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What Are The Best Churches In Melbourne?

Melbourne has a lot to be proud of in terms of its religious institutions and churches. The city is home to a wide variety of churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues, as well as a couple of grand cathedrals.

Centrally located between Parliament and Fitzroy Gardens, across from the Park Hyatt Hotel, is St. Patrick's Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. St. Paul's Cathedral, the metropolitan church of the Anglican Diocese, is conveniently located near Federation Square, the Yarra River, and Chapter House Lane. Those taking the train will find Flinders Street Station very close by.

Melbourne, the capital and largest city in the Australian state of Victoria, is also the second most populous city in all of Australia. Melbourne's culture and way of life have been widely praised and promoted internationally. For this reason, Melbourne is often considered Australia's cultural capital. You can learn a lot about Melbourne's history and culture simply by visiting the city's many historic churches.

Melbourne’s Best Churches

At times, we don’t have much knowledge about the significance of the place we are visiting. However, through this list of prominent churches in Melbourne that we have curated, you will find all the information you need to know before you step inside these churches.

Patrick's Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of Melbourne's most well-known places of worship. The church's traditional east-west axis is meant to represent the Christian faith in the afterlife.

The church's design includes a nave, transepts (an auxiliary section), a sanctuary with seven chapels, and sacristies. The congregation had hired an architect to design the church building by 1851. In 1939, construction on the church and its annexe was finally finished after years of hard work.

There are claims that St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of Melbourne's architectural crowning achievements. Located on the outskirts of the city grid, it is close enough to the beating heart of Melbourne to be a formidable presence and to have a life of its own. It continues to serve as the archdiocese's mother church and a focal point for Catholicism. The cathedral's pipe organ, installed in the late 1870s, is still in use today despite the many restorations that have been performed on St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Construction on the magnificent Roman Catholic cathedral began in 1858 and was not concluded until more than 80 years later. St. Patrick's is a beautiful church in the neo-Gothic style that sits on a hill above the city centre and serves as a place of worship for many.

Many of Australia's earliest settlers came from Ireland, so the cathedral has strong ties to Irish Catholicism.

Melbourne's St. Patrick's Cathedral has been called the "Mother Church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne" and is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. St. Patrick's Cathedral was elevated to the status of a minor basilica by Pope Paul VI in 1974. It is Australia's largest and tallest church building, and it sits just outside the city centre.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church East Melbourne

While it may not be as well-known as some of Melbourne's other cathedrals, this one is certainly worthy of your time. Red bricks have been used throughout the building's design. Because of the red bricks, the church has a charming, historic appearance.

Just like other places of worship, Holy Trinity is revered for its long and storied past, which exemplifies God's unfailing generosity and affects countless lives. The Christian community, of which the church is a part, is also known for being dynamic.

The Orchard Seventh-day Adventist

The Orchard Seventh-day Adventist has two focuses; firstly, to present Jesus Christ as the Saviour for all humanity to the people of Melbourne in an engaging and Biblically accurate way. 

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For men and women of Melbourne to know that even in this so-called sophisticated city in which we live, the answer to our problems, heartaches, and woes is not found in materialism, libertarianism or extravagant living, but in Jesus Christ, God with us, who when accepted into the heart, brings a richness, fullness, purpose and satisfaction to life. 

Through Jesus Christ, we become better parents, better spouses, more reliable and trustworthy friends, more efficient and effective at work, and add real value to the society in which we find ourselves.

Hillsong Church Melbourne City Campus

There are many Melbourne residents who attend this church. This is due to the fact that the music here is performed with contemporary instruments. Because of this, it's become quite well-known in the community. One can also find success in establishing new friendships there.

It's a fresh take on the idea of churches, and it's been credited with making people think about religion and spirituality in new and interesting ways. Come to this church to take part in exciting events that will forever remain etched in your memory.

Paul's Cathedral

After its completion and dedication in 1891, St. Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne quickly became the centre of the city's Anglican community and is still considered a landmark today.

St. Paul's was designed by William Butterfield, an English architect well-known for his work in the Gothic Revival style, and features particularly ornate architecture, statues, patterned floor tiles, and a highly decorated interior. An impressive statue of Matthew Flinders, who in the early 19th century became the first sailor to sail around Australia's coast, stands outside.

One of Melbourne's most recognisable structures, St. Paul's Cathedral can be found directly across the street from Federation Square and Flinders Street Station.

English Gothic Revival architect William Butterfield designed and oversaw construction. In spite of the fact that the building itself was finished in 1891, the spires weren't added until 1932. Built from Geelong sandstone and limestone, St. Paul's Cathedral is a stunning architectural achievement. The Moorhouse Tower, the cathedral's main spire, is the second-tallest Anglican spire in the world. If you ever get the chance to visit St. Paul's, you should do so solely to marvel at the building's intricate interior.

The first organised Christian services in Melbourne took place in St. Paul's Cathedral, where Dr. Alexander Thomson presided in 1836.

With the laying of the cornerstone in 1891, construction of the cathedral finally began. Every day since the cathedral's completion in 1896, worship has taken place there. Thousands of people from the world's most liveable city flock here each year to pray, reflect, and soak up the serene atmosphere of this holy place.

William Butterfield's Gothic Revival St. Paul's Cathedral is located on the traditional lands of Kulin. It receives more than 400 thousand visitors annually, making it Victoria's most popular religious destination.

Famous pipe organists were hired to design and instal the instrument in the church. By the late 19th century, St. Paul's Cathedral had undergone numerous restorations and had installed coloured glass lanterns and windows.


On February 8, 2015, INChurch debuted in Caroline Springs, a western Melbourne suburb. The Word of God and God's plans for us serve as the cornerstones upon which our church was founded.

INchurch is a relatively small church in comparison to the other Melbourne churches, but it is expanding rapidly. INChurch's ministers are heavily engaged in community service. The name of the church is ImagineNations, and its foundation is the belief that Jesus Christ is the ultimate hope for all people everywhere.

One of the most common claims about the church is that it has had a profoundly good effect on people all over the world. But there are always new things happening here that you simply must see to believe.

This is the time we were meant to be here, and we firmly believe that we were created for it. INChurch Melbourne aspires to be a thriving, healthy multigenerational community with distinct ministries for all age groups: men, women, seniors, twenty-somethings, and young people. Each of us, we believe, can "supply our part" to a greater whole if we all work together.


CrossCulture They are a cross-cultural church that believes that Jesus is the Son of God. He brings a message of hope to all people. Their vision is for people to know Christ, grow in Him and proclaim Him.

Their community crosses many cultures and backgrounds but is united in our trust in Jesus, our God & Saviour. They are passionate about taking this message of Jesus to people across all cultures, here and worldwide.

Saint Francis’ Church

St Francis Church is one of the oldest Catholic churches and one of the very few buildings in the community, built before the Victorian gold rush of 1851. 

A foundation stone was laid in 1841. The first mass on the church was held in 1842, where the church's construction was only completed in 1845. St Francis is one of the city's most popular, widely used and popular churches, with over an estimate of 10,000 worshippers attending the masses. 

You can come together as a fellowship, but most importantly, as a family to pray, laugh, and share in your joys and happiness. No matter if you are a very spiritual person close to God or someone who is just beginning their journey, there is a place for you here. 

You can experience heartfelt worship, good friends and a refreshing look through their Scripture Study group and your outdoor social activities. Here, free parking facilities are also available. In addition, St Francis was installed with an organ that still serves the choir and prayers.

The Saint Francis’s Church in Melbourne is one of the few buildings in Melbourne which was constructed before the Victorian Gold Rush of 1851. As a result, this is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Victoria.

It is also one of the busiest ones in entire Australia. This church is dedicated to St Francis’ of Assisi. The building is so well maintained that you will not believe how old the church is. It has beautiful finishing throughout.


Scots’ Church

Scots’ church has one of the fascinating architectural designs, both from its interior and external appearance. Built between 1871 and 1874 in a gothic style, it was designed by one of Australia’s most famous architects, who intended to be one of Australia’s most beautiful churches. 

The interior features an impressive collection of large and smaller stained glass windows depicting various Christian themes. This church was the First Presbyterian Church to be built in Victoria.

Scots’ church is a Presbyterian Church which is located in the city of Melbourne. This is the First Presbyterian Church that was built in Victoria.

 The church is located on Collins street.

During the time of its construction, it was considered the most beautiful building in Australia. The service here is held every Sunday, while the Communion is held on the first Sunday of every season.

 Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

The Diocese of Melbourne is a metropolitan diocese in the Anglican Province of Victoria. I highly recommend paying this church a visit. This church has a rich history that spans every sacrament from baptism to marriage, and it is for this reason that it is so well-known.

Chaplaincy, multiethnic ministry, youth and family, relief and mission organisations, and theological education are just a few of the areas where this church excels.

Wesley Uniting Church

The Wesley Uniting Church is designed in Gothic style and looks mesmerizing. The entire structure of the church takes the form of a cross. 

There is a statue of John Wesley at the entrance of the church. This Christ-based church is believed to be focusing on influencing and empowering the world.

You can visit here with your family to understand its significance on a global platform and not just in Melbourne.

FAQs Best Churches in Melbourne

Melbourne has fantastic weather all year round. But the right time to go there is between March to May or September to October. So you will be able to explore the place quite comfortably.

Even though people from different religions constitute Melbourne, there is a strong Christian influence out there that cannot be denied. Some of the famous churches are Saint Francis’s Church, Scots’ Church, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Wesley Uniting Church, and many more.

There are some churches in Melbourne that hold strong significance in Melbourne’s history. Some of the historically significant churches located in Melbourne are Saint Francis’s Church, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and many more.

Michael’s Uniting Church

The St. Michael’s Uniting Church is a magnificent historic church that is aimed at offering clear and contemporary teachings or understandings of Christian values. The interiors of the church are arranged beautifully that would even remind you of a theatre.

Known for organizing various events, St. Michael’s Church gives a platform to the masses to engage themselves in the pathways of well-being as well as enlightenment. Don’t forget to attend the Sunday meetings here, as they’re considered to represent an amalgamation of traditional and modern values.

St Michael’s Uniting Church was originally built in 1839 but was knocked down and rebuilt in 1866 by Joseph Reed, who also designed the Melbourne Exhibition Building and The Melbourne Town Hall.designed the church in Lombardic style due to his appreciation for this late Roman architectural tradition.

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The minister who was in charge during 1866 wanted to reflect a theatre-like design so everyone could look onto and hear the preacher. The church practices contemporary preaching and focuses on embracing their inner well-being.

Patrick’s Cathedral

The St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a beautiful church which is located at the edge of the city. The construction and the architecture of the place are done in European gothic style. One can feel the calmness and serenity while visiting the place.

The place is also popular for the bells it has. Instead of ringing clockwise, they ring anti-clockwise.

Lifehouse Church

The Lifehouse Church is famous for the great service it provides. The choir and music of the place are said to be quite nice. If you want a friendly, welcoming, and calm atmosphere, then you should definitely go to Lifehouse Church.

The church has been established in order to convey the message of God based on redemption and hope. The doors of this church are open for people from all walks of life so that each can receive the warm love of Jesus! The interiors of the church are awe-striking, making it worth your visit!

Church of Scientology Of Melbourne

Scientology is a different brand of belief. People who are believers of Scientology understand that a human is an immortal and spiritual being that is only residing in a physical body. Therefore, this church is essential for those who believe in and are followers of Scientology.

The church prides itself in organizing various social programs that create awareness about anti-drugs, scholastics, human rights, etc. Founded in 1955, it is the oldest Scientology Church of Australia and the first one to be established in the Southern Hemisphere.

CrossCulture Church

The CrossCulture church is a very welcoming church for all its visitors. There is a bible reading session conducted from time to time. The place also organizes classes for English to help the newcomers get a grasp of this language. The church even has a youth group.

There’s free coffee available in this church, and there are no restrictions on clothes, so you can wear whatever you want! It also ensures a great environment for children of all ages.

Peter's Church

The centrally located St. Peter's Church was built in the mid-19th century, and two years after it was completed, Melbourne was proclaimed a city from its exact steps.

Now one of the oldest buildings in the city, St. Peter's Church, is located at the top end of Parliament Gardens. It boasts impressive architecture, many period features and detailed carvings.

St Mary of the Angels Basilica, Geelong

St Mary’s is deeply rooted within the history of Geelong and was built for the ever-growing population during the Gold Rush years when many Catholics lived in the area and required a sacred place, much like they had in their communities back in England. 

The Gold Rush that began in 1851 saw the town’s population almost quadrupled to nearly 4000, leading to plans of a larger church, which took the form of the building seen today. 

The church has become an icon for Geelong, thanks in part to the beautiful designs of this magnificent cathedral-like building, which stands 200 feet long, 130 feet wide, and lost 40,000 pounds at the time of construction.

St Mary Star of the Sea

This church is known as one of the most significant and beautifully designed churches throughout Australia. It was constructed and finished by 1900 and was built to hold over 1,200 people, making it one of the largest parish churches in Melbourne. 

The architect who designed the church took inspiration from the French gothic styles prominent in parts of Europe. 

St Mary Star of the Sea took eight years to build, and due to financial hardships, many thought Henderson was too ambitious. However, at the end of those eight years, determination paid off, and now it stands as one of the most striking churches in Melbourne.

St James' Old Cathedral

A London architect named Robert Russell designed St James’ Old Cathedral in a Colonial Georgian style with the intention to incorporate asymmetrical flair, which helps bring out the structure’s beauty. 

It is one of the oldest churches in Melbourne and served as the city’s Anglican cathedral until St Paul’s Cathedral was consecrated in 1891. Although the exterior appears modest, its interior presents a simple yet beautiful harmony throughout its design. 

The cathedral holds weddings, as well as several other events open to the public.

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