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25+ Best Design Agencies In Sydney, New South Wales [2022]

If you're looking for the best design agencies in Sydney, New South Wales, look no further! We've compiled a list of the top ten agencies in the area so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. 

Whether you need a full-service agency or just someone to help with your branding, these agencies will be sure to deliver. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing!

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    Ultimate List Of Best Design Agencies In Sydney, New South Wales

    Hunter - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    0482 246 820

    This is Hunter. Creative branding agency for business owners, upstart brands, and changemakers.

    Us You This

    Since Hunter's founding in 2010, we have contributed to the creation of wealth for our clients worth more than $1 billion. Startups, scale-ups, and larger businesses in need of a revamp have all fallen under this category. Our goal is to assist you in improving your brand.

    A world of disruption

    We live in a disruptive world. As everything changes, major companies stand to lose the most. They were designed for a world that no longer exists and have business structures that are purely focused on increasing shareholder wealth. They find the production of social or environmental riches to be a touchy matter.

    Cost-cutting, not innovation

    We're witnessing more restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions in an effort to not only stay relevant but also to decrease expenses so that unachievable year-over-year profits can be returned to shareholders, as opposed to growth through innovation or reinvention.

    Cheaper, not necessarily better

    In retail, where the race to the bottom is stifling competition, eroding margins for brand owners, and depriving suppliers of a means of subsistence, we are also observing larger developments. This model must change since it is unworkable and broken.

    Startup Scale-up. Reboot

    While this may sound like the end of the world, we think it's a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, challenger companies, and agents of change to launch, grow, and reinvent their businesses. It's simpler than ever to launch a business and grow it to incredible heights.


    Immersion, teamwork, and iteration are the foundations of our model. We're eager to comprehend your world, beginning with our strategy planning procedure. What winning and losing look like, how and why it's evolving, and finally, what's preventing you from progressing.


    You may have noticed something about how we handle our clients' branding if you've had a chance to look at our work. We'd certainly describe what we do with terms like "humane," "considered," and "contemporary."

    Despite flattering statements to the contrary, every brand must be created from a distinctive, humanized strategic perspective. It is merely window dressing without this.


    We are serious about branding. It's more than just a logo, color scheme, font style, graphics, photograph, packaging, or website to us. If the individuals whose lives our brand wishes to influence don't feel empathy and respect for them, then we have failed.

    Blueegg - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    02 8007 4711

    Sydney-based Blue Egg is an experience design "UX" agency. We give evidence-based insights to enhance the experience of users using our distinctive scientific methodology. Knowing your users, comprehending their demands, and incorporating this information into improved designs and engaging experiences are the first steps in the process.

    Blue egg employs both qualitative and quantitative research techniques to gain a thorough picture of what your consumers are doing. These techniques aim to delve into the present and gain understanding of events, attitudes, and behaviors.

    Squiz - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    61 2 9045 2800

    Our technologies and solutions have aided enterprise organizations in developing and scaling digital services that boost customer value through seamless, individualized customer experiences and satisfy shifting customer expectations for more than 20 years.

    Universities, government agencies, financial institutions, the media, publishing, utilities, and other organizations are among our customers, who are dispersed across North America, the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Build websites, portals, mobile applications, and more with scalable technology that puts you in control of connecting with customers and innovating quickly. Create and choreograph your digital services with an open DXP.

    Design Agencies FAQs

    The average designer salary in Australia is $94,729 per year or $48.58 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $79,202 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $127,117 per year.

    The average is low because of the massive range of work undertaken in the profession and the huge number of people who want to work as designers. This supply and demand have the effect of low starting salaries and many low-skill/low-pay graphic design rolls.

    The design field can be competitive and demanding, but it's a great career path for anyone passionate about art. Most design jobs combine creativity and technology into one role, which often plays a major part in developing some of our favourite forms of entertainment.

    Visual identity design is one of the most common types of design. Visual identity graphic designers must possess a general knowledge of all types of graphic design to create design elements that are suitable across all visual media.

    A professional designer curates and organises several design elements in a reader-friendly way across several platforms. For example, digital projects call for different design techniques and knowledge than those in print.

    Brand for Brands - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    brand for brands

    1300 339 223

    Any new company, product range, or particular service must have a strong brand. Over the past ten years, it has come to be recognized as being more significant than the celebrity, marketing strategy, or advertisement that supports it.

    It represents a concept or vision that your audience can get behind. Successful brands excel at doing this. Marketing therefore becomes simple because the brand "sells itself." Today, drinking quality artisan coffee has become a part of daily life. The phrase "let's get a quick coffee" has become a cliché.

    We search far and wide for it, smell it, and drink it. We can immediately think of our favorite coffee blend, and we can identify that coffee brand wherever in the globe. We offer the most precise brand strategy based on your industry as the top brand design agency in Sydney.

    Rype Agency - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    rype agency

    +61 403 111 114

    We are a Sydney, Australia-based multidisciplinary design studio. designers who offer thoughtful, permanent design.

    Kimpster - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    +61 2 8005 6065

    Whether you require a single design project, a full website overhaul, or a comprehensive marketing strategy, we can provide the finest solution for your company or organization. With the help of our knowledgeable staff and seasoned workers, we can guarantee that everything we produce will meet or exceed your expectations. At Kimpster, we think that the success of our customers directly affects our company's performance. And cooperation is a key component of our work style.

    We are a web development and digital marketing agency that offers mobile apps, optimization, digital marketing, web design, and web development. Our goal is to assist you in building a successful online presence and online business. We lead the industry in terms of customer satisfaction and customer repeatability.

    Oakland Studio - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    oakland studio

    1300 520 250

    Every aspect of that experience that affects your relationship with Oakland has been carefully considered, nurtured, developed, and optimized. We don't adhere to conventional rules or believe in band-aid fixes. From the very first interaction with your brand to all subsequent touchpoints, the relationship you have with your customers is our first focus.

    We start from the ground up and use a special blend of team talents to do what "marketing" cannot by itself. Our clients' success in building long-lasting relationships with their clients and the privilege of building long-lasting relationships with them both stem from this foundation-first philosophy.

    Sprint Digital - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    sprint digital

    1300 359 892

    We are a software company with offices in Australia that creates digital products for their users. Our team's talent and our capacity to internally design end-to-end solutions are our greatest assets.

    We are an Australian software development firm that provides unique solutions to complex business problems. We offer solutions that actually benefit organizations and help them achieve their goals. Sprint is committed to delivering results. Using our Agile approach, we collaborate with you to iterate and enhance your product as it takes shape.

    Tiny Giants Co - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    tiny giants co

    +61 2 8850 2223

    We put a lot of effort into becoming deeply embedded in each brand's culture and DNA in order to create creative material that is entirely their own and distinctive. Although our neighborhood is international, we are your friendly neighborhood creatives.

    Our global shared time makes us a powerful force—we are spread across three continents, speak six languages, and have collaborated on projects in more than 30 nations. Anywhere in the world, you can always count on a little giant to put in extra effort and sprinkle some magic into your efforts.

    We distinguish ourselves by paying attention to even the smallest things. Our drive is to tell stories and establish brands for significant opportunities. By integrating ourselves into the DNA and culture of our customers' brands, we put our clients' needs first and build long-lasting, fruitful relationships. We are risk-takers and innovators who confidently deviate from the ordinary to produce something special. We rely on our more than ten years of experience to accomplish the incredible for you.

    We Discover - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    we discover

    0429 840 694

    In order to create memorable experiences, we think it is important to keep things simple and attractive. In order to customize experiences around consumers' needs, teams must collaborate and adapt new ways of working by utilizing lean and agile approaches and frameworks.

    We are a design studio that specializes on platform businesses and cutting-edge technologies. We collaborate with forward-thinking businesses seeking a partner with a tried-and-true user-centered strategy to assist them in developing memorable experiences that will leave an impression.

    Our operational style allows us to quickly spin up new projects, saving you time on hiring and onboarding contractors. We specialize in product research and design. Additionally, it means that we keep our industry, product, and brand-related intellectual property (IP) and project expertise. Once you start working with us, you won't need to look elsewhere to address your current design problems.

    Raw Studio - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    raw studio

    +61 2 7483 8393

    We are a group of creators, philosophers, and adventurers. We create digital products because we are curious individuals that thrive on challenging situations and ongoing learning. Growing our clients' businesses, making their consumers happy, and innovating in their markets give us a great deal of satisfaction.

    Ad creators - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    1300 932 676

    Our group of marketing and creative experts are experts who sincerely want you to succeed. We pool our knowledge, join forces, and link arms in order to deliver you the most delicious solutions that can help your company succeed.

    We collaborate to make sure that our solutions are growth-focused and sustainable for your company by fusing creativity, media, and technology. Here is where the future of your business begins. Greetings from ADCREATORS.

    Ad writers are completely focused on developing the ideal plan for your company to help you connect with customers. No matter what sector you're in, our specialized digital solutions can get you there.

    Ucidity - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    02 8005 0270

    Your focus is now on the following level, and Ucidity's job is to get you there. To gain a thorough grasp of what matters most right now and in the long run for the company, we dive right in at the top of your organization.

    In light of this, we execute on urgent priorities while wargaming a strategy to achieve longer-term strategic objectives. Acidity combines Branding, Websites, Inbound Marketing, CRM, Systems Automation, and Sales to put together and offer the right solutions.

    We improve and optimize each solution along the way to give senior management and the board visibility. The client experience is improved from sales to service delivery as business divisions become more effective.

    MeritZeal - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    +61-4-800 26653

    Today, the majority of organizations need for help running their operations efficiently, and MeritZeal is aware of all your needs to achieve success. We provide you with the best customer-focused consulting and solutions to help you fast enhance your ROI. The cutting-edge methods used by MeritZeal ensure your company's security and rapid expansion.

    With years of experience, MeritZeal's data specialists have aided businesses in operating successful end-to-end data solutions. As a result, the corporation is the creation of several minds joining together with the aim of running successful enterprises. MeritZeal serves clients from a range of industries and marketplaces in addition to technological companies.

    We provide you with the most recent business models using web platforms, investigation, and superior data techniques because we are technologically knowledgeable. We provide superior data-driven services primarily to the B2B market. With the help of our business intelligence tool, you may benefit from effective data-driven insights and market reports to maximize your use of online data tactics.

    Handsome - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    +61 414 071 901

    In Sydney, Australia, there is a small design studio called Handsome Creative. Our team is enthusiastic and affable, and we take pride in the bonds we establish with our customers. We design and develop distinctive solutions that go above and beyond the needs of our clients, whether they are early-stage startups or large international corporations.

    Each brand is distinct. We have a customized process to address the needs of your particular project rather than a general strategy that works for everyone. To provide your clients with individualized and useful experiences, we work with you.

    Matterhorn Digital - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    matterhorn digital

    +61 048 372 748

    We are a friendly, compact staff that enjoys taking initiative. That being said We enjoy seeing a project through from beginning to end. Each member of our team has extensive experience working at many of the top digital agencies worldwide, on many of the biggest brands worldwide, and in many of the largest markets worldwide.

    Our multicultural and skilled staff is made up of people from all over the world, including Australia of course, but also countries like Sweden, France, England, Singapore, New Zealand, and Denmark. Design, technology, and commerce are our lives. And we're here to help organizations looking to expand by finding solutions to challenging business problems.

    Jaywing - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    02 8084 2214

    The world is evolving. Our current world is unpredictably complicated and incredibly difficult. Certainty is a scarce and risingly valuable commodity. To produce both instant results and long-term business success, a separate agency is required.

    To find novel insights that lead to smarter outcomes, Jaywing brings together the top brains in data intelligence, creative engagement, and channel performance. The outcome? Better performing, more efficient solutions increase opportunity, reduce uncertainty, and provide certainty.

    Langoor - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    02 4255 6342

    Only in India can you find the Langoor, often called "the Great Indian Langoor." In Hindi, "Langoor" is also slang for "mad." We chose the name because it accurately describes our philosophy, according to which it takes a crazy person to change the world.

    Future Brand - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    +61 429 226 022

    We are a global network of brand, experience, and design professionals based in the most interesting cities in the world. By more effectively tying everyday experience to brand purpose, we help businesses grow even in changing economic conditions. We are driven by a common set of principles that prioritize diversity and uniqueness because the future that our brands build must be one for all of us.

    Content’s Me - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    contents me

    +61 2 8076 4569

    An Australian SEO company with verified customers who recommend the quality of their work and the outcomes they produce to other business owners. We provide a wide range of digital marketing services to Australian companies. All are supported by our dedication to offering top-notch service and outstanding outcomes. Our main goal is to produce results gradually and naturally, which will strengthen and stabilize the ranks of your website over the long run.

    SEO Consultants Across Australia

    Sydney companies can rely on us as an SEO provider. All work for our clients is finished internally. Keeping our work in-house allows us to manage the quality of the job delivered to our clients, which is crucial to us.

    Professional SEO Sydney

    We use excellent personnel, effective cooperation, and a variety of strategies to provide you the best SEO Sydney has to offer.

    The Hash Agency - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    the hash agency

    (02) 8091 8009

    We are a totally internal staff with expertise in a variety of areas, including eCommerce, online branding, website development, WordPress development, and more.

    We create specialized solutions to address the distinct demands of our clients across industries and geographies. We have a group of passionate and creative individuals working together to provide our clients with top-notch business solutions.

    Different - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    (+61) 0423 175 563

    Digital solutions are created and designed differently by us. creating fluid and distinctive experiences through strategic planning & creativity.

    The way we may interact with our customers online has been greatly improved by different. The website has a professional appearance and feel, which is exactly what we intended.

    Ox Brand - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    ox brand

    02 7253 1831

    Ox is in a position to comprehend and provide advice on what is effective strategically, commercially, and aesthetically because of its business focus and commitment to always improving to meet the demands of our clients. Andrew can assist in advancing your company, whether you are just getting started, in a rut, moving backward, or even booming.

    We simply distill "what you stand for" in the thoughts of your customers using a tested best practice process and years of experience. In order to stand out from competitors, resonate strongly with your employees, clients, and prospects, and ultimately foster growth and profitability, we define and position your brand.

    Creativity is a tremendous differentiator in today's overstimulated environment, when it's difficult to stand apart. It's an investment that provides long-term value by delivering the intended impact for your brand by breaking through the clutter.

    Emmersion - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales


    02 0923 0023

    We don't invent anything, Whether you're an established business or a fresh start-up, the truth is that you're contributing greatly to society. Let us create a winning combination of clever strategy, engaging storytelling, and stunning design to reveal your excellence and strengthen your brand.

    New Breed of Branding and Creative Agency

    Our studio, which located in the sunny Bondi neighborhood of Sydney, is a hive of inspiration and a daily incubator of market-changing concepts. We don't simply think differently than typical advertising, creative, or social media agency services; we also develop and build differently than anyone else before.

    Immersion works with forward-thinking businesses, highlighting their advantages and reawakening their brands. We create real brand experiences that inspire and engage audiences at every touchpoint using a wide variety of creative skills.

    Horizon - Design Agencies Sydney, New South Wales

    horizon digital agency

    0499 909 387

    Why is that beneficial to you? We are accessible and familiar with the Australian business culture thanks to our Sydney location. In addition, our global affiliates give our clients access to the special perspective offered by individuals who are native to the nation's prospects you are attempting to reach and, as a result, know how to approach and appeal to them.

    We are aware of how challenging and difficult it may be to manage marketing and sales initiatives in international markets. When building and implementing an exceptional digital presence for our clients in foreign markets, we work to alleviate your burden and concern by utilizing our local and global knowledge.

    We will introduce the digital face of your firm to the world so that people may come to know your brand in a more individualized and comfortable way as you continue to manage and promote your main business.

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