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15+ Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula [2022]

The Mornington Peninsula is home to some of Australia's best breweries. Located just outside Melbourne, the region is known for its scenic beauty, relaxed lifestyle, and award-winning beers.

There are currently eight breweries operating in the Mornington Peninsula, each with its unique style and character. Among them is widely considered to be the best brewery in the region. Beers are all made using traditional methods, and the brewery offers a wide range of styles, from light ales to dark stouts.

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    Ultimate List Of Best Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    Tar Barrel Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    tar barrel brewery in mornington peninsula

    0413 238 158

    Red Hill's well-known Tar Barrel corner got its name from road workers who stored tar barrels there while constructing roads on the Mornington Peninsula.

    In order to continue making award-winning craft beers at 72 Watt Road Mornington, the original location of Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Matt Bebe and Andrew Gow have reconnected as TAR BARREL Brewery & Distillery. And now that a whiskey and gin distillery has been established, it has expanded its capacity to provide more expertly designed flavor sensations. Additionally, the new Tar Bar will uphold its commitment to being "local" and using "local," serving up core and specialty beers on tap to go with its renowned wood-fired pizzas. All are cared for with the help of local wines and spirits. An important place to visit.



    Beer Tasting Paddle 4 x 150ml ($18)

    At Tar Bar, a taster paddle is the ideal way to begin your exploration of beer. Four (4) of our beers are available on tap, either core or speciality. The best part is that after you finish the paddle, your favorite beer is available in a pot (285ml), schooner (425ml), or pint (570ml) for you to enjoy.

    Australian Whiskey Tasting 3 x 15ml ($20)

    For your convenience, we have carefully picked a small selection of Australian whiskey. There are many different grain bills, including Rye, Corn, Wheat, and Barley, as well as Rye Whiskeys (51%+ Rye grain).

    3 x 15ml single-malt whisky tastings ($20 regular or $25 premium)

    You have a choice between the ordinary taste and the premium tasting. For people who have more experience drinking whiskey, the premium is ideal. The whiskey is produced by Chief's Son, the only single-malt distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, which is located in Somerville.

    Gin Tasting Paddle 3 x 15ml ($20)

    The appeal of the gin-tasting paddle is that you can select three (3) of our regional gins, your mixer (tonic or soda), your garnishes, and then combine all of these elements to create your own unique taste experiences.


    We are committed to buying locally, so we only use wine from the Mornington Peninsula. Additionally, you can choose from the Crittenden Estate Wine selection or those made by other local wineries.


    Red Hill Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    red hill brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5989 2000

    In addition to extended hours in the summer, the Red Hill Brewery bar is open from Thursday through Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. The primary lunch menu is available from 12 to 4 pm every day we are open. Most of the day, from noon until closing, there are always snacks that go well with beer.

    We don't accept reservations. However, everyone is welcome at any time for cocktails, supper, or takeout. Nachos, BBQ Chicken Wings, Ribs, Burgers, etc. are just a few of the dishes on our extensive menu that go well with beer. All of our beers are available for consumption in the bar, as takeout, or by placing an online order for pickup or delivery.

    Enjoy the wide deck, the beer garden, and our recently remodeled outside eating and drinking areas while you unwind, take in the countryside scenery, observe the hops, and sip on a beer.

    Queenscliff Brewhouse Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    queenscliff brewhouse in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5258 1777

    Those seeking flavor can visit the Queenscliff Brewhouse. With an on-site brewery, distillery, variety of tasting experience packages, brew or blend your own options, award-winning restaurant, tasting room, and dog-friendly beer garden, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We support Australian independent breweries and cider manufacturers in addition to our local community.

    We make beer on-site in our microbrewery because our mission at the Brewhouse is to showcase the craft of brewing beer. We also provide a variety of packages, ranging from "Information & sampling" to "working with a brewer" experiences. But we don't just create wonderful Queenscliff Beer. So when dining in our restaurant, sip beer right from the tanks.

    FAQs About Brewery

    The average cost to start a brewery depends on your desired business scale. Generally, first-time brewers would prefer to start small. According to Profitable Venture, the cost to start a microbrewery could reach up to $750,000. On the other hand, a medium-scale brewery costs about $1.5 million.

    Large craft breweries such as Goose Island can produce up to 100 BBL of beer per batch – with several batches being produced a day. On the flip side, smaller nano-breweries can produce as little as 1 BBL or less for each batch – with the majority of smaller micro-breweries producing around 7 barrels per day.

    Mornington Peninsula Brewery Free has been launched by the Tribe Breweries group,saying such a beer has been a "top priority" over the past year. It's been created with a yeast especially designed for such beers, one that produces the sort of esters you'd find in a beer without also producing alcohol. Wineries, fresh produce and farmers' markets have always called the peninsula home, and more recently, it has become an area renowned for its beer as well. The first brewery opened on Mornington Peninsula over a decade ago, and now there are a number of craft breweries to visit in the area.

    Suppose you’re looking for the ultimate beer tasting in and around the most liveable city in the world. In that case, Melbourne Brewery Tours provides everything you need – including a designated driver so you can do all the tasting you want.

    This duration gives the flavours in the beer enough time to balance and mix well, resulting in a well-balanced beer. Being well-informed about the beer brewing process keeps you well-prepared, reduces the risk of costly errors, and results in the desired flavour profile. Learning more about the major ingredients in beer is essential to truly appreciate the work and skill that goes into your favourite brew. As one of the key ingredients to beer, malts are an important aspect of the brewing process that must be understood in order to produce quality alcohol.

    Peninsula Beverage Co Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    peninsula beverage co brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5977 0599

    We offer a huge selection of locally produced goods, such as labels from the Mornington Peninsula without a cellar door, craft beers, well-known favorites, distinctive spirits, small-batch goods, and seasonal goods.Even cheese and snacks are available, along with unique presents and glassware. The perfect gift can be found or made at Peninsula Beverage Co.

    With more than 60 beers, 150 wines, 15 ciders, and 90 spirits, we have a distinctive and expanding assortment. The Mornington Peninsula accounts for about 90% of our collection, with the remaining 20% coming from other parts of Australia. For a simple evening at home, you can simply order our snacks to go.

    Bass & Flinders Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    bass & flinders distillery & brewery in mornington peninsula

    61 414 238 444

    It takes time to develop a spirit of the highest kind. It calls for originality and meticulousness. We at Bass and Flinders Distillery are incredibly proud of our distinctive approach to creating high-quality, expertly produced Australian spirits. Because we pay close attention to every detail, we decide to create our own grape-based eau de vie spirit, or "Water of Life," which serves as the foundation for our whole product line. Our distillery, which is located in Dromana on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, is where we make all of our alcoholic beverages.

    All of our spirits, including gin, brandy, and liqueurs, have been made from wine supplied from a single Victorian vineyard because we believe that quality begins with the grape. In order to oversee the entire production process from vine to bottle, this enables us to collaborate closely with our winemaker to maintain consistency in acidity, sugar levels, and fruit ripeness. This is our idea of craft and quality. Our batch-distilled eau de vie spirit adds additional layers of flavor, texture, and viscosity to all of our spirits, including our gins, by showcasing the rich, ripe scents typical of the terroir where the grapes were produced and wine was acquired from.

    Biersal Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    biersal brewery and beerhall in mornington peninsula

    +61 412 313 599

    Founded in 2019, the 75-seat Biersal Brewery and Beerhall is a modest family-run brewery. The emphasis is on environmentally responsible beer production of European inspiration.

    Eleven beers and a cider are available on the venue's 12 taps. There is also a wide selection of regional wines and craft alcoholic beverages. Customers can either bring their own food or buy in a variety of appetizers, including local pies and quiches.

    The setting exudes a "industrial chic" vibe. Open Wednesday through Sunday from noon until nine or ten o'clock. All Biersal beers are offered in refillable glass bottles for takeout. There is also a huge selection of goods accessible. The location welcomes families and features a basketball court and a selection of table games.

    Hickinbotham Of Dromana Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    hickinbotham of dromana brewery in mornington peninsula

    03 5981 0333

    Founded in 1988 by Andrew and Terryn Hickinbotham, Hickinbotham of Dromana. They positioned themselves in a Manna Gum forest with a view of Martha Bay's azure seas and the Dromana grasslands. Andrew, the third generation, Cal (behind the bar), and Jake, the fourth generation, all represent the family that gained notoriety in Australia through winemaking and wine education (and current brewer).

    Under the strict supervision of winemaker James Janda, who firmly believes that wine is made in the vineyard, wines are cultivated, made, and bottled on-site. Hickinbotham is therefore about excellent wine and beer, locally sourced food, and a laid-back atmosphere. Our cobblestone brick floor, cozy open fireplace, live music, rustic surroundings, and breathtaking views make relaxation a breeze.

    A Pilsner, Pale Ale, Brown Ale, and Irish Stout are just a few of the award-winning beers created year-round by our brewer Jake Hickinbotham at The Hix Microbrewery, which opened in 2006. In addition, we produce a variety of ales and one-of-a-kind experimental beers for beer enthusiasts on a seasonal basis.

    TWØBAYS Brewing Co & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    twØbays brewing co in mornington peninsula

    03 5910 0778

    We're creating delicious gluten-free beer that's safe for everyone to enjoy - without compromising. Whether you miss going to the bar with pals or sharing a tinnie with family. We constructed a special gluten-free brewery so that everyone can explore a new world of beer. Additionally, it's not just about having access to high-quality beer; it's about the entire experience, including the taste, sight, feel, and smell of the beer as well as terrific people with which to enjoy it.

    Our Mornington Peninsula Brewery and Taproom is happy to offer everyone a new world of flavor to explore in paddles, pots, or schooners by pouring up to nine gluten-free beers that are brewed just meters from the taps. Additionally, we provide local cider, wine, and soft drinks, as well as wood-fired gluten-free pizzas. The fridge is usually filled so you can explore our cans and cartons at home.

    Ocean Reach Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    ocean reach brewing in mornington peninsula

    03 5952 5890

    The debut of the Bionic West Coast IPA beer and an open day at Free 3D Hands in Newhaven took place on March 20 on a Sunday. For a day of celebration and camaraderie, the Phillip Island community, beer enthusiasts, and supporters of Free 3D Hands came together.

    Independent brewery Ocean Reach Brewing is located in Cowes, a picturesque beachfront town on Phillip Island. A want to eat in? Our lunch and dinner sessions have a predetermined length. For spaces within or near a sidewalk, reservations can be made. We accept walk-ins if there is room.

    BrewiColo Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    brewicolo brewery in mornington peninsula

    61 414 888 158

    Our Ocean Grove Lager was created specifically to symbolize our coastal hometown. It is a laid-back, easy-drinking, no-fuss lager. This Brewi is uncomplicated and unhurried! Australian pale ale is called Palm. This Brewi is surprisingly simple to drink and will keep you going back for more. It has a medium fruity hop scent and a slight bitterness.

    This Brewi is a robust Irish Red Ale with a finish that's smoother than a Liam Neeson joke. On the palate, the mild malt flavors meld perfectly with undertones of caramelized toffee. The Fijian name for Golden Water, Wai-koula, was influenced by traditional German lagers. Crisp and reviving, it has a smooth spice flavor and citrus undertones on the palate.

    White Rabbit Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    white rabbit brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 52024077

    The brewery's innovative thinking is inspired by our open fermenters. To produce beers with distinctive and complex flavors and aromas, we experiment with the intriguing use of ingredients and embrace the strange and beautiful. Visit us in Geelong to discover a space designed for flavor exploration and experimentation. As you walk in, you'll notice a large number of barrels filled with aging ales. These ales are acquiring fresh and sophisticated flavors, inspiring both consumers and brewers to go out on a flavorful and informative adventure.

    Prepare to abandon your assumptions at the door since the foundation of our brewery is a spirit of innovation and teamwork. Instead, take a closer look at the barrels, glance into the exposed fermenters, sample something novel and intriguing, and become lost in a world where fermentation can be induced with a little bit of fantasy.

    By combining the amazing and the strange, White Rabbit creates a distinct selection of traditional, flavorful ales. We are able to produce beer that deviates from the norm due to a deft balancing act of traditional methods and cutting-edge thinking. Our ales have diverse flavors and fantastic drinkability thanks to our extensive search for ingredients of mesmerizing quality.

    Valhalla Brewing & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    valhalla brewing and taproom in mornington peninsula

    0412 997 3999

    Craft beer made by Valhalla Brewing honors the Viking belief that life should be enjoyed to the utmost. By making excellent beer and serving it in a setting where guests are welcomed and encouraged to have a good time, we hope to uphold this idea.

    Mock Red Hill Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    mock red hill brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5989 2890

    Only the Mornington Peninsula, historically well-known for its apple-growing industry, is where we are located. Our location is a celebration of our cherished family and the area's apple farming heritage. Our Cider Lounge has been converted from the old wooden cool-store that was constructed on the orchard in 1945. Come in and enjoy our craft beverages and share-plate lunches there.

    Our lovely Farm-gate Store, which we converted from a packing shed, sells our fresh produce and apple products. A former storage space for hundreds of wooden apple crates, the Cider Lounge has been transformed into a dining room where you can warm up by the fire in the winter with a hot mulled cider and take in our colourful, vine-covered garden in the summer with our apple-themed cocktails.

    St Andrews Beach Brewery & Distillery in Mornington Peninsula

    st andrews beach brewery in mornington peninsula

    (03) 5988 6765

    In 2015, when the property became available, Andrew and Michael Freedman spotted a chance they couldn't pass up. Andrew, Michael, and their enthusiastic crew of co-owners got to work converting the former stables into a distinctive brewery since they had the necessary infrastructure and a compelling tale to back them up. The stable doors opened to the public in December 2017 after a year of construction, and since then, the beers haven't stopped flowing.

    The concept that guides our brewery is to produce the best beer on the Mornington Peninsula. Using the best hops, malt, and nearby artesian water, every drop of beer is produced and packed on-site in our cutting-edge brewhouse and canning line. So the next time you're at the stables, stop by and check out our stunning Italian brewhouse and enthusiastic staff of brewers. There is no fresher than that.

    Boatrocker Brewery & Distillery In Mornington Peninsula

    boatrocker brewers & distillers in mornington peninsula

    61 438 394 999

    The small, family-owned brewery and distillery known as Boatrocker is located southeast of Melbourne. Boatrocker wants to revolutionize traditional alcoholic beverages like beers and booze. Boatrocker stands out for celebrating tradition while pushing the envelope, discovering new and fascinating flavor profiles while never veering from our quality-driven standards.

    Our beers range from Australian Wild Ales to Whisky & Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts to hop-monster West Coast and Hazy IPAs to traditional Saisons. We established Australia's first and largest barrel ageing facility in Australia.

    From Thursday through Sunday, our barrel room is open. Join us for a beer, spirit, or cocktail and relax in our beer garden or among the barrels.

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