    To effectively and efficiently understand the landscape, we interview important stakeholders and do a thorough analysis of your industry. To make sure we are consistently exceeding your expectations, we take the time to fully comprehend you and your needs.

    After that, we conduct a number of workshops informed by our research to make sure we fully get your company, the larger industry environment, and the primary goal of your project.

    FAQS About Brand Agencies In Melbourne

    Marketing agencies tend to have fast-paced office environments. Developing and managing marketing campaigns for one client after another is about as close to an assembly line as you can get. As a result, it's not uncommon for employees to work late or through lunch at many agencies.

    • Client Servicing: A postgraduate diploma or an MBA in marketing.
    • Studio: Course in commercial art or fine arts (BFA or MFA)
    • Media: Journalism, Mass Communication or an MBA.
    • Finance: CA, ICWA, MBA (Finance)
    • A compelling brand story that makes prospects and customers feel connected to your business and inspired by your mission.
    • A distinct and easily recognisable brand voice and personality keep you at the front of your target consumers' minds.
    • Gather ideas and brainstorm with your partners to form a list of possible names. 
    • Use clear, descriptive, easy-to-remember words. 
    • Make sure it's unique.
    • Skip the buzz words. 
    • Make sure you can carry over the name to your logo, slogans & taglines.

    Be consistent in its messaging and design, reinforcing each touchpoint's position, promise, and personality. Next, demonstrate your company's value for the customer and how that value is created. Finally, change with the times – a good brand doesn't standstill.


    Show And Tell Branding Agency Melbourne

    show and tell


    +613 9630 0950

    Our staff is overflowing with suggestions for how we can strengthen your brand, from a straightforward business card update to a comprehensive website overhaul. Let us assist you in reaching your audience right away. We are a team of passionate creatives, web developers, and social media experts that have spent more than 20 years creating and renewing businesses.

    Our websites are expertly constructed, and we take great pride in being among the web development industry's forerunners after delivering our first website to executive search agency Ponsonby & Partners of London in 2000.

    Rik And Ralph Branding Agency Melbourne

    rik and ralpj


    03 9111 5699

    We are a web design and eCommerce firm for contemporary brands. We collaborate with you to design stunning websites and pinpoint crucial technologies that can advance your company. We are SEM, SEO, Paid Search, and Augmented Shopping solution experts who design specialized plans for brands to generate scalable growth. Every brand and business has a distinctive history that defines it. As a result, we work with our customers to develop tactics and stories that are specific to their target audience.

    We design digital experiences with the intention of improving organizations and the clients they serve. By combining business, design, and technology, for instance, we transform online shopping performance and promote brand expansion.

    Rev™ Branding Agency Melbourne



    03 9863-7444

    We assist businesses in integrating their brands with digital technology and marketing to increase sales and provide prospects for business growth as a specialized brand creation and marketing firm. Our expertise in digital technology spans social media and digital marketing, omnichannel commerce, websites and mobile apps, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and hands-free voice activation.

    Instead of using "conventional broad-based marketing," we use transparent, highly measurable digital sales campaigns that generate qualified, interested leads for sales. To take advantage of chances for individualized brand marketing, we work at the nexus of business, brand, technology, and customer needs.

    Retail organizations have been compelled to reconsider their product offerings and make the most effective use of limited shelf space due to the growing adoption of omnichannel. For suppliers and retailers to flourish, though, data-driven product assortments, flexible product designs, and genuinely memorable brand experiences are essential.

    Growthops Branding Agency Melbourne



    03 9243 8145

    The intersection of research, brand definition, digital strategy, experience design, media, and analytics is a specialty area for our strategic thinkers. By taking a comprehensive approach to people's behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes, we can have a greater influence. Thus, effectiveness is what we ultimately seek.

    Tank Branding Agency Melbourne



    We collaborate with organizations to create distinctive brands, innovative cultures, and leadership for a human-centered society. In order to assist you in overcoming difficult organizational difficulties, our teams collaborate and demonstrate empathy with you.

    Our teams will always start by asking, "Why?" whether they are developing a resilient strategy or creatively reshaping culture. We collaborate with leadership teams to create a strategy that is significant, timely, and responsive to the needs of the most important stakeholders as well as the rapidly evolving global environment.

    Aleph Labs Branding Agency Melbourne

    aleph labs



    The pace of change in the digital world is accelerating. Business must consider how to deliver the main offerings to the vast majority of digitally equipped consumers in this constantly changing world. We collaborate closely with clients to develop practical digital business propositions that support the future success of their businesses.

    We collaborate with our clients to envision the future of their business even before they develop any transformation programs. We collaborate over a short amount of time to quickly sketch out and develop our future dreams. The outcome is a tangible dream that our clients then collaborate with us to bring to their customers.

    Smart Branding Agency Melbourne



    +61 2 9994 4014

    This focus on the convergence of business, technology, and design thinking produces solutions for today's complex commercial and marketing opportunities since innovation is incorporated into every aspect of our service.

    For any organization to succeed in the current environment, innovation must shift from being a deliverable to being a part of the culture - at the center of how the organization operates. Innovation is more than simply our focus; it's a basic philosophy.

    At the core of Smart is working with businesses and organizations to help them decide their future. Business consulting, however, focuses on presenting actual, workable solutions to assist organizations in identifying and seizing opportunities rather than philosophical musings or impersonal advise.

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