Where To Find Cake In Melbourne Food You Should Try?

The variety of tastes, shapes, styles, and decorating methods available in Melbourne's cake shops is unparalleled.

Cake shops, bakeries, and patisserie are readily available and stocked with delicious treats across Melbourne, from Richmond to South Yarra to the city centre. Not only do we have cake, but also freshly baked bread, rich pastries, chocolates, and aromatic cups of tea and coffee.

You didn't come here for a loaf of bread or a muffin; you wanted Melbourne's finest cakes. So take it from us, we've got you covered, and here we'll show you the best cake shops in Melbourne, along with some of their most popular offerings.


Cake In Melbourne Food

There are varying degrees of cake. You have found the right place if you need a sweet treat that is both tasty and visually appealing. You can find everything from classic layer cakes to extravagant creations stacked with sponge and buttercream at these Melbourne bakeries, which are our favourites for special occasions. You can choose to have them shipped to your house or picked up from the store.

Icecream Social

Having started in Castlemaine, Icecream Social has since made waves in the northern suburbs of Brunswick and Thornbury. Owner Helen Addison-Smith (who you might know from Loafer Bread in North Fitzroy or Each Peach in Brunswick East) does ice cream, and she does it well. 

She has since added a repertoire of pies (both sweet and savoury) to her portfolio – all of which should be tried. But it's the cake-curious that are reading this, and cakes you too shall have. 

Pre-order whole cakes or get them to go by the slice; the only catch is you need to pick it up from either the Brunswick or Thornbury store. Tricolour ice cream cakes sit atop brownie bases, or personalised cakes complete with icing borders (à la Costco) are made to order with raspberry red velvet or vegan hummingbird innards. 

Candied Bakery

At Candied Bakery, you’ll find instant and indulgent classics, some of which skew the line between cake and pie. That’s certainly the case with the Red Velvet Cheesecake Pie, which features a crushed Oreo cookie crust and mounds of cream cheese frosting. But, technicalities aside, we’re calling it cake and one of the best cakes in Melbourne at that!

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

This boutique Chapel Street store is floor-to-ceiling with jars of sugar and spices and wall-to-wall with multi-coloured flavoured meringues, garden beds of chocolate flowers, and rows of cakes decorated with gravity-defying sculptures.

 Darren Purchase is a mad scientist with phenomenal culinary skills, and his store is a science lab as much as a sugar emporium.


This high-tea salon from the Chez Dre crew (housed in what was formerly Chez Dre's overspill space) is so sleek, so modern and glittery, and it’s like a spaceship with cake. We wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if it took off for planet Pastry while we were inside it. Bibelot is an ambitious proposition: espresso bar, gelateria, pâtisserie, café, chocolate shop and 'library'. 

You can spy on the chocolatier tempering away in the chocolate room, sit on the 

stylish-but-stark seats at the front and spy on Coventry Street, or occupy the emerald-green sofa in the café space at the back. If you’re seeking inspiration, peruse the sugary tomes – Leiths Baking Bible, Larousse on Pastry, La Maison du Chocolat and so on.

There’s a glass-and-gold chest of drawers in the centre, stocked with Bibelot’s bags of grown-up lollies at grown-up prices: cocoa pop and orange-infused white chocolate; caramelised puff corn with milk chocolate and pink salt; chocolate nougat and so on. One wall is lined with more fancy tooth-rotters: jars of honey in which whole macadamias lurk mysteriously; yellow raisins coated with freeze-dried raspberries and white chocolate; glossy passionfruit caramels.

Cakes come courtesy of flour-power owner Andrea (‘Dre’) Reiss, a superstar chef pâtissier, whose CV includes Jacques Reymond’s Arintji in Fed Square (R.I.P.) and Michelin-starred swank-fests in both London (the Yauatcha/Hakkasan group) and Paris (Le Taillevent restaurant).

This impressive pedigree explains Bibelot’s European leanings: airy eclairs, citron tarts, whisper-thin sablé biscuits and tuiles. Macarons – displayed in a seven-metre glass-and-marble counter – come in a rainbow paint palette of shades and a dizzying array of fringe flavours: a dusky purple, salty-sweet olive and white chocolate number, for example, which has a smoodge of dark, treacle-salty olive paste at its centre, or the sherbety lemon myrtle and popping candy.

The passionfruit and mango St Honoré is a gravity-defying pillowy cloud of mango Chantilly atop a puff of golden pastry, studded with fat vanilla marshmallows and a gold leaf-cornered passion fruit pastille. The pastry houses a jammy surprise: zingy passionfruit crème, which sings nicely against Chantilly's creamy richness.

Take some chocolate bonbons home with you: a buttery toasted coconut cream, a fiercely minty peppermint fondant, and a delicate rose lychee truffle, perhaps. Then, on winter mornings, we’ll be back for the spicy, creamy prana chai tea (ignore the accompanying tea strainer, and you'll get a mouthful of peppercorns). 

On a hot day, we’ll return for Bibelot’s rich, jade-green pistachio ice cream, studded with chewy, nutty nuggets, or we’ll go for the tropical punch of the surprising strawberry and lemon myrtle gelato. Then, in a few months, we’ll be back for the high tea – the café's debut savoury offering.

Yes, we’ll be back. But we can’t help thinking we prefer our cakes and cafés a little less shiny and a bit cosier, with a cushion or two.

It’s love at first sight when you enter this South Melbourne patisserie, where lavish desserts shine like works of art from within their glass displays. Penetrate the rich frosting to find a bounty of luscious layers, flavours, and textures, the kind of which will ignite every last taste bud. While you can do no wrong at Bibelot, previous guests will swear that you must try the Hazelnut Praline Crunch Cake. This is also one of Melbourne’s best birthday cake shops for fancy people.

Best Cakes Melbourne

For all of life's special occasions, Melbourne's Best Cakes has you covered with gourmet cakes you'll love. Popular choices from their signature cake menu include the Mud Cake, Oreo Cheesecake, and Nutella Cheesecake. Moreover, they have a Gift Pack and Gluten-Free/Vegan Mud Cake, so you won't have to go anywhere else to find the perfect present.

The rich flavours and textures of their gourmet cheesecakes are preserved by being baked fresh and then freeze-blasted. Their industrial blast freezer is built to keep the delicate cell structure and moisture content of the gourmet cakes intact, so they retain their full flavour and aroma. These tasty creations are available for free delivery throughout Melbourne.

Monarch Cakes

monarch cakes

Monarch Cakes know a thing or two about making the best cakes in Melbourne. After all, they’ve been in the baking business for over 80 years. Many of the recipes originated from the original shop in Poland, where they were brought to Australia, been used here ever since. 

A cake was made from fresh, raw ingredients such as butter, flour, eggs, and sugar in the past. Today, many have sacrificed that old-fashioned flavour to baking quickly and cheaply. Monarch Cakes would never dream of doing such a thing! Highlights include the Chocolate Kooglhoupf and 100-year-old baked cheesecake.


LuxBite boasts a schmancy selection of cakes and sweet treats like giant macaron towers or geometric hearts composed of vanilla mousse, elderflower jelly, strawberry compote, vanilla sponge atop a yoghurt and almond base.

 There are even cakes inspired by Weis ice cream bars with mango, coconut mousse, and white chocolate glazes that imitate glaciers. All cakes can be delivered or picked up from LuxBite's South Yarra store.

Cremorne Street Bakers

It's likely that you've eaten one of Cremorne Street Bakers' treats at one of Melbourne's many cafes without even realising it. They now also have a retail location in Cremorne. The group baked a wide variety of tasty treats, including cakes, tarts, cookies, individual cakes, slices, and meringues.

One cake shop in Melbourne is so well-regarded that it is carried by a wide variety of other local bakeries and cafes. Therefore, it's likely that you've sampled a product of these venerable bakeries without even realising it. If you want to be absolutely certain, you should visit the Cremone shop. You'll find more than enough here to satisfy your needs.


One of Melbourne’s top cake makers runs this popular corner bakery, where the selections change each day. 

Beat the crowd, and you might be able to score a slice of Paull’s legendary sour cream chocolate cake, which many say is the best chocolate cake in all of Melbourne. No matter what you order here, it’s going to be purposefully basic and utterly fantastic.

Featuring an enticing array of cakes, slices, biscuits, tarts and scones, as well as ciabattas, sandwiches and coffee, Beatrix is one of North Melbourne's best eateries. Tucked in on the corner of Queensberry and Lothian Street, Beatrix is somewhat off the main North Melbourne drags, but you'll likely find it thanks to the line that snakes down Queensberry most weekends. So line up and pick up a slice of cake or order a full cake extravaganza in advance.

Miss Trixie Drinks Tea

Visionary Alice Bennett created Miss Trixie Drinks Tea. A concept that was originally distributed as a blog was a way to show her family and friends her weekend baking. 

It turned into said family and friends drooling over her creations and phoning her at ridiculous hours in the night to satisfy their cravings. So, she started to box up her cakes and take them to the people who craved them—starting Miss Trixie Drinks Tea, because you have to give the people what they want, which appears to be cake.

Proof Is In The Pudding

Proof Is In The Pudding's shop front is currently closed, but that doesn't mean you can't get your hands on their amazing desserts.

The team requires at least two days' notice for orders ordered via the Proof Is In The Pudding warehouse.

Amarantos Cake

Amarantos Cakes is an artisan cake studio based in Macleod (Melbourne, Victoria). They specialize in custom made cakes that will impress in both quality and taste.

Their focus is on creating a work of art, not just a cake! Their excellent customer service, the quality, taste, and finish of their cakes are what has earned us a reputation as one of Melbourne’s Best Cake Artists. Mary has had over 25 years of experience in the industry. 

She founded Amarantos Cakes in 2011 and has a team of cake artists who share her love and passion for creating art from a cake.

Art You Can Eat

Art You Can Eat is passionate about making every occasion extra special. Their cakes are individually designed to match you, your personality and the theme of the occasion you are celebrating. They have perfected every recipe with over 15 years of experience and want to share their art with you. 

They believe that a cake should not only look fabulous but taste heavenly as well. Therefore, their cakes are delicious because they use the best quality ingredient, but every cake is BAKED WITH LOVE.

Fantasy Cakes

Fantasy Cakes specialises in rustic cakes, which are perfect for celebrations like birthdays and weddings. The bakery offers same-day delivery throughout Melbourne on weekdays and Saturdays during business hours. However, if your function is scheduled for a day that the shop is not normally open, you can always call and make other arrangements.

Agathé Patisserie

Fantasy Cakes specialises in rustic cakes, which are perfect for celebrations like birthdays and weddings. The bakery offers same-day delivery throughout Melbourne on weekdays and Saturdays during business hours. However, if your function is scheduled for a day that the shop is not normally open, you can always call and make other arrangements.

Holy Sugar

Ex-Lune chef Audrey Allard's beautiful, sugar-spiked creations can be found via her small business, Holy Sugar. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a website, but you can contact her via Instagram to order a custom-made cake or one of her cake boxes. 

Regnier Cakes

Regnier Cakes was born, crafting cakes for friends and family. I worked for years refining my skills and inventing new recipes on my days off from my full-time job. Today Regnier Cakes is my full-time business. 

Using my skills and knowledge from my pastry background, I’m not only designing amazing cakes but creating mouth-watering flavours to tempt all taste buds. June 2015, I secured my first premises, a kitchen to call my own, with a meeting area for cake clients. Dreaming of the day, the shop to the public and shared my creations with everyone that walked by.

Tidbit Cakes

Located in Richmond, this bakery and patisserie specialise in bespoke wedding cakes and other large cakes. It’s all 100% vegan and 100% delicious, hence the legion of rave reviews. But, of course, if there’s no wedding or birthday to speak of, you can still hit up the store for raw cake slices along with other choice delicacies.

Miss Ladybird Cakes – retail store

This Melbourne bakery should be your first call whenever such an event arises. Each one of their unique creations is not only made entirely from scratch with locally sourced ingredients, but it is also something that has to be seen to be believed.

Big cakes are the speciality here; most orders are taken over the phone or online, but there's also a retail location done up in the style of a cosy café where you can grab a slice and a cup of Joe.

The Birthday Cake Shop

Try The Birthday Cake Shop’s ice cream cakes for a creamy and delicious treat! You can select the ice cream flavour (you have more than a dozen of options to choose from) and mix-ins for your order.

This shop has changed its midweek deliveries and is now scheduled in the afternoon. They still have some cakes (including ice cream cakes) available for immediate pick-up or delivery. However, most items require at least one business day notice, so make sure to reserve in advance. 

Le Petit Gateau

This modern patisserie is arguably the best cake shop in Melbourne’s CBD, Culling from the French tradition. 

Technique reigns supreme in these parts with the eye-popping visuals and decadent flavours to show for it. So choose from amongst various exquisite cakes, and don’t forget to snap a pic for Instagram before diving in.

Ruwi’s Cakes

Enjoy your sweet cravings without any guilt with sugar-free cakes made for special occasions from Ruwi’s Cakes. 

They also have tasty creations such as Pre-Designed cakes, Cupcakes, Macaroons and Japanese Cheesecakes. Based in Narre Warren, Ruwi’s Cakes deliver for free within the first 10 KM, and from then, it’s A$1.50 for every succeeding KM.

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop

Those with a sweet tooth who are put off by phrases like "vegan" or "allergy-friendly" are missing out on one of Melbourne's finest cake shops.

From their custom birthday cakes to their decadent cinnamon buns to anything in between, Mister Nice Guys delivers textures and flavours so satisfying that eggs and dairy will start to seem downright superfluous.

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

A Melbourne dessert institution, if there ever was one, Burch & Purchase churns out bespoke chocolates, small-batch jams, birthday cakes, cookies, tarts, and anything else that might satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Their mirror-glazed cakes are the stuff of local legend, and the Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate Cake, in particular, packs in more layers.

Proof Bakehouse

At this well-respected establishment in Melbourne, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. In contrast, the evidence can also be found in desserts like cake, cookie, brownie, cupcake, tart, and pie.

Innovation and creativity are a big part of the process, leading to lip-smacking crowd-pleasers like the marshmallow layer cake and almond ganache tort. An online portal makes ordering each cake a breeze, so hit it up before the next birthday party.


Making everything in-house, this Malvern-based bakery remains best-known for its French-inspired pastries and special order cakes. 

Speaking of special order cakes, behold the mighty Lamington, which tops off layers of vanilla butter cake, chocolate buttercream, and strawberry jam with Italian meringue, melted chocolate, fresh fruit, edible flowers, shredded coconut, and gold leaf. Yum.


Sucre du jour

An unpretentious bakery, cafe, and cake shop, Sucre du jour can be found in the thriving Melbourne neighbourhood of Camberwell. The brainchild of an ambitious young couple, both partners have previously held positions at prestigious hotels and restaurants, including Jol Robuchon, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Raffles, and the Shangri-La.

Looking at the couple's website will blow your mind because of their exquisite pastries. The sophisticated atmosphere you feel strolling through the streets of Paris has been recaptured with the help of intricate details found everywhere.

FAQs About Cake In Melbourne Food

It feels like your birthday every day at Beatrix. This corner café in North Melbourne makes towering bundt and layer cakes daily, as well as sweet tarts. Local favourites are the Red Velvet and the pistachio and lemon curd cake, but you’ll want to buy a slice if it happens to be Bakewell tart day on your visit.

Pre-order online for pick-up at the North Melbourne bakery. It’s available by the slice ($9), as a small cake for four to eight people ($35), or as a large cake that serves up to 16 ($70). Hotel Windsor pastry chef Felix Goodwin launched this cake for Father’s Day, but it’s now earned a permanent spot on his gluten-free delivery menu.

Marks Quality Cakes manufactures high-quality cakes, muffins, slices and fine food products. Based in Williamstown North, Melbourne, we distribute our cake and fine food products throughout Victoria via our distribution and retail network. Marks Quality Cakes is HACCP certified, which ensures 

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