Top 50 Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Are you looking for the best epoxy flooring and coating companies in Melbourne, Victoria? Look no further! We have created a list of the best companies in the area to choose the best one for your needs. 

Each company offers high-quality products and services, so you can be sure that you will be satisfied with your choice. Read on to learn more about each of them and what they offer.

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    Ultimate List of Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies Melbourne

    Fortis Adhesives and Coatings Melbourne

    fortis adhesives and coatings melbourne

    (03) 9706 5443

    Numerous floor coatings, concrete restoration methods, and industrial adhesives are among the products we make. We also offer unequaled technical support.

    Learn more about our wide range of coatings, epoxy coatings, waterproofing membranes, adhesives, and our newest aerosol canisters, concrete densifiers, and restoration methods by visiting our website.

    Mainliner Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    mainliner epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    (03) 9302 4679

    Non-slip floor coverings provide slip resistance, ensuring the constant safety of your personnel and guests. One of the greatest anti-slip coatings on the market and a simple method to refinish concrete floors is epoxy flooring Melbourne. They not only make the floors secure, but they also give the building's exterior a beautiful touch.

    Liquid Steel Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    liquid steel epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    Industry professionals founded Liquid Steel Coatings and Membranes in Melbourne in 2008. The proprietors, who have technical backgrounds and years of experience, entered the market with the goal of becoming a reputable epoxy flooring contractor by offering exceptional job quality and technological know-how.

    We have been offering our clients top-notch service and delivering top-notch results with warranties for many years. We take pleasure in our expertise in the flooring and waterproofing industries, providing epoxy floor solutions even in the most challenging circumstances.

    Epoxy Flooring & Coating FAQs

    Concrete coating is the covering, typically liquid or semi-liquid, that is applied to cured concrete for aesthetic reasons and to make the structure or surface last longer and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

    Skim coating over concrete is not only possible, but it is much cheaper than replacing your concrete surfaces. 

    In addition, by opting for a skim coat, you will strengthen your existing concrete surfaces and enhance their durability, thus giving you more time to come up with a big enough budget for replacement.

    Repair and renew concrete surfaces by skim coating them rather than demolishing and starting anew. 

    Skim-coating or resurfacing concrete patios, walkways, driveways, walls and stairs not only renews their appearance, but it extends their lifespan by improving drainage and waterproofing.

    Epoxy flooring holds up well against stains and water. Unlike wood, laminate, or other types of flooring, epoxy does not warp or water stain as a result of water damage.

    As a result, clean up is very easy when inevitable spills happen and stains are rare. 

    While there are many advantages to choosing epoxy flooring, it is good to know all the challenges that may arise. Of course, the pros outweigh the cons but consider these things. 

    • Slippery 
    • Smell while drying
    • Takes days to dry
    • Underflooring needed
    • Requires special cleaners

    Austech Epoxy Systems Melbourne

    austech epoxy systems melbourne

    0431 808 725

    Polymer resins and hardeners are combined to create epoxy floor coatings. It gives concrete floors a smooth and lustrous appearance when applied. Epoxy is excellent for the majority of residential and commercial applications since it is strong and beautiful to look at.


    Epoxy floors appear polished and bright when compared to other garage flooring options. It has a level, smooth surface. You won't notice any chips or cracks in your desk thanks to its durability.


    Oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid, cleaners, and other chemicals are just a few of the liquids and chemicals that epoxy flooring is incredibly resistant to. Additionally, it is heat- and water-resistant. This makes it desirable for industries that work with heat and fluids, such mechanics and welders. Its resistance to bacteria and germs makes it a great choice for hospitals and clinics as well.

    National Floor Coatings Epoxy Melbourne

    national floor coatings epoxy melbourne

    1300 014 940

    Building and construction supplies made of epoxy for the commercial, industrial, and private sectors. Late in 2006, they came together to develop National Floor Coatings, which is today recognized as a premier contractor and applicator of a wide variety of flooring products made of epoxies, cementitious materials, and concrete.

    We can offer timely and affordable solutions by combining a diverse variety of goods and services. Only your imagination is a limit to the stylish, seamless, and hygienic floors that National Floor Coatings can create. We'll make sure your floor best suits your requirements and price range.

    Able Floors Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    able floors epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    03 9738 0741

    You simply won't find a better, more devoted staff anywhere else. Able has the resources and the know-how to ensure that every single piece of your project is done to your complete satisfaction, whether it comes to precise troubleshooting or good ol' fashioned quality control. We offer top-notch flooring for projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

    Granicrete Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    granicrete epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    The Granicrete team is an expert in modern epoxy flooring as well as polished concrete design and execution. We create solutions in Victoria for domestic, industrial, and business uses.

    Our team of floor artists and installers can turn any area into a walk-on masterpiece whether you need a new, sturdy factory floor, a magnificent floor to improve the appearance of your business, or a special talking point that displays your originality!

    NuLook Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    nulook epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0423 853 985

    Look no farther than our unequaled epoxy flooring solutions if you need a new garage floor or are considering renovating your workshop or commercial flooring. The best epoxy floor solution in Australia is our epoxy floor mix, which is applied using a special method.

    Your NuLook Floor solution will have your neighbors sobbing with floor envy thanks to its lowest fire rating, low slip rating, and UV resistant topcoats. We listen to you and make sure you get what you want when you want it because we put the satisfaction of our customers first.

    Allsafe Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    allsafe epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    (03)9762 7816

    Given that Allsafe Coatings guarantees its work and complies fully with EBA, you can rely on them to offer knowledgeable and superior services. Allsafe is aware of the expense of downtime and the stress of ongoing projects because they have successfully completed projects for major players in the industry. Because of this, you may relax if Guaranteed Works provides you confidence because it's rare that you would ever need it.

    Epoxy flooring is a fantastic option for any type of business or industrial building. A resin and hardener mixture known as epoxy flooring can be put over concrete floors in a variety of ways to accommodate different situations.

    Auscraft Services Epoxy Flooring and Coatings Melbourne

    auscraft services epoxy flooring and coatings melbourne

    03 9483 7083


    The key to any successful floor coating is meticulous floor preparation. Both new and old concrete floors must be diamond ground for the best results. Through this process, the concrete becomes more porous, making it easier for floor coatings to stick to it.


    Grind and Seal and mechanical polishing are the two forms of concrete floor polishing we provide. Both provide exposure to stone. While mechanical polishing produces a floor finish akin to granite and marble benchtops, Grind and Seal employs polyurethane as a coating.

    Knights Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    knights epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    The best choice for you is epoxy flooring made of concrete. It is actually a liquid resin made of two distinct components. When applied to concrete, the plastic film created by the combination of these two components creates a durable non-slip surface. It needs no maintenance and is unaffected by hail, rain, or shine, so you may walk on it without worrying about slipping.

    It takes no maintenance at all, is unaffected by hail, rain, or shine, and you may walk on it without worrying about slipping.

    Tuff Build Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    tuff build epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0432 521 28

    Our company name, constructing tough, says it all. With our flooring services in Melbourne, Tuff Build, with more than 5 years of experience, makes your home stand out. Strong, stylish, acid-resistant, and appropriate for big loads! Are you worried that your warehouse's floor will get damaged or scratched? Epoxy floorings help you win the game. Hard flooring like epoxy floors is perfect for use in industrial settings. Highly appropriate for business buildings, offices, warehouses, basements, and garages.

    In2 Floorcoatings Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    in2 floorcoatings epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0430 224 961

    With more than 25 years of experience, In2floorcoatings is a leader in floor applications in Victoria. We pledge to collaborate with you in order to offer you sound counsel, reasonable rates, and top-notch service for your projects.

    For the commercial, industrial, and private sectors, Dean has a wealth of experience and a broad knowledge of epoxy flooring products and building/construction materials. Dean established In2 Floorcoatings in 2013 and it is currently a preeminent contractor and applicator of a wide variety of epoxies, cementitious, and concrete flooring materials.

    Johnsons Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    johnsons epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne


    We provide a selection of appropriate alternatives for industrial, commercial, and residential flooring. You may be confident that the finish you choose from us will be of the highest caliber.

    We take pleasure in the quality of our work, and we'll work with you to get the outcome you want.

    Easy Epoxy Floors and Coatings Melbourne

    easy epoxy floors and coatings melbourne

    (03) 9998 5559

    Would you like the best epoxy floor for your house, garage, or business space? You've come to the proper location if so! Garage epoxy flooring, warehouse epoxy flooring, and epoxy floors directly over concrete are our specialties!

    Along with residential buildings, we also cover commercial and industrial ones. Our team of epoxy flooring experts, who have years of experience, will visit your house, place of business, or project to offer the best and most concise advice in Melbourne. Although the idea of putting epoxy flooring may seem like a significant endeavor, we are aware from experience that the procedure may be hassle-free.

    Mr Grind Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    mr grind epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0478 047 404

    The skilled team at Mr. Grind brings to the table over 15 years of collective experience in the building and construction sector.

    Epoxy is generally utilized as a floor covering and when applied creates a hard, lustrous surface. Due to its durability and resistance to damage, epoxy flooring is especially common in garages and showroom floors. It is a two-part system, like all epoxy products, made up of a resin and a hardener, with color added to provide the desired finish.

    C.C.R Australia Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    c.c.r australia epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0435 288 221

    For many years, C.C.R. Australia has been revitalizing concrete in residences and commercial buildings. With more than 15 years of experience, we take pride in our work. We only utilize the highest quality products available, which is why our motto is Quality Coatings without Compromise. C.C.R. Australia has experience working with clients all throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, and has the industry knowledge to provide the best solution for giving your concrete a fresh look.

    Complete Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    complete epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0410 777 413

    Are you thinking of remodeling your home? or do you simply enjoy remodeling your home's flooring? Then pick epoxy flooring, which is both stylish and durable. You can get this flooring in a number of designs and colors, and it is simple to maintain. Additionally, with routine maintenance, this sort of flooring lasts longer and is simple to maintain clean.

    Therefore, if you have chosen to have epoxy flooring installed in your home by the industry's first Flooring Contractors In Melbourne, you can select Complete Epoxy, an Australian company run by a family. We have been offering high-quality flooring and epoxy services in Melbourne at the most reasonable and cost-effective costs.

    Allgrind Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    allgrind epoxy flooring & coatings melbourne

    0407 682 579

    Allgrind offers a flooring system that will meet your needs at a shockingly low price, whether your concrete is internal or external, new or old. Forget about using wood or tiles; we can make your worn-out concrete into a beautiful yet sturdy display.

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