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20+ Best Wedding Videographers in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Are you getting married in Melbourne, Victoria? If so, you'll need to find a wedding videographer to capture your big day on Film. There are many talented videographers in Melbourne, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for you. This blog post will help you narrow down your search and choose the right videographer for your wedding. Here are the 20+ Best Wedding Videographers in Melbourne, Victoria.

First, consider your budget. Wedding videography can be expensive, so be sure to set a budget and find someone who fits within that budget. Next, think about what you want your video to include. For example, do you want a documentary-style video that captures everything from start to finish? Or would you prefer something more cinematic with creative shots and special effects? Once you know what type of video you want, start browsing portfolios and ask for references from past clients.

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    Ultimate List Of Wedding Videographers In Melbourne

    Film My Wedding - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    film my wedding

    03 9653 7436

    The greatest videography team in Melbourne, Film My Wedding, was established there after being moved by the need to immortalize human affection. In our opinion, moments should be recorded naturally to prevent the wedding video from being dated over time. So, while everything is going well behind the scenes on your wedding day, we capture these moments using a candid and human-centered videography method, ensuring that you may relive every moment of your lovely wedding film years afterwards.

    The majority of our clients remark about our seamless technique and how it contributes to the joyous environment on the big day. A Truly Candid And Timeless Wedding Videography Approach. Please read the over 100 reviews on Google and Facebook that attest to our professionalism. the top Melbourne wedding videography team. Timeless wedding videos are vital for loving couples.

    The Digital Poets - Wedding Videography Melbourne

    the digital poets wedding videography melbourne

    After recording a few weddings, I found that I was passionate about creating poetry with digital cinema. It started as a hobby and a way for me to express my creativity. Late in 2016, The Digital Poets was established. We take the time to find out what makes your relationship special, and we use that information to create an emotionally stirring movie that accurately captures you! a classic ornament to be treasured forever. Please evaluate our film in comparison to others and provide your comments. I'm hoping to hear from you soon!

    Merri Studio & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    merri studio

    0421 822 146

    It should come as no surprise that two of my greatest passions are photography and filmmaking. I frequently visit the theater to watch the newest independent and Hollywood movies. I will happily watch Netflix or HBO on any given weekday. The cameras, lenses, and other tools of the trade required to get the ideal shot are referred to as "the gear," which also attracts me.

    The Merri Studio, with its headquarters in Brunswick, Melbourne, provides live streaming, wedding photography, and wedding videography to couples in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Regardless of color, gender, age, or religion, we are a multicultural, experienced wedding planning firm that is proud to support all couples.

    As a result, we offer reasonably priced high-quality wedding photography, videography, and live streaming. Our packages provide something for everyone, whether it's recording unscripted wedding moments, documenting the wedding day, or live streaming the wedding service. The Merri Studio is pleased to provide excellent wedding photography and videography, and we appreciate the kind words that we get.

    Videoboutique Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    (03) 9044 6547

    With our three affordable videography packages and a number of add-on extras, Videoboutique has something to suit every wedding's style and financial constraints. When you work with us, you'll not only receive a wonderful wedding film but also get to know the entire Videoboutique team. We talk about things. We collaborate. We are concerned. It's reasonable to say that after nearly a decade of wedding filming, we have some knowledge about them.

    We'll be by your side the entire time. If you need help checking items off your to-do list, let us know. In the days before your wedding, let us know if you have any queries or worries. On the day of the event, we make an effort to stay out of the way, but we are always available for moral support. If you feel overburdened, kindly let us know.

    Pro eye Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    proeye video

    0410 441 888

    ProEye Video has a history of conducting business in accordance with our beliefs. Honesty, openness, and top-notch customer service are the foundations of our Melbourne wedding videography business. We recognize that our clients want options, flexibility, and the reassurance that their wedding will be wonderfully documented, therefore we are not here to spout forth technical speak. Your wedding memories are the foundation of every Film we make. We want to make high-quality wedding videography affordable for everyone, so we're here to support you at every stage.

    An open and trustworthy wedding videographer will be happy to show you clips from previous ceremonies. Finding a fantastic package offer is one thing, but you also need to be confident that your wedding film will be out beautifully. At ProEye Video, we like working with couples and witnessing their joy when they first watch their wedding film. We are assured in our skills and take pleasure in making each movie. When you choose ProEye Video to record your wedding, you're in capable hands.

    Crystal D Studio - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    crystal studio

    0424 56 77 33

    By working under pressure, adjusting to any circumstance, and capturing your special day as naturally as we could, we have gained your trust. When you engage us, you can be confident that your special day will be beautifully captured because it cannot be duplicated. Additionally, we can help you plan your wedding (time) so that everything goes smoothly. By doing this, you can appear more natural and not stress about the specifics.

    Your wedding will reveal a lot about you as a couple. We place the same importance on the same facts when making memories for our brides. We adjust to it rather than attempting to fit your special day into ours. We carefully consider the filming and editing methods to ensure they support your vision and the unique personalities of the couple. Detail-oriented work and client-centered listening are our main priorities.

    Tree Studio & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    tree studio wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0401 539 338

    On the day of your wedding, every ray of sunshine is valuable. We adore bright days and lovely bouquets. Genuine feelings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences are valued by us. Both your dancing and your romance are beautiful. We'll record every aspect of your story and vividly bring it to life. We are a South Melbourne-based wedding photography and videography business.

    According to Tree Studio, your wedding should be all about you. Our main objective is to reduce the amount of stress on your wedding day. We offer quick and easy booking processes as well as pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime in order to give our customers the greatest possible experience.

    Ateia Photography & Video - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    ateia photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    1300 558 446

    Best Wedding Photographers In Melbourne

    At your Melbourne wedding celebration, let the staff at ATEIA Photos & Video record your love story through chic and elegant pictures. Our wedding photographers will guide you through your big day by fusing artistic flair with a traditional approach. A creative team of some of Melbourne's best wedding photographers, ATEIA Photography & Video knows how to be in the right spot at the right time.

    With more than ten years of experience in the wedding business, we concentrate on capturing the most special moments with loved ones, making sure that couples get all they've ever wanted. Choose a team that appreciates the beauty in every wedding, including those with varying ethnicities, backgrounds, and sizes and those held in urban, rural, or rustic settings if you want the best wedding photography in Melbourne.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Videographers

    As a wedding videographer, you normally meet with each couple ahead of time to assess their needs and organize the project. Then, you can video the pair all day, record them at the wedding location, and photograph them throughout the ceremony and celebration.

    Between the hours of 8 and 10, Your guests don't want to sit through a half-hour of your newborn pictures, no matter how much they love you! An excellent video montage should last between 8 and 10 minutes; anything longer would dull your guests.

    Most wedding videographers estimate that your wedding film will take up to three months to finish. You can probably expect your wedding films to be edited faster if you are married during the slower months.

    When photographing a wedding, it's critical to have at least two cameras on hand. One will be your primary camera, and the other will be your backup. Swapping lenses during important events like the wedding ceremony can be difficult, noisy, and time-consuming.

    You should have at least two cameras for recording wedding footage. The best option is three, which gives you two shooters and a backup.

    Phenomena Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    phenomena photography & cinematic wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    (03) 98672259

    Brides have waited a long time for a boutique wedding business situated in Melbourne that offers customized services, amazing photography, and gorgeous finished products at an affordable price. At Phenomena Photography & Cinematic, our wedding photographers and cinematographers have more than ten years of collective experience. They represent a highly stylized method of shooting and editing weddings.

    One of the most significant days of your life is one that we want to accurately document. Utilizing only state-of-the-art tools and techniques, Phenomena Wedding Photos & Cinematic is at the forefront of distinctive photography and unmatched high definition videos.

    Turbo 360 Wedding Videographer Melbourne


    1300 207 446

    For some folks, hiring a skilled cameraman could seem out of the question. Since anyone can open a GoPro account, anything is possible. Unfortunately, these individuals usually produce jerky films with subpar audio. On the other hand, a pro can ensure that they are knowledgeable in videography and editing. Your tension is much reduced as a result. A professional also understands how to manage your brand and image to produce a beautiful result. Turbo 360 creates custom solutions for both large and small organizations, depending on your unique requirements.

    Turbo 360 has experience working with Australia's leading conference and expo events, making them experts in creating interesting and timely content for social media and other distribution platforms.

    Annette And Dani Films- Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    annette and dani films

    We used to be Burgess Video, and today we are one of the only all-female teams in Melbourne. We've been experimenting with ways to use photography to capture the magic of the world ever since we were little. We produce unfiltered, documentary-style movies that let you keep your experiences forever. Our fashion is organic and natural, carefree and romantic. In our ten years in the business, we've photographed over 700 of Melbourne's most stunning weddings, gaining experience and documenting various cultures and traditions.

    T-One Image Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    t one image

    03-8529 9698

    Beautiful wedding films are made in Melbourne and Sydney by T-One Image, a wedding videography company. These wedding movies are a one-of-a-kind method to preserve the memories of your special day by capturing all the beauty and excitement of the occasion. With one of our skilled Melbourne or Sydney wedding videography services, you can truly capture the soul of your wedding day.

    We work hard to capture the intimacy between you and your spouse, the character of your union, and the sentiments of your priceless family members who were there on your wedding day. Together, you and our wedding photographers will realize your vision and document all the important moments on your big day. Our fine art approach to wedding photography results in flawless, premium pictures that are as lovely, original, and special as your love.

    Focus Film Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    focus film


    A documentary film and photography project is called Focus Film. We work hard to give you real, exciting, and distinctive photos and videos of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. There aren't any staged fashion shots, fake smiles, or manipulated faces. It's just the two of you, your real wedding story, and the happiness of your wedding day.

    We spend the entire day with you and your loved ones, paying close attention to your happiness, your tears of delight, and your gaze. Instead of staged smiles, we capture genuine, unforced laughter. This means that when you examine your wedding photos and movies, the Vision is real, with real feelings, gestures, happiness, and real you. The best wedding videography and photography Melbourne has to offer is provided by Focus Film, which has been in business successfully for ten years. Focus Film has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in providing high-quality equipment and professional photographers and meeting high-quality standards.

    White Heights Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    white heights

    0422 261 654

    For more than 10 years, White Heights Media has focused on wedding photography and wedding cinematography in Melbourne. We've enjoyed having the opportunity to document hundreds of distinctive weddings. Many of our couples have left us 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook, some of which we've included on this page. Please take the time to check us up on these platforms.

    Because of our distinctive style, most couples choose us for their wedding photography and filming. On each pertinent page below, we've made an effort to characterize our style in both objective technical and subjective artistic terms. So the best thing for you to do right now is get in touch with us if you want to ask about our availability. By phoning or emailing us using the contact form below, please let us know your wedding date and any locations that will be important to your celebrations.

    Wedding Videographers - Flashback Feels

    flashback feels

    Adventures and preserving precious memories have always been top priorities for us. We are a close-knit team that puts everything we have into each photograph and movie. In order to offer the best service possible, we have maintained our small, intimate workforce despite our growing popularity. Along with offering products of the highest caliber, our devoted staff values stress-free wedding days. Couples have previously described us as vivacious, energetic, real, and like old friends.

    From our home in Melbourne, Victoria, we frequently travel by car to other regions of the nation. Since we have been photographing weddings for many years, we have had the good fortune to visit and capture many beautiful locations.

    Artistic Films - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    artistic films

    0498 477 432

    Our trademark is attractive graphics with excellent design! Our wedding films are intensely passionate, authentic, and unfiltered. The word WOW has been used the most to describe our wedding films, and I think it perfectly describes who we are.

    The unprocessed video from your wedding will be turned into a viewable film and given to you. Introductions, speeches, first dances, and family dances are all recorded in full from the ceremony to the reception, with the highlights of everything in between.

    The highlights reel for movies is back. An emotional cut that beautifully conveys the intensity of your wedding day. Throughout the day, it was edited to enduring music or audio snippets, giving it a very personal touch.

    A few days after your wedding, we'll email you two sets of 30-second sneak preview edits. The first is a landscape version that you can post to Facebook or Instagram, and the second is a vertical variant that works well with Instagram Stories.

    Lightbox Media Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    lightbox media

    As our couples relax and savor the day, we will capture the settings, subtleties, and elements that make your wedding unique. We like to document your day as it happens so that the film we produce truly reflects who you are.

    We are privileged to be collaborating with a small group of filmmakers. Due to the fact that we are a boutique studio, we only accept a certain amount of weddings. This guarantees that we don't compromise on quality or enthusiasm for our work. Despite the fact that Lightbox Media is based in Melbourne, we are prepared to travel to practically any location to be a part of your big day.

    Veri Photography And Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    veri photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0412 601 921

    A boutique wedding photography and videography firm with roots in Australia, Veri Photography focuses on destination weddings and presenting love stories. With wedding picture and video teams throughout Victoria and NSW, we have years of expertise documenting pre-weddings, engagements, and weddings all over the country.

    Desire - Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    desiren photography wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    0431 225 100

    About Desire - Wedding Videographers Melbourne

    Melbourne wedding photography and videography. a marriage of grand passion and extensive family tradition. A team of photographers and videographers called Desire is situated in Melbourne, Victoria, and is available all around Australia. We're thrilled to be a part of what will become "The Biggest Day of Your Lives" and it's truly a celebration of the "Beginning of Something Beautiful." This lets you remain true to yourself throughout the day while still getting advice from us at crucial moments.

    A genuinely cinematic video service. I'm Nick, and I work with a small group of skilled wedding videographers to capture all of your memorable moments so that you can relive them whenever you view your wedding film. Your family members' and friends' facial expressions, your feelings, as well as your tears and laughter, were all deftly caught and turned into a memorable cinematic experience.

    Mighty Vision Studio & Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    mighty vision photography & video wedding photographers in melbourne, victoria

    03 9191 1357

    With more than ten years of experience, the internationally recognized photography and videography studio Mighty Vision is headquartered in the thriving Melbourne neighborhood of Ashwood. Our talented, modern, and organic wedding photography and videography crew will document all of your special moments while showcasing your personalities and the atmosphere of the occasion. Each photograph is provided in high-resolution format and was taken by a professional. So on your special day, treat yourself to our great photography and video experience. You deserve it.

    Alex has extensive knowledge in the field, which, when combined with his enthusiasm, will result in excellent photos. His experience in fine art and photography enables him to produce unique, artistic wedding photos. He has received numerous prizes in both international and domestic photography contests and is a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography).

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