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What Are Places To Go Indoor Rock Climbing In Melbourne?

In recent years, rock climbing has exploded in popularity in Melbourne. There are a number of bouldering gyms in Australia's capital city, making now an excellent time to try out the exhilarating sport of climbing a 20-meter wall using only your fingertips. Climbing and bouldering on indoor walls are enjoyable challenges that test and improve your physical prowess.

Whether you're an experienced climber or just starting out, the amenities and challenges offered by these gyms will blow you away. Here are the top rock climbing and bouldering facilities in your area for all you adrenaline junkies!

FAQs Indoor Rock Climbing In Melbourne

Indoor rock climbing is a great full-body workout—strength and cardio. Your arms, hands, legs, core, shoulders, and cardiovascular system will be well worked by its complex climbing manoeuvres.


Gravity Worx indoor climbing gym. Victoria's only climbing gym offers international competition standard sport and speed climbing walls. With over 1300 sq meters of climbing and about 200 routes to choose from, all your climbing abilities are catered for, from beginner to training for the taipan wall.


Big bouldering gym in Port Melbourne. Boulder Project is the first climbing gym located in the inner south of Melbourne. It has been designed to deliver a unique climbing experience that reflects the strong social, fitness, and music culture of the Prahran area.

Indoor Rock Climbing In Melbourne

what are places to go indoor rock climbing in melbourne

Looking for ways to spend time indoors is a constant pursuit, whether you're seeking shelter from the freezing rains of winter or the scorching rays of summer. The sport of rock climbing. If you're looking for a full-body workout or just a good time, rock climbing has you covered, and Melbourne has some excellent indoor climbing facilities.

The Lactic Factory

Melbourne's first dedicated bouldering gym, The Lactic Factory, is a community-minded studio off Hoddle Street in Collingwood. See, bouldering differs from ‘rock climbing’ per se; it’s like rock climbing, but with no ropes and no harness.

 But don’t let that scare you off; Lactic Factory’s walls are 3.8m high and range in a gradient from a gentle 10-degrees to a hardcore 60-degrees. Of course, crash pads surround the entire thing so, you’re good. Lactic Factory has a sister site in Brunswick; see below and offers dual memberships to both venues.

Melbourne's first dedicated bouldering gym, the Lactic Factory, features 3.8-metre high walls sloping at all angles, from a gentle ten-degree overhang to a brutal 60 degrees, all surrounded by nice soft mats if you should put your faith in the wrong climbing hold. When you’re not climbing, there are plenty of nice spots to relax with food and drink options available. Basic climbing gear is available to buy, and you can also hire climbing shoes if you don’t have your own.

Bayside Rock Climbing

Footing first on our list is Bayside Rock Climbing. Melbourne’s premier indoor rock climbing and bouldering venue, this spot houses rock climbing, bouldering, high ropes courses and training for all ages and sizes. Offering an exceptional 25 fully automated climbing stations, climbing walls, cargo nets, caving and even spider mountain, and over 300-square-metres of bouldering with a large concession area to chill, they have nonpareil. They also offer rock climbing coaching classes for kids and adults and their most recognized Top Rope Climbing experience.

Bayside ticks all the boxes in terms of equipment and coaching, but it’s the community aspect that keeps people coming back. They run social climb nights where you’re invited to meet and greet with other like-minded climbers, as well as Women’s and Student’s Nights. 


This place has it all. There’s a whopping 51 top rope walls* and more than 40 bouldering problems to get stuck into. All routes are set up with belay devices pre-attached for the top ropers among us, so there’s no need to bring your own. If Nunawading is too far out for you, Hard Rock also has a location in the CBD.

Top Rope climbing is when the individual is attached to a rope that passes up to an anchor system then back down to a ‘belayer’ (your mate holding the rope) at the bottom. 

Hardrock Climbing offers the ultimate indoor rock climbing in Melbourne at the CBD and Nunawading. Mushed in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, it’s hard not to catch sight of Hard Rock's glory. Located above Swanston Street, this climbing venue offers 44 top rope walls of 16 metres tall. 

The venue features four auto-belay walls, meaning you don’t have to rely on your spotter; the automated cable system will catch you if you tumble. In addition, Hardrock has a venue in Nunawading, featuring a bouldering cave and 51 top rope walls, 14 metres tall.


Latitude takes indoor climbing to a new level, with more than just climbing walls. So why not take a crack at the ninja-parkour course? Smash through the ‘grid’ and take on the challenge featuring bouldering, the spider-wall, tight-rope, warped wall and zip-line.

Boasting over an acre of indoor aerial activities, Latitude offers a world of aerial entertainment for little kids and big kids alike. This indoor centre has over 100 interconnected trampolines, a performance area, a giant airbag, dodgeball courts, and basketball lanes.

After you bounce, go for a round of climbing at Latitude’s rock-climbing walls or tackle the six-section sky-high obstacle course. There’s fun for the littlest bouncers, too, with Latitude’s dedicated Kids Zone, designed for kids aged 18 months to five years.

Northside Boulders

Northside Boulders is arguably the second-best bouldering gym in Melbourne, with two bustling locations. The youngest member of the Northside Boulders family. The Northcote suburb of Melbourne was established due to a combination of zeal and a lack of suitable Northside commercial hubs. The building is styled after a theme park, making it ideal for boulderers.

Everyone from beginners to seasoned climbers will find their ideal climbing conditions here, with a variety of overhangs and exciting ridges. The diversity of their climbing routes, the energy of the area, and the welcoming atmosphere have helped them rise to the top of the list.

Northside Boulders is conveniently located in the heart of Brunswick, just a two-minute stroll from Brunswick station (on Victoria Street, off of Sydney Road).

They're the same nice people who run the Lactic Factory, so you know the vibe will be chill. The area is roughly three times as large, and the walls are a little higher at around 4.5 metres.

Northside, as its name suggests, is a bouldering-specific gym with three locations in Melbourne. Northside is great for both complete newcomers and seasoned veterans because of the welcoming community atmosphere it cultivates through frequent events. You can do yoga there or just steal their awesome swag and pretend you're a climber, it's up to you.

Burnley Bouldering Wall

Technically this isn’t indoors, but if the weather is nice, why not get out in the fresh air and have a crack at the Burnley Bouldering Wall. The Burnley Bouldering Wall is a community-built and funded wall on the Main Yarra Trail accessible 24/7. 

The information board at the end of the main wall outlines the route grading system from beginner to intermediate to advanced. We suggest going at night, they light this bad boy up, and it’s arguably the most fun time to go. BYO chalk and crash pad.

OK, it’s not technically a gym, it’s a free-to-access bouldering wall, but that’s exactly why it’s on this list. Located in the suburb of Burnley, the space is well maintained (though we’re not sure by whom), and there’s a total of 3 walls meaning there’s space for everyone. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Urban Climb 

urban climb

Urban Climb is one of the biggest names in Australia’s climbing scene, with four locations across the East coast. The Collingwood location offers top-quality bouldering along with fitness classes and yoga. Welcome to the new Urban Climb—Victoria’s largest bouldering space. 

Tucked into Collingwood’s industrial backstreets—not the graffiti, hipster kind—you have to be looking for Urban Climb to find it. Even then, you’ll probably need help from the mates at Google.

The gym comprises nine stations, with seven to ten problems per station. The route setters have designed the semi-circular shaped gym in a kind of clockwise rotation, so purple climbs on the far left (as soon as you walk in the door) are likely to be easier than the purple climbs on the far right. 

With multiple facilities on the east coast of Australia, Urban Climb has solidified its reputation; vibrant, local climbing, fitness, and yoga—as Victoria’s largest bouldering space. The gym is in place of Collingwood’s alleys—but not the graffiti or hipster type. 

Instead, it is divided into nine stations, with seven to ten tasks per station. Urban Climb’s boulders have designed the clockwise rotation, offering a differing degree of challenge. All-inclusive memberships allow for unlimited climbing and access to a variety of fitness and yoga classes run throughout the week, making this one of Melbourne's best rock climbing gyms.


Cliffhanger is legit; the complex is Australia’s tallest indoor climbing gym, with walls stretching 27m high. We’re talking two separate bouldering areas, dedicated zones for ‘crack’ climbs and a dozen lead climbing walls set by some of the best route setters in the Southern Hemisphere. The staff here are super friendly and knowledgeable, meaning they can and will help you with any of your climbing queries.

Gravity Worx

If speed is your thing, Gravity is the place for you. Why? One of Gravity’s specialities is ‘speed climbing’, a sport in which two climbers race up identical routes, with the first one to hit the buzzer at the top declared the winner. 

Gravity is the only gym in Australia to have a standard Speed Wall as accredited by the good folks at the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). This means their speed wall is identical to the one used at the climbing world cup. Time to get practising! 

Gravity Worx in Pascoe Vale has a jaw-dropping 50 rock climbing routes of divergent difficulty. The facility offers the fusion of top-rope safety partnered, auto-belay solo and lead climbing periodic clip-in harness to their rock climbing practice. 

With 50 climbing walls and 16 auto-belays, this gym is ideal for novice climbers and younger climbers. There aren't many indoor rock climbing gyms in Melbourne, but Gravity Worx is one of them, and they host international sport and speed climbing competitions. Adding a bouldering gym was the most recent addition to the facility.

Boulder Project

Boulder Project is a boulder rock climbing gym in Prahran. The Boulder Project focuses on community. Founders Yury and Andy have been scaling indoor and outdoor boulders and rocks for most of their lives and felt the need to contribute to the community by establishing a centre for indoor rock climbing in Melbourne. 

The facility is steeped in three things: community, movement and mind-body interaction. It is a meeting place where you can challenge yourself, connect with like-minded people and reflect on the context of the community you are in, with a coherent social and fitness culture.

Virgin Active

Expect group exercise classes, a multilane 25-metre pool, spa, sauna, sleep pods and an indoor rock climbing wall at Virgin Active. This indoor rock climbing facility is a vast 4,700 sqm and is conveniently located opposite the Russell/Bourke Street Tram stop. 

Featuring six group exercise studios with over 200 classes per week, and a challenging indoor climbing wall, be sure to visit Virgin Active. With individualized and team-training classes offered by professional coaches, there’s a coach to suit every exercise need. In addition, the gym has climbing routes for all skill levels and a self-belay system to help you grow as a climber.

La Roca Boulders

Wouldn’t you want to enjoy a cup of joe and partake in indoor bouldering at a cutesy and covert facility? La Roca Boulders is situated in the sleepy suburb of Oakleigh South and offers more than meets the eye. Its friendly staff and extremely steep walls will have you roped in for a breathtaking experience. 

La Roca’s staff provide coaching to harden the bouldering experience and ease the experience for amateurs. It’s a suburban rock climbing palace and will have you longing to come back for its exclusivity and liveliness.

North Walls

Manufactured by Walltopia, an international wall-climbing manufacturer, North Walls features discrete climbing walls—for the trailblazers. These creatively designed walls offer plenty of climbing routes for climbers. North Walls has a strong sense of community, often hosting various workshops for those who seek to rock climb professionally. 

This Melbourne bouldering gym features a 14-metre-high wall with 50 rope systems and is beneficial for students seeking to study and mothers who childmind and need respite. 

North Walls also offers fresh coffee and fresh fruit-flavoured isotonic sports beverages, including pineapple and raspberry. Located in Brunswick, North Walls has the honour of featuring climbing walls by Walltopia, an international wall-climbing manufacturer. These specially-made walls provide plenty of climbing routes for all levels. 

Plus, the serious climbers have lead tests during certain hours. North Walls has a strong sense of community, often hosting various workshops for avid climbers, including ones that are for women only. They also host competitions for climbers to test how many routes they can complete without rest. If you aren’t gripping ropes, there is also a café on-site where you can recharge with freshly ground coffee.what are places to go indoor rock climbing in melbourne2

Clip ’n Climb

Part theme park, part climbing gym, Clip ’n Climb is one hell of a fun way to spend an afternoon. There’s a range of obstacles and challenges to overcome in a non-competitive environment and while they offer an impressive array of kids parties, trust us when we tell you it’s also good fun sans children. 

Emotional obstacles, vertical walls, ladders, stairways to rapture, dark climb with footholds light up—Clip ‘n Climb Williamstown is where indoor rock climbing meets theme park. They have a range of climbs and challenges to put you to the test. In addition, they have a beverage booth on-site that serves the best-tasting coffee. 

The centre is ideal for children and has two party rooms where the birthday child will receive the free longed-for Leap of Faith; they can climb up to a 6-metre platform and leap into space to catch a giant bean bag. Explore the many indoor rock climbing challenges at Clip ‘n Climb.

Funtopia Maribyrnong

Funtopia Maribyrnong is not only one of Melbourne’s best rock climbing spots; it’s also among the largest. Suitable for all ages, Funtopia is comprised of three remarkable Worlds: Climbing World, featuring an enormous beanstalk, giant slide and 40 interactive climbing walls; Playground World, a gigantic indoor playground with ten slides, shooting ball pit, digital Funky Monkey game, and mazes and Toddler World, designed to keep youngsters safe. In addition, their indoor climbing walls are diverse and suited for individuals of different climbing abilities.


Dubbed Melbourne’s “boulders bouldering gym” (see what they did there?), BlocHaus has 850 square meters of climbing surface, which are then divided into different sections with two sections cleaned and reset each week. This equates to a shiny new-looking gym every eight weeks. There’s also beginner classes on offer, as well as a special youth program.

Bolder than most is how BlocHaus describes its ambitions. BlocHaus is a contemporary bouldering gym in Port Melbourne that offers a variety of classes and coaching options to get your body moving and social senses buzzing. One of the best bouldering experiences in Melbourne, it features nearly 100 challenging climbs, a functional fitness training area, and a padded slackline.

With classes that offer amateurs a chance to boulder with the basics, their instructors’ expertise will get you warmed up and cooled down and familiar with foot-working, beta reading, the hold types and styles of climbing.

Climb West 

Climb West offers bouldering, fitness, yoga and coffee, which, to us, sounds like a pretty good combination. The space is beautifully maintained, and there’s a wellness hub to take care of you in between climbs. On their site, they have even been kind enough to offer a breakdown of climbing slang for beginners, so you know your ‘slabs’ from your ‘sends’ before you hit the gym.

Boulder Lab

With a team steeped in over 15 years of experience in commercial facilities and international and national competitions, Boulder Lab knows the ropes and how to rope you into an etching experience. In addition, boulder Lab is full of amenities with over 700 m2 of wall space, two training sections, a café and multiple zones to chill out in. So from the moment you walk through their front door, be sure to enjoy the Boulder Lab experience. 

The crown jewel of this area is the Comp Wall, which stands at a height of almost exactly 37 metres. This is without a doubt one of Melbourne's finest bouldering venues. The Lab is a separate bouldering facility with over 700 square metres of walls, in addition to a training area and gym. They wisely decided to upgrade the facility, so the next time you work out there, you'll be in a brand-new environment.

Crazy Climb Indoor Rock Climbing Centre

Suitable for all ages, this rock climbing gym in Melbourne is the ultimate challenge with 26 individual climbs of varying difficulties and themes. You’re sure to find a fun and exciting way to get yourself and your kids active. We reckon this is one of Melbourne's best rock climbing centres for kids! There's even a Lollipop’s Playland in the same building.


Rock climbing is great for health and fitness and team building, and of course, it's a fun-filled activity for all ages. As the name suggests, Bouldering is climbing boulders with the freedom to go rope and harness free but at safer low wall heights. There is no shortage of rock climbing and bouldering gyms in Melbourne, and we’ve picked the best if you’ve in the mood for some vertical adventures.


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