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Essential Standing Desk Accessories

Musculoskeletal disorders have been linked to up to half of all workplace injuries. These issues arise most frequently when workers are awkwardly positioned or otherwise unsatisfied with their working conditions. Workers in the service sector, the manufacturing sector, and everywhere in between may be at risk for musculoskeletal disorders. Increasing the ergonomics of your workplace is the best way to prevent accidents.

You may have heard of ergonomic products like a standing desk, an ergonomic mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, and others if you're especially concerned about avoiding these issues. Improving your workplace ergonomics is beneficial for your health, productivity, and posture. In addition, it lessens the effects of fatigue, stiffness, and soreness.

The best standing desk accessories are the most sought after ergonomic tools. To be sure, a standing desk is a great start, but it is not sufficient. It has a few drawbacks. That's why it's crucial that you equip your standing desk with all the necessary components.

Musculoskeletal disorders account for over half of all workplace injuries. When employees are seated awkwardly or standing too long, they increase their risk of repetitive motion injuries. Workers in any field, from the factory floor to the office, are susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders. Workplace ergonomics improvements can reduce the risk of developing these types of musculoskeletal disorders.

Anyone who is tired of sitting at a desk all day can benefit from switching to a standing desk. However, you may need to pick up a few extras to make your standing desk setup as efficient as possible.

There is a wide variety of tools available as standing desk accessories. A foam roller, cable trays, and power outlet clamps are all examples of such items. Although there is a plethora of choices, it is important to keep in mind the proportions of some of the available accessories. Their girth could interfere with the structure of your stand-up desk.

Let's say you've made the effort to improve your working conditions by purchasing ergonomic equipment like a standing desk, a curved split keyboard, or a mouse designed to fit the contours of your hand. Then protecting your muscles and bones from harm is likely high on your list of priorities. Workplace ergonomics that promote better posture have been shown to lessen symptoms of fatigue, stiffness, and soreness.

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Best Standing Desk Accessories

Monitor Mount

The best position for your monitor is directly in front of you. Ideally, the centre of your screen should be in line with your eye level.

When the screen is too low, you tend to tilt your chin down. When the screen is too high, you tend to tilt your chin up, and when the screen is off to one side, you tend to turn your neck and head while working. All these awkward positions bear a negative impact on your overall health.

That's where a monitor mount comes into the picture. It gives your body a natural position, thus eliminating shoulder pain and eye strain.

In terms of aesthetics, standing desks with computer mounts also boast a more professional look.

Our monitor arm features a vertical range of 20" and a 360° rotation and is designed to help you create a flexible workstation. Use it to tailor the rotation and height of your computer screens to match different postures and enhance your productivity throughout your workday.

Active Seating

Even people who have gotten used to standing during the workday need a rest sometimes, and that's where active seating comes in. Active seating refers to stools or standing desk chairs that promote movement while you sit; they can include balance balls, wobbly stools, and other seating options that help you work your core muscles while you're sitting. When you use active seating, you can help improve your posture and boost your energy levels during the day—it's nearly impossible to slump when you use active seating!

You can find a wide variety of active seating options for sale, but if you already have a sit-to-stand desk, consider Uncaged Ergonomics' Wobble Stool. This height-adjustable active seating option adjusts to the height you need for standing or sitting. In addition, these standing desk chairs are easy to carry around the office because they're lightweight enough to be easily portable. That's especially important when you first start using active seating—you might need some time to adjust. In other words, don't retire your current office chair right away, and give yourself time to get used to active seating.

Comfortable Supportive Shoes

When you sit at a desk in the office, you just use your everyday work shoes, or if you're at home, bare feet or slippers. When standing for hours, though, your body relies on your feet. Thus proper support is crucial for your overall health and wellbeing. Proper standing is important, and supportive shoes help this tremendously. Running or walking shoes are designed to provide the most support, although those vary as well. Research to discover what shoes will be the best for you and your workspace.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Standing can get tiring and boring very fast if you don't do it correctly. The same way you get tired after standing for extended periods in a long line at the supermarket is the same way standing all day at your standing desk makes you tiresome and wears out your feet fast.

Foot support while using a sit-stand desk shouldn't just stop at the shoes you're wearing. You should also take into account what's under your shoes. An anti-fatigue mat is usually the most suitable option because it enables you to adjust your body position, even while standing constantly.

Given that there are several variations of standing mats, be sure to test the one you're planning to purchase. Your choice should be based on your personal preferences and body type because the material and firmness of an anti-fatigue mat determine whether you'll feel pain or discomfort.

Contrary to popular belief, a standing mat is not only a standing desk accessory that is meant for your feet. It also helps you to maintain a healthy back. That's because it encourages you to stand with a proper posture, thus helping you to relieve yourself of the pressure that builds up in your lower back and neck.

The main reason for this discomfort is that you are probably standing on a hard surface. While supportive, comfortable shoes will help you relieve some of the pain, you can get an extra layer of support and comfort from a good anti-fatigue mat.

Don't just go with any anti-fatigue mat you come across. Instead, be sure to select one that is comfortable, durable, satisfy your needs, and is within your budget.

Balance Board

Our BASE balance boards are meticulously engineered to provide the optimal balancing function. Easy to stand on with a full range of motion, Uncaged Ergonomics' patented balance boards are designed to improve your fitness, balance, and strength while working at a stand-up office desk. More than the best office balance boards, the unique, durable shapes provide a better balancing function that is incredibly useful as a fitness balance and stability board, gym, or for rehab. Seniors can also benefit from balance board exercises in their rehabilitation programs.

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Mini Elliptical Trainer/Treadmill/Bicycle Trainer

Most ellipticals require a large space, which offices generally don't have. The other issue with traditional ellipticals is that you would have to leave your desk in order to use one. While taking a break and stepping away from time to time is definitely recommended, a mini elliptical trainer offers the advantage of being able to move and work simultaneously.

A treadmill or bicycle trainer at a standing desk isn't ideal for everyone as they take up much more room, and the treadmill especially isn't something that can be easily moved out of the way and stored when not wanted. However, if your office has the space and you want to walk or bike while working, these are excellent solutions.

A treadmill isn't a perfect solution for everyone because it requires a lot of space. The same applies to a bicycle trainer.

Nevertheless, using a walking treadmill is one of the best ways to stay active while working. Most treadmill models usually come preinstalled and easily fit under a standing desk.

A regular elliptical usually takes up a significant amount of space, which is something that most offices lack. Another problem with traditional ellipticals is that you would have to move away from your desk to use them. That's where a mini elliptical trainer comes in. It provides you with the ability to move and work simultaneously.

If you can't afford these standing desk accessories, there is also an alternative way to stay active while standing. You can do some simple standing desk exercises after standing for a long time or while taking a short break.

Comfortable Footwear

Just like walking and running, standing for extended periods also demands that you use quality footwear. Ideally, the shoe should have decent arch support or comfortable soles.

In light of these requirements, running shoes will do the job just fine.

Wearing dockers or 5-inch heels at a stand-up desk is not a good option. If you stand for long hours, a lot of weight is directed to your feet, increasing the need for proper feet support.

Wearing the wrong shoes is a great recipe for foot and back problems. So make sure always to have a pair of comfortable shoes at your desk.

Under-Desk Mouse and Keyboard Mounting Platform

Keep the keyboard at elbow level, with your arms bent at a right angle, for optimal typing comfort. Muscles all over your body, from your fingertips to your shoulders, would be under more strain in any other position. The end result is discomfort in the hands and wrists, or even more serious conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The good news is that you can prevent these issues from occuring by setting up an adjustable keyboard arm. This will allow you to work in the most comfortable position, whether you prefer to sit or stand.

A keyboard tray is an essential accessory for any under-desk keyboard arm. It's installed below your work surface so you can raise or lower your keyboard to the ideal typing height. This is most comfortable at arm's length when seated or standing.

Put your arms at your sides, make sure your wrists are as straight as possible, and bend your elbows to a right angle. If your keyboard is at the right height, you won't have to stretch or strain to use it.

For optimal typing posture in all directions, a keyboard platform is also essential. Keyboards are most comfortable to use when set at a negative angle, with the top of the keyboard slanted downward. You can keep your wrists at a safe, neutral angle with the help of these tilt adjustments.

In addition, swivel chairs give their users more positioning options, which is especially useful for those who like to get up and move around frequently.

To help you keep your mouse at the right height whether you're sitting or standing, some keyboard stands come equipped with a separate mouse platform.

Monitor Riser

Your monitor should be positioned directly in front of you, and the centre of the screen should be at eye level. A monitor that's positioned too low makes you tilt your chin down, and a monitor that's placed too high makes you tilt your chin up. Likewise, a monitor that's off to one side makes you turn your head and neck while you're using the computer. And, holding these positions for most of the workday isn't good for your overall health.

Many people need to raise their monitors—especially if they're moving to a standing desk. A desktop computer monitor stand will help you position your monitor more ergonomically. You may also need to move your monitor closer or farther away to achieve the ideal position: your monitor should be 20 to 30 inches away from your eyes for optimal comfort.

To help prevent eyestrain, don't forget the 20-20-20 rule! The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends taking a break from looking at your monitor every 20 minutes. During that break, shift your focus to something that's at least 20 feet away, and look at it for at least 20 seconds.

Consider a monitor stand to place your monitor at the optimum ergonomic position. You can find height-adjustable monitor stands in many sizes. Check the measurements of the monitor stands you're considering buying beforehand to ensure that your monitor will fit on it and that it's sturdy enough to hold it—especially if you use an all-in-one. Uncaged Ergonomics offers a variety of height-adjustable monitor stands that enable you to move your monitor up and down as needed. This can be helpful if you alternate between sitting and standing while you use your computer. You'll want to learn how the monitor riser adjusts to find if it's easy to adjust. If the monitor stand is difficult to adjust, it can not only take up your precious time, but you could risk injury.

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LED Desk Lamp

Using LED lights for your office has been shown to be beneficial in recent studies. LED lighting has been shown to be much more environmentally friendly and productive than fluorescent lights, making it the ideal addition to your standing desk.

Experts advise increasing the amount of natural light in the office as a means of boosting productivity. However, not all office workers have that luxury, either because their windows are too small or because they prefer to get their work done in the evening. When it comes to artificial lighting, an LED desk lamp is the next best thing to natural light because it provides soft light that makes it easier to see and move around.

When natural light is scarce, our Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp can be relied upon to provide a comfortable glow. As an added bonus, the 31.5-inch long LED strip provides ample illumination for concentrated work.

Privacy Panel

We may not all have the advantage of working from home or in a private space. While working in a shared space, it is easy to get distracted by other surrounding desk workers. A privacy panel is a great office desk accessory for those who frequently divert their attention from work and toward others.

You may not realize this but working in a shared space also leads to unintentionally sharing germs. Come flu season, a once perfectly functioning office can become a trading post for sickness. Your privacy panel may not be able to block all germs, but it is certainly one more step to protecting yourself from others' contagious illnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desk

Most standing desk users claim that sneakers are the best standing desk shoes since they are designed for active lifestyles. They usually keep comfort in mind and emphasize important things like arch support and traction. If sneakers are not your thing, then you can consider other shoes with specific characteristics.

Electric motors that are used in standing desks need to be able to smoothly raise and lower loads up to 200 pounds or more. In addition, these small DC motors offer high power density. Brushed motors are fairly simple and cheap but a little slow due to limited high-speed torque.

An Organized Desk Helps You Remember Important Tasks. To stay organised, designate an incoming and outgoing unit for paperwork. This will help you avoid misplacing documents, which keeps you ahead of your task list

When it comes to price, there are standing desk options for nearly any budget, ranging from $150 to over $2,000. Typically a great value for money standing desk will be $500 to $750. A quality standing desk converter can be around $200.

Dual motor standing desk frames usually have higher load capacity and faster adjustment speeds depending on the brand and model. Dual motor standing desk frames also come with greater lifting capacity than single motor models and provide better stability for larger loads.

Tips to Organize Your Desk Accessories for Max Proficiency

Standing desk accessories are not the end-all-be-all for your organization issues. However, with these simple tips, you can use your accessories in an organized way to increase productivity.  Check it out. 

  • Only keep what you need on your desk
  • Organize all cables and cords
  • Limit decorations and personal items
  • Maintain open space on your desk
  • Keep similar items in the same area
  • Put all important tools near your dominant hand
  • Routinely clean and organize your workspace

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A standing desk is a fantastic product. But it's even more attractive and functional when you accessorize it with the right items. These are some of the best accessories you should incorporate into your standing desk workstation. Each standing desk accessory is special in its own way. Together, they help to improve your standing desk experience and enhance your productivity and wellbeing.

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