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Where To Find Halal Food In Melbourne?

Without a doubt, Melbourne's multicultural population is one of the city's finest attributes. Especially when it comes to food, and so, for all you Halal-loving Melburnians who want to try the finest food in our beautiful city, here are a few of the best places in Melbourne to chow down on some Halal delights.

I'm just putting this disclaimer out there. However, many of the listed establishments also serve alcohol, so keep that in mind as you make your selections. Please call ahead to one of our recommended restaurants to make sure they can accommodate your party size and dietary restrictions.

In the heart of Melbourne's commercial district Melbourne's cuisine is as diverse and exciting as the city's culture. They range from incredibly inexpensive to those that will put a serious dent in your bank account while still making you as happy as can be. The best selection is in Melbourne. People in Melbourne have an equal passion for both sports and food (some urban legends even suggest that a few residents may have a slight predilection for the latter).

Consequently, after much discussion, trial, and error, the 10KeyThings team of foodies has compiled a complete list of the finest restaurants serving Halal meat in the region.

We scrounge and sift through options, trying not to spend more than AUD100 total, and aim to satisfy your appetite for both well-known treats and hidden gems. That's right, we're here to fill you in on all the must-visit establishments in the neighbourhood. Keep in mind that there is no particular order to this list.

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Halal Food In Melbourne

Not only is Melbourne one of the best cities in Australia to visit, but Australia as a whole is a culinary paradise. Given the wide range of cultures represented, you can expect to find a delicious selection of local specialities to sample.

If you're looking for a Halal food guide to Melbourne, we've got you covered with a few recommendations for great Halal restaurants. Check out these places if you're looking for some good halal restaurants in the Melbourne area.


The Halal fare at George Calombaris's Greek hangout Gazi is delicious, and the restaurant itself is in a great location in the Central Business District. Besides lamb, all of their other offerings are Halal-certified, making them a great choice for both lunch and dinner. Beet relish on a slider of saganaki!? This would keep us full for a very long time.

Alice’s Thai Restaurant

When in Melbourne and looking for a great breakfast to start the day on a good note, look no further. Located near Victoria Hotel, this little place serves one of the best breakfast buffets in town. With lots of variety in the buffet, they sure please any guest right at the start of the morning.

Patrons will be as amazed by their prompt service and hospitality as they would be by the food quality. Apart from their excellent breakfast buffet, they also have a raving choice of authentic Thai cuisine when one looks at their menu. One of their most tasty dishes was the beef massaman curry. 

The curry was rich, luxurious, thick and exhibited a marvellous aromatic lift, and the beef was beautifully tender and perfectly cooked. Another highlight was the chicken green curry. The dish makes you want to have some more with tender, flavour-infused chicken morsels thoroughly coated in a mouthwatering curry of various spices. 


Halal-certified dishes, from spiced beef cheek to an entire lamb shoulder, are served at Sezar, with an emphasis on Armenian flavours updated with an Australian twist. If you're still hungry after chowing down on the fantastic triple-cooked chips, the baklava and chocolate marquis are both excellent options. One of the finest Halal dining experiences in Melbourne.

Mama Wong’s Kitchen

Mama Wong’s is a hidden gem in the city! This small little kitchen on Flinders Street corner gives back a homestyle richness to Asian cuisine. It’s at the most convenient location as well, get off the tram or walk 5 mins from Flinders Street Station. 

With absolutely friendly owners and staff, added with the fact that all the food is cooked fresh; It would be hard to find anyone who leaves with disappointment.

Known for its huge portion, which is always as delicious as it can ever be, this place surely makes a home in a person’s heart. One bite of its beef fried rice is enough to make the patrons see the simplicity and honesty with which the chef prepares the food. Which surely sets quite a high benchmark on how a meal should be.

 Also worth mentioning is their rice, which was soft and fresh. Some people might not pay much attention to this, but those who believe in the power of food pay attention to the details. The beef is cooked well, and the vegetables are fresh, which do deserve a special mention. All this while keeping the food less oily and without unusual spices like some Asian food can have. Don’t miss reading the highlights of the restaurant below.


It’s all about modern Middle Eastern flavours at East Brunswick hidden gem, Rumi. The menu includes charcoal chicken wings, spiced lamb and king prawns, along with delicious salads and vegetable sides (their crunchy potatoes are seasoned to perfection).

 Luckily for us lazy diners, Rumi also does a fantastic takeaway menu, meaning you can enjoy their Persian meatballs with tomato and saffron sauce, almonds and house yoghurt, or decadent quail kebabs, from the comfort of your couch.

What could be better than aromatic-spicy flavours? Rumi is a well-known Lebanese restaurant in Melbourne where you can enjoy a pleasant meal in a nice, comfortable setting where the walls are covered with Arabic writing. 

If you are in the mood for barbecued chicken wings or slow-roasted, marinated lamb shoulder bursting with flavour - Rumi has you covered. Some other dishes to check out also include their unique rice pilaf and the Persian meatballs – which are some much-loved favourites.

If you don’t feel like going out for a meal, Rumi’s has a wonderful takeaway menu with some delicious stuff that you can enjoy at home. However, do note that even though Rumi serves alcohol, all food that is served and prepared is Halal.


Asian-fusion restaurant comes complete with Halal lamb and duck dishes and a karaoke booth for some after-dinner Singstar action. So if you’re looking for one of the coolest venues in town to get your fill of Japanese, Chinese and Korean flavours, this is it. Protip: 

The Supernormal team do what they can to source Halal meat supplies for other dishes, too, so make sure you ask what’s Halal-friendly on the day.

Red Spice Road

red spice road

Widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Melbourne for tucking into some Asian cuisine, Red Spice Road (which has venues in the QV Centre and on McKillop Street) ensures that all of its meat dishes are Halal, making it an awesome one-stop shop for an indulgent feast. 

While the sticky pork belly might be out of the question, Malaysian duck curry is mouthwatering, and the crispy chicken wings are To.

Nelayan Indonesian Restaurant 

Nelayan is a great choice if you're looking for dependable, reasonably priced food. It caters primarily to college students because of the affordable prices of its food. On top of that, it serves traditional Indonesian food cooked in a way that is sure to please any palate.

Although most Nelayan customers prefer the seasonal items from the bain-marie, many dishes can be easily made to order to suit the diner's preferences.

The very simple furnishings may not appeal to some, but after you've sampled the beef rendang, eggplant, and yellow rice, you won't care about anything else.

Those in a hurry can get a taste of Indonesia at this cafeteria-style restaurant, where orders are placed at a counter and patrons can see what dishes have been prepared. Below, you'll find a summary of what makes Nelayan, Melbourne's Best Halal Restaurant, so special.


If you’re all about old-school dining that comes with top-notch service, Rathdowne Street institution Epocha should be your next Halal-friendly hot spot. Pairing super-fresh, locally sourced produce with traditional cooking techniques, this foodie favourite ensures that all its meat is Halal. 

It also serves up some killer dishes, including one of the best lamb shoulder roasts in the city. Team it up with some crispy artichokes with carrots and radishes and duck fat potatoes, and you’ve got yourself the best sharing feast you’ll scoff all month.

Moroccan Soup Bar

You’ve seen the queues to get into this place, right?! Our top budget Halal pick, the Moroccan Soup Bar in Fitzroy North, keeps things simple. While their wraps make the perfect quick bite to eat, the set banquet menu is where it’s at. So grab your mates and get there early, folks.

CBD Kebabs

For those who prefer to order their Halal food late at night, CBD Kebabs continues to be a top choice in Melbourne's central business district. What more could you want when you have perfectly roasted meats and pita bread to dip them in delicious sauces? Combined with some crispy fries, this is the most filling of all possible midnight snacks.

Also, you must order and try the Halal snack pack, which includes delicious barbecued meat, fries, and savoury sauces. Wraps are available with your choice of chicken, lamb, or falafel, or a combination of all three!


The legendary Lebanese chef Abla Amad inspired the name of this eatery. Halal cuisine in Melbourne that is both authentic and delicious can be found at her quaint Carlton restaurant, where everything is made in-house. Get Abla's cookbook if you're the hands-on type; it's full of tasty recipes and helpful hints. It's a popular place among the locals, so make reservations in advance.

Desi Dhaba

Upon entering this warm and inviting eatery, you'll notice the plethora of fairy lights that give the establishment a magical, enchanting air (a la a typical Bollywood film, as a side note).

The proprietor obviously gives some thought to the name, as there is a strong South-East Asian flavour to the place, as well as a Dhaba! You can't miss it; it's located on the crossroads of Russell and Flinders Streets, directly across from Federation Square.

Let's say you're up for the challenge of Northern Indian and Pakistani cuisine and the blaring volume of Bollywood tunes. As such, if you find yourself in Melbourne craving a hot meal and a good time, this is one of the spots you should visit. Below, you'll find some of the most important information about Desi Dhaba, Melbourne's Best Halal Restaurant.

Killiney Kopitiam

Sticking true to its roots, the owner of this has kept this place quite simple yet elegant and thus, decorated with furniture similar to a real Kopitiam (cafe) back in Singapore. Set near the ill-fated Paramount shopping centre, which has very low occupancy rates and has never really picked up, this is still a relatively good location near the top half of Bourke Street and brings quite a lot of faithful coming back to it.

Any foodie must bookmark this place whenever he craves some of the choicest Singaporean dishes that they offer here because, amazingly, you can’t get it anywhere else in the CBD. With some seriously amazing Singapore Laksa, their chicken rice, crispy noodles and Prata roti were all equally good and packed quite a punch. 

Ordering at the counter and having the dishes brought to you is very much a Kopitiam delivery style. That’s what you’d expect at a Kopitiam in Singapore. On top of this, the staff is extremely friendly, and smiles make you feel welcomed. Don’t miss to read the highlights of the Best Halal Restaurant Melbourne, Killiney Kopitiam, below.


One of Melbourne’s many hidden restaurants, award-winning basement venue Maha is home to some of the city’s most incredible Middle Eastern flavours. Headed up by Shane Delia of SBS’s ‘Spice Journey fame, it’s best to check with the staff what is Halal on the day. Then, if they’ve got the supply, go for the six-course tasting menu and arrive hungrily.


Did someone say curry? The guys at Tonka are all about vibrant Indian flavours, and their array of awards means they know what they’re on about. So you can tuck into goodies like crispy soft shell crab with spicy Jaffna curry or a Bengali curry with a side of fried cauliflower and yoghurt dressing. Finish off with a mango mousse.


Their coconut soup hits the right spot with a vast amount of ingredients, making it a favourite amongst its regulars. Patrons will find this place a good treat if they’re looking for something light in quantity. The steamed buns work well with the curry chicken as they soak up the sauce, which creates a nice flavour. 

For the ones who have a soft spot for Char Kaoy Teow, it would be on top of the many dishes that one must try. The way their food is cooked reflects on the food, and it shows how simply delicious the food is and how it always satisfies a patron’s taste buds.

Thank goodness for this wonderful ordering system! You push a button to have someone come take your order sheet and enter your selections into the system while you peruse the menu, which features colourful illustrations of each dish. Done with the language barrier, the shy student, and the uncomfortable conversation! After you've finished eating, they'll bring you a receipt; use this when you pay at the register. Also, check out the PappaRich, Melbourne's Best Halal Restaurant, for some delicious highlights.

Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven

Dolan Uyghur Food Heaven is a great place to go if you're looking for a place to eat that's a little out of the ordinary. Most of the dishes at this restaurant centre around beef or lamb, two of the most common Uyghur meats, and feature flavour profiles that are truly unique.

But if you're a vegetarian, don't worry; they have delicious options for you, too. Lamb shish kebabs and tasty noodle dishes like Gurush Uni Lagmeni, a dish of noodles and spicy gravy, are among their specialities.

If you happen to be in Melbourne, you can visit the other three stores in Springvale, Boxhill, or Melbourne City Store 2. If you're looking for a place to relax with loved ones over a nice meal, this restaurant fits the bill.

Morrocan Soup Bar

Doesn’t a delicious meal in a cosy setting seem inviting? Then it would be best if you visited the Moroccan Soup Bar, one of the best places to enjoy vegetarian delights. Do check out their famous chickpea bake as well, which is a favourite that you shouldn't miss out on. You can enjoy the basic banquet for 25 AUD, which is the set menu for the day. Interestingly, there is no physical menu but a verbal one – they tell you what’s available and then take your order.

Additionally, they provide generous portions. So if there are any delicious leftovers from the meal, you can easily bring your container to take some home.

Sahara Kitchen 

As you enter this lovely little place, you’ll be greeted with warm, rustic, exposed brick walls creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere that hints a little of North African flavour. Combined with views across from the state library and surrounding high rises, it just makes the entire experience mesmerising. 

Just as the decor makes you feel welcome, wait till you taste what they have to offer; that’ll make you feel right at home.

As you get down to real business, you might want to consider their toasted Turkish bread served with three delicious homemade dips, including pumpkin, hummus and a chef special which was a yoghurt dip like tzatziki, but Moroccan style! You just wouldn’t stop eating this beautiful warm bread and fantastic dips; carb overload is a rookie mistake – it’s a marathon, not a sprint!! But their lamb Borek tops it all off. 

Crispy Borek pastry filled with tender flaked lamb and served with tomato chilli chutney – fantastic! Kataifi noodle wrapped prawns served on a stick with green chilli spiced harissa sauce are also highly recommended.


If you're looking for great flavours and authentic Malaysian cuisine, Mamak is another great option. Traditional Asian dishes like roti canai, satay, Ayam Goreng, nasi goreng, and many others have made this restaurant a hit.

The restaurant takes its cues from the authentic Malaysian hawker centres, and the food served there reflects that influence.

When you go to Mamak, you'll be able to sample some genuine Malaysian hawker fare. This is the perfect place to gather with some friends and satisfy your craving for something hot and flavorful.

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Nasi Lemak House

Visit Nasi Lemak House when you're in the mood for some authentic Asian cuisine. If you like the flavours of Malaysian cuisine, you have to try some of the nasi lemak and laksa that are out there.

When it comes to Malay cuisine, the dishes here really stand out because of the wonderful, homemade flavour they have. In addition, the pleasant and unpretentious ambience makes this one of the best Halal restaurants in Melbourne to visit with loved ones over a meal.


The best part is that halal eateries can be found all over Melbourne, making it easy to locate one close to your home. This means that if you're in search of halal food that you can eat with confidence,

FAQs About Halal Food In Melbourne

In this context, to cater to our Muslim diners' demands, Nirankar offers certified halal food in Melbourne CBD. The word halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines and monitored by The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

Because of the care involved in raising and killing animals to be used for Muslim meals, even your health could benefit from eating Halal meat. Another way to achieve healthy eating is by avoiding what God commands us not to eat.

Furthermore, if what you eat is only halal foods free from harmful substances, your brain will get all the good effects. Furthermore, as mentioned in point number one, you could enjoy your food at ease without worrying whether the meat is safe to eat or not.

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