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10 Ceremonial Cacao Shops That Will Transform Your Rituals

Imagine entering a room where the smell of real, rich cacao fills the air, taking you to a place where old traditions and deep connections are still alive. If you go to one of Melbourne's ceremonial cacao shops, you will have this experience. These hidden gems are more than just stores; they lead to an old ritual that people have loved for hundreds of years. The ceremonial cacao shops in Melbourne are a unique way to learn about the history of this sacred plant and how it can change people, whether you're a cacao expert or just want to try it for the first time. 

When you walk into one of these magical places, you're not just buying something; you're immersing yourself in a cultural experience that feeds your soul as well as your senses. We're going to show you the best ceremonial cacao shops in Melbourne. Each cup has a story to tell, and each visit is an adventure into the magical world of cacao.

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    Sacred Taste

    sacred taste

    Sacred Taste is a premium, ethically-sourced Cacao company that respects purity, authenticity and natural goodness. The company ensures that their Cacao is cultivated and harvested by seasoned farmers who have perfected their craft over generations. This not only contributes to the highest quality product, but also helps in preserving traditional farming methods and knowledge.

    Further, Sacred Taste emphasises strongly on ethical and sustainable practices as well as prioritising the health of both consumers and the planet. The company offers Cacao, boasting higher magnesium content than any other food, presenting a solution for muscle recovery, energy production, and calming the nervous system. Moreover, the Cacao is completely organic, preserving nature's best through freedom from chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

    Services Offered:

    • Wild-crafted Cacao products
    • Ethically sourced and sustainably farmed Cacao
    • Health-orientated products that are rich in magnesium
    • 100% organic Cacao, free from chemicals, additives or preservatives

    Email: info@sacredtaste.com
    Website: https://sacredtaste.com/ 



    Kakao operates as a mission-driven entity focusing on providing top-grade whole bean heirloom drinking chocolate sourced from small family farms. The company strives to uphold sustainability and fair trade, ensuring a direct relationship with cacao farmers in Peru and Guatemala. As an advocate of natural and minimal processing, Kakao delivers a product rich in nutritional benefits and unique plant compounds, realised through traditional stone grinding of the whole cacao bean.

    Additionally, Kakao infuses intention and reverence in its practices, from tree-to-cup cultivation, which aligns with their mission of reciprocity for land and people involved in production. Besides these values, Kakao supports customers' wellbeing through cacao products specifically crafted to enhance moods, creativity, focus, energy levels, and stress relief.

    Services Offered:

    • Provision of whole bean heirloom drinking chocolate
    • Providing sustainably and fairly sourced cacao from Peru and Guatemala
    • Offering traditionally stone-ground cacao products
    • Assurance of minimal processing to retain nutritional and medicinal benefits of cacao
    • Support to small family farming communities

    Email: hello@flykakao.com
    Website: https://flykakao.com.au/ 

    Part and Parcel

    part and parcel

    Part & Parcel is an online store that provides an assortment of products, including Ceremonial Drinking Cacao. The platform offers an attractive pricing system with special rates for members, highlighting their customer-centric approach. This platform's search results for 'ceremonial cacao' showcases their commitment to supplying high-quality, delicious cacao for their customers.

    Furthermore, Part & Parcel not only caters to individuals looking for pure, ceremonial drinking cacao but also provides an array of other products, including a Chocolate Hazelnut Praline. It's a paradise for cacao lovers and those on the pursuit of flavorful and quality cacao products at competitive prices.

    Services Offered:

    • Offering of Ceremonial Drinking Cacao
    • Special Members' pricing, instigating substantial savings on purchases
    • Availability of chocolate-related products such as Chocolate Hazelnut Praline

    Phone: 0475 128 908
    Email: hello@partandparcel.com.au
    Website: https://partandparcel.com.au/

    The Functional Joint

    the functional joint

    The Functional Joint is an online platform which features Cacao Mumma, an Australian company dedicated to delivering high-quality, wild-grown Ceremonial Cacao sourced from West Bali. The company prides itself in its direct partnership with local farmers who have tilled their land for generations and use ceremonial practices throughout each stage of the cacao cultivation process. The cacao trees are traditional Criollo variants, meticulously nurtured and harvested without using any sprays or chemicals.

    Moreover, The Functional Joint is keen on upholding the health benefits connected with raw cacao. As a nature's multivitamin, their cacao is bustling with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It has the potential to enhance mood, provide mental clarity, and increase energy—without the typical crash associated with coffee. It's also particularly beneficial for the skin, given its rich antioxidant content, which surpasses that of blueberries!

    Services Offered:

    • Offering of premium Cacao Mumma Ceremonial Cacao
    • Products sourced directly from traditional farmers in West Bali
    • Implicit assurance of organic farming practices—no use of chemicals or sprays in cacao cultivation
    • Selling of cacao, high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for boosting mood, gaining mental clarity and increased energy

    Email: hello@thefunctionaljoint.com.au
    Website: https://www.thefunctionaljoint.com.au/

    Health Nuts Australia

    health nuts australia

    Health Nuts Australia is an online store that offers Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao, which is no ordinary cacao. The cacao comes in three different sizes—100g, 200g, or 400g— and is made from 100% pure, organic whole Criollo Nativo heirloom cacao beans sourced from Peru. This high-quality, high-vibration cacao is chosen specifically for its rich, life-force-infused essence, making it truly exceptional.

    The Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao can be used in a variety of ways, including ceremonies, meditation, inner work, and creative pursuits. The rare and highly-prized Criollo bean is known for its spiritual and consciousness-expanding properties, making it a perfect companion for personal growth and development.

    Services Offered:

    • Sacred Earth Medicine Ceremonial Cacao in 100g, 200g, or 400g sizes
    • 100% organic and pure whole Criollo Nativo cacao beans
    • Beans infused with life force, grown in a powerful microclimate
    • Ethically sourced and fair-trade cacao available
    • Dosage and preparation instructions provided with the cacao block

    Phone: 02 93315370
    Email: healthnutskx@hotmail.com
    Website: https://healthnutsaustralia.com.au

    Happy Herb Co.

    happy herb shop

    Happy Herb Shop is a renowned online retailer that offers a wide array of cacao-related products. The online store features different kinds of cacao, including ceremonial cacao from starting at $38.00 and Tonantzin ceremonial cacao for $15.00. Happy Herb Shop emphasises the spiritual aspects of cacao, especially its use in ceremonies, and manifests a deep respect for cacao in all their offerings.

    The shop also offers other cacao products such as Tonantzin Chocolate for $11.00. In addition to individual cacao products, Happy Herb Co offers cacao-based bundles, like Ceremony Bundle and Energy Bundle. These pre-packaged collections of cacao products provide customers value for money and a convenient shopping experience.

    Products Offered:

    • Ceremonial Cacao
    • Tonantzin Ceremonial Cacao
    • Tonantzin Chocolate
    • Ceremony Bundle
    • Energy Bundle

    Phone: 02 6679 4103
    Email: info@happyherbcompany.com
    Website: https://www.happyherbshop.com.au/ 

    Wild Craft Tasmania

    wild craft tasmania

    Wild Craft Tasmania is an online store that specialises in the Consciously Crafted Ceremonial grade Cacao. This family-run business showcases Australian-made products that are handcrafted with pure love, care, and intention. The founders Paula & Sepp believe in producing premium quality and ethical cacao, preserving the abundant health benefits of the cacao plant. The cacao blocks have been stone-ground in small batches with 100% organic and ethically-sourced Peruvian cacao beans.

    Their products are not only crafted for high-quality standards but are also suitable for various uses - either in ceremonies, recipes, or as a mere staple in the kitchen. Their cacao has a beautiful review, quoted as "daily doses of magic", indicating its unique and exceptional experience. Finally, acknowledging sustainability, they utilise earth-friendly, biodegradable packaging for their products. Their ceremonial cacao is available in different sizes, including 200g, 500g, and 1kg sizes.

    Products Offered:

    • Consciously crafted, ceremonial-grade cacao
    • Options for different cacao product sizes (200g, 500g, 1kg)
    • Biodegradable packaging for sustainable consumption
    • Gift card services
    • A dedicated section for recipes using their cacao products

    Phone: 0447 522 983
    Email: wildcrafttasmania@gmail.com
    Website: https://www.wildcrafttasmania.com/

    The Cacao Club

    the cacao club

    The Cacao Club is an Australian-based company that offers a wide variety of ceremonial grade cacao products. They believe in providing customers with the highest quality cup of cacao, aimed at helping people find deep fulfillment and meaningful connection in their daily lives. With an emphasis on the purity and authenticity of their cacao, The Cacao Club supports mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by offering products that get people back in touch with their heart's calling.

    Their online store offers customers various cacao options, including Daily Drinking blends such as Calm, Focus, Sleep, and Intimacy. Additionally, The Cacao Club provides valuable resources, such as a free eBook, to help customers understand the benefits of cacao and its rich historical and cultural traditions effectively.

    Products Offered:

    • Daily Drinking Calm Blend
    • Daily Drinking Focus Blend
    • Daily Drinking Sleep Blend
    • Daily Drinking Intimacy Blend
    • Ceremonial Cacao Blocks
    • Free eBook for beginners - working safely and respectfully with cacao

    Email: thecacaoclub@gmail.com
    Website: https://thecacaoclub.com.au/

    Love Bean Cacao

    love bean cacao

    Love Bean Cacao is an online platform that emphasises the power of cacao as 'medicine of the heart'. Drawing on centuries-old indigenous medicine traditions, it extols the benefits and spiritual capacity of cacao. The website guide users through the essence of cacao, its origins, and the profound impact it can have on human health and well-being. The cacao offered by Love Bean Cacao comes directly from Guatemala, from lands imbued with the magical energy of a rich ceremonial tradition.

    Audrey, who runs Love Bean Cacao, hosts cacao ceremonies and other related events, using cacao to connect people with their true nature. Additionally, the website houses a regularly-updated blog to engage users with relevant information about cacao, its applications, and its illuminative history.

    Services Offered:

    • Culturally-respected cacao sourced directly from Guatemala
    • Cacao ceremonies & related events
    • In-depth information and stories about cacao in the blog section

    Email: hello@lovebeancacao.com
    Website: https://www.lovebeancacao.com.au/

    Grounded Cup

    grounded cup

    Grounded Cup is a Melbourne-based company dedicated to providing high-quality ceremonial-grade cacao to its customers. Establishing itself as a sanctuary, they offer thoughtfully sourced blends of organically made, single-origin, rare indigenous Peruvian ceremonial grade cacao. They emphasize their cacao's unique therapeutic properties which contribute to supporting mental health and achieving mind-body balance through its daily usage in various forms such as meditation or awakening practices.

    Not limited to cacao, Grounded Cup also offers specially roasted coffee. Their online store includes offerings such as Ceremonial Cacao Paste, a traditional cacao drinking cup known as Jícara, a traditional ceremonial cacao whisk called Molinillo, and even the opportunity for customers to book their Coffee Van or a Cacao Event.

    Products Offered:

    • Ceremonial-grade Cacao products
    • Specialty roasted Coffee
    • GC 250G and 600G Ceremonial Cacao Paste
    • Traditional Cacao Drinking Cup - Jícara
    • Traditional Ceremonial Cacao Whisk - Molinillo
    • Bookings for a Cacao Event
    • Coffee Van bookings

    Email: hello@groundedcup.com.au
    Website: https://groundedcup.com.au/ 

    Ceremonial cacao shops typically source their cacao beans directly from indigenous farms and cooperatives, primarily in regions like Central and South America where cacao is native. These shops often prioritize ethical sourcing, ensuring that the cacao is not only of high quality but also sustainably and ethically harvested, supporting local communities and preserving traditional cacao cultivation practices.

    Yes, ceremonial cacao can be used in cooking and baking. Its rich, deep flavor makes it an excellent ingredient for various recipes, including desserts, smoothies, and savory dishes. However, it's important to note that ceremonial cacao is more potent and less sweet than regular chocolate, so you may need to adjust your recipes accordingly.

    Ceremonial cacao is naturally vegan and gluten-free, making it suitable for people with these dietary preferences or restrictions. However, if you have specific allergies or health concerns, it's always a good idea to check the product details or consult with the shop staff.

    Ceremonial cacao has deep roots in the ancient cultures of the Mayans and Aztecs, who revered it as a sacred and powerful plant. It was traditionally used in rituals and ceremonies for its spiritual and healing properties. Today, ceremonial cacao is still used in various cultural practices around the world to facilitate connection, healing, and community bonding. It's seen as a tool to open the heart and foster a deeper sense of spiritual awareness.

    Yes, there are specific rituals and ceremonies associated with consuming ceremonial cacao. These often involve setting intentions, meditating, and participating in group ceremonies led by a facilitator. The ceremonies are designed to create a sacred space where participants can connect with themselves, others, and the spirit of the cacao plant. While each ceremony can be unique, common elements include music, guided meditation, and sharing in a circle. These rituals aim to honor the ancient traditions associated with cacao while fostering a sense of community and inner exploration.

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