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How Do I Go Into The Best Hot Springs Near Melbourne?

What could be more opulent and soothing than a long, hot soak? These mineral and hot spring havens are conveniently accessible from Melbourne, making them perfect for a relaxing day trip or weekend getaway with friends.

There are numerous undiscovered paradises in Victoria, such as the mineral spring resorts in Daylesford and the wildly popular hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula. Check out these amazing getaways and start arranging your next long soak right away.

The mineral springs that we have here in Victoria are only one example of the beautiful sites that are available to us.

The mineral-rich spring water that rises up through the ground in places like the Mornington Peninsula, Hepburn Springs, and Mt. Hotham in the north has been sought after for a variety of medicinal purposes for decades.

Bring your swimsuit. It's like taking a bath, just more exciting!

FAQs About Melbourne

The Right Way To Take A Bath At A Hot Spring

  • Wash all over. 
  • Douse yourself with warm water. 
  • A half-body bath to get your body used to it. 
  • Caution. 
  • Don't take a shower after you have finished bathing. 
  • Gently wipe yourself down before you leave the bathing area. 
  • Drink plenty of water. 
  • Take a good rest.

Even better, why not stay with us for a couple of nights, and we will provide you with priority entry passes to the Bath House at the Peninsula Hot Springs for gratis, zilch, nada, nothing! Yes, that's right…for FREE.

Victoria isn't quite a geothermal hotspot, but hot springs do pop up in some unexpected places. You can bathe in hot pools surrounded by native bush on the Mornington Peninsula, head west to Warrnambool to wade through warm-water caves, or get your gear off in a traditional Japanese onsen in the heart of Collingwood.

In line with the current restrictions, guests are welcome to stay for up to 90 minutes. The last booking each day will be at 6:30 pm. Bathing concludes 15 minutes before closing time.

Seven best hot springs in Australia

  • Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria. Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula. 
  • Blue Mountains Sparadise, NSW. 
  • In not Hot Springs, Queensland. 
  • Mataranka Thermal Pool, NT. 
  • Zebedee Thermal Springs, WA. 
  • Dalhousie Springs, SA. 
  • Kimberley Warm Springs, Tasmania.

The shortest time is probably about an hour. Ordinary people normally spend two and a half to 3 hours and sometimes people choose to stay all day. Very soon we're going to be introducing accommodation so that guests won't have to leave.

Most onsen experts don't recommend showering after a hot spring bath because it reduces the effects of the nutrients and minerals in the water. However, when you have sensitive skin or visit an onsen with strong sulphur or acidic springs, you should take a shower to prevent possible irritations.


The Best Hot Springs to Visit Near Melbourne

Melbourne is often referred to as "Australia's cultural capital." The National Gallery of Victoria, the Royal Exhibition Building, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground are just a few of the city's many tourist attractions.

There are some stunning natural hot springs in the city and its environs. If you're considering a trip to Australia, you should definitely stop by Melbourne's natural hot springs.

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Peninsula Hot Springs

  • Travel
  • Fingal

Peninsula Hot Springs is Victoria’s first geothermal mineral springs and day spa. It’s here you’ll find more than 50 bathing experiences, including shared thermal mineral pools, wet and dry saunas, a hydrotherapy pool, Turkish and Moroccan hammams and the frequently Instagrammed hilltop pool, which boasts 360-degree views over the farmlands of Fingal. 

If you’re brave, you can also try swapping between the 60-degree hot sauna and the ice cave, which sits at a cool -17 degrees—feeling like a midnight soak? The hot springs also offer moonlight bathing from 11 pm to 5 am every day. Just make sure you book in advance for that one. Entrance to Peninsula Hot Springs starts at $30, with prices increasing during peak times.

An hour's drive south of Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, natural hot mineral waters flow from deep underground and into the pools and private baths at Peninsula Hot Springs. Bathe, relax at the Spa Dreaming Centre and dine in the café in this tranquil coastal environment. 

Peninsula Hot Springs thermal mineral water contains a range of naturally occurring minerals, including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others.

This alluring hot spring is situated in the middle of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and is known for its great spa sessions. The hot spring is located amidst the beautiful and serene habitat of South Melbourne. 

One of the most talked-about spring water is made with slightly natural caves and rock pools with pure thermal mineral waters. Created by the brothers Charles and Richard Davidson, this hot spring resembles the Japanese bathing culture. 

The place is amidst the green land, which guarantees a joyful journey from the outer to the inner self. Drench your soul in this amazing hot spring water in Melbourne, Australia.

State of the art facilities include an ice cave, a new wellness centre and seven new hot spring pools overlooking an outdoor stage. Bathers can switch between hot and cold therapy in the 30-person saunas and 'deep freeze' treatment room.

Where: Springs Lane, Fingal

Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa

  • Health and beauty
  • Spas
  • Hepburn Springs

Fun fact: 80 per cent of the country’s mineral springs are in the Daylesford region, making it perfect for spa treatments. You’re here to relax, so begin your getaway by visiting arguably the most famous spa in the region, Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa. Here you can enjoy a massage or slip into the warm mineral waters of the communal bathhouse and feel your body begin to unwind. 

For something even closer to nature, have a soak in the outdoor creekside spa. Aching muscles? The mineral salts of the circular mineral bath under a giant skylight is the ticket to relaxation. Entrance to the Hepburn Bathhouse starts at $55.

The place is located in the centre of Australia’s largest concentration of mineral springs. The place offers natural water for the healing and rejuvenation of the mind and body. Hepburn is among the old and valued hot springs in Australia and consists of a spa and wellness centre. 

Visitors can get the benefits of massage, hydrotherapy, and beauty therapy. Apart from the spa and therapy sessions, tourists can grab a coffee or a beer at the old Hepburn hotel. You can utilise your leisure time by roaming around the elegant grounds of the Bellinzona boutique hotel in the afternoon and exploring the local wine tasting in the evening.

Deep Blue BathHouse and Day Spa

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  • Travel
  • Warrnambool

Southwest Victoria is also home to some geothermal mineral springs thanks to an ancient water source called the Dilwyn Aquifer. The water passes through 850 metres of prehistoric rock and earth layers to reach the surface at Deep Blue Hotel and Hot Springs in Warrnambool. Explore the geothermal rockpool and rainforest cave, each heated from 38 degrees to 45 degrees. Bathing prices start at $46 for two and a half hours in the water.

This complex is fed by the natural geothermal waters of the Dilwyn aquifer, located 850 metres underground. The set-up at Deep Blue is fairly casual, in keeping with Warrnambool’s laid-back vibe. Explore the geothermal rock pools and wade through caves to a rainforest waterfall; have a massage or facial at the spa; or stay within the manicured gardens, where there are many hot pools (and a bar and a cafe).

If you don’t want to leave after all that, you don’t have to – book into the on-site hotel. The premium suites have spa baths, just in case you haven’t had your fill of soaking.

Japanese Mountain Retreat

If you want complete privacy while you soak, this Montrose property might be for you. Swimwear is optional in each of the three bathing pools: traditional Japanese cedar hot tub in a Japanese garden, Japanese rock pool in a Japanese garden, and tropical garden pool. It's billed as a romantic couple's retreat, and each of the pools has its private change room and shower, as well as complete privacy for bathing. 

This one's on the pricey side, as bathing starts at $130 per person for 50 minutes - but can you put a price on bathing in the nude en Plein air? There is also accommodation and spa treatments on-site, so if you want extra brownie points with your partner, book a package deal.

Hidden between the trees and the mountains in the Dandenong Ranges (and only 45 minutes from Melbourne) is the Japanese Mountain Retreat. If you’re loved up, this is the place to go. 

The retreat caters very well to couples, offering getaway packages for those wishing to celebrate special milestones or occasions. The natural mineral waters at the Japanese Mountain Retreat are heated between 37 and 40 degrees, and you can choose to bathe privately in private outdoor pools or the Roman bathhouse. If you want complete privacy while you soak, this Montrose property might be for you. 

Swimwear is optional in each of the three bathing pools: traditional Japanese cedar hot tub in a Japanese garden, Japanese rock pool in a Japanese garden, and tropical garden pool. This one's on the pricey side, as bathing starts at $130 per person for 50 minutes - but can you put a price on bathing in the nude en Plein air? There is also accommodation, and spa treatments are available on-site, so if you want extra brownie points with your partner, book a package deal.

Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Springs and Spa is located only 45 min drive from Melbourne. As indicated from its name, it is a Japanese themed unique hot spring bath and spa centre. You can head out to this place if you are looking for something different and unique. 

This place serves the authentic Japanese style treatment to its customers who are loved and appreciated by their end. The place also offers some of the most exclusive romantic getaways in Melbourne. If you are planning a surprise for your loved ones, you can book the resort for two of you, a lifetime of experience which your partner can never forget. 

Experience the delight of a private resort, excitement of waterfalls and thrill of bamboo groves all at one place in a Japanese Mountain Retreat.

Sense of Self

  • Health and beauty
  • Spas
  • Collingwood

Officially opening its bathhouse and massage and mindfulness studio in March 2021, Sense Of Self offers a modern approach to self-care in Melbourne’s north. Sense Of Self used to be a warehouse, so it’s split over two levels. The first floor is home to the massage and mindfulness studio where remedial, relaxation, and pregnancy massages can be booked, as well as dry body brushing, Gua Sha facials and more. 

Then there’s the bathhouse itself. Lower yourself into the mineral-rich, 39-degree water, listen to the sound of the waterfall, close your eyes and let the relaxation take over. Prices for bathing start at $49 for two hours.

Japanese Bathhouse

  • Health and beauty
  • Collingwood

Visit the Japanese Bathhouse in Collingwood to relax and forget your troubles. With a history dating back to 1999. It underwent extensive renovations in 2015. The Japanese bathhouse has all the amenities you may need, from towels to body scrubbers to hair gel and coombs, so you can strip down and relax in the water.

Each gender has its own separate bathing space, and the ten-person limit per changing room keeps things from getting too strange. An hour in the sauna and a bath only costs $34.

It's possible to spend your entire life in Melbourne and never hear of the peaceful Japanese bathhouse nestled in the middle of bustling Collingwood. Ofuroya is a Japanese-style onsen that can be found on Cromwell Street, just across from Allpress and Rupert on Rupert. The experience is a public bath in the most literal sense (no, you have to strip down to your underwear; swimming suits are not allowed).

The baths are shared, with men and women using them at different times. Towels, washcloths, kimonos, and toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and cleansing wipes are all included. Shiatsu is a form of acupressure massage that can be booked for a relaxing and healing experience that will bring your energy back into balance and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and Spa, Hepburn Springs

how do i go into the best hot springs near melbourne

Hepburn Springs is a region where mineral springs seem to pop up everywhere, like puddles after rain. You’ll find Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa at the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, 10 minutes north of Daylesford.

The historic bathhouse – which is open to children and adults – dates back to the late 19th century, although it’s safe to say the modernity has been ratcheted up a notch or two since. The sanctuary mineral bathing option (for guests aged 16 and up) includes an aroma steam room, spa couches; a salt and magnesium pool; outdoor creekside bathing; and admission to the main bathhouse.

Miss Fox, Melbourne

This luxe beauty boutique in the heart of the CBD’s Little Collins Street fashion district was opened by Victoria Fox in 2011. Step off the city streets and relax in the lounge before settling down on a plush, heated massage bed for a full-body aromatherapy massage with camellia seed, rose or coconut oil.

But Miss Fox does so much more than a massage – you can get your haircut and styled; sign up for a life coaching or counselling session, or check into the skin clinic for a comprehensive consultation and your choice of medical or professional peel. Laser hair removal and brow lamination? Sure, they can do that.

There’s also a champagne and dessert bar so that you can enjoy a glass or two of Moet, Veuve or Dom Perignon with a mousse or meringue tart, courtesy of Royal St Collins. (You wouldn’t want to leave too healthy, would you?)

Onsen Retreat and Spa

Hotham Ski Resort is famous for its mineral-rich hot bath and spa services. The resort provided the facility of massages, facials, sauna bath, full body massage, plunge pool and pilates. You can plan the outing with your loved ones and can get a full body and soul treatment. 

The place offers the different packages in various seasons, to give good services in handy amounts. The retreat also features a Japanese inspired, 38 degrees outdoor onsen suited for bathing and restoration. An indoor pool, Yoga and fitness classes add to the total benefit list from the place.

Deep Water Spa and Hot Springs

This is an open-air geothermal mineral spa best suited for the relaxation of your body. There is an ancient water source known as Dilwyn Aquifer situated deep beneath the bathhouse. The place is used for the infusion of salt and minerals with water. The water has a richness of high levels of iron and bicarbonate as the continuity of rainwater being drawn to the vast aquifer. 

This provides a unique colour and taste to the water. The spa also offers full-body treatments like massages, facials and lots more. Pamper yourself a little more with the natural geothermal water and relax with the spa facilities. You can also enjoy the food prepared by the experienced chef in the venue. Give yourself a daily treat with this amazing hot spring bath and spa treatment.

Bitter Springs

While it's not in Melbourne per se, this spot is one of Australia's precious few natural hot spring pools. This is one of the few remaining natural thermal clusters in the Mataranka area.

The spring is deep, therefore only those over the age of 12 should swim in it. It is said that young toddlers shouldn't swim there since the sluggish drifts allow swimmers to follow the water for up to 100 metres. If you enjoy being near or on the water, this is the ideal destination for you.

Moree Artesian Baths

Vacationing families will find enough to do and see in the beautiful South Wales region. Although it is not Melbourne, Australia, this location offers the ultimate hot springs bathing experience.

The adults can relax in the sauna while the kids splash around in the water park at Moree Artesian Baths. There is also an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a fully-equipped fitness centre. Treat yourself to a relaxing sauna session and some thermal spring water here in this stunning location. There's nothing better than being surrounded by loved ones.


You probably need a hot soak, steam, massage, facial, aromatherapy, or some general pampering if the pressures of the end-of-year deadlines and the holidays are getting to you. We feel it's justified at this point to reward oneself or a loved one for making it through this last year.

To be sure, Victoria isn't a geothermal hotspot, but you can find hot springs in some odd places. On the Mornington Peninsula, you can soak in natural hot springs amidst native flora, in Warrnambool's warm-water caverns, or in Collingwood's authentic Japanese onsen.

We work with the Click for Vic programme to recommend some of Victoria's finest urban and rural spas and hot springs so that you can show your support for local companies.

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