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25+ Best Wedding DJs In Melbourne [2022]

Are you getting married in Melbourne? If so, you'll need to find a DJ for your wedding. But with so many DJs to choose from, how do you know which one is the best?

Wedding planning can be a daunting task. But don't worry, we're here to help! In this post, we'll recommend the best wedding DJ in Melbourne. So whether you're looking for someone to keep the party going all night long or you just need some background music, we've got you covered. Keep reading for our recommendations!

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    Ultimate List Of The Best Wedding DJ Melbourne

    Melbourne Entertainment Co - Wedding DJ in Melbourne

    melbourne entertainment co. wedding dj melbourne

    1300 858 981


    A complete wedding and event entertainment provider is The Melbourne Entertainment Company. For every occasion, we offer each client a unique, refreshing service. We were very busy in the Melbourne wedding and event sector last year, hosting over 700 events. With more than ten years of expertise, we are aware of the demand for a personalized, distinctive, and high-end service.

    Elite DJs, DJ-Sax, Acoustic Solos, Duos, Trios, Bands, Singers, Guitarists, Saxophonists, Percussionists, Photographers, and Roving Performers are available. MEC is your go-to source for flawless corporate, wedding, and function entertainment. They are amiable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.


    General Manager

    Since 2011, Nathan has held the Friday Night national on-air residency with NOVA FM. He is a skilled DJ and Sax-Man. He is the one responsible for our novel approach to wedding and event entertainment's success. His standard for client care and customer service is really high. Nathan is a major force in the entertainment industry and continually adapts to meet the company's objective of becoming Melbourne's top entertainment supplier.


    Entertainment Manager

    Prior to joining our team, Hayley worked at Sandhill Road for more than four years as an event planner. She is an expert in Melbourne venues and has first-hand knowledge of every kind of event. To satisfy, she will go above and beyond.


    Entertainment Manager

    Dane has over ten years of experience in the event and entertainment business. Dane has a variety of experience to draw on when planning the entertainment for your event, having recorded music since he was seventeen, worked as a venue management for more than seven years, and been an AV technician for more than three years.


    Entertainment / Talent Producer

    Over the past ten years, Alannah has worked both on and off the stage in the music and theater industries. After that, she immediately began managing the arts and music before joining MEC. The attention to detail and love of music and performance that Alannah possesses will add something special to your occasion.


    Melbourne’s Best

    We take great satisfaction in having Melbourne's top talent. Our performers not only excel at what they do, but also go above and beyond to make sure that the events for their clients are a full success. You and your guests will be in awe of the performances by our top DJs, Singers, Saxophonists, Bands, Acoustic Musicians, and more because they all specialize in adding a special "wow-factor" to them.

    Event & Live Wedding Bands

    Nothing compares to the show and audience participation that a fantastic live band can offer. Right in front of your eyes, the music is being created, produced, and distributed! It is enveloping, energizing, and all-pervasive.

    At your hangover brunch the following day, your guests will be raving about the mood they experienced thanks to the most skilled professional event and wedding bands Melbourne has to offer. How amazing was that singer from the cover band? "The drummer was really attractive! "What about that jazz band's sax solo? ”

    It's our responsibility to make enduring memories. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone is dancing to your favorite requests and dance-floor songs when you hire a band. This includes your grandmother, your bridal party, and your nieces and nephews.

    The Most Professional Djs Melbourne Has For Hire

    You're searching for a Melbourne DJ to hire on Google, but you're not sure where to begin. What to watch out for? To choose who? What should I spend?

    The best and most seasoned DJs Melbourne has to offer can be found at Melbourne Entertainment Company. Our hand-picked team of experts is adept at reading crowds and, most importantly, playing the ideal music for each situation. Therefore, avoid hiring an outdated, unsuccessful DJ. Hire a young, new, and hip professional instead who falls inside your budget.

    Singers & Acoustic Duos

    Melbourne Entertainment Company has the most skilled musicians and the widest range of options when seeking for an Acoustic Duo or the best wedding singer. Hire a highly excellent guitarist or duo for your event or wedding who will blow you away. These acoustic soloists and duos can serenade you as you walk down the aisle or create the ideal mellow atmosphere for your cocktail party. Vocal masters can employ loop pedals, guitar, piano, or other instruments to create multi-instrumental soundtracks live in front of your eyes. You'll have a hard time selecting your favorite soloist from the wide range of available acoustic talent. Check out our incredible full soloists who can check both boxes for you if you're not sure whether or not to book a DJ or an acoustic musician and don't have the cash for both.

    DJ First - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj first wedding melbourne

    0412 933 934

    Eight devoted, dependable, hard-working DJs who take pride in their work make up the multi-system DJ First firm. Every DJ has a wonderful personality and can communicate with you and your guests with ease. All of our DJs arrive with a can-do attitude and are eager to assist in any way they can.

    Our entire fleet of equipment is cutting-edge. Simply put, it is the greatest of the best. When it comes to setting up your professional DJ equipment, we don't take any chances. You can create your own unique DJ package by selecting from one of three professional DJ packages, five hours of entertainment, and any additional equipment.

    Our music collection is enormous. All musical genres are represented in our tunes. We also offer services in Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and Greek. We offer CDs designed specifically for radio station DJs and club DJs that are of digital quality and contain our music. The music collection of DJ First includes almost all of the songs you've ever heard on the radio. The music will be mixed by your mobile DJ entertainer, who will also engage with your guests and keep them dancing all night.

    Mercury DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    mercury dj hire melbourne

    03 8383 9600

    Our award-winning DJs' meticulous attention to detail when selecting the music for your wedding, as well as their acute perception when reading a room, set them apart from other DJs in the business. You may immerse yourself in the music and the moments because they know how to produce a clear sound that is not only heard but also configured to adapt to your receiving environment for optimum effect. Since sound is our specialty, we can handle anything from your MC's opening remarks to the closing track and everything in between.

    In addition to having technical proficiency, our DJs are highly trained to ensure that, from the initial consultation to the wedding itself, we are in sync with you as your event develops. Your wedding run sheet will serve as our manual as we work with you to decide how and when to introduce music into your reception.

    Wedding Parties Anything - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding parties anything dj melbourne

    1800 454 855

    We go over every detail of your wedding reception night with you, either in person or over the phone, because we understand how essential your wedding reception night is.

    The bride and groom's entrance, the cake-cutting, the bridal waltz, the father-and-daughter waltz, the removal of the garter, the bouquet-throwing, the farewell circle, and a song list were all included in the evening's schedule. For all speeches and ceremonies, WPA Wedding DJ Melbourne provides high-quality microphones and clear sound systems. For an additional fee, a cordless microphone can be obtained.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding DJ

    Most wedding DJs charge between $750 to $1200 for a 5-hour wedding reception in Australia. This should include lights, speakers, DJ table, song requests, a wireless microphone, a professional DJ and set up/pack down. Anything below this price is considered 'budget'.

    Tips To Finding The Right Wedding DJ

    1. Don't automatically go with someone you know. 
    2. Check with the venue. 
    3. Ask for referrals. 
    4. Look at wedding forums for your area. 
    5. Make a short-list of DJs and interview them. 
    6. Check out their equipment. 
    7. Ask about their music library.

    Today, couples increasingly turn to the services of a disc jockey for wedding reception entertainment. While live music offers the excitement of an actual performance, a DJ can offer convenience, a diverse selection, authentic versions of songs, better volume control and, usually, lower prices.

    Around 4-5 hours. It's usual for Wedding DJs to provide music for around 4-5 hours. Just bear in mind that even the most professional DJ needs a break now and then, and your guests would probably welcome a breather from dancing every 90 minutes or so too!

    Your DJ will be responsible for not only keeping the reception on track for toasts, dances, and cake-cutting, but also for enticing people to have fun, dance, and participate. You'll want to make sure your DJ matches your wedding theme and tone as well as your style as a couple.

    DJ Michael - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj michael wedding dj melbourne

    0401 264 931

    DJ/MC Michael will get the party started and make sure your guests have a good time because he is a skilled and experienced professional. An Arabic/English DJ in Melbourne named DJ Michael is prepared to breathe life into your event.

    DJ Michael pursues his love of music professionally by performing as a mobile DJ for weddings that call for English, Italian, Greek, Arabic, and commercial top 40. In order to create a lively and energetic atmosphere for you and your guests, DJ Michael is here to assist you in setting the proper mood for your wedding.

    Only DJs Wedding Melbourne

    only dj wedding melbourne

    0424 865 327

    The only prerequisite for every event, according to Only DJs Melbourne, is a love of music. Due to our vast song library, we can satisfy your needs whether you need an R&B DJ, House DJ, Club DJ, or Rock DJ. All of James' DJs are now considered as some of Melbourne's top R&B, House, or Rock DJs for hire as a result of his years of experience.

    Wedding Sounds - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding sounds dj melbourne

    1300 300 141

    Our offerings are unique, personalized, professional, and fun. Award-winning specialists that work with you to make sure everything is perfect, stress-free, and of the highest caliber produce entertainment of the highest caliber while using high-end tools and supplies.

    Giving our delighted couples the night of their dreams is what Wedding Sounds is all about. We play YOUR music, not OURs. We also contribute years of experience and originality to every performance we do. Moreover, we LOVE what we do! We help you plan the entertainment for your special day in a simple and stress-free manner. Organizing your reception is straightforward with our online client portal.

    Jay Allen, the manager of Wedding Sounds, began his career as a wedding entertainer 20 years ago and is now one of Victoria's most renowned and in-demand wedding DJs and MCs. The DJs and MCs on Jay's hand-selected and individually trained staff have maintained his high standards of performance and client care.

    Sonic Weddings - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    sonic weddings dj melbourne

    1300 668 290

    Wedding DJ – Melbourne & Regional Victoria

    Sonic Weddings is passionate about music, but we live for uniting people of all ages on the dance floor. We're dedicated to giving your day the ideal energy and environment, and we have the ability to read a crowd and change the music to keep the dance floor packed.

    At Sonic Weddings, we think that the music you choose for your wedding is one of the most crucial aspects of the day. The lovely day you worked so hard to create deserves to be celebrated with a lively dance floor!

    Luke, the sole DJ at Sonic Weddings, takes pleasure in providing a high-quality, individualized, and seamless service so that you can relax entirely on your special day. For the past 13 years, he has been a DJ at events and weddings all around Melbourne and rural Victoria. This is not a DJ booking service; when you reserve Luke, Luke is available.

    DJ Masters - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj masters wedding melbourne

    1800 9966 36

    DJ in Melbourne

    Every occasion has the ideal music. Music has great power. It gives an event its unique character and adds something extra to the memories associated with it. You don't trust just anyone to handle it because of this. For every occasion, DJ Masters provides the best DJs Melbourne has to offer.

    Melbourne professional DJs for weddings

    Organizing the entertainment and emotive components of the big day can be stressful. Expectations are always high, and the little things do matter a lot. The best wedding DJs Melbourne has to offer are provided to you by DJ Masters.

    Midnight DJ’s - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    midnight dj’s wedding dj melbourne


    chosen by wedding couples as Melbourne's top DJ, MC, and photo booth company. For your next event, Midnight DJ's & Photo Booth is the best option. Whatever the size or scope of your event, they bring a wealth of expertise. Any event must include entertainment because it may make or break the event. Don't put your special day at jeopardy by becoming stressed out during the planning process.

    Let Midnight DJs help you plan your upcoming event. They will also oversee the entire night to ensure everything goes as planned and according to your expectations. Call right away to arrange a casual conversation or coffee meetup. "Let us demonstrate how we can turn your upcoming event into a huge success."

    Kenny Fantastic - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    kenny fantastic wedding dj melbourne


    I see to it that everyone participates in a dance. There are some tunes that make people want to dance. I can arrive completely prepared to make your wedding perfect with a little advance planning and knowledge of how your families operate.

    As a DJ, it's crucial to put the demands of the room above my own preferences. I observe how people are responding and adjust what I play in response to their behavior. I welcome requests and will perform any of your favorite songs.

    We may meet so that I can learn more about your musical tastes. I have a variety of questions I may ask to speed up the procedure. The best course of action is to mix playlists to create something you both enjoy.

    Night Of Your Life DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    night of your life dj hire wedding dj melbourne


    Hello everyone, I'm Jerry. I've been a DJ for more than ten years, both domestically and abroad. I absolutely adore what I do, and the fact that music makes everyone around me and me happy makes me confident that the music I play will do the same for your event.

    I can assure you that it will be an occasion that your visitors won't soon forget. I'm happy to say that since my first performance as a DJ, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients and gain priceless experience.

    I've always wanted to be a musician and ended up becoming fascinated with mixing tracks in my free time, quickly turning into a full-time job as a professional Wedding & Events DJ. Please get in touch with me to learn more about my fees and available dates. You may be confident that cooperating with me will be a good decision.

    iDJS Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    idjs entertainment wedding dj melbourne

    1800 765 579

    We know how important music is to gatherings, so by using an individualized approach, we can choose the perfect DJ for your gathering. We are passionate about what we do, and we will guide you through the entire booking process while patiently and empathetically responding to any of your inquiries. Our DJs are naturally skilled in this since every event requires the utmost professionalism and exceptional coordination inside the event venue to accomplish a seamless development throughout.

    Whatever your music entertainment needs are, we've got you covered thanks to our professional, talented, and incredibly approachable DJs as well as our incredibly user-friendly DIY equipment line.

    We take great pleasure in offering superior service and an unrivaled customer experience. We are passionate about what we do, and we will guide you through the entire booking process while patiently and empathetically responding to any of your inquiries.

    Remarkable Receptions - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    remarkable receptions wedding dj melbourne

    0409 218 172

    Make a statement as soon as you enter the reception area at your first event as husband and wife. The grand entrance into your reception—the second entrance—gives everyone another opportunity to view your dress, your guy, and the wedding party's outfit in action. The first entrance was during the ceremony.

    When we meet, I'll demonstrate to you how to design a grand entrance that will be a raucous five-star rollick for you and your wedding party. Let me introduce you to a few amusing, quick smile-makers that we utilize to keep dinner guests interested.

    Top Dog Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    top dog entertainment wedding dj melbourne

    1300 658 719

    DJ Hire Melbourne

    Only professionals and seasoned artists who can start any party are on our entertainment team. Our office staff prides itself on providing creative solutions that go above and beyond expectations in return.

    With such a wide range of entertainment, we can handle anything from a chic birthday dinner to a memorable wedding to Melbourne's illustrious Spring Racing Carnival!

    We look forward to sharing our knowledge about how entertainment can help create memorable events every day. What we do, we adore. What a wonderful industry it is to work with folks who are organizing "once in a lifetime" events!

    Josh The Wedding DJ Melbourne

    josh the wedding dj melbourne


    Melbourne Wedding Dj

    How does the music sound? Let's face it, you don't want the DJ at your wedding to play the same set they would at CLOUDNINE (a nightclub) at 2am, but you also don't want generic wedding tunes played one after the other with no mixing. Josh really shines in this situation. His DJ performance achieves the perfect balance between traditional wedding mixes and nightclub music, and he has the ability to read a crowd to get your friends and family up and dancing. To see what we mean, listen to the mixes below.

    Josh is frequently asked to MC a party by couples. He works closely with you and the venue manager to ensure that everything runs properly, from the entry of the bridal party to the farewell at the conclusion of the night. He is really at ease on the mic. This service is offered without charging extra.

    BAE DJ Hire - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    0432 861 161

    In contrast to the conventional "Wedding DJ," we at BAE collaborate with our clients to design truly distinctive experiences. Each of our DJs has more than ten years of experience entertaining crowds in Europe, Asia, and Australia at various events.

    The planning process is made simple by our highly competent team, who will create a music package specifically for you. We'll make sure your event is a success, whether it's your wedding, birthday, engagement, or corporate event. Don't trust us? See what our pleased customers have to say!

    Halogen DJs - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    halogen djs wedding dj melbourne

    0413 335 175

    Our Melbourne DJ services strive to provide top-notch client care in addition to our cutting-edge sound systems and effect lighting, which are appropriate for all events and occasions. We are proud of the services we provide and cater to a variety of locations, including hotels, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and reception centers. No matter the location or occasion, our amiable, skilled mobile DJs will be glad to emcee the event and engage the audience. Additional MC services are also available upon request.

    We have a history of having great relationships with our clients and deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive costs. Browse our top-notch and skilled packages for Mobile DJs, Wedding DJs, Karaoke DJs, Video DJs, and Kids DJs. To fit your budget, all of our DJ packages are affordably priced. Why not get in touch with us immediately to make your reservation? We pledge to provide the best DJ service and performance available, unrivaled and unmatched by our rivals.

    Melbourne Interactive Entertainment - Wedding DJ

    melbourne interactive entertainment wedding dj melbourne

    0418 957 155

    Wedding DJ Melbourne

    We specialize in nuptials. Together, we'll design the wedding of your dreams! Additionally, you'll be able to unwind and enjoy yourself on your big day knowing that your wedding is in good hands. We'll offer advice and assistance as soon as you make an inquiry, so you can arrange your event.

    We'll make it simple for you to select your key songs from our extensive menu of bundles. We'll make sure everyone has a great time and that everything goes smoothly on the big day. We'll take you, your family, and your guests on a musical journey while playing the ideal songs for significant occasions like your ceremony and first dance.

    We offer incredible DJs or a special mix of DJs and live musicians for weddings, corporate events, and private parties. While the live musicians deliver the dynamic, visual, and engaging experience of a live band, our DJs can play an infinite amount of the songs you know and love.

    DJ Eddy Mac - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj eddy mac wedding dj melbourne

    +61 412 077 077

    I work as a DJ in Melbourne, and I have always loved wedding parties. I've been a DJ for more than ten years, and One More Song was formed with my partner Aleks (a DJ himself!). Below are some reviews, sample mixes, and Instagram links. But first, I need to vent about a few things. I'm not your DJ if you want someone who will accept a booking fee and then disappear until a few days before your wedding.

    If you want a DJ who plays awkward silences in between songs. Your DJ is not me. If you want a DJ who plays dance tunes like The Macarena, Chicken Dance, and The Nutbush. Your DJ is not me. I'm not your DJ if you want someone who will spend the whole of the evening shouting at people to put their "hands in the air."

    On Cue Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    on cue entertainment wedding dj melbourne

    0433 521 324

    Professional DJ & Karaoke DJ hire is offered by Melbourne-based On Cue Entertainment for a variety of events and occasions in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Services offered include wedding DJs, birthday party DJs, corporate event DJs, and karaoke DJs, among others, and they are adaptable in entertaining a range of age groups and demographics.

    On Cue Entertainment offers a variety of services to meet and satisfy all of your celebration needs, whether it's your wedding, birthday party, or corporate event. All packages include with a professional wedding DJ, corporate DJ, party DJ, or karaoke DJ, as well as high-definition audio speakers, expert lighting, and a wide selection of music spanning the 1950s to today's top 40.

    Wedding Band Collective - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    wedding band collective wedding dj melbourne

    0418 110 879

    For your wedding or event, we specialize in supplying incredibly talented wedding bands, solo/duos, and DJs of any genre throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart. We provide an outstanding, individualized service to help make your special event one you won't soon forget. No job is too big or too small.

    I had the good fortune to join a few bands when I was just out of college and they took me on tours and recordings throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Europe a few years ago.  I stopped touring after that and have since concentrated on playing and securing gigs in Melbourne, where I was born and raised. ​

    A few years ago, my wife and I got married, and it was the most wonderful day of our lives. The finest thing was having a fantastic live band that kept everyone dancing all night long. Since then, I have devoted my efforts to giving brides and grooms the same experience on their special day. I enjoy performing at weddings with my own bands and assisting couples with planning their special day, whether my band is performing or one of the other fantastic acts I manage.

    Woo hah DJs - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    woo hah djs wedding dj melbourne

    1300 966 425

    Selecting the correct vendors may make a world of difference when it comes to arranging your wedding. We place the utmost importance on memorable occasions like your arrival and the first dance because of this at Woohah. You can also count on our knowledgeable bookings team to be there for you if you need assistance at any point during the planning stage.

    The appropriate DJ with us is the key to success. We make an effort to comprehend your musical preferences so we can match your crowd with the skilled DJ who will be most effective. After then, it's up to you to handle the night as you see fit. When you're ready, we'll talk about choosing the appropriate music for each situation. Finally, we double-check important details like our estimated time of arrival or any song requests before handing the controls to your DJ for the evening.

    DJ LUVD - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj luvd wedding dj melbourne

    0425 227 928

    He has the most up-to-date DJ equipment, including lighting and sound systems, and is prepared to perform for any event or function in Melbourne, Australia. He can tailor each event to the preferences of his clients thanks to his equipment. His wide-ranging musical experience lends each occasion an air of sophistication and glitz.

    LUVD has cultivated contacts with other experts in the music and event organizing industries and has a strong network there. He assists his clients in locating the ideal individuals to handle all aspects of event planning, resulting in a smooth party with no hassles.

    DJ LUVD is well-known for his distinctive musical taste and has a wonderful personality. In order to provide his audience with the most fun possible, he gives every event his all. LUVD promises individuals who engage him to play for their special occasions a novel experience. Enjoy exceptional service while trying something new! He'll do better than you thought he could.

    Uptown Sound - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    +61 403 738 748

    I founded Uptown Sound because, as a music lover who was sick of hearing the same old playlists played at events after events, I wanted to offer a distinctive and customized experience to individuals who wanted to play their music loud and proud.

    It can be hectic to prepare an event, but don't worry — I can work with artists, vendors, and event coordinators to make sure your event is perfectly timed. I provide a premium service that includes a meet and greet and limitless email exchanges. The latest DJ gear, speakers, lighting, lasers, and microphone are all included in the packages, in addition to me for 5 and a half hours.

    Radioactive Mobile Disco - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    radioactive mobile disco wedding dj melbourne

    (03) 9354 9872

    During mealtimes, I'll play jazzy background music and mellow ballads, and during the dance brackets, I'll turn up the rhythm with all your favorite party tunes, which is guaranteed to get everyone up and moving.

    Since your wedding or engagement is so important to you, Radio Active Mobile Disco treats your special day with personal consideration and a professional demeanor. I would be pleased to sit down with you and your significant other, hear about all of your needs, and then offer my advice based on my experiences to assist you in creating the perfect day.

    Whether your event is a sophisticated black-tie affair or a casual cocktail party, my wide range of music may be adapted to fit your occasion. I'll be appropriately attired for the occasion, greet your guests, and make sure they have a good time by playing the appropriate music and creating the ideal party atmosphere.

    Moving Melodies - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    moving melodies wedding dj melbourne

    0413 52 55 67

    Everywhere they perform, Moving Melodies DJ Service brings excitement and energy. If you have any questions about using our services for your wedding, engagement, school dance, corporate event, or private party, please read more about them below and feel free to contact us.

    A complimentary one-hour consultation, early setup, a premium sound system, a wireless microphone, trained master of ceremonies duties, and numerous lighting options tailored to your event are all included in our professional DJ service.

    Previous customers have remarked that we stand out from many other DJ services in the Melbourne area because of our individualized services. We will make sure we get the necessary information to create your event precisely how you want it with the free 1-hour consultation.

    SpinamixDJ - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    spinamixdj wedding dj melbourne

    0411 352 715

    By delivering customer focus, customer service, knowledge, competence, and the ability to cater to your demands, SPINAMIX DJ ensures the greatest service for each and every client. For a worthy cause, SPINAMIX DJ has helped non-profit organizations and sponsored numerous charitable events. SPINAMIX DJ seeks to give professional service by visiting with clients in-person at their convenience at their homes or by inviting them to our headquarters to discuss their plans for their event.

    To the best of our ability, SPINAMIX DJ can answer any questions you may have. We also strive to guarantee the quality of the service we offer by making sure that all of your music preferences are played on the night of your celebration and that a prepared schedule plan is in place so you won't have to constantly manage the event.

    DJ Arry Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    dj arry entertainment wedding dj melbourne

    +61 433 320 822

    We specialize in Bollywood & Punjabi DJ service in Melbourne for any Indian party occasion. With our amazing lighting effects and top-notch audio equipment, we can elevate your celebration with timeless tunes, current hits, and special requests.

    For more than 6 years, DJ Arry has been bringing events of all sizes to life. Whether it's a lavish wedding or a small gathering, we can offer uniquely creative and technical solutions to make each event uniquely yours.

    Our idea is straightforward: we want to make your wedding, corporate event, or any other event a riveting moment that people will never forget and will remember for years.

    Whether it's reshaping the space with our lighting, retaining your audience's attention with top-notch audio, or guaranteeing your dance floor is crowded all night. We can make your occasion unforgettable!

    Rutherford Entertainment - Wedding DJ Melbourne

    rutherford entertainment wedding dj melbourne

    1300 736 689

    Our committed team is looking forward to working directly with you to handpick the ideal talent for your perfect day, whether it be delivering the ideal soundtrack as you walk down the aisle or generating an electrifying party environment to celebrate your wedding day with family and friends. In order to make your wedding feel especially special from beginning to end and to ensure that your guests will be talking about it for years to come, we work hard to offer a customized entertainment experience.

    Rutherford Entertainment, which was established in 2011 by founding director and DJ Nick Rutherford and partner Nicki, was inspired by the couple's mutual love of music and their conviction that their customers should receive entertainment that is specifically tailored to their needs.

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