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Copy of Top 35+ Solar Installers In Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

If you're searching for solar installers in Melbourne, Victoria, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be sure to ask for quotes from multiple companies. 

This will help you to compare prices and find the best deal. Second, make sure that the installer you choose is experienced and reputable. Finally, ensure everything is documented before moving on to work begins.  

This will protect you in case there are any problems with the installation process. With a little research, you can find solar installers in Melbourne, Victoria, who will meet your needs and help you save money on your energy bills.

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    Ultimate List Of Solar Installers in Melbourne

    Solar Flow Installers Melbourne

    solar flow

    1300 93 14 24

    Full-Service Solar Panel And Hot Water Installers Melbourne

    Melbourne's go-to resource for information on all matters relating to the installation of solar panels and hot water systems is Solar Flow. We take great pride in the excellent customer service we provide and the solid reputation we have built over the years. We take the time to get to know you and your specific situation so that we can help you choose a solar power system that is tailored to your precise needs.

    You shouldn't choose us if you're looking for the least expensive solution. We are a friendly and professional Melbourne business that acts in your best interests. If you want expert advice, custom installations that truly meet your demands, and excellent after-sales care, choose us.

    2 Ways We Help Your Home Or Work Save

    Solar Power

    Your home or place of business can have a high-quality solar power system installed by the trained staff at Solar Flow. This will enable you to cut down on your monthly electricity costs, lower your carbon footprint, and be friendlier to the environment.

    We can set up and install solar panels, inverters, and batteries at your location to supply your home or place of business with clean electricity. We also offer expert advice and recommendations, guiding you through every step of the process—from planning to installation to support to maintenance—starting with government rebates and moving on to each succeeding stage.

    Heat Pumps

    Hot water heat pumps can maximize solar savings, which is especially advantageous for those who lack the financial resources to buy a solar battery. They can simultaneously store extra solar electricity and reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

    The top Sanden heat pump supplier in Melbourne is Solar Flow. The most efficient heat pumps now on the market are frequently recognized as Sanden heat pumps. Compared to other heat pump models, Sanden heat pumps are eligible for the largest Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) reductions, which significantly lowers the cost of installation. They are a great choice for solar hot water systems because they are also very quiet (37 dB). Additionally, they provide some of the longest warranty periods in the business.

    Helcro Electrical Solar Installers Melbourne

    helcro electrical

    03 8804 5776

    Professional Service

    We offer a wide range of electrical services, including subcontracting and consulting.

    Due to their extensive combined experience working on residential, commercial, and industrial projects, our staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to surpass your expectations. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like a complete list of the services we provide or if you have any other questions.

    Affordable price

    You will be aware of the whole cost of the job before we even start working on it because we offer upfront pricing and charge by the project rather than by the hour. In addition, our highly experienced electricians can provide guidance on how you may enhance the energy efficiency of your home or building to reduce the amount of money you spend on your monthly electricity bills.

    Great Support

    Offering exceptional customer service has the potential to differentiate a business from rivals.

    Helcro Electrical knows how important it is to keep lines of communication open with all of its clients in addition to providing top-notch electrical services. So feel free to give us a call at any time; we are always here for the convenience of our clients.

    Service Warranty

    Each of our projects is completed in accordance with the guidelines provided by Energy Safe Victoria and the National Electrical Code. This guarantees that our work, including component assembly and any required repairs, will be error-free for the remainder of the installation's average lifespan.

    Our warranty policy's terms cover both the labor we provide and the parts we provide. In addition, any installation that we determine to be flawed will receive free maintenance and repair from our company, subject to the restrictions outlined in our Warranty Conditions and Exclusions Policy.

    Installing domestic

    Helcro Electrical is capable of providing electrical installation for low voltage current.

    Installing commercial

    Some of the aspects of commercial electrical work that we do are listed below.

    Bright Source Solar Installer Melbourne

    bright source

    1300 263 223

    Installation Of Solar Systems And Complete Energy Solution Supplier In Australia's Most Trusted Brand And Company In The Industry

    Our journey began ten years ago when we set out on a quest to harness solar energy in order to provide our clients solutions that make use of renewable energy sources. Thanks to our many years of experience in the solar sector, we have firmly established ourselves as a market leader in the General Electrical Services sector for clients as well as a Solar Installation and EPC provider for companies who sell solar panels.

    Bight Source is run by a highly talented team of executives and entrepreneurial thinkers who have always been interested in helping businesses increase their productivity and cut costs by using cutting-edge solar products and services.

    Installation Expertise Our Point Of Difference

    One of the things that has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors is the fact that we have always been respected within the industry for the caliber of the relationships we uphold. The length and breadth of our track record attest to our significant competence in the installation of solar energy systems. The project's schedule, effectiveness, and security are our top priorities.

    Our biggest selling point when it comes to providing general electrical services and solar energy system installation is that we hold certifications from all the major trade associations and have a staff of A-rated electricians. The size of our clientele is a testament to the quality of our offerings and industry leadership.

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    FAQs About Solar Installers

    Going solar energy is a great way to save money on your energy bills and do your part to protect the environment. The process of going solar is quite simple:

    1. You'll need to consult with a solar installer to see if your home is a good candidate for solar panels. Once you've decided to go with the installation, the installer will perform a site assessment to determine the best location for the panels.
    2. They'll install the panels and connect them to your electrical system.
    3. You'll need to register your system with your utility company so that they can start crediting you for the energy you produce.
    4. You can start saving money and your carbon footprint with just a few simple steps.

    Solar panels are a great way to save money on your energy bill and help the environment by using renewable energy. However, you may be wondering if solar panels will affect the value of your home.

    The location is the most important factor in determining the value of your home. If you live in an area with high property values, your home will likely increase in value regardless of whether or not you have solar panels. 

    If you live in an area with lower property values, solar panels may not have as much of an impact. Solar panels make your home more appealing to potential buyers and could lead to a higher sale price. However, it is important to consult with a real estate agent to get a more accurate estimate of how solar panels will affect the value of your specific home.

    One of the best things about solar is that they require very little maintenance. In most cases, a quick wipe-down with a clean, damp cloth is all needed to keep them functioning at peak efficiency. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

    First, if your panels are located in an area with a lot of pollen or dust, you may need to clean them more frequently. Living in an area with heavy rains, you'll want to inspect your panels regularly to ensure that leaves and other debris haven't accumulated. Following simple tips, you can ensure that your solar panels provide years of trouble-free service.

    Solar is a significant investment, so it's important to know how long it will last. A solar panel's lifespan depends on several factors, including the type of panel, the location, and the amount of sunlight it receives.

    In general, however, most solar panels have a 20-25 years lifespan. Some panels may last even longer, while others may need to be replaced sooner. 


    The best way to ensure that your solar panels last as long as possible is to perform regular maintenance and watch them for any signs of damage. With proper care, your solar panels should provide you with years of reliable service.

    Solar panels are a series of smaller units called solar cells. Solar cells are made from a special semiconductor material, such as silicon. When sunlight hits a solar cell, it causes the electrons in the silicon to move around. This activity creates an electric current. The current can then be used to power electrical devices.

    Solar panels are usually mounted on roofs or open spaces that get a lot of sunlight. They can also be used in homes and businesses. In some cases, solar panels are used to generate electricity for entire communities.

    Solar power is a clean and renewable source of energy that can be used to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

    Solahart Solar Installer Melbourne

    solahart solar

    1300 362 776

    Installers of Solar Panels, Solar Hot Water Systems, and Battery Systems, Solahart Melbourne West

    You can get help from the experts at Solahart Melbourne West with future-proofing your property's energy needs. We are both a supplier and an installer of solar hot water, solar electricity, battery storage, and intelligent energy management technology, so we can satisfy all of your requirements.

    From Docklands to the western and northern districts of Melbourne, we offer solar installation services. For the Australian market, Solahart has more than 65 years of expertise creating cutting-edge, effective, and durable solar products. Each of our systems is installed by experts that are completely qualified, trained, and experienced in their domains.

    This entails a process that functions without hiccups and a system that is connected securely and complies with all relevant industry requirements. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has accredited our whole team of solar power installers, and we are a participant in the CEC retailer code of conduct initiative.

    We only use the best materials: Goods from some of the greatest vendors, including as SolarEdge, ABB, BYD, LG, and Tesla, are included into our high-quality systems. These suppliers comply to our strict quality standards to ensure that their products are suited for the severe Australian climate. These items come from some of the greatest vendors in the globe as well as our very own Solahart products, which are designed and made in Australia.

    Solahart Melbourne West: Your Trusted Solar Installer

    As the first stage in their innovative work in Australia's solar energy sector, Solahart used a copper tank in 1953. We are still the industry leaders today. We are proud to offer solar equipment from the most respected brands in the solar business to all of Melbourne's western suburbs. Solahart has strength and experience in the solar sector, and we are a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

    EnergySpec Electrical Solar Installer Melbourne

    energyspec electrical

    03 9885 7834

    Welcome To EnergySpec Electrical

    We are specialists in both renewable energy and electrical contracting. As a company, we lay a strong emphasis on and commitment to quality. Unlike many other firms who only talk about it, we are worried about it.

    Our mindset, the materials we employ, the caliber of our craftsmanship, the design ideas, and our straightforward and trustworthy approach to all we do serve as examples of this. We are a modest to medium-sized company with our headquarters in Melbourne, and we are completely committed to catering to the requirements of our patrons.

    Solar Services

    For all things solar, EnergySpec Electrical is the go-to source in Melbourne. We work in all solar-related fields all throughout Melbourne, especially in its southeast suburbs, and our services are offered throughout the entire city. We have solar energy installers who are certified to work in both residential and business environments. To satisfy your needs, we will only offer you high-quality solar installations and power.

    Take control of your power bills.

    An smart financial investment is installing a solar power system. To assist you reduce your energy costs, EnergySpec Electrical offers a variety of environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment. In the designs and installations we offer, only premium products are used. If you want a solar system for your home or business and want to reduce the amount you pay each month for energy, we have a solution for you.

    Solar On Panels Installer Melbourne

    solar on panels

    1300 770 9087

    We are a top solar company committed to providing the finest caliber solar system. We take the time to listen, understand your needs, and recommend an exceptional solar system that significantly reduces your payment since we are aware that the only way for us to grow is to help you choose the best solar system.

    A family owns the Australian-based business Solar on Panels. Sales executives and certified installers are among the knowledgeable experts who work for them. You can be sure that everything will be taken care of at every point, starting with the initial phone call and continuing until the system is installed and running to the total and utter satisfaction of each and every one of our clients, because our team is thorough in their installations.

    Why Should You Decide To Go With Solar On Panels?

    LB Solar Installer Melbourne

    lb solar


    Solar Installation Melbourne - Trusted Local Team, Quality Products, And Amazing Deals On Solar Panels

    Without a doubt, Melbourne residents interested in building a solar energy system should choose LB Solar.

    With our extensive knowledge of the solar sector and a network of dependable local teams, we are able to offer high-quality solar products at competitive costs. In addition, we will ensure that your solar installation goes off without a hitch and is as efficient as possible, resulting in cost savings for your monthly energy costs.

    Because of our exclusive partnership with the top panel suppliers in Australia, we can offer you the most affordable prices on solar panels, inverters, batteries, and installation.

    We take the time to do a thorough pre-installation inspection to make sure each system is installed correctly and will operate without issues for many years.

    What benefits should you anticipate from having your solar system installed in Melbourne?

    Solar energy solutions are offered by LB Solar Melbourne, which has been doing so for some time.

    Our company is well known as one of Australia's most dependable and trustworthy solar solution providers. We have a long history of providing our customers with services and goods of the highest caliber.

    Members of our network include solar panel installers who are highly qualified, accredited, and in possession of current licenses and insurance.

    We have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction as a direct result of this, and as a result, our clients frequently recommend us to their friends and family.

    Here are a few more strong justifications for why LB Solar Melbourne should be considered the most reputable company for solar installation across the entire state of Victoria.

    365 Solar Installer Melbourne

    365 solar

    1300 365 564

    Solar energy has a major impact, and renewable energy sources are unavoidable. Create a source of clean energy for yourself, lower your power bill, take precautions against future rate hikes, and use the money you save to raise your standard of living. The benefits are vast, and by acting properly toward the natural world, you also have the added advantage of having a beneficial impact on it. We are not only a local supplier of solar energy, but we are also a retailer recognized by the Clean Energy Council and a member of it.

    Our Services.

    If you're interested in residential and commercial solar panels, we can help.


    The distribution, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems for residential and commercial buildings are among 365 Solar Australia's main specialties. We are seasoned solar installers with the tools and expertise required to deliver first-rate installation services. You may maximize the return on your investment by doing this. As a consequence, whether you need solar panel installation for a home or company, we can satisfy all of your needs. Contact us if you have any other inquiries.


    In an effort to create the most efficient system for you, we will conduct a rooftop inspection of your home utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technology. The optimal method for conducting this analysis will be used. If your house azimuth (the direction the rooftop faces), roofing material, roof pitch, and shading areas are suitable for a solar system, we will present you with a design package, along with metrics and performance projections, for a complete solar power system that is suitable for your roof and your desired outcome. We won't be able to install a solar system on your roof if they are not.


    In order to plan and implement the installation of a solar energy system that is certain to enhance your company's bottom line and boost its income by reducing its running expenses, we wish to establish a close working relationship with you. Your monthly electricity expenditures should be reduced as much as feasible, if not completely. We will use cutting-edge design tools to examine your commercial space, taking into account all pertinent factors and paying special attention to even the smallest details to provide an efficient and successful solution.


    Our goal at 365 Solar Australia is to give you solar battery storage options that will enable you to become energy independent. Our solar battery storage technology is efficient and effective, allowing you to save energy for when you need it most. We want to make sure you can utilize your solar panels to their full potential. You will be able to use the stored energy on cloudy days or at night thanks to our solar battery storage, which will also allow you to use less electricity from the grid overall. You can rely on us to meet all of your needs, and as a trusted provider, we can give you access to the newest developments in solar technology. If you're interested in finding out more about the various solar batteries we have available, get in touch with us.


    At 365 Solar Australia, we give you access to cutting-edge solar monitoring tools so you can precisely gauge how much energy your system is producing. Monitoring systems are an accessory that may be used with other systems with ease. They offer this feature as an extra. To make sure that solar panels are functioning properly and producing the anticipated amount of electricity, monitoring is essential. If you have solar panels installed at your house, you must at least once a week check the reading on the meter. This will give you a better sense of the output performance of your solar panels and let you know if there is a problem.

    Hello Solar Installer Melbourne

    hello solar

    1300 070 045

    Hello, Solar is an Australian company that offers solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. The following six states and territories are where our company conducts business:

    We At Hello Solar Give A Very Basic Guarantee To Our Customers.

    We install solar energy systems, and we do it properly.

    We will keep you informed at every stage of the process up until our CEC-accredited skilled installers finish your installation and you start paying less for your monthly power bills. Contact our helpful solar specialists to see how one of our platinum solar systems might help you save thousands of dollars. We want your transition to solar energy to be as simple and painless as possible. Do your own investigation before accepting our word for it. Check out some of the wonderful things our clients have to say about our services. What exactly are you anticipating? All you have to do is add some sunshine, to put it simply.


    Our team of passionate solar engineers will design a unique solar system just for your home and the amount of electricity you require. Therefore, take up the phone and dial 1300 070 786 to begin speaking.


    The next stage is for us to assign you to your own installation team, which will include an installation coordinator, an electrician, an engineer, and a CEC Accredited Installer & Designer.


    After your installation is complete, our skilled team of metering experts will complete all the paperwork required for your solar power system's grid connection.


    You will have full access to our task force of specialized support personnel, and you will always have access to their collective knowledge. We are committed to enabling a smooth transition into a lifetime of financial savings after choosing Hello Solar.

    Why, Hello Solar?

    Incredible Value

    Because of our extensive buying power, we can negotiate the finest costs. As a result, without considerably raising retail markup, these pricing are updated daily and disclosed to you.

    CEC Approved Solar Retailer

    Knowing that the retailer you are buying from is committed to offering a high level of service and adhering to the sector's best practices, you can shop with confidence. The Approved Solar Retailer programme serves as the jumping-off point for customers looking to establish a trustworthy relationship with a retailer.

    CEC Corporate Members

    It is our goal to conduct ourselves in a way that is morally upright, honest, decent, and respectful of the neighborhood, its residents, and the environment as a company that belongs to the Clean Energy Council.

    Australian Owned & Operated

    From beginning to end, all of our business is done in Australia. Most likely, a regional office not distant from where you are houses our headquarters. The lives of all families and the communities in which they reside will improve as a result of your investment in Australian businesses.

    Advanced Energy Management Solar Installer Melbourne

    advanced energy management

    1800 247 985

    Independence From The Continuously Increasing Cost Of Electricity

    Welcome to Advanced Energy Management, your one-stop shop for solar power solutions, including system design, installation, service, maintenance, repair advice, and warranty details. With your aid, we will be able to assist Australian business owners and homeowners in finding freedom from the crippling expense of electricity.

    For you to realize considerable long-term financial gains and freedom from the grid, our in-house team of Clean Energy Council accredited and approved solar technicians offers individualized and specialized energy solutions.

    Don't Give It Up! You've Earned It!

    The sun should pay for your next vacation. Most systems will have paid for themselves in three years or less. After that, every kWh your system produces represents money saved that you can use over the course of the following twenty or more years.

    Finance With No Or A Low Initial Deposit

    We can swiftly and easily arrange green loan funding for your home and business thanks to the relationships we've built with a number of financial institutions, enabling you to make the switch without any hassle.

    Products Of The Highest Quality In Tier 1

    For a solar system installation to last longer than twenty years, the components must be of the highest quality and be covered by strong, comprehensive warranties. Anything less increases the likelihood that your infrastructure will fail in a few years.

    Contact The Installer Directly For All Transactions.

    You may be confident that the top electricians will provide you with the finest solar solutions. Just us, no middlemen or subcontractors.

    Our Expertise


    Utilize solar energy to reduce one of the biggest costs that corporations must face. You might reduce the price of your monthly energy costs by up to 80%. Contact us to find out how to proceed.


    You may protect your home from the unpredictability of the future of fossil fuels by installing a solar energy system. To assure long-term independence from continually rising electricity prices, take control of your energy source.


    For over 30 years, we have offered better solutions for more effective electricity generation and consumption, and we have witnessed it all during that period. For maximum savings, store, reroute, and store your energy. There is every motivation to change the way things are done in the energy business due to the global prices of electricity.

    By lowering the burdensome cost of power, solar professionals from Advanced Energy Management can help homes and company owners anywhere in Australia achieve financial independence. Don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions about solar power solutions or would like more information on anything linked to energy.

    SolarHub Installer Melbourne


    03 9043 2387

    One of the first things that stood out to us when we added the market ten years ago was how much contradictory information was being provided.

    We sought to influence that change. Establishing a dependable service provider who would only offer our clients the best advice and products was our aim. And that's exactly what we've done. Modern technologies and established customer service practices have been successfully combined, making the entire process easier and more dependable from start to finish.

    Solar Energy

    There are several reasons why solar energy is advantageous for owners of residences and companies, including reduced costs for generating electricity, favorable effects on the environment, and potential increases in property values.

    How solar works

    Trione Energy Solar Installer Melbourne

    trione energy

    (03) 6706 04361

    Since that time, Trione Energy has been committed to offering the best and highest-quality goods at reasonable prices, assuring that Australian homeowners will experience significant reductions in their electricity expenditures. Regardless your existing knowledge of solar energy, we explain everything in a way that anyone can understand. As a result, our customers will leave the premises with a clear understanding of how solar power operates, the installation process, and the anticipated performance of their system. They will now be able to update.

    Solar Panel Installation

    Trione Energy is one of the solar installation companies in Melbourne with the finest reputation. There is no better location to investigate high-quality, competitively cost solar systems. Contact our friendly team as soon as you can.

    Your Solar Power Experts

    Since that time, Trione Energy has been committed to offering the best and highest-quality goods at affordable prices, ensuring that Australian homeowners will experience significant reductions in their electricity expenditures. Regardless your existing knowledge of solar energy, we explain everything in a way that anyone can understand.

    By the time we leave the property, our clients will be well-equipped to make an informed choice since they will understand how Solar Works, the installation procedure, and the anticipated performance of their system.

    We are really enthusiastic about our work and take a personal interest in visiting installation locations rather than just taking phone calls from clients.

    Eastern Energy Solutions Solar Installer Melbourne

    eastern energy solutions

    1300 755 125

    Since 2014, Eastern Energy Solutions has taken great pride in successfully completing every one of its projects.

    We are constantly looking for ways to make our clients' interactions with us as easy and educational as humanly possible, whether it be through our commitment to the push toward sustainable energy or our commitment to staying current with technical improvements.

    In every part of electrical, automation, air conditioning, and solar energy work, you can expect unmatched results. Read up on Eastern Energy Solutions' credentials to first discover why it is the top Solar Services Installer in Victoria. then request your free estimate right away!

    Our Solar Services

    Why us?

    We are adamant that using solar energy will soon become standard. Due to the ever-rising cost of electricity, solar energy is one of the best investments a homeowner or business owner can make today. As a result, your overhead expenses will decrease, your home's value will increase, and the environment will benefit.

    As your neighborhood solar panel installers in Melbourne, we set ourselves apart from the big solar companies by offering top-notch goods and services as well as wise counsel in an environment free of pressure to buy. This distinguishes us from the opposition. Your satisfaction is crucial to our success.

    Fair Value Solar Installer Melbourne

    fair value solar

    1300 324 804

    We have great expectations that we can positively impact the world, specifically the planet that we call home. We have been clearing forests for a very long time and for many diverse reasons. Forests that purify the air we breathe and aid in our recovery, similar to how our lungs do

    Everyone on our globe agrees that a tree is the potential closest friend a man could have. We nevertheless experience them without hesitation in spite of this. We won't understand that money is not something humans can consume until every last tree has been cut down and every last river has been polluted. More often should be set aside to honor and cherish this lovely planet. Let's finish it right away.

    Solar Enterprise

    Energy that can be obtained is not only cheap, but also safe. A green source of energy is solar energy. There are zero emissions of greenhouse gases into the environment when solar panels are employed to produce electricity. Because the sun provides more energy than humans could ever need, solar power is a crucial energy source in the transition to creating sustainable energy. Consequently, one of the most significant energy sources is solar electricity.

    Elite Smart Energy Solutions Solar Installer Melbourne

    elite smart energy solutions

    1300 013 875

    It can be challenging and time-consuming to choose the ideal solar solution for your house or business. The leading solar energy comparison service in Australia, Elite Smart Energy Solutions, aims to lessen this strain. Because we have a combined solar experience of more than 30 years and a nationwide reach into every aspect of the solar industry, we have an unmatched ability to choose the appropriate solar supplier for your home. To learn more about if solar energy is a good option for you, please get in touch with us right now.

    Solar Brokerage Service

    To give you access to the best solar technology and the flexibility of choice, we have partnered with the nation's top Clean Energy Council-approved solar dealers. Anywhere in Australia, this solution is intended to be a fully integrated solar energy solution for your home or business.

    Our crew will take care of everything, even the installation, on your behalf. Australian solar energy providers number over 4,000, making it challenging to research the industry. Elite Smart Energy Solutions, on the other hand, has more than 30 years of experience in this field, and we've used it to personally vet the solar companies we work with to make sure they only offer premium solar products, service that is guaranteed, and exceptional post-installation support whenever you need it.

    We assure you will get excellent service and support because of the strong relationships. On the other hand, we will not only provide you with a higher level of security and certainty but also with our very own guarantee because we believe it is our primary job to go above and beyond what you anticipate. If you experience any problems with the solar installation that our service negotiated for you but are unable to fix with your solar retailer, we will step in and work as your advocate until the problem is handled in a way that you are happy with.

    Contact Elite Smart Energy Solutions right now to arrange a free solar consultation with one of our knowledgeable Renewable energy specialists since there is a chance to receive rebates from both the state and the federal government and because it is straightforward to qualify for green loan financing.

    Benefits Of Solar

    If you install a solar power system that is suitably sized to match your needs, it is realistic to expect that your monthly energy bills will decrease by at least 75%. On the other hand, larger systems with more battery storage space can reduce that number to almost nothing. So, with Green Loan Finance, put the money you save on energy into your solar system so that you can pay it off quickly and simply and begin keeping all of the savings you generate in just a few short years (while also basking in the freedom from increasing energy rates each year).

    Total Solar Solutions Installer Melbourne

    total solar solutions

    03 9729 0076

    Solar Panels Melbourne

    We reduce your recurring energy costs while promoting a greener and more sustainable future. Thanks to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which is managed by the federal government, households and small businesses throughout Australia may be qualified to receive a benefit to help with the purchase cost of installing a small-scale renewable energy system, including solar systems.

    This category includes solar energy systems. The benefits you receive will depend on a variety of elements, including where you reside, when the system was installed, and how much electricity the system generated overall.

    In addition, the Victoria state government is offering solar panel and battery refunds, enabling eligible houses in the state to buy a high-quality solar energy system that is also dependable, economical, and long-lasting.

    Give-in tariffs are another way to profit from your solar system. With this technique, you are paid for the extra electricity you send back to the grid. To learn more about these solar rebates and incentives and to learn how Total Solar Solutions can help you take advantage of everything solar power has to offer, get in touch with them right away.

    Are You Looking For A Business That Will Address You By Name?

    The provision of consumers with the best solar products available in Australia is your main objective. We are not just another supplier of solar energy...

    Due to its consistent dedication to prioritizing the needs of its clients and its standing as a supplier of high-quality products, Total Solar Solutions Australia has grown to become one of the most reputable solar businesses in Victoria since its start in 2012. With an emphasis on the caliber of our craftsmanship, customer assistance, and satisfaction, our mission is to deliver to households in Victoria the best items available anywhere in Australia.

    What are the advantages of going solar for your family?

    United Solar Energy Installer Melbourne

    united solar energy

    1800 007 235

    United Solar Energy – Your Solution

    In order to limit the amount of carbon footprints that individuals, businesses, and governmental entities leave behind and to make the world a more ecologically friendly place in the future, United Solar Energy was established in 2009.

    By continuing to be dedicated to providing customers with solar systems of the best possible quality and providing a range of options, United Solar Energy has established a reputation as a renowned leader in the field of renewable energy engineering. This dedication endures to this day.

    Custom Solar Solution

    Even while the needs for power consumption in homes and places of business are frequently fairly similar, each of our solutions has been specifically designed to meet your needs for power consumption.

    We customize the solar panel and battery solutions we offer for you to meet your specific energy needs, taking into account both your current and anticipated future energy usage patterns.

    Some of our specialities are as follows:

    Repairs & Installations

    Our products for homes, businesses, and the government make use of cutting-edge technology and are created to the highest standards. having all required certifications and adhering to ISO standards

    All of our items come with a full 15-year warranty, and we support our clients at every stage of the buying process.

    Let's say there are issues with your system. In that case, our certified experts will arrive on-site as soon as possible to service or repair it to function at its highest possible efficiency level.

    Gnowee Solar Installer Melbourne

    gnowee solar

    03 9607 8956

    Install solar power facilities to take control of your life and make it more environmentally friendly. Our future depends on the defenses that renewable energy shields offer. It not only puts money in your pocket but also eliminates CO2 emissions and puts supremacy in your hands. You hold the key to an energy industry revolution.

    Systems currently offer better value, have longer lifespans, and are more efficient than ever thanks to the Solar Revolution. In addition, with the extensive installation of solar energy systems that run houses, cars, and businesses, individuals in this sacred site now have more control over their energy source. As a result, you need to be informed of your possibilities and decide which suits you the most.

    Here at GNOWEE, we work for you and see ourselves as your sun goddess defense. Since we are not obligated to any certain product, we won't feel comfortable installing solar technologies until we are certain that you have made an informed choice. Our Melbourne, Victoria, solar panel installers may work on household, business, and industrial systems and offer a wide range of other solar services.

    What You Can Expect From Us

    An in-home consultation is the first step in Knowle's dedication to provide top-notch service. Knowle is an Australian company that is entirely owned and run. Giving our clients the best service possible is always our main priority. The fact that more than 70% of businesses are established on referrals lends credence to this conclusion.

    Contrary to the practices of many other firms, we did not give price estimates over the phone. Our professionals have specially created PV and other solar systems that come with a home consultation and a real roof inspection when photovoltaic (PV) and other solar systems need to be installed.

    How To Go Gnowee

    Due to the abundance of solar panels accessible, many people claim to feel overloaded with information and unclear of the best course of action. We at Gnowee assist you in making an informed selection through our simple yet thorough process.


    How Gnowee could you go?


    Independence Day!


    Not much; all recycled

    Solar Calculator Installer Melbourne

    solar calculator i

    1300 921 8890

    We educate customers about the many benefits of solar energy and assist them in finding reputable installation companies. In most circumstances, solar energy is not only the most cost-effective alternative for private households and commercial establishments, it is also the best option for the future of our planet's ecology. On our website, you may find information on the steps that must be taken to switch to solar energy.

    You can make an educated decision on solar rooftop panels and batteries with the assistance of our free and unbiased solar power calculator, which is also available to you without charge. We provide calculators for all types of solar systems, including off-grid solar systems and solar systems that use batteries to store electricity.

    Also covered are tax breaks, feed-in tariffs, solar financing, available financing alternatives, suitable system sizes, solar panels, and battery storage. Let's say, in the end, that you decide solar energy is your best choice. In this situation, we also provide a free, unbiased price service for solar energy from our network of accredited Australian installers.

    We also provide a buying guide to help you choose the best solar panels while comparing pricing. This manual explains the costs, the installation procedure, the best panels, and the warranties you should be wary of.

    How To Maximise Solar Savings

    Self-consumption is the best way to minimize your reliance on the grid and maximize your savings from solar power. It involves using electricity throughout the day when your solar panels are generating it. The power your home generates but does not use will be fed back into the grid if you don't have a solar battery.

    For each kilowatt-hour you export, you will receive a feed-in tariff, but this tariff will only cover around 40% of the price of the electricity you buy. Therefore, bear in mind the following when using the calculator: the greater your daily percentage of electricity usage during the day, the greater the savings from solar energy.


    The main goal of our website is to give potential solar customers information that will help them decide whether or not converting to solar electricity will be advantageous for them from an economic and ecological point of view. Many clients who are looking for information on solar electricity for their home first visit our website to use the calculator or read the helpful articles we offer.

    This suggests that if they decide to get a quote from us, they will have done their research by spending time on our website and will have done so with knowledge. As a result, the solar leads we provide to your company will be of the highest caliber and originate from clients who are genuinely interested in the product.

    Integra Energy Group Solar Installer Melbourne

    integra energy group solar

    03 8786 8764

    Solar Panels Melbourne

    Australia's energy future will be dominated by solar power. Even if it weren't clear at this point, it should be apparent. The most significant element in this future will be the household solar panel. Australian residents now have the option of installing systems that make their homes fully carbon neutral and environmentally beneficial thanks to recent breakthroughs in solar technology.

    Solar energy for homes can reduce monthly energy costs and perhaps get rid of the need to use external power sources. With the help of Integra Solar, homeowners may drastically reduce their carbon footprints and increase their energy savings by switching to solar electricity. Some of the most skilled experts in the field are among our solar panel installers. We provide tailored solutions for each of our clients, ensuring that you will succeed to the fullest extent possible in terms of the appearance and use of your installation.

    Installers And Maintainers Of Solar Systems Who Can Be Trusted

    One of Australia's most reputable solar panel installers and maintenance experts is Integra Solar. In various places across Australia, including Queensland, Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney, Victoria, Western Australia, and many other cities and towns, our market-leading solar energy storage system service now provides on-site installation. Additionally, we provide quick emergency maintenance visits at each home and business we work with. Our battery packs and solar systems are state-of-the-art, and in addition to having built-in fail-safes that are redundant, you can have confidence knowing that our staff will be on top of any situation that may arise because of this. Working with Integra Solar gives you access to some of the top solar battery and panel installation services in the business as well as emergency maintenance services whenever you need them. The ease and peace of mind offered by our service are advantageous to Australian owners of both residential and commercial property.

    Eco Relief Solar Installer Melbourne

    eco relief

    1300 306 0098

    At Eco Relief, we are passionate about protecting the quality of our natural resources and working every day to create a more sustainable future. For instance, if we cooperate to improve how people use electricity globally, we will be able to leave a more sustainable energy footprint for future generations. As a result, we made large financial investments in the creation of renewable energy options throughout Australia.

    Since then, our company has grown, but the guiding ideals have remained the same. Owners of homes and businesses stand to earn much from cooperating with Solar Naturally. We intend to help people and the environment by effectively using our knowledge. According to us, investing in solar energy is equivalent to investing in the future. Regardless of the size of your project, we are a customer-focused company that guides you through every step of the installation of solar panels in Melbourne. Being a certified installer, we can ensure a high caliber of service.

    Due to Eco Relief's capacity to offer consumers the most recent technological breakthroughs at the most affordable prices, electric solar panels are a solution that is affordable to everyone. Our solar energy production is one of Melbourne's most effective.

    For A Solar System Australia Trusts

    We'll make sure that all of your needs are met and that you have the best renewable energy system available. We are able to offer the best solution for the project as a result of our strong connections with reliable vendors. The professionals we hire strive for optimal efficacy from the design stage through maintenance.

    Why Choose Us

    Save The Planet

    In addition to all the material advantages, using solar energy enables you to leave a healthy planet for future generations.

    Cut Your Bill

    It has been repeatedly demonstrated that installing solar panels can significantly lower a person's monthly energy expenditures.

    Control Your Energy

    Residential and commercial property owners have more control over their energy usage thanks to solar energy! You may generate your own electricity using solar panels, which are becoming more and more popular, with the help of both residential and commercial Eco Relief solar panels in Melbourne.

    Solar Nextgen Installer Melbourne

    solar nextgen

    1800 370 736

    The Most Reliable Solar System Installation Company In Australia, For Your Home Or Business

    Your partner for solar solutions is Solar NextGen. We think that a solar-powered solution will lead to a cleaner environment and a more effective use of renewable energy. Systems with solar panels don't end up in landfills. To achieve our objective of offering effective power to residential, commercial, and industrial structures, we provide a choice of flexible solar panels in addition to a lot more.

    Are you looking for the best solar installers in Queensland, Melbourne, or Sydney to meet your home or commercial requirements?

    In the end, Solar Nextgen became one of the CEC-approved solar installation companies with the highest pace of growth in Sydney, Brisbane, Queensland, or Melbourne. By utilizing solar panels that are both reasonably priced and durable, we as solar installers in Sydney hope to increase the security of your future. Solar panels, solar inverters, and residential solar panels are all available in Melbourne. was initially established as a center for research and development.


    Residential solar energy systems can reduce your monthly electricity costs. Make use of solar power to power your home.


    If you own a commercial property, investing in commercial solar panels is a wise move.


    Every day that goes by, environmental worries grow significantly. Bet on the future.


    Do you want your home, business, or industry to participate in the green energy revolution? Do you want to know how much each industry contributes to the total carbon footprint? Together, let's finish the job. Our company, Solar Nextgen, is one of the most prosperous solar businesses in Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney, and other parts of Australia. We believe that by utilizing solar power solutions, we can positively contribute to Mother Nature.

    Solar Today Installer Melbourne

    solar today

    1300 728 667

    Despite only beginning in 2009, Solar Today has been in business for nearly 12 years. With the same firm name and contact information since the beginning, we have assisted Victorians with their solar energy needs.

    Solar Today is a company with Australian ownership and management that specializes in supplying and setting up solar energy systems for both residential and commercial buildings. In order to ensure that we can quickly find the right person to help us fix any issues, we only sell solar products from firms that have offices or distributors in Australia.

    Tier 1 Mono Modules

    Each and every one of our solar panels is a Tier 1 panel, indicating that it was produced by a business with a strong track record in terms of expertise, bankability, and technological proficiency.

    100% Australian Owned

    From start to finish, all of our business is performed within Australia, and it's very possible that our headquarters are situated in a nearby local office.

    Australian Warranty

    In order to ensure that you can easily find the right person to help you solve the problem in the event that something goes wrong, we only offer solar equipment from businesses who have offices or distributors in Australia.

    One-stop Services

    Starting with the billing assessment and concluding with the grid connection, we provide comprehensive services.

    Quality Installation

    Every system is handled only by Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers to ensure the highest standard of workmanship throughout installation.

    Active Monitoring

    Errors can occur. You can rely on the power of unique algorithms to quickly identify and resolve issues or subpar performance.

    Warranty Promises

    We take pride in keeping the authenticity of our extended warranty assurances, which makes us unique.

    Revolutionary Solar Installer Melbourne

    revolutionary solar

    1300 296 003

    Solar Installers in Melbourne

    People all around the world are turning to installing solar systems in their homes and places of business as the cost of nonrenewable energy sources keeps rising and reserves need to be replenished. The number of solar installers in the city has also grown dramatically in recent years as a result of growing knowledge among Melbourne residents of the importance and benefits of the enticing solar package deals provided by commercial and public sector organizations.

    Installing solar Power System in Melbourne

    As electricity rates continue to rise, alternatives like solar power are becoming more and more popular for Melbourne homes to explore. In Australia, more than two million homes have solar technology, which might include solar panels, batteries, or other renewable energy sources.

    Decentralizing one's electrical supply is becoming more popular in Melbourne and Australia. Because of the rapid increase in the cost of electricity and the numerous positive effects solar power has on the natural world, installing solar panels in Melbourne will only become a more lucrative business in the years to come.

    Revolutionary Solar is happy to be among the most experienced solar installers in Melbourne, Australia, having spent a significant amount of time working in the solar installation field. We provide consumers in Melbourne and the rest of Australia with the top standard solar products and services.

    We provide individualized solar system solutions that are suited to each location's particular needs at a number of residential and commercial locations throughout Melbourne. The mission of Revolutionary Solar is to assist Melbourne residents in understanding the advantages of installing solar panels, including lower monthly energy costs and a lower total carbon impact.

    Customers have been satisfied and ecstatic as a consequence of Revolutionary Solar's provision of basic and bespoke solar alternatives across Australia. A growing number of Melbourne households are expressing interest in installing solar panels as a result of continually rising power expenses. Additionally, the numerous benefits of solar panels can lead to significant cost savings.

    The Advantages of Solar Power System

    A great way to control your energy consumption is by using solar electricity. Businesses and individuals in Australia are reclaiming power from the pricey national grid through the installation of solar power solutions that are both efficient and economical. In Australia, more than two million homes have already switched to solar power. That number is anticipated to grow further as the cost of energy keeps rising and the environment's condition keeps becoming worse. Once installed, solar energy takes little maintenance and can produce extremely economical, eco-friendly electricity.

    At Revolutionary Solar, we believe in the potential of solar energy. Solar energy is not just a great way to reduce costs; it is also a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy choice with the potential to change how we use coal and other resources. Because we think that people and communities can both contribute to the new energy solution, we are happy to be able to help Australian households and companies do the same.

    In Melbourne, Revolutionary Solar is a licensed solar installation. This indicates that the business is competent and able to guarantee that the installations adhere to both the appropriate Australian Standards and the best practices in the sector. As a result, we provide the most affordable prices in Melbourne in addition to the best solar panels, inverters, and installation services available.

    Revolutionary Solar in Melbourne

    Obtain the highest level of government certification available from our team of skilled specialists to put the most profitable solutions matched to your budgetary constraints into action and accomplish your objectives. Our team of professionals can offer you advise and customize the installation to be as suited as possible for your needs, from the design of residential solar panels to the design of commercial solar panels. Customers receive benefits from the reliable, affordable, and efficient installation that are both short-term and long-term in nature.

    We have made a name for ourselves as the top Melbourne solar installers in Australia because there is no excuse not to install the best solar panels in Melbourne, given that your energy bills will be significantly reduced along with the additional benefits of free installation, a guarantee of the lowest installation price, and a thorough warranty. The most advanced technology, solar power, is already being employed in 2 million houses in Australia. We have no doubt that you want to be on the cutting edge and employ the most cutting-edge technology available to improve the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to the creation of a better world.

    By switching to solar-powered appliances and systems, Australia can achieve its 20 percent renewable energy target by 2022. Make the planet a better place for children and grandkids to grow up in by investing in more cutting-edge technologies.

    Pacific Solar Installer Melbourne

    pacific solar

    (03) 8518 7845

    When it comes to the installation of commercial solar systems in Australia, Pacific Solar is the market leader. Our expert solar installation services are available to businesses in every state and come with a guarantee of return on investment. So start making financial savings right away and let commercial solar do its thing.

    Commercial Solar Melbourne

    Melbourne businesses: use commercial solar to protect against electricity price increases! When we initially started in the solar industry ten years ago, commercial solar power installations were unusual.

    However, a commercial solar system is now not only significantly more economical, but also significantly more efficient!

    By using this energy solution, businesses of any size can experience significant cost savings:

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