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Top 20 Wedding Photographers in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

There are numerous things to consider, pay for, and think about when planning your wedding. The list may seem infinite, and you may not know where to begin, but when it comes to wedding preparation, there are a few items that should be your beginning point and priority.

Your wedding day is an opportunity to create an endless number of wonderful memories and to shoot images that will tell stories for years to come. They aren't just photographs that you will treasure as a couple; they will be passed down through generations.

You'll want to make sure the images you have to look back on are ones you want to keep after spending so much time, effort, and money planning and putting together your wedding day, as well as the fact that you're marrying the love of your life in front of your family and friends.

The photographers on the list below are passionate about what they do. Their hearts are so invested that they're willing to go above and above to capture beauty, love, and joy at a time when couples most need it.

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    Ultimate List of Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    Wild Romantic Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    wild romantic photography

    0434 484 812

    Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges, and other sites in Victoria and Australia are all frequent destinations for weddings that are photographed and filmed by Melbourne-based Wild Romantic, a full-service wedding film and photography studio. Wild Romantic prioritizes storytelling and creating unique emotional material for our couples. High-end wedding photography and wedding movies are offered by Elle and the Wild Romantic team in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, and the Mornington Peninsula.

    Award-Winning Melbourne Wedding Photographer

    The best option for your Melbourne wedding is Wild Romantic Wedding Photography, which has over 2500 happily-ever-after moments under their belt since 2004. We offer a complete package with everything you'll need to document every moment of your big day. We can take care of everything for you, from pet shots to family portraits.

    Classic Melbourne Photography for the Modern Couple.

    When you mix portraiture expertise and sensitivity with fine art and journalistic photography, you capture moments rather than just pictures. Melbourne-based Wild Romantic is a boutique photography studio with a focus on romantic, wedding, and engagement photography. Our goal is to provide moving photographs of natural beauty with an artistic edge that respect each bride and groom's uniqueness while capturing their character and love story.

    Fundamentally, the connections and relationships we create with you, our clients, are the foundation of our business. By relying on the happiness of others, we work diligently to ensure that you have a unique and genuinely delightful experience. Each person has a unique story to offer, and it is an honor and a privilege for us to be able to do so.

    To ensure that you will always have a memory of your special day, our team of experienced photographers is here.

    We are prepared to document every moment, whether it be a pre-wedding photography session in Sydney or full-day packages for your Melbourne wedding. Find the perfect fit for your special event by browsing our packaging and pricing page. Therefore, there is a package to offer the best coverage of this significant occasion, whether you're organizing a wedding on the lovely coastline of the Mornington Peninsula or a reception in the gorgeous wineries of the Yarra Valley.

    Our Pricing & Packages

    We take pride in offering completely transparent pricing. Our wedding photography packages are very affordable and highly customisable. Additionally, you are invited to modify your bundle by including other services in accordance with your unique needs and financial constraints.

    Because we are based in Australia, we can appreciate beauty both abroad and close to home. Filming has taken place on deserted beaches, urban rooftops, secret gardens, and abandoned farms. The cultural centers of Australia, Melbourne and Sydney, are home to our offices. Our customers only pay for travel within the zones covered by our service charge, which includes the cost of transportation between those sites.

    We would be delighted to assist you, whether you are organizing your ideal wedding, expecting a child, hosting a child's birthday party, or simply want to update your family photos. We are here to help. Get in touch with us immediately to learn more.

    Icon Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    icon photography melbourne

    0424 858 245

    Since we have such a wealth of wedding-related experience, you can be confident that you'll be thoroughly taken care of from the moment you contact us until the big day and afterward with the album design.

    Con, our photographer, is wholly committed to giving you stunning, timeless images. Con is not only an excellent photographer, but he also possesses the wisdom, humor, and composure you need to guide you through the most significant day of your life.

    Con's wife Rebecca makes sure that everything in the studio operates well at all times. Prior to your big day, Rebecca will make sure that all of your inquiries are answered. She is organized, effective, and absolutely stunning. We produce pictures that will make your loved ones jealous. Most of our packages include a full day of coverage, and there is no cap on the number of photos we can take. All of our packages are delivered within two weeks. One of Melbourne's top photographers, as recognized by Vogue Ballroom and Vines of the Yarra Valley.

    Rick Liston Wedding Photographer

    rickliston yarra valley wedding photographer

    Rick Liston is based in the heart of the Yarra Valley and has a reputation that goes beyond just being a wedding photographer. He is known as an oracle of Yarra Valley weddings and is probably the best person to guide you through the process of choosing your venue, where to stay, and which other vendors to get on board for each particular venue. His work is characterized by its raw, unguarded, and real portrayal of weddings, capturing print-worthy moments in a way that resonates with his clients for a lifetime. His style and sense of humor, along with his dad dance, provide a fun and energetic personality that is reflected in his photography.

    With hundreds of Yarra Valley weddings under his belt, Rick Liston has extensive experience in the field. His familiarity with Yarra Valley wedding venues allows him to focus his creative energy on the couples he photographs rather than worrying about the logistics of the venue. This depth of experience affords him a high level of professionalism and an ability to capture the essence of a wedding day in a way that is both unique and deeply personal.

    Contact details:
    Rick Liston + Co
    Healesville, Yarra Valley

    Doux Wedding Corp - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    doux wedding corp wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0433 142 523

    Professional wedding photographers with a few awards under their belt and approval from ABIA Weddings Australia make up the Doux Wedding Corp. Alvin, who is currently in charge of the Doux team, has been a wedding photographer for 15 years.

    Our goal has always been to create lasting memories and capture precious moments with your loved ones that you may cherish for years to come. not to make you feel weird or position you in a cringe-worthy position!

    We selected the slower path, the one that offers everything, aids in memory, and enables you to travel back in time to experience all those little events, over the fast route that is driven by social media and that ONE chance at collecting those "likes." You can access a full gallery that has already been sent to our clients by clicking on any image in our gallery.

    Ashleigh Haase Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    ashleigh haase photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0433 605 503

    We are going to have a great time starting as soon as you get in touch with us. We'll be laughing so hard by the time the big day comes around that we won't feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. It doesn't have to be painful or unpleasant to have your photos taken at the end of the day (or night, depending on your mood).

    We'll see to it that you look fantastic, but even more crucially, that you have a blast. It's not about me, my photos, or getting moments for Instagram (although, trust me, they will be). These are your memories rather than mine. Your day, your decision My main focus is on creating a stunning collection of memories that you will cherish forever when you steal kisses and murmur sweet nothings.

    If you start to worry, I'll softly lead you. I won't play the third wheel and be unseen. We'll start by getting to know your family and friends before coming together to celebrate your epic romance and ALL THE FEELINGS.

    FAQs About Wedding Photography

    Unless you are eloping or having an intimate dinner instead of a wedding reception, we recommend at least six hours of wedding day photography coverage.

    4-6 weeks, depending on the season. 4-6 weeks for fully-edited photos. 6-8 weeks during the wedding season but less during winter months. Between 2 weeks and two months, with an average of 4 weeks.

    Most photographers will keep them for around a year, but some may keep them longer. If you want to access your photos after they've been stored by the photographer, there are a few different ways you can do that.

    Via Your Photographer

    Some wedding photographers provide a link to a gallery of your photos that you can share with all of your guests. This gives everyone access to your stunning wedding pictures, with the bonus that they can purchase high-resolution images right from your photographer's gallery.

    It could be a few days to thirty years or more. But, on the other hand, a photographer with an established studio who has been in business a long time and relies on repeat clients is much more likely to hold onto old digital files and even (going vintage here) NEGATIVES!

    Lavan Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    lavan photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0452 366 679

    Lavan Photography has extended an invitation to you. In our opinion, one of Melbourne's most skilled wedding photography and videography companies.

    Our design aesthetic is unpretentiously rustic and unpretentiously calm. We specialize in genuine moments in settings with natural lighting. Our unobtrusive method captures genuine emotions and moments as they unfold, letting the day's pure love to show through in every genuine grin and sob-inducing hug we capture.

    By fusing the organic flow of your ideal wedding with soft, romantic lighting and expert artistic elements, we can immortalize the beauty of each location, gesture, and kiss. Every love tale is different, in our opinion. We put in a lot of effort to meticulously document the most significant and stunning moments of the wedding day. Your most memorable and joyful day should be remembered as nothing less than spectacular. Our aim is to showcase the inherent beauty of every bride, groom, and wedding from the very first picture to the very last.

    Iain and Jo | We Tell Love Stories - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    iain and jo we tell love stories wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0388 249 869

    If you're looking for Melbourne wedding photographers or someone who can document your story in real, genuine moments without interfering with the fun of the day, we should discuss. Since you two are not the usual couple, your wedding pictures should reflect that. Avoid stiff poses and lifeless expressions.

    In 50 happy years, when you look back on your wedding pictures, we want you to be brought back to those lovely, intimate, and significant moments when you both forgot anyone was watching. After the wedding, when you look at our images in your book or on your walls, you'll see the real face of the person you love, not the one they show to strangers or the phony grins of a model posing for the camera, but the facial emotions saved especially for you.

    The emphasis of wedding photography ought to be on that. You'll want to recreate those little moments often since they make everything seem lovely without dominating your day. What does it mean to be the "most intimate wedding photographers in Melbourne"? It implies that you are more to us than just two more subjects for the camera. It would be nice to get to know you more and find out what you enjoy about one another, what makes you laugh, and how the story started.

    Veri Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne


    veri photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0412 601 922

    A boutique wedding photography and videography company with roots in Australia, Veri Photography focuses on destination weddings and captures the love stories of couples. We have years of experience documenting engagements, pre-weddings, and weddings all around the country with teams of wedding photographers and videographers based in Victoria and New South Wales.

    How would you like to look back on one of the most important days in your life? Veri Photography was established with the intention of preserving through images the joy, love, and passion you felt on your wedding day. We focus on relationships in our job. In addition to capturing each couple's connection, it is our intention to spend time learning about your love story so that our cameras can accurately represent your unique characteristics.

    We are a close-knit team of gifted people who share a similar enthusiasm for providing couples with a creative account of their commitment to one another. Working in a group allows for a more dynamic approach to your wedding photography. You can be guaranteed that a group of devoted specialists will handle your wedding photography when you choose Veri. Each finished photograph that Veri Photography provides showcases the skill and attention to detail of each team member.

    WIDFOTOGRAFIA - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    widfotografia wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0402 055 898

    We are a Melbourne-based company for wedding and engagement photography. Our photographer, Widi, is capable and easygoing. He would make the encounter pleasurable and carefree. After all, it is your special day, and it is all about you and your spouse, in our opinion. So all that's left for you to do is unwind and enjoy the day; the rest is on us.

    We would go above and beyond in our capacity as a wedding and engagement photographer to get stunning pictures of you two. Every time, it's an honor to be able to record a couple's special moments. We like capturing those joyful smiles, giggles, and joyous tears. We enjoy traveling to Melbourne because of its beautiful scenery and architecture, but we also visit your preferred wedding location and pre-wedding locations throughout Australia.

    We'd like to invite you to a free consultation so we can talk more about your wedding. Use this chance to learn more about how we photograph your Special Day.

    freshPhotography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    freshphotography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0423 092 716

    Although we are located in Melbourne, Australia, we are happy to travel if you or a loved one requests it. Just across the street, anywhere in Victoria, Australia, or perhaps the entire world! Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, and the Mornington Peninsula are where we do much of our photography. You are welcome to hire us, nevertheless, both domestically and internationally. We like traveling to capture your special day.

    We take pictures of it in a photojournalistic manner. This implies that we capture everyday events, as well as unplanned behaviors and memorable moments, on camera. You won't usually even be aware that we are here! We want your pictures to appear as authentically as we can. You won't ever hear us order you to use the word "cheese!"

    For samples of Melbourne weddings and pre-wedding shoots, please visit our portfolio and blog. We are certain you will like them. Maybe you or a friend is planning a wedding soon... Please let us know as soon as you can. We are only able to photograph a certain number of weddings each year. The photoblog we run out of Melbourne also has some great pictures to look at.

    With the help of our Canon EOS 5D Mark IVs and an occasional Leica film camera, we'll be able to share with you some incredible pictures. Tell us what you think about our photos in an email, please. Even better, let us to assist in creating some priceless memories for you and your loved ones! We sincerely hope you will think of us for your wedding or any other significant event.

    Black Avenue Productions - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    black avenue productions wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0411 155 410

    We value getting to know our couples and discovering their actual motivations. We take pleasure in discretely documenting your genuine emotions while being respectful, quick, and adaptable. As boutique photographers, we cap the amount of weddings we capture each year at 28–35, depending on how many destination weddings and multi-day coverage events we photograph annually.

    We must pay close attention to each individual pair. For us, quality comes before quantity. We like to assist people. We select a local Melbourne charity each year to receive a portion of our sales. Our exposure to a diverse range of couples has informed our artistic and dismal color scheme.

    Tamara Little Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    tamara little photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0401 995 088

    Nothing outlandish or unusual will be there; just you, your spouse, and your families as they are. I make an effort to be as quiet as I can be while still being audible to my teacher (hello, family photos!). I've had the good fortune to capture the most of what our incredible state has to offer, including charming barns, stunning churches, the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, rugged coastlines, and lovely wineries.

    Wedding Snapper - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    wedding snapper wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0450 586 562

    I go by Simon. I'm the person behind the name "Wedding Snapper." My shooters and I specialize in providing authentic, relaxed, and natural wedding photography in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, the Macedon Ranges, the Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland, and beyond.

    Essentially, it is low-cost, informal, and unposed wedding photography free of the ego that can accompany a wedding photographer. We like photographing all types of weddings, from the grandest events to the most private unions and elopements. In addition to being friendly and easygoing, we also provide economically priced wedding photography.

    The excellent caliber of service offered is evident from client testimonials, and each wedding is handled with professionalism and calmness by our team. We know how to put people at ease while still getting the shots you need because we are typically more at ease in front of the camera than behind it. Additionally, it explains why you won't often see us adopting a selfie pose.

    Passion8 Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    passion8 photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0418 331 163

    He is proud of the friendly, professional service he offers to brides and couples and offers a novel, amusing, and professional approach to photography. His great service is attested to by the regular recommendations of friends and family from previous clients.

    We are always available to address any queries or worries you may have regarding the pictures from your wedding. Ultimately, we need to connect with our clients and fully understand their objectives and desires in order to develop the ideal package.

    Rosa Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    rosa photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0432 125 132

    Our dedicated Melbourne wedding photographer puts up a lot of effort to deliver excellent service that puts you at rest. Our photographer will chronicle your wedding in the least intrusive way possible to guarantee that your wedding photos truly capture how lovely and amazing your big day was.

    As Melbourne's best wedding photographers, our primary goal is to take beautiful pictures. On the other side, we work hard to give our customers the best package we can, and we offer a variety of affordable options to suit every budget.

    Rosa Photography has amassed over 6300 Facebook likes and numerous satisfied clients. Beautiful pictures, unique photo albums, a dedication to excellence, amiable customer service, inexpensive shipping, and no additional costs

    Millgrove Photography -Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    millgrove photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0487 912 197

    When photographing weddings, it is imperative to understand how to capture significant moments, both large and tiny. Naturally, you'll want to take pictures of all the significant events, like lacing up your dress, your spouse's expression as you walk down the aisle, and those exquisitely staged pictures for the book. But you also want someone to record all the little details, like the looks on parents' faces, the footwear worn by the kids, and the touching moments shared by two of your closest friends while dancing.

    We photograph about 40 to 50 weddings annually, despite the fact that I originally covered a variety of occasions. Even though several photographers have sometimes or part-time covered weddings, very few have devoted more than ten years to doing so. Weddings are my top priority; this is not just a side job for some extra cash around the holidays.

    Aria Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    aria photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0427 427 428

    The Yarra Valley-based company Aria Photography captures all the amazing moments that happen before, during, and after your best friend's wedding, as well as the big celebration that follows. As a two-photographer team, we are motivated to document every little thing about your lovely wedding day, as well as the candid moments that happen in between the moments and the amazing story of you two that is woven throughout.

    Your wonderful day should be captured in your wedding photos. On the day of your wedding, it's not about the photos. We can say with confidence that the best weddings are those when the couple does exactly what they want because we have experienced close to 500 weddings. What if doing so involves 30 guests instead of the wedding party? If it's necessary, put on a suit rather than a dress. That outfit is amazing! Never has a couple regretted having their ideal wedding day.

    Although we believe that posing is wrong, we also understand that having your photo taken can make you feel awkward, therefore we'll never leave you without a picture. We always provide you broad directions so you won't get lost on the day. Our method is kind, organic, and enjoyable. It's about making something classic that you and your partner will still find important in 10, 20, or more years.

    Tin Drum Photography and Cinematography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    tin drum photography and cinematography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0487 888 960

    The fine art, graphic design, multimedia design, and photojournalist backgrounds of each Tin Drum photographer and filmmaker provide them a unique perspective on your wedding. Your wedding photography and cinematography are inspired by the genuine connections, feelings, and experiences that were documented on your wedding day.

    All of Melbourne's attractions are a favorite subject for our top wedding photographers and videographers to include in the wedding pictures and films we produce for you. You're getting married in gorgeous Melbourne, therefore we'll capture the best of Melbourne on film and on video for you.

    Tree Studio - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    tree studio wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0401 539 339

    savor each moment. Unplanned, unscripted, and natural. There is no better way to capture the essence of your wedding day than with candid wedding photos. We are the A-Team of wedding photographers and videographers in Melbourne, and we love coffee. In addition to the Yarra Valley, Dandenong, Geelong, Mornington, and other places where love tales start, we also serve Melbourne, which is our primary service region.

    Every sparkle you experience on your wedding day is valuable. We enjoy the warm weather and the gorgeous blooms. True feelings and unique celebrations are welcomed by us. We appreciate your romanticizing as well as dancing. Every aspect of your tale will be captured and vividly brought to life by us.

    We are a wedding photography and videography company headquartered in South Melbourne. We have documented over 600 delighted couples' weddings since our start in 2015. With all 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook, we have not only earned AIPP and ABIA accreditation but also cemented our reputation as Melbourne's most reliable photography studio.

    Now and Forever Wedding - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    now and forever wedding wedding photographers in melbourne victoria 1

    0408 356 049

    You don't want just anyone taking pictures of some of your most priceless memories, let's face it. Making sure that you are at ease in front of the camera and with the wedding photographer taking the images is the first step in making sure that you look wonderful in pictures.

    I take delight in making sure that having your picture taken, which was once a scary and stressful process, ends up being one of the most cherished and anticipated parts of your wedding! In Victoria, in a variety of wedding venues, I have had the tremendous honor of taking part in many people's weddings. There is something for everyone, from home weddings to vineyards, gardens to beaches, and some of Melbourne's most popular wedding venues. Each has its own distinct attraction and flair.

    Each location and wedding day never ceases to interest me, from the graffiti-covered streets of inner-city Melbourne to the vast vineyard-filled hills of the Yarra Valley. I enjoy helping you tell your wedding story, and it brings me great pleasure to be able to document every little detail that makes your wedding day unique.

    Georgie James Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    georgie james photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0437 566 766

    Candid. Unique. Fun.

    Planning a wedding could be challenging. However, selecting a wedding photographer need not be challenging. The main goals of Georgie James Photography are to celebrate real, unadulterated, and heartbreaking love, capture you at your best, and offer unmatched service. If you and your partner are organizing a carefree and pleasurable wedding, we should probably talk about it. You will look back on the photos from your wedding photography investment for many years to come.

    I collaborate with clients to make sure they receive photos that are exclusively about them and to support them in making the most of their important day! It is urged to throw confetti at any opportunity! Please let me know if your dates are negotiable because there are only so many appointments available each year. Please provide a rough idea of your photographic budget so that, in the event that I am unable to help, I may suggest one of my brilliant photographer friends who can.

    Please double-check your trash can if you haven't heard from me in 48 hours; emails frequently end up there. If you're looking for a photographer to simply show up and take a few pictures, this is not the photographer for you. My initial goal is to get to know you, your significant other, and the overall image of your wedding day. View the wedding packages below if this suits your tastes better.

    Dreamlife - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    dreamlife wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0396 631 880

    The wedding day is filled with passionate vow exchanges, tender speeches, raucous laughter, tears of joy, daring dance moves, and passionate glances.

    By offering a nuanced blend of natural, staged, and candid opportunities, your wedding photographs will beautifully depict the story of your love and your personalities as well as the joy, pride, and pleasure of those who help you celebrate your union.

    Love is Sweet Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    love is sweet photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0408 920 791

    You're organizing a wedding, then? Congratulations! The choice to employ a wedding photographer has been made. Your perfect wedding would involve hosting a huge celebration, spending as much time as possible with family and friends, and not having to stand in front of the camera for hours on end. All the while sporting a broad grin. Are we accurate? We treat weddings appropriately because we recognize that they are not fashion shows for wedding magazines.

    We'll only need a short period of time to capture some truly stunning images of your family, wedding party, and, of course, the two of you. However, we guarantee that it won't last all day. In a non-intrusive approach, we will document your wedding as it happens, capturing it beautifully and naturally while constantly searching for the straightforward and genuine moments that arise. We won't ask you to stage anything because that would be weird and unsuitable. Do you fit this description? Please reach out to us immediately.

    Since we will be with our couples all day, we like getting to know them. As we get to know you, we become engrossed in your life and your interactions with the people you love. On your important day, we're not just there to shoot pictures.

    Nova Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    nova photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0431 195 978

    A family-run business called Nova Photography offers affordable, top-notch studio photography. We provide top-notch service with a human touch. Our team will work with you to create a special plan that satisfies all of your needs while remaining within your budget.

    We will be by your side the entire time, documenting every second of the day that will pass quickly. In the hustle and bustle of this gorgeous day, we'll capture both the ephemeral beauty you might have missed and the moments you hope will endure forever.

    There is more to the service. You will receive an eclectic creative mix of formal and informal candid small details, group photos of flowers and food, smiles and tears, and traditional and contemporary shots. Custom albums of various sizes are printed with portraits on canvas, in watercolor, metallic, and crystal. There are options for engagements, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16th birthday and anniversary celebrations, families, and senior pictures. We handle every aspect. Our main office is in Melbourne.

    Desiren Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    desiren photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0425 724 313

    A team of photographers and videographers by the name of Desiren is situated in Melbourne, Victoria, and is available all around Australia. We are thrilled to be a part of what will end as being "The Biggest Day of Your Lives," as it truly is the "Start of Something Beautiful." We take a relaxed, natural approach. This lets you remain true to yourself throughout the day while still getting advice from us at crucial moments. The rest of the time, we mix stunning staged photos with natural shots of you guys having a great time.

    It's amazing that you've at last found the appropriate individual! It's time to go out on an amazing journey with your partner right now! Allow Desiren to capture these special moments so that you can always remember the affection. Do not be afraid to communicate your ideas to our photographers and videographers. We're here to make sure that at your fairy-tale wedding, you get to feel the thrill of love.

    Pure Mac Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    pure mac photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0419 090 488

    Expectations from Me It is my duty to make sure that every one of my couples knows how much I will always sacrifice for them and show them my appreciation both during and after our photoshoot or wedding day. I want to be there for you at every turn and the person you come to for guidance on anything. Do you require assistance selecting a location? Do you want to buy a dress? the use of contractors? In need of a celebrant? Florist? Maybe a makeup artist?

    There are many beautiful photographers out there. I've had the honor of calling many of them friends. I won't claim to be better than them because, in reality, experiencing art is a very personal experience that has a varied impact on each individual. Each of us contributes to the world with a unique personality and artistic perspective.

    My aesthetic is retro/boho and unfiltered. My intention is to display you in all of your beauty. So that you can rest assured that I'll be there to record all the wonderful emotions for you to relive time and time again, in between the joyful tears, belly laughs, emotional hugs, and champagne toasts or showers.

    I want your day to be completely unforgettable because it is your special day. So that I can genuinely capture my couples, I devote my heart and soul to getting to know them. Have a beer before the ceremony, please. Let's stop at the neighborhood bar on the way! Anything you want will be made a reality by us.

    Vanessa Norris Photography -Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    vanessa norris photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0408 028 033

    After shooting over 150 weddings, I've found that the photos that my clients love the most are the ones that capture real moments. the emotional hugs, the wild dance-offs, the sincere smiles, and the "throw your head back" laughs. Those pictures are really poignant because they take you right back to that moment. You experience those emotions again.

    ATEIA Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    ateia photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0130 558 447

    Go no farther for wedding photography in Melbourne than our talented team of wedding photographers and videographers, who add creative flair to narrative by adapting to each couple's unique goals and needs.

    Reading the more than 500 excellent internet reviews we have amassed will help you realize why we lead the Melbourne wedding photography market. We are designated as a preferred source for the majority of Melbourne's most famous wedding reception venues because we provide high-quality pictures at reasonable costs. In addition, we provide a "Book Now & Pay Later" service with no added costs and complete pricing disclosure on our website.

    Ivanhoe Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    ivanhoe photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0431 281 879

    Weddings are among the most important events in life. It's important to record and capture your wedding so you can look back on all of the wonderful moments. I always document a wedding starting with the bride and husband getting dressed, continuing through the ceremony, first kiss, first dance, and concluding with the celebration. I specialize in photographing weddings in Melbourne, Victoria.

    It is based on how well you are doing financially. Genuine emotion, honest experiences, and timeless, natural imagery are highlighted in my photography. I think that natural lighting should be used when taking wedding photographs, especially when it comes to the colors. Therefore, we don't use any software presets or photo filters that give the pictures an unnatural or desaturated aspect. I don't alter any of our works either.

    Phenomena Photography & Cinematic - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    phenomena photography & cinematic wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0398 672 259

    Brides have waited a long time for a boutique wedding business situated in Melbourne that offers bespoke services, outstanding photography, and exquisite end results at an accessible price.

    We want to honestly record one of the most important days of your lives. Phenomena Wedding Photos & Cinematic is in the vanguard of distinctive photography and unrivaled high definition movies, using only cutting-edge technologies and methods.

    A Touch of Flash Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    a touch of flash photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0397 250 796

    We are a well-known Melbourne-based wedding photography company. Our professional, courteous, and helpful service will get the job done quickly and effectively. For capturing and preserving priceless memories, consider one of our photography packages.

    At A Touch of Flash Photography, we absolutely appreciate what we do. By doing this, you can be sure that we'll do everything in our power to make your time with us delightful. We built our business around personality, which will enable you to achieve the desired look in your images.

    At A Touch of Flash Photography, we absolutely appreciate what we do. By doing this, you can be sure that we'll do everything in our power to make your time with us delightful. We built our business around personality, which will enable you to achieve the desired look in your images.

    Silas Chau - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    silas chau wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0478 949 519

    I'm a self-described goofball when I'm not killing salmon or making sushi (THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE!). When I initially started, I wrote that bio. I'll be using two powerful cameras to document your special day from perspectives and angles you never thought were feasible. Your entire bridal party, relatives, and friends will remark, "Damn, you guys got a beautiful photographer."

    Whether that is hiding in the bushes, keeping quiet, or getting up close and personal without cock interrupting moments, I'll be there. When you finally realize you're being photographed but it's too late, I was able to capture that genuine moment. NINJA RUN

    On your wedding day, perfecting poses or checking off a checklist is the furthest thing from your mind. Instead, I approach photography in a natural, joyful, and fun-filled way, making sure that your day is as stress-free as possible. Technically, I enjoy continually thinking of new ways to arrange and build frames that are particular to my viewpoint.

    On Three Photography - Wedding Photographers Melbourne

    on three photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

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    With their years of experience, On Three Photography & Cinematic, one of Melbourne's top wedding photography businesses, will effectively capture the soul of your special day. Because of our excellent professionalism and careful attention to detail, you can be sure that you'll have lovely wedding images to look back on as you enjoy your special day. We also offer wedding videography services so that you can look back on the tremendous emotions of your wedding day years from now.

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