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Top 25 Early Learning Centres in Melbourne [2022]

If you're looking for a great early learning centre for your child, you'll want to check out the best ones in Melbourne, Victoria

These centres cater to kids aged 0-5 years and provide a range of educational and fun activities to help them learn and grow. 

So if you're looking for the perfect place for your little one, be sure to check out these top early learning centres in Melbourne!

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    Ultimate List of Early Learning Centres Melbourne

    Oakleigh Grammar - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    oakleigh grammar - Early Learning Centres


    (03) 9569 6128

    Early Learning Centre Yes
    Primary School Yes
    High School Yes
    Boarding School No
    Course Range K - 12
    Co-Education Co- Education
    Estimated No. of Students 900
    School Fees Low

    Link To School Fee Page:


    Through the years, Oakleigh Grammar has embraced and celebrated multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusivity in order to represent the changing demographics of the neighborhoods around it.

    Following is a timeline of important events that took place at Oakleigh Grammar during the course of its existence and contributed to the institution's current level of success. We invite you to join us as we travel down memory lane.

    One of the top private Christian schools in Melbourne's southeast is Oakleigh Grammar. It offers kids of both sexes a superior education starting with early childhood programs and going through senior year.

    Our goal is to develop young people's minds so they can realize their greatest potential by raising resilient, lifelong learners who take responsibility as global citizens.

    Learning at OG

    • Early Learning Centre
    • Junior School
    • Middle School
    • Senior School
    • Learning Enhancement
    • The Arrowsmith Program
    • Co-Curricular
    • Greek Language Centre

    Life at OG

    • Wellbeing
    • Leadership
    • Careers guidance
    • Out of hours care
    • Holiday care
    • Book Lists
    • Uniform
    • Secondhand Shop

    Why OG?

    Our committed faculty collaborates and embraces chances for professional growth in order to keep our educational programs at the forefront of contemporary learning.

    Small class sizes and increased instructional support make guarantee that every child's educational needs are addressed by giving gifted students more challenges and giving struggling students more support.

    Our university places the highest value on the health and well-being of its students and makes it a goal to get to know each one of them personally. The purposely multicultural and inclusive Christian-infused community at Oakleigh Grammar values diversity and actively promotes inclusion.

    It takes all of us working together to give our children a strong feeling of community at Oakleigh Grammar School.

    Explorers - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    explorers - Early Learning Centres


    1300 000 335

    Reggio Emilia is the source of inspiration for our innovative Emergent Curriculum, which places a strong emphasis on learning through play as well as through interest. Children are encouraged to learn new skills, discover new things, and play in an environment where they feel comfortable.

    Little Patch - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    little patch - Early Learning Centres


    (03) 9527 5114

    Your child will have the chance to spend the day with friends at Little Patch Early Learning while also fostering a true love of learning. Little Patch is family-owned and -operated, and it has a track record of offering the best care and education.

    By offering flexible schedules and play-based learning programs in a welcoming, loving environment, it was designed to be an extension of your family home. Little Patch is run and owned by a family. Our seasoned staff of genuinely committed teachers and educators will be in charge of watching over your youngster as they develop their abilities and self-assurance in natural and unstructured situations. From the time a kid is three months old until they are old enough to start school, we offer care.

    Thanks to the learning and enrichment programs, your kid will be encouraged to learn at their own pace while also being kept interested and involved. To promote a more holistic viewpoint, our community involvement activities stimulate interaction with the local community and the larger globe.

    Early Learning Centres FAQs


    Research has shown that the best age for a child to start daycare is at least 12-months-old. Now, just because that is the earliest age many people say is acceptable, that does not mean that your child will be ready for daycare that early.

    Child care centres are better for children's development than home-based child care settings. The NICHD study compared children who attended child care centres with children who attended home-based care (e.g. a home-based daycare or care within the child's home by someone other than the child's parents).

    Some babies will adapt quickly, while others will cry every morning for many weeks. Does starting daycare have any impact on a child's brain? It can. This is especially true in children younger than 36 months (3 years).

    While centre-based care is typically provided only to children from a few weeks to five years old, family daycare provides care for children up to 12 years old. Ultimately, deciding on the type of care you want for your child will depend on your needs and preferences.

    18 years of age

    According to the new childcare regulations, you can get a job in Childcare if you're under 18 years of age; however, you must be supervised by someone 18 years or over, and you cannot be left alone with the children or at the centre.

    Brighton Beach - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    brighton beach - Early Learning Centres


    (03) 9521 8050

    On behalf of Brighton Beach Early Learning Centre (Brighton Beach ELC), a charming, privately owned facility located at 21 New Street in Brighton, we'd like to extend a warm greeting to you. The Brighton Beach Early Learning Center, founded in 1996, has provided care for 64 children from the ages of 8 months to 6 years. The center is located inside an opulent Edwardian estate.

    After undergoing a stunning refurbishment in 2016, the Brighton Beach Early Learning Center now offers a cutting-edge setting that our children and their families may enjoy. Each of our five spacious, well-lit children's rooms has an exit that leads straight to a large outside play area.

    Petit Journey - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    petit journey - Early Learning Centres


    03 9046 1925

    Beautiful in every way, Petite Educational Adventure in the Beginning Richmond is a center that perfectly captures the diversity and depth of culture that define our neighborhood.

    Every child's viewpoint must be taken into account, and the cultural heritage of our children, their families, and their teachers must be acknowledged and cherished. In order to make sure that their time spent with us at Petit ELJ Richmond has a substantial and long-lasting impact on their developing minds, we cultivate an environment where children are encouraged to become self-directed learners and thinkers.

    Busy Bees - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    bussy bees - Early Learning Centres


    1300 850 127

    Our purpose-built facilities, which are equipped with educational play areas and educators that are dedicated to supporting your children's personal development, will be beneficial to your children.

    Our thoughtfully designed facilities, which are stuffed with educational play areas and teachers who are committed to promoting your children's personal growth, will be beneficial to your kids.

    Timeout Educare - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    timeout educare - Early Learning Centres


    (03)9486 7411

    In addition to providing every kid with individualized care and the greatest caliber of training, we think the center should develop into an integral part of the community. Our company's name, "TimeOut Educare," was inspired by the idea that parents can take some time for themselves while their beloved child is being looked for.

    We are aware that locating quality childcare for your beloved child is not an easy undertaking. There are a lot of things you should consider, and we'll be here to support you at every stage. We place a priority on the wellbeing, happiness, and education of your child. We value the faith you have shown in us. that they thrive in an environment that gives them the chance to feel safe and included while also inspiring them to work hard to realize their full potential and that this environment enables them to do so.

    Brighton Grammar - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    brighton grammar - Early Learning Centres


    +61 3 8591 2200

    The people that work in our ELC each have a special quality. They are passionate, energetic, creative, patient, and kind.

    You may be confident that we will truly know your little boy and his unique learning needs and personality features because we have a good track record of having the same fantastic team in place for several years. As a result, we have a proven track record of success. Early learning is primarily about feeling secure, appreciated, and known, especially for young boys.

    Inspire - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    inspire - Early Learning Centres


    1300 118 999

    Inspire Early Learning Journey is a privately held corporation with its primary headquarters in Melbourne. They provide excellent services, top-notch facilities, and opportunities for top-notch education. Our highly trained teachers have a keen interest in the growth and development of young children.

    This is promoted through developing a distinctive curriculum that is personally designed and based on both the Montessori approach and The Australian Early Years Framework (EYLF). We are at the forefront of the most cutting-edge learning methodologies and have a culture unlike any other.

    Bambini - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    bambini - Early Learning Centres


    1300 945 745

    Every person has a limitless quantity of value and worth, which can be realized and represented in the world, according to Bambini. This potential hasn't, however, been fully realized. Our goal as an early learning center is to help achieve that objective.

    Your youngster learns to be more inquisitive about their surroundings from our teachers. Our kind and enriching environment will help your child grow a sense of security, ambition, and self-assurance in their capacity to learn.

    Jacobs - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    jacobs - Early Learning Centres


    03 9752 7436

    We are committed to fostering the development of future generations as early as is practicable. Since we are a locally owned and run independent early learning childcare center, we can provide our children with greater care than a childcare facility run by a large international corporation.

    At Jacobs, we provide engaging, developmentally appropriate, risk-free programs for kids as young as five months old. The instructors who direct our early learning and childcare programs assist the children who take part in them in becoming more concentrated, content, and adaptable.

    Gowrie - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    gowrie - Early Learning Centres


    1300 446 974

    Our second campus opened in January 2021, simultaneously with the opening of the new Docklands Primary School, which serves as the home of our new kindergarten. We anticipate improving our capacity to meet the early education and care requirements of as many families in the Docklands community in the upcoming years.

    To reserve a space on one of our tours or to take part in one of our online presentations, stop by our office or give us a call. Meet the staff, discover the many programs, and take a look around the facilities. We presently have openings for the 2022 academic year in kindergarten and lengthy childcare.

    Aussie Kindies - Early Learning Centre Melbourne

    aussie kindies - Early Learning Centres


    (03) 9390 7500

    Welcome to Aussie Kindies Early Learning, the top-rated center for preschool, daycare, and kindergarten in Keilor. Our Kindergarten, Toddler Program, and Baby Nursery classes always welcome new students and their families.

    We kindly invite you and your family to visit by today for a free stay and play date and a facility tour. Your youngster is embarking on a learning journey that will last a lifetime with this. To encourage the growth of exploratory confidence in our youngest pupils, our technique starts with a focus on baby sensory play and stable bonds.

    After that, entertaining toddler programs that emphasize play and offer chances to improve early reading, numeracy, and socialization skills are offered. Our kindergarten programs are open to kids as young as three, and they will learn the school readiness skills necessary to excel in primary school there.

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