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Where To Find Korean Bbq In Melbourne Food Experience?

The large number of Australians with Korean ancestry contributes to the country's cultural diversity. Melbourne, like the rest of Australia, has a plethora of great Korean eateries.

There are many different types of Korean food, but Korean BBQ restaurants tend to specialise in one particular aspect of the cuisine: high-quality meat cooked over a grill (typically a charcoal grill, but some restaurants use gas) and served with a variety of "banchan," or side dishes.

Diners at many Korean BBQ restaurants get to enjoy the added fun of cooking their own meat on portable BBQs right at their tables.

There seems to be a plethora of Korean BBq joints in Melbourne, but it's hard to know which ones are worth checking out.

We have compiled a list of the top Korean BBQ joints in the city, complete with descriptions of each and suggestions for what to order. For further information, please continue reading.

In Melbourne, a visit to the best Korean BBQ restaurant makes for a memorable evening. In this establishment, you can watch your food sizzle in front of your eyes as seasoned and flipped with ease by a trained chef.

As the city's Asian population grows, so does the number of restaurants serving authentic Korean barbeque (or KBBQ). KBBQ restaurants in Melbourne offer a fun, different night out and delicious food that will make your taste buds dance.

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Korean Bbq In Melbourne Food Experience

Korean barbeque is one of those dishes that people keep craving (and again). There's nothing bad to say about it.

That's right, you're getting the best of both worlds when you dine on Korean barbeque: perfectly char-grilled meats, a warm and comforting stew, an abundance of delicious Korean side dishes, and a mountain of rice to mop up every last drop.

You're missing out if you haven't tried Korean barbeque in Melbourne yet, as the city is home to a wide variety of genuine restaurants serving up delicious eats in lively settings.

I've pretty much devoured all of these, but there are a select few that have earned a permanent spot in my heart. I've compiled a list of my favourite K-bbq joints in Melbourne, where you can get everything from pork belly to kimchi stew.

Guhng The Palace

This restaurant has quite an up-market feel, with a heritage-listed 19th-century facade. The original stone is paired with modern light fittings and exposed brass piping to create a chic atmosphere.

This venue embraces the communal style of Korean BBQ dining, with large tables which cater perfectly for big groups and set menus designed for sharing. You can even book large rooms upstairs for private functions.

You can cook your meat or let the servers cook it for you, but either way, it will certainly be delicious. We recommend the Angus cube roll, cooked until the fat melts and sizzles over the coals.

The sundubu jjigae hot pot soup is also a firm favourite, made with silken tofu, mussels and egg. It can be served alongside the meat or enjoyed as a main course with red rice. 

Guhng offers a premium K-bbq experience that excels in its top of the range ingredients and a wonderful warm ambience. 

For those of you who care about plate presentation, you’ve come to the right place. Each dish here is made with such care and attention to detail. Recommend the cheesy tteokbokki, which are Korean rice cakes that have been mixed in a spicy red pepper paste sauce and topped with cheese. 

This pillowy soft dish also has excellent cheese pull. Also, recommend the sticky pork ribs dressed with sesame seeds. Finally, the cucumber side dish is a nice palate cleanser on the lighter side of things.  

Chango Korean BBQ

This ambient restaurant is in a fancy part of town. The prices are much more reasonable than other nearby businesses, but the service is second to none. We recommend the Palsaik BBQ set, a set menu of pork belly marinated in 8 different ways. It is served with banchan like kimchi, pickled vegetables and salad and will not disappoint. 

Chango is a fantastic place to take your pals if you’re entertaining or just in the mood for a feast. Hot tip: Get there by 5:30 pm when they open, or waltz in for a fashionably late meal around 8 or 9 pm. If not, you’ll risk being stuck in the queue for a while.

Chango's most popular yet irresistibly Instagram-able item is the ‘Palsaik’ set, which translates to eight colours in Korean. This set includes, you guessed it, eight different types of pork belly marinated eight different ways. Not only is this a feast for your tastebuds, but it is as much a feast for your eyes.

BBQ-K Doncaster

Come for the well-renowned Jap-chae and stay for the mouth-watering lamb chops at BBQ-K Doncaster. This hotspot is booked out days or weeks in advance, so be sure to call ahead. The friendly atmosphere and unparalleled feast will not disappoint.

Woo Ga

Barbeque at Woo Ga will tick all of your boxes. They’ve got intimate vibes that still give you breathing room, high-quality meat product, a great price point as well as a wide range of drinks.

We recommend the ‘B Combo’, which shows off a selection of Wooga’s finest beef and pork. It also comes with a perfectly crisp seafood pancake and a bubbly Kimchi-pork stew that boils and bubbles as your meal goes along. Wooga is also very generous with their banchan servings and is proactive in making sure you’re never short of side dishes.

Mrs Kim’s Grill

Thirty years ago, Mrs Kim wanted to share her Korean heritage and cuisine with her friends and community. Now, her marinated meats and authentic recipes have moved from her backyard barbecue to three of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Melbourne

All Mrs Kim’s Grills are spaces to share good things: food, drinks and company. So whether you choose the set menu for two, the cluck-cluck set or the butcher cut set, these walk-in restaurants will make sure you share the goodness (with your eyes, nose, mouth and friends).

Wagyu One

wagyu one

Wagyu One is the quiet, calm and relaxed K-bbq experience that you’ve been looking for. This is the place you take someone for a truly special experience. The service here is phenomenal, and as soon as you walk, you’ll feel welcome.

 Recommend the B-bbq Big Hakomori, a delicious selection of Wagyu One’s best meat offerings. The Wagyu Mille Feuille Katsu is also divine and is a melt in your mouth situation for sure. 

Oriental Spoon

Located in the heart of the CBD, Oriental Spoon is the perfect place to take groups—especially if your group likes to get loud and messy. Oriental Spoon somehow feels like a relaxed family restaurant while also being refined in its food and drink options. 

Don’t be deceived by appearance, though, and this place truly brings the goods.

The food here is fantastic and will somehow leave you over-eating every time. Oriental Spoon offers exceptional Korean barbeque and a wide a la carte menu. 

We recommend you try their wide variety of hot stews on a cold day. Our favourite, though, has to be the Bu-Dae Hot Pot, which is a spicy, porky and cheesy stew that hits the spot.

Zen Charcoal BBQ

The aroma of spicy Korean street food fills the air at this casual restaurant. The charcoal grills at each table ensure that the meat is cooked to perfection, and the presentation of the dishes is just as appetising as the flavour.

When it comes to flavour, Zen Charcoal BBQ combines the exotic aromas of a South Yarra street market with the refined atmosphere of a top-notch restaurant. Dishes are as pretty as they are tasty, and the quality of the ingredients is never compromised. The best aromas and flavours come from cooking on its charcoal grill, so you can't go wrong.

Two Charcoal

You will need to book in advance to get a seat at this popular restaurant, but it will be worth the effort as the food is second to none. We love the red chilli pork bulgogi, but other popular menu items include the deep-fried crab claw and the lotus root chips.

Zen Charcoal BBQ has the intoxicating spices of a street market but the sophistication of a South Yarra restaurant. The dishes are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious, and the food quality is uncompromising. Its charcoal BBQ elicits the most pleasant smells and flavours, meaning there’s no such thing as cooking your meat incorrectly.


Forget barbeque; Yeonga is on a whole other league of its own. What stands out about this place is the truly spectacular meats they use, some of the highest-grade, tender stuff you can get on the market. So whatever you order, you can count on being transported to meaty heaven upon taking your first bite.

The recommendation for food has to be the ‘What the Pork!’ set. This includes three different cuts of the meat: pork belly, pork neck and a sweet sticky marinated pork that I dream about. All sets come with Korean banchan and a hot plate of mashed potatoes, rice cake, kimchi and Korean corn cheese.

The exquisite flavours and generous portions at Yeonga Korean BBQ Restaurant make for not just a dinner but a feast. Their bibimbap is of particular note, as is the tender meat and mouth-watering spices. Be sure to try the different wine options while indulging in this Victorian icon.

Yoga gives you just what you want from a Korean BBQ restaurant – fresh, tender meat cooked over hot charcoal for a smoky flavour. The pork belly with chilli paste is fantastic, but wagyu beef is the real star of the show.

They also do outstanding bibimbap. The menu is user-friendly and great for people who aren’t yet experienced with Korean BBQ food. There is even an excellent dumpling and mushroom hotpot for vegan dinners. 

G2 Korean BBQ

This restaurant has an industrial feel inside, with large warehouse space and lots of exposed piping. The atmosphere is lively, and the staff are on hand to ensure you have the best experience. If you want to be in charge of cooking your food, then make this clear from the outset, as the servers are keen to get stuck in to make sure that everything is done perfectly and you get the tastiest meal possible.

We love the Angus Beef ribs that are perfectly marbled and juicy. The meat is minimally seasoned to allow the natural flavours to shine, but you can jazz up your mouthful after it has been cooked with a range of delightful dipping sauces.

The fresh vegetables served with the meat are a lovely accompaniment to the rich flavours, and the drinks are very reasonably priced. However, it would be best to try the kimchi pancakes and the japchae – pan-fried potato noodles. 

Hwaro is where you go if you’re looking for great food and nothing pretentious. The ambience here is completely laid-back and ever so comfortable. You’re going to have to make a booking, though, and it can get pretty packed in peak hours.

You like this place because you’re not getting clumsy slabs of meat being chucked onto the grill; each dish is a delicate delight that uses the highest quality ingredients. 

The service here is also very prompt, which you want in a Korean barbeque spot. Try the chilli pork belly or the marinated Gal-bi beef ribs. If you’re feeling game, try the thinly cut ox tongue—it's well worth getting out of your comfort zone for.

Hero Korean BBQ 

Hwaro is where you go if you’re looking for great food and nothing pretentious. The ambience here is completely laid-back and ever so comfortable. You’re going to have to make a booking, though, and it can get pretty packed in peak hours.

The seasonings (filled with 23+ ingredients) at Hwaro Korean BBQ have matured over several days before landing on your plate to savour. But the recipes and traditions stem from much further back than that – around the time of the Korean imperial courts. Founder Eunsook Kim wants to spread the joy of Korean food to everyone in her community, and what better way than with some good old-fashioned barbeque.

It’s not just the meat and ingredients at Hwaro that guarantee the utmost quality. It’s the Tasmanian-borne coals, Kirin Megumi beer, stringent hygiene methods and supervision of every slicing of Karubi (boneless short ribs)

What I like about this place is that you’re not getting clumsy slabs of meat being chucked on the grill; each dish is a delicate delight that uses the highest quality ingredients. The service here is also very prompt, which you want in a Korean barbeque spot. 

Try the chilli pork belly or the marinated Gal-bi beef ribs. If you’re feeling game, try the thinly cut ox tongue—it's well worth getting out of your comfort zone for.


If you're having trouble deciding what to order from Bornga's extensive menu, don't worry; you can always order a sampler to try a little bit of everything. Bornga, one of the best KBBQ restaurants in Melbourne, is a genuine and convenient spot with a wide variety of interesting side dishes.

Genuine Bornga can be found in Melbourne at Bornga. Stop by for a quick lunch of beef and a rainbow of vegetables cooked in a colourful stone pot fried rice (bibimbap style). Try out their kimchi stew with pork and mushrooms for a taste of the spicy Korean staple. From beef to baby octopus, all kinds of meats are available on their sizzling bulgogi plates, which are marinated in soy, garlic, and ginger.

Wood Korean Barbecue

If there’s an opening in your dairy for a new regular go-to, we’d say Woodo Korean Barbecue is an ideal candidate. It plays host to some of the most affordable, authentic and tasty Korean BBQ Melbourne has to offer, with all your favourite snacks and a heap you didn’t know you loved. Top this with a thriving atmosphere and friendly staff, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from returning.

Noda Grill

Noda Grill, the offspring of two former Crown Casino icons, was inspired by a demand for traditional Korean food. The common belief is that the national cuisine is a well-known Asian one, and that its main selling points are its innovative preparations and friendly service. The food and atmosphere at this restaurant live up to the name "Noda," which means "unique and precious" in Korean.

Melbourne Hwaro Korean BBQ

Everyone knows that meat grilled over charcoal is exponentially more flavoursome than other forms of cooking. Yes, a gas barbecue will get the job done, but there’s an extra smoky depth that can only be achieved when charcoal is your fire-power. Everyone knows that meat grilled over charcoal is exponentially more flavoursome than other forms of cooking. Yes, a gas barbecue will get the job done, but there’s an extra smoky depth that can only be achieved when charcoal is your fire-power.

And this is why we love Hwaro, the Korean barbecue joint on Little Bourke Street. Here, you do your cooking over individual cast iron pots filled with red hot coals that they bring out to your table (this is a restaurant where you always want to be looking where you’re going).

It’s not Korean barbecue without beef ribs (gal-bi), and here you can order them thin and bony, standard cut, premium marble or top grade. You unfold the marinated rib meat from around the bone before you put it on the grill plate, and it cooks quickly and evenly, with the perfect amount 

of char on the outside.

If you’re new to Korean barbecue, this is a great place to start because here, they’ll pop your meat on the grill, flip it and slice it when it’s ready if you prefer being a passenger. But, of course, if you want to captain your dinner cruise, you go right ahead.

The smoky room is half the appeal of a night of individually cooked meats to order, and you will carry that smell home with you. Unfortunately, this also means that if you arrive starving, the aroma of caramelizing marinade is sweet torture, so order a serve of long, golden-fried dumplings and a Hite pale ale right off the bat.

Your banchan – the little side dishes that arrive with your meal and provide the same joy on reveal as an advent calendar – include softened bean sprouts, finely diced green onion, a fragrant but not overly hot cabbage kimchi and iceberg lettuce – each one adept at cutting through the rich, charred fat and caramelized meat on the pork ribs, another essential order. 

Order some pork belly, or for a leaner option, the spicy chicken thighs are tender and juicy – we didn’t regret any of our life choices.

Korean barbecue is a simple joy. Thinly sliced meats marinated in a mix of soy, sugar, garlic, sesame oil, pepper and green onion, cooked over hot coals and eaten hot off the plate. It’s communal dining at its most inclusive. Everyone gets a turn, there are six-buck beers, and no one has to clean up. It’s the best barbecue ever.

Soko Korean Charcoal BBQ 

Soko offers the usual suspects- various cuts of beef and pork – but you can also try some amazing seafood like king prawns and whole squid. 

The hot pot is also very nice. One of the unique features of this restaurant is the outer ring over the BBQ that allows you to keep your side dishes warm while you cook your meat. 

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Whether you want casual communal dining, an up-market experience, or an authentic Korean BBQ experience, there is something on this list for everyone and suits every budget.

If you aren’t sure what to order, then ask the staff for recommendations – they will know which menu items are the most popular and will be able to point you in the right direction.

Remember to check whether you need to book in advance to make sure you avoid disappointment. 

FAQs About Korean Bbq In Melbourne

Wood Korean Barbecue and Hwaro Korean BBQ are some of Melbourne's best Korean BBQ restaurants.

Korean BBQ is a popular eat-in experience, where customers cook raw meats and vegetables on a small grill built into their table.

A champion of communal dining, Korean barbecue is all about gathering around a flaming hot grill and passing smoky cuts of barbecued beef between friends. As with most Korean cuisines, the sides are part of the main event, and the best barbecue restaurants are the ones dishing out the best banchan dishes.

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