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Summersalt: You Are Going To Love This Brand

Summer is wonderful, but it's also hot, so you'll need to figure out how to dress so that you don't sweat excessively. Where to turn then, but to Summersalt, purveyors of all things necessary for cool, stylish comfort during the hotter months?

The summer is the best season for taking pleasure in life. With the sun out, you can spend all day at the beach getting a tan or having fun with your pals. If you're looking for a way to have fun this summer, look no further than Summersalt, a clothing line designed to keep you looking good and feeling great despite the scorching temperatures. Learn more about how Summersalt apparel can enhance your season here.

When you buy an item from Summersalt, you're getting a product that was made with care. They care deeply about making eco-friendly products that last for a long time and look great. The company's mission is to improve the world through the creation and production of sustainable clothing.

Finding that happy medium is the key to a fulfilling life. Because of this, Summersalt is an excellent product line for those who seek to direct their lives purposefully.

It has everything a fashionable person could want to take care of their body and mind. Sustainable fashion and supplements to improve daily life are both available at Summersalt. The designers at Summersalt produce eco-friendly swimwear that doesn't sacrifice on aesthetics. Their mission for the past three years has been to provide environmentally conscious alternatives to traditional swimwear.

Even the elastic in our suits is reclaimed from other products. Natural fibres such as hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and soy are prefered over polyester because their production results in less environmental damage.

Do you enjoy a lazy day in the sun? Summersalt is a clothing line with the goal of improving your summer. You can shield your eyes from the sun without sacrificing your sense of style. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach or go on an adventure in the woods, you'll find it there.

Having fun and helping others are central to the Summersalt philosophy. Products made by this company are trendy and eco-friendly; any beachgoer would be happy to have one. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes towards funding water purification projects. The goal of Summersalt is to spread joy by creating beautiful products and providing aid to those in need.

Invest in some new threads from Summersalt to kick off the season in style. To avoid overheating later, hurry over. OK, so let's get going.


As far as the Summersalt one piece styles go, the Marina runs a bit small while the Voyager, Ruffle Oasis and Ruffle Backflip run a bit more tts. I'm wearing the Marina in a 4 here, and while I'm a fan of the material and the general shape, it's a bit short length wise.

St. Louis, St. Louis-based women's apparel startup Summersalt is expanding its global reach. The startup has announced it will begin shipping its products globally to more than 180 countries, a move Summersalt says comes as it has encountered consumer demand worldwide.

Where is Summersalt 's headquarters? Summersalt is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, United States .

We make it easy! Initiate your return or exchange here. (P.S. returns and exchanges are free!) All returned products must be returned within 30-days of the delivery date in unused, pristine condition with original tags attached and hygienic liners intact.

Summersalt is based in St. Louis, but it sells swimsuits directly to customers through its online website and partnerships with Madewell and J. Crew. The collection of swimwear ranges in price from $45-$50 for individual bikini tops and bottoms to $95 for a one-piece.

Summersalt Swimsuits

The popular swimwear brand Summersalt has been all over your Instagram feed for the past few years. I have no shame in admitting that I own eight or so Summersalt swimsuits. Although, at an average of $100 per swimsuit, you might be wondering if they are worth the price.

To get right to the point, I adore Summersalt suits and believe they are well worth the price. Unfortunately, I have way too many pairs of shoes at home. However, there are a few designs that just don't cut it for me, and I plan to discuss those in this post, along with the standouts that I believe every woman should have in her wardrobe. Let's take a moment to discuss Summersalt swimwear and what sets them apart from the competition.

  • Size-Inclusive: Summersalt is one of the few brands that offers sizes beyond an XL, in contrast to the many others that trumpet "body positivity" mantras on Instagram while not actually providing them. You can find them in sizes 24 even.
  • They’re magic fitting: On the note about being size-inclusive, I was super shocked to find (almost) every swimsuit I tried fit like a glove. And they fit my friends, who have totally different body types, like a glove as well. They're kind of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but for swimsuits.
  • Diverse Marketing: They also generally do a good job with using a range of different people in their marketing on the site and social media. It's not just a sea of blondes in tank tops and shorts. (However, I do believe there is room for more plus-size models and diverse bodies.)
  • Sustainability Efforts: The swimwear at Summersalt are constructed from eco-friendly materials, and even the packaging is recyclable. And this is not some place to get a deal on fast fashion. To help reduce waste, this swimwear is built to last for years (I should know—I've had my sidestroke for almost three years, and it's still in great shape).

This Size-Inclusive Swimwear Brand Is All You’ll Want To Wear In And Out Of The Water

Even though we're well into summer, it's never too late to shop for new bathing suits. Suits from Summersalt are eco-friendly, inclusive of a wide range of body types, and priced honestly, so check them out if you're looking to update your swimwear collection. All of its suits are adorable, incredibly cosy, and cost less than $100.

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The Rundown

While Summersalt's bright jewel tones and bold colour blocking are certainly trademarks of the brand, those are only the tip of the iceberg. So, whether you want a high-waisted bikini, a one-piece with a plunging neckline, or a one-piece with full coverage, Summersalt has you covered. In addition, you can find the perfect suit to match your style because most styles come in a wide variety of patterns and colours, from solid teal to leopard print to cute polka dots.

Summersalt bathing suits are made from a special material that is resistant to fading and shrinking, even after repeated washes and exposure to the sun, salt water, and chlorine.

According to Summersalt, this is because all of their swimsuits are made from a special fabric that is both five times stronger and offers four times more compression than competing brands.

For added comfort in the sun, all of the suits provide protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays with a UPF rating of 50+. What's more, the suits are crafted from high-quality recycled materials, making them exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Inevitably, the issue of sizing is a concern when buying a swimsuit online. Thanks to Summersalt, even that's a breeze. The company provides a useful size chart that can be used before making a purchase, and the Style + Size Finder can be used to get a more personalised recommendation. Based on your answers to this quiz about your prefered level of coverage and clothing size, we will recommend the appropriate options for you. Best of all, many Summersalt styles come in sizes up to a whopping 24.

The brand's pricing is also ridiculously transparent. The starting price for a swimsuit from this brand is $95 (yes, that includes bikinis; tops and bottoms are $50 and $45, respectively). In light of the suit's high quality, the asking price is reasonable.

The Lowdown

After receiving two swimsuits from Summersalt to try, I was converted from my initial scepticism. One of the first swimsuits I tried on was the best-selling Sidestroke One-Piece, a one-shouldered number in a colorblock of white, green, and teal. As a woman with a full bust, I was apprehensive about wearing a one-shoulder suit because I knew that my breasts, among other things, might be on display. However, the compression fabric and diagonal seams of the Sidestroke ensured that nothing shifted.

The Perfect Wrap One-Piece by Summersalt was another bestseller that I tried. It was gone in the store's first week. (Thank goodness, we finally have it again.) The suit's plunging neckline initially made me uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the compression fabric made me feel securely "held in" in the chest and stomach, and the bow detail at the waist is irresistibly cute.

Summersalt states, "The suits should fit snugly when they are dry (that is, presumably due to the compression fabric)," and they mean it.

When I first put them on, I thought they might be too snug, but once I got into the water, I realised they were just right. Not too tight, but also not too loose; I could do a cannonball into any pool without worrying about my bikini top coming off. (If you're on the fence about your size, Summersalt suggests going down a size; alternatively, you can order several sizes and return the ones that don't work.) Due to the durability of the material, I had no qualms about washing the suits, and they emerged from the dryer looking as good as new.

Should I Buy A Bikini Or One Piece?

Ultimately, you should choose a bathing suit that suits your personal taste and needs. However, in my opinion, Summersalt completely destroys One-Pieces. For curvy women, finding a one-piece that conceals flaws without being unflattering is a monumental challenge.

A one-piece swimsuit by Summersalt is a must-have if you enjoy vigourous water activities like snorkelling. Snorkeling in Maui last year, I rented a Sidestroke One Piece and was shocked by how well it held up no matter how many times I dove for fish. Since then, I've made it a habit to bring a Summersalt one-piece swimsuit with me on every trip to a warm climate.

Although it doesn't fit quite right, I do have a solid blush one-piece. (I think the Oceana style applies here.) Someone with a larger chest than mine would look much better in this. but I rarely ever wear that style. Similarly, I have a small collection of bikinis in my closet. When it's hot outside, I like to go on a hunt for swimming holes while wearing my confetti bikini top and high-waisted bottoms. In these infants, I felt safe and secure no matter what.

Our Reviews Of Summersalt Swimwear

The Plunge Bikini Top and The High Leg Mid Rise Bikini Bottom

  • Colour options for the top: White Sand, Lava, Sea Urchin, Seaweed, Deep Sea
  • Colour options for the bottom: White Sand, Leopard, Lava, Hibiscus, Grapefruit, Sea Urchin, Deep Sea, Seaweed, Seaglass
  • Sizing options: 2-12; 2-22

To find the perfect two-piece bikini that flatters your curves, look no further. To my surprise, the thin fabric adhered to my skin and provided a comfortable level of compression. The mid-rise cut was ideal, providing complete bottom coverage without the uncomfortable tan lines that come with a true high-rise suit. I'm a sucker for a good plunge top, and this one doesn't disappoint. Though the padding on the inside gave it an odd appearance, the jacket lifted beautifully once I slipped into it.

After donning my new suit on a beach vacation, I felt like a million bucks. The bottoms dug in slightly, and the straps wore down on my shoulders, so I wouldn't wear them all day.

The Perfect High Leg One Piece

  • Colour options: Electric, Cotton Candy Sky
  • Sizing options: 2-22

I highly recommend the one-pieces at Summersalt; I felt beautiful and confident in mine. The suit's double lining provided a snug fit in all the right places without being uncomfortable. The built-in cups and adjustable straps were great for my 4-foot-11, short-torsoed frame.

The bikini line is a higher maintenance area for this suit. In a flattering way, the high leg cutouts showed off more of my lower body and thighs. That's something to keep in mind if you're not a fan of having your scruff show through your swim trunks. This suit might be more expensive than similar options from other retailers. The swimsuit may be a bit pricey, but it's well worth it because of the careful construction that ensures it will retain its shape for years.

That the site features a wide range of both models and sizes is a huge plus in my book. The models span a wide range of ages and body types; they represent a variety of ethnicities; and the range of sizes goes up to a whopping 22. It's nice to see this reflected in the media.

The Perfect Wrap One-Piece

  • Colour options: 10, including Leopard and Gingham
  • Sizing options: 2-22

I found the perfect swimsuit at Summersalt; it was cute, size-inclusive, and provided full coverage without looking like it belonged in my grandmother's closet. It is clear that Summersalt places a premium on producing well-made fabrics. When I get a new suit, the first thing I do is throw away the padded breast cups, but Summersalt sews theirs in, so you never have to worry about them moving around or folding.

It was perfect for a day at the beach because I didn't have to bring along a separate top in case we decided to go to a restaurant. When I paired it with a skirt, it looked like any other top. And when it comes to keeping your stomach in place, it comes out on top, too. The wrap design is not only fun, but also helps me achieve that coveted hourglass figure by drawing attention to my waist. Because the material did not lift and support my chest, I had to keep adjusting my top throughout the day.

If you have a big chest like I do, you know how annoying it can be when your underboob starts sweating from all the flattening. Summersalt falls short of the mark when it comes to "Boob Support," an important category for me as a woman of size who has a large chest.

The Tie Backflip

  • Colour options: 6, including Modern Zebra and Deep Sea
  • Sizing options: 2-22

I'm usually drawn to black suits, but I really liked the selection that Summersalt had for one-piece swimsuits that looked flattering and colourful. I loved the colours and material of the bathing suit; it looks and feels well made. A major plus for me was the sewn-in boob pads; I usually can't stand them floating around in suit tops. Everything looked great, but the shoulder straps kept flipping and didn't fit quite right. 

summersalt you are going to love this brand (1)

I may just need to go up a size because my rib cage and spine are quite broad. Despite the floppy straps, I wore the swimsuit to a pool party and got lots of compliments on it. The quality of this suit is on par with my favourites. I already own suits from Everlane and Andie that are slightly more form-fitting, but this one has a certain flair that the others lack.

The Sidestroke

  • Colour options: 10, including Sea Urchin and Garden Party
  • Sizing options: 0-24

I've heard great things about the Sidestroke swimsuit that helped put Summersalt on the map, and I've wanted to try it for a while. The bright colour choices were appealing, but ultimately not a good fit for my personal taste. As soon as I saw that it was available in black, I was ecstatic. Upon first removing the suit from its packaging, I was concerned that it would be far too small. It was a close squeeze getting it on, but it ended up being a perfect fit.

While Summersalt typically begins its suit sizing at a size 2, this particular cut begins at zero. When faced with a choice between a size 0 and a size 1, I went with the smaller of the two and was very pleased with the results.

I'm excited to pack it for my upcoming trip; however, I'll have to remember to pack it on a cloudy day so I don't get weird tan lines on one shoulder. The lack of built-in cups is the only negative aspect of this swimsuit. However, I am considering having a tailor sew some in because I like the suit that much.

A swimsuit's ability to provide adequate bust support is a primary factor for me. It's a pretty big struggle for me because I wear a size DD cup. So, I took a calculated risk and tried out the White Sand one-shoulder Sidestroke suit. I'm thrilled with the suit's level of support, if I do say so myself. Neither the front nor the back sagged or looked uneven, and the diagonal seaming was a great style choice.

Not even when wet, the white colour is transparent. The rear was fine, and there was extra lining over the chest for security. The suits are reasonably priced and benefit both your wallet and the environment thanks to their construction from recycled materials. I can now understand why the Sidestroke is one of Summersalt's most favoured moves. The one-shoulder design is stunning, and the cutout in the back is almost as fantastic.

The suit is figure-flattering in either the solid, neutral colour options or the bright color-blocked options because the eye is drawn along the line of the diagonal stripes, which parallel the one-shoulder strap and accentuate your curves. It's worth mentioning that, in contrast to the many unpleasant memories associated with putting on and taking off a wet swimsuit, this one was a breeze.

For some reason, the colour made me nervous. Since white swimsuits aren't always completely opaque, I tend to avoid them. The fabric was substantial enough that I didn't worry about being seen. Seeing how cute and safe this style is will make you confident in your decision to go with all white.

The Swan Dive

  • Colour options: 10, including White Sand
  • Sizing options: 0-24

About two years in, and I still feel the same way about this swimsuit as I did when I first got it. The adjustable straps in the back of this swimsuit make it possible for me to achieve a secure fit despite my large bust. Even though I am only 5 feet tall, the colour blocking makes me look taller. That suit runs true to size, so please do not size down.

What I Don’t Like About Summersalt

No brand is perfect. I always highlight the things I don’t like about the product or think the brand could improve on. There are three areas to chat about here.

Travel Loungewear Is A Bit Of A Miss

Their airport loungewear left a lot to be desired, to be perfectly honest. Their 24-hour jumpsuit was unflattering because the fabric clung to my body. On top of that, I can't wear them without heels because the legs are much too long. The fabric's ability to let air in was wonderful against my skin. It was unflattering on my curvy figure. However, this is not my least favourite of their works. I can't speak to the comfort or fit of their nightwear, workout clothes, or sweaters because I haven't tried any of those items.

They Aren’t Exactly Affordable

Sustainable, high-quality goods cannot cost the same as a cheap swimsuit from Target ($20). I'm dying to stock up, but I can't afford to spend $2,000 on bikinis and coverups right now, okay?! That's mine, not theirs, to worry about. Unless you're independently wealthy, you're probably not able to buy more than a couple of swimsuits at a time, just like I can't.

Could Use More Diverse Models

As I mentioned above, I think Summersalt does a good job at diverse models compared to most swim companies, but there’s room for improvement. I want to see a size 22 gal rocking their stuff or a non-able-bodied model. I want to see body hair and just a better representation of ALL women. The activewear company Girlfriend does a great job at this, so I know it's possible from clothing companies! 

The Bottom Line

Our final verdict is that Summersalt swimsuits are fantastic and well worth the cost. In terms of swimwear, they are an excellent long-term investment. They have a wide variety of styles, so you're bound to find one that flatters your figure. Shipping back unwanted Summersalt is simple and quick. Their efforts towards diversity in sizing and environmental responsibility have our full support. You can find the perfect swimsuit at Summersalt; they have a wide selection of cuts, colours, and patterns, and they won't break the bank. Dive into all of Summersalt's swim offerings before summer ends; the brand's use of recycled materials is the icing on the cake.

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