top 10 melbourne builders for timber retaining walls

Top 10 Melbourne Builders for Timber Retaining Walls

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your outdoor space, few things can compare to the timeless appeal of timber retaining walls.

These structures not only provide essential support for your landscape but also exude a warm, natural charm that can transform any garden or backyard into a picturesque haven. If you're in Melbourne and considering a timber retaining wall project, you're in luck! Melbourne is home to a plethora of skilled builders who specialise in crafting these beautiful additions.

To help you navigate your options and make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of the top 10 Melbourne builders for timber retaining walls. Whether you're looking for seasoned professionals, creative artisans, or cost-effective solutions, this list covers you.

Read on to discover the experts who can turn your timber retaining wall dreams into a stunning reality.

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    Empire Retaining Walls

    empire retaining walls

    Empire Retaining Walls provides both residential and commercial clients, including builders and architects, with practical and visually appealing landscaping services and solutions. They specialise in retaining walls, catering to various needs such as levelling sloping blocks or enhancing garden designs. 

    As experts in the Mornington Peninsula, they offer a range of landscaping services, ensuring each client receives personalised service, top-quality custom solutions, and the use of premium materials. They are fully licensed and insured and guarantee their retaining walls from the ground up.

    Services Offered:

    Retaining Walls:

    • Timber sleeper retaining walls with timber or galvanised steel uprights
    • Concrete sleeper retaining walls with galvanised uprights
    • Reinforced besser block retaining walls
    • Brick retaining walls
    • Stack stone retaining walls
    • Segmental block retaining walls
    • Repair work


    • Design
    • Excavation and earthworks
    • Decking
    • Brickwork
    • Repair work
    • Consultations

    Phone:0421 573 001

    Paine Group

    paine group

    Paine Group specialises in fencing, boundaries, and outdoor solutions, offering the expertise of a dedicated team that prioritises high-quality construction, strength, and character in their builds. 

    Recognising the importance of tailoring solutions to individual needs, the Paine Group ensures a thorough discussion of expectations and ideas with clients before commencing any project. This approach ensures that clients' visions are accurately realised.

    Services Offered:

    • Timber Fence (Paling)
    • Front fences and gates
    • Pickets
    • Decking
    • Feature Screens
    • Retainers
    • Landscaping
    • Steel Frame Gates & Sliders

    Phone: 0407 849 300

    FM Landscaping Services

    fm landscaping services

    Retaining walls are specially designed structures that provide style and character to yards, holding the soil on one side while being free-standing on the other. These walls are particularly beneficial for landscapes with uneven topography, allowing homeowners to utilise unleveled spaces effectively. 

    Whether the land around a home is slightly or drastically unleveled, retaining walls can transform these areas into usable spaces featuring elements like flowers or grass. FM Land Scaping Services specialises in designing and building retaining walls, ensuring homeowners can make the most of their outdoor spaces.

    Services Offered:

    • Concrete Retaining Walls
    • Steel and timber sleeper construction
    • Link Wall System Blocks
    • Timber sleepers using various choices of timber, including Treated Pine and Red Gum
    • Timber posts and concrete sleepers

    Phone: 0433 994 235

    OZ Garden Services

    oz garden services

    OZ Garden Services offers a comprehensive range of landscaping and garden solutions tailored to enhance outdoor spaces. As professionals in landscaping and retaining walls, they are dedicated to transforming gardens and outdoor areas into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. 

    Whether it's laying natural grass, installing artificial turf, or constructing decks and retaining walls, OZ Garden Services ensures top-notch quality in every project they undertake.

    Services Offered:

    • Landscaping
    • Retaining Wall
    • Natural Grass
    • Artificial Grass
    • Paving
    • Decking
    • Concreting

    Phone: 0455 666 060 / 0477 293 293

    OJ Fencing

    oj fencing

    OJ Fencing specialises in the design and construction of timber retaining walls, emphasising the natural aesthetics and durability of timber as the ideal choice for outdoor landscaping. Timber, being a sturdy and reliable material, seamlessly blends with the outdoors, ensuring that the retaining walls not only serve their functional purpose but also enhance the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

    With careful design and specification, OJ Fencing guarantees the creation of long-lasting, durable, and visually appealing timber retaining walls that will be a valuable addition to any landscape for years to come.

    Services Offered:

    • Retaining Walls:
      • Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls
      • Timber Retaining Walls
    • Fencing:
      • Colorbond Fence
      • Steel Fence
      • Security Fence
      • Garden Fence
      • Aluminium Fence
      • Post & Rail Fence
      • Commercial Fence
      • Brush Fence
      • Slat Fence
      • Landscaping
    • Gates:
      • Cantilever Gate
      • Automated Gate
      • Swing Gate
      • Sliding Gate
      • Pedestrian Gate
      • Commercial Gate
    • Bollards

    Phone: 0477 888 292

    Spot On Reblocking

    spot on reblocking

    Spot On Reblocking is a Melbourne-based company with over 20 years of experience, specialising in reblocking, restumping, and underpinning services. The company emphasises the importance of these services in ensuring the stability and strength of a home's foundation. 

    Reblocking or restumping involves replacing the original stumps that support various types of homes while underpinning strengthens the foundation by extending it to rest on more supportive soil. As a family-run business, Spot On Reblocking is committed to treating every home as its own, ensuring each job is "Spot On". They pride themselves on providing quality and cost-effective solutions tailored to meet their clients' needs.

    Services Offered:

    • New Foundations and Repairs
    • Underpinning and Re-stumping
    • Structural Cracks and Stress Line Repairs
    • Retaining Walls
    • Screw piles and Board piers
    • Excavations and site works
    • Building of New Homes
    • Extensions and Renovations
    • Pergolas and Decking
    • Adding a Second Story
    • Walkways and Driveways

    Phone: 0431 121 314

    D&L Landscaping

    d l landscaping

    D&L Landscaping offers a comprehensive range of services in Melbourne, catering to various landscaping ideas and garden design requirements. The company takes pride in delivering top-notch quality finishes tailored to fit any budget. 

    They handle a diverse range of projects, from small home garden landscaping to extensive commercial projects and schools, ensuring that every client's vision is brought to life with precision and expertise.

    Services Offered:

    • Retaining Walls (Block, Stone, Timber)
    • Concreting (Driveways, Pathways, Pads)
    • Decking
    • Paving
    • Timber Works (Arbors, Screens, Pergolas)
    • Irrigation & Drainage
    • Garden Lighting
    • Turf & Artificial Grass

    Phone: 0431 290 064

    Unearthed Landscapes

    unearthed landscapes

    Unearthed Landscapes specialises in the design and construction of retaining walls, structures that are essential for holding back dirt, water, and other materials. These walls are not only functional, preventing erosion or the collapse of elevated ground, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of gardens and outdoor spaces. 

    The company provides a variety of materials and techniques for building retaining walls, ensuring that each project is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. With their expertise, they guide clients on the best materials and construction methods, ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the retaining walls.

    Services Offered:

    • Concrete Retaining Walls: Durable and versatile, with options for decorative finishes.
    • Block Retaining Walls: Appealing structures that may require additional support depending on the pressure exerted.
    • Timber Sleeper Retaining Walls: Aesthetically pleasing but may be susceptible to rot and termite infestation over time.
    • Brick & Stone Retaining Walls: Popular for their traditional and permanent appearance, offering strength and durability.

    Phone: 10457 445 749

    AH Property Solutions

    ah property solutions

    AH Property Solutions is a Melbourne-based company that offers clients affordable and high-quality retaining wall services. The company takes pride in its ability to construct a variety of retaining walls using different materials tailored to the specific needs of the client. 

    Whether it's for new or existing homes, AH Property Solutions ensures that every project is executed with precision and excellence. Their team is adept at using various materials, including timber, and they emphasise a client-centric approach, gathering detailed information about the client's goals and objectives to deliver results that not only meet but exceed expectations.

    Services Offered:

    • Construction of Retaining Walls using various materials
    • Timber Retaining Walls
    • Planter Boxes

    Phone: 0421 955 881

    Melbourne Brick

    melbourne brick

    Melbourne Brick offers a comprehensive range of retaining walls and systems, catering to various needs, from simple garden edges to complex structures up to five meters high. Their product line includes interlocking dry-stacked retaining walls, concrete rock faces, smooth faces, and concrete sleepers suitable for diverse applications. The company has recently introduced M OZ Concrete Sleepers, available in grey and charcoal and in sizes ranging from 1800mm to 2400mm. These sleepers are favoured for their cost-effectiveness, longevity, and resistance to shrinking, rotting, twisting, termites, and fire, boasting a significant 55-year life expectancy. Melbourne Brick also emphasises sustainability, incorporating recycled elements in their products, such as the Freestone ECO range from Island Block, which uses recycled glass. They provide extensive displays and expert advice in their stores to assist customers in selecting products that align with their personal style and design requirements.

    Services Offered

    • Wide Range of Retaining Walls: Including interlocking dry-stacked walls, concrete rock faces, and smooth face walls.
    • Concrete Sleepers: In various sizes and colours, known for durability and resistance to environmental factors.
    • Sustainable Products: Featuring recycled elements, like the Freestone ECO range with recycled glass.
    • Expert Installation Services: For those who prefer professional installation of retaining walls.
    • Design and Style Consultation: Assistance in selecting the right product to match personal style and design needs.
    • Retaining Wall Ideas Gallery: Providing inspiration for the latest retaining wall designs and developments.

    Phone: 1300 722 102

    A timber retaining wall is a structure built from wood, typically used to hold back soil and create level terraces in landscaping. Its primary purpose is to prevent erosion, provide structural support, and enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces.

    Timber retaining walls offer a natural, rustic appearance that complements outdoor settings. They are relatively cost-effective, easy to work with, and can be a sustainable choice if using responsibly sourced wood. Timber also provides good drainage and can be customised to suit various designs.

    When planning a timber retaining wall project, you should consider factors such as the height of the wall, the type of timber to use, drainage requirements, local building codes, and potential maintenance needs. Proper planning is essential to ensure the wall's durability and stability.

    Yes, several types of timber can be used for retaining walls, including treated pine, redwood, cedar, and hardwoods like jarrah and ironbark. The choice of timber depends on factors like the wall's height, desired aesthetics, and budget.

    While small, low timber retaining walls can be a DIY project for those with the necessary skills, constructing larger or more complex walls is often best left to professionals. Professional builders have the expertise to ensure proper structural integrity and compliance with local regulations, which is crucial for safety and longevity.

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