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What Are The Best Barber Shop In Melbourne?

The best barbershops in Melbourne have been on the upswing in recent years, which makes sense given the large number of well-groomed beards seen around town. The city's abundance of contemporary barbershops provides a wide range of services that cover the gamut of men's style and help blokes maintain their confidence and swagger beyond just a quick 15-minute cut and dash.

Enjoy a cup of coffee, a cold beer, or a glass of whisky while getting a close shave or a hot towel shave and chatting with the friendly staff.

Many contemporary barbershops have a strong sense of community and provide an unparalleled level of luxury and wellness to their customers. These businesses share the belief that visiting a barbershop should be more than just a means to an end (i.e., a haircut).

If you're looking for a particular barbershop, this list will come in handy. There are three possible motivations for reading this. There are a number of possible explanations for this: you haven't gotten a haircut in a while, you stuck it out through all 37 lockdowns in Melbourne, or you and your significant other gave it a shot to style your hair.

It's time for a trim, and you should probably let the experts do it.
Best barber shops in Melbourne can be found all over the city, and they can all provide a short back and sides if you book ahead. The city of Geelong is located 80 kilometres (50 miles) to the south-west, making the western industrial suburbs a prime location to get in shape. This location is on a major thoroughfare in Australia.

There is a main river span that is 336 metres (1,102 feet) long and 58 metres (190 feet) tall (190 ft). The full span of the bridge is 2,582.6 metres (8,473 ft).

This bridge is the fifth longest in Australia, with Melbourne's Bolte Bridge being the longest at 5 kilometres (3.1 mi). With a water clearance of 58 metres (190 ft), the West Gate Bridge is one of Australia's highest road decks and more than twice as long as the Sydney Harbour Bridge (161 ft).

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FAQs The Best Barber Shop In Melbourne

The Bearded Man is the best barber in Melbourne because they are concerned mainly about hair. They have award-winning barbers and hair setters who will surely meet your needs. You are not going to be displeased.

Prices for men's haircuts will vary from barber to barber but expect to pay at least $40 for a style cut or up to $100 for a complete grooming package. Can You Walk Into A Barbershop In Melbourne?

These wildly creative Melbourne barbers will cater to your unconventional desires or unshackle you from your tame notions of cut and colour. Style and creativity have always walked hand in hand down the aisle–here, and the two are finally joined in holy matrimony. So let this brilliant collective bring out the little rebel inside you.

The Best Barber Shops In Melbourne

Modern barber shops provide much more than close shaves, fitted with skating bowls, on-site DJs, coffee machines, and other unexpected services. 

This Movember, grow your stache for a good cause before visiting one of these eight barbershops for an experience that is worlds away from a lacklustre mall quick cut. These are the best barbershops in Melbourne, from old-school barbers to modern premium saloons.

The Bearded Man

Located on Chapel Street, one of Melbourne's most famous shopping strips, this men's barbershop has become increasingly popular since 2018 when its owner was named Australian Men's Hairdresser of the Year. Whether you're looking for a skin fade or a consultation on your hair and scalp, you can rest assured that you're in good hands here.

There's also a barista on staff who makes excellent coffee, and a DJ booth to keep the tunes going strong during peak hours. Every barber at The Bearded Man has at least five years of experience, making it a great place to visit and staffed by professionals. South of the river residents will find it to be an ideal location.

The Bearded Man is a spacious and architecturally refined barbershop that offers cuts, beans, and beats from its five available chairs and a talented group of barbers led by the owner, who has been in the business for 14 years. Once inside, you'll be greeted by the aroma of Industry Beans coffee and the soothing sounds of a disco provided by the resident DJ.

When thinking of famous barbershops in Melbourne, it's hard to look past The Bearded Man, located on Chapel Street. They are up there with the best in the city; they are dependable, entertaining, and they are cutting edge. A short back and sides is performed with the same finesse as at any barbershop in Melbourne, but

Address: 203 Chapel Street, Prahran

The Melbourne Barber Shop

The Melbourne Barber Shop, a barbershop with a car theme, has been around since 1994 and has since achieved legendary status. Fans of the business are always appreciated, and newcomers are always welcomed with open arms.

Melbourne Barber Shop has been around since 1994, when it first opened, and is expected to be open and operating in 2021. This is the place to go if you want your haircut by someone who is both highly skilled and deeply passionate about cars.

Take in the auto memorabilia adorning the walls as you get a great new cut from the salon's seasoned professionals, who are also happy to give you pointers on how to get the most out of your new hairstyle and products.

Address: 394 Russell Street, Melbourne

Kings Domain

Kings Domain, a chain of six barbershops with five in Melbourne and one in Sydney, is steadily expanding across Australia. The Swan Street shop was created by celebrity stylist Joey Scandizzo, and many Tigers players frequent it. Dustin, in particular, goes there to get his signature mohawk cut. You can unwind with a classic back and sides or consult with one of the skilled barbers to get a custom style cut in the shop's uncluttered, straightforward atmosphere.

The gentlemen of the world are in good hands at King's Domain. The quality and service at this barbershop are so great, you'll feel like a king every time you walk out the door. At King's Domain, you can count on getting a personalised experience with every service, down to the consultation and product recommendations that come with it.

Address: 128 Swan Street, Cremorne

Temple Town

Inspired by working in his father’s antique shop, Tom Farmer’s Temple Town is a rustic barbershop that focuses on providing customers with an unforgettable and satisfactory experience. In the three years that Temple Town has been open, they’ve developed a natural hair product that combats dandruff, psoriasis, damage and frizz and now offer men’s and women’s haircuts at the same price.

Address: 285 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, 3067, Australia

Barbers Of Brunswick

With a slogan that proudly proclaims ‘Where men can be men’, Barbers Of Brunswick feels more like a bar than a slogan that proudly proclaims ‘Where men can be men’, Barbers Of Brunswick feels more like a bar than a barbershop. 

The wooden floorboards and concrete washbasins give it a vintage vibe. At the same time, each staff member is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to their job, so you’ve got an excellent team of award-winning barbers taking care of your style for the right royal treatment. Free beer, whiskey and coffee are available while you wait to be seated, and there are several services available, from a simple cut and wash to a vintage hot towel shave and cut that will leave you feeling like a king.

Address: 406a Lygon Street, Brunswick East

Uncle Rocco’s Barber Shop

uncle rocco's barbershop

When you come to Uncle Rocco's, you're in good hands because of the staff's combined 25 years of experience. Since 1996, Uncle Rocco's in Port Melbourne has been one of three barbershops owned by Fabian Sfameni, a third-generation barber. The barbers' dedication to their work is clear from the excellent cuts and lively conversation they provide. In addition to providing quality barber services, Uncle Rocco also offers a range of grooming products and courses for aspiring barbers.

One such barbershop is Uncle Rocco's, located in the Port Melbourne industrial district and run by a third-generation barber who first opened three of his shops in Melbourne in 1996.

The proprietor has spent years perfecting his technique, and his dedication to the barbering trade has led him to offer his customers only the finest in service, with an emphasis on quality and individualisation.

The idea for Uncle Rocco's came about when he wanted to expand his barbering business into men's grooming and other products with an eye towards fashion.

The shop's name comes from Fabian's third location in Port Melbourne, which was named after Fabian's Uncle Rocco, a barber in New Jersey for over 50 years.

Address: 220 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne

Captains Of Industry

Steered ever so confidently by renowned barber Sam Fordyce, Captains of Industry is a well-oiled machine of men’s style that is absolutely one of the best barbershops in Melbourne. Since 2005, this Sommerset Place hub has been a favourite for men looking to perfect their looks. 

Sam’s approach is simple: great knowledge, style, and service provided by a professional and a true captain of his industry. Although if you did want to switch things up, the shop also doubles as a bespoke shoemaker and leatherworker and does some good, clean dishes for those who want to hang around and have some lunch.

Captains of Industry is so much more than just a barbershop. As well as being a top place for a haircut or shave, it’s also a great spot to grab a bite to eat for breakfast or lunch, purchase leather accessories and bespoke footwear made by hand to your exact measurements and pick up pieces of contemporary and fine jewellery.

Located in a small laneway off Little Bourke Street, Captains of Industry is a café, shop, shoemaker, and barbershop that caters to gentlemen looking for ‘the Good, the True and the Beautiful.’ Captain Barber has been cutting hair and providing the perfect shave since 2005, believing that ‘classic men’s grooming never goes out of style.’ So expect cut-throat shaves with steaming towels and precision haircuts.

When it comes to skill and dedication as a barber, Sam Fordyce of Captains of Industry is up there with the best in Melbourne. The fascinating concept also offers a cafe and bar and leatherwork and bespoke shoemaking services.

Address: 2 Somerset Place, Melbourne

Brother Wolf

There are a number of excellent barbershops in Melbourne's south, but none quite like Brother Wolf. Both the Prahran and the newer St. Kilda locations, which are both staffed by skilled barbers and decorated in a retro style, have been open for three years. The shop in St. Kilda even displays a vintage motorcycle. It's reminiscent of the barbershops of yesteryear, where men could relax with a cold one or a shot of whisky while getting their hair cut or just hang out and talk shop.

One of the best barbershops in Melbourne is Brother Wolf, which has multiple locations throughout the city.

Their in-house product line, which includes everything from pomades to sea salt spray, will help you maintain your new do for weeks after your trim, and their staff brings a wealth of knowledge from around the world to each of the three locations.

Address: 110 Grenville Street, Prahran | 162 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

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Men+Co is a barbershop in the Central Business District staffed by experienced professionals. Despite its spacious and unassuming appearance, Men+Co provides a full range of services, from the classic shave to a modern haircut to an excruciating ear, eyebrow, and nose wax. Regular reward-seekers will appreciate the membership program's perks, which may include price reductions, freebies, and vouchers.

While getting a modern or traditional haircut, a traditional straight razor shave, or a polished pair of shoes at Men+Co, you can relax with a bourbon and think back to a more refined era. As the motto at Men+Co states, "all men deserve to experience the pleasure of being groomed, just as their grandfathers did," and with three chic locations in Melbourne, you can do just that.

Address: Studio 2, Level 1, 377 Little Bourke Street

All The Kings Men

You can get a new dog without an appointment at All The Kings Men, a North Melbourne barbershop where customers write their names on a blackboard and wait for their turn. All The Kings Men is a fun, no-fuss barbershop that won't break the bank, and once inside, your eyes will wander from wall to wall as you take in the eclectic trinkets and retro movie posters. North Melbourne's All The Kings Men Barber Shop, found in The Walk Arcade off Block Place, is a relaxed and friendly establishment despite its regal name.

Because of the high expectations of its patrons, getting a seat here may take some time. Although the barbers at All The Kings Men are always busy, the shop has earned a reputation as one of Melbourne's best thanks to its prompt service, engaging banter, and reasonable rates.

All The King's Men is just one of the many great barbershops in Melbourne. This establishment is not only one of the best for a haircut in the central business district, but they also have a fantastic record collection that they switch out on a daily basis. Many people end up becoming regulars here; all the Kings Men has been open for nine years and is going strong.

The barbershop has earned a reputation for restoring elegance to the male grooming ritual. All the Kings Men knows how to give you a good cut and shave without any stuffiness by combining a nod to tradition with a quirky edge. The central business district is just a short distance from All the Kings Men, which is on Queensberry Street in North Melbourne. Come on by whenever you have a moment to spare. Guests didn't have to make an appointment in advance.

Address: Level 2, 34-36 Block Place, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

Fleet St Barbers

First opening in St Kilda, there are now four Fleet St Barbers locations scattered across Melbourne, with our pick being the Northcote store which opened in 2017. It’s in a great location and offers punters the chance to have some great banter while having their hair styled. Although it’s a walk-in service only, the prices are lower than most – so it’s well worth the wait.

Address: 278 High Street, Northcote

Drunken Barber

The name might catch you off guard, but there’s nothing to fear when booking an appointment at the Drunken Barber. Gaining a large following through word of mouth, Drunken Barber has become a favourite amongst the Fitzroy hipster set. 

Located on the mezzanine level of Prophecy Hair, the staff do everything from haircuts and fades to beard trims and wet shaves in a bright and welcoming space. Knockback a beer while you wait or have a chat with the friendly staff.

Address: 119 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Pickings & Parry

It might look like a standard retail store from the outside, but Pickings & Parry is also home to a four-chair barbershop where you’ll never be let down with a fresh fade. 

Customers receive a complimentary beverage on arrival and are treated to great service at an agreeable price in a shop that wouldn’t be out of place in Peaky Blinders. So once you’ve had a cut or a shave, why not have a look around the vintage store packed with well-known brands for the modern gent.

Fine barber and purveyor of fine wares. Pickings and Parry is a part barbershop, part clothing store, and it’s become somewhat of a Gertrude Street institution over the years for both offerings. 

Address: 3/166 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Electric Brain Barbershop

Positioned on Lygon Street in Brunswick East, this incredibly hip and vibrant barbershop is known for its high-energy environment. Established in 2012, it’s still a young face on the market, built on the ideas of creativity and individuality and fortified by some good, old fashioned grooming. The staff here pride themselves on helping men find new styles, so if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, this should be your go-to.

Address: 114 Lygon St, Brunswick East

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Rokk Man Barbers

The Rokk Man Barbers are a new contemporary barbershop located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and Toorak. The salons offer a hot towel shave service, beard trims and premium men’s haircuts, including skin fades and clipper cuts. 

They have created a relaxed male space where you can sit and unwind with a fine selection of beer, spirits or wine. For the time-poor gents, there are 30-minute appointments.

Address: 446 Toorak Rd, Toorak, Melbourne

Little Rebel Collective

If you’re looking to break from the crowd and express your individuality, then Little Rebel Collective is the place for you. Specialising in looks that express their clients’ personalities, the team here will give you the confidence to try that style you’ve been thinking of, the stylist and barber on hand, creating killer looks for both gents and ladies. 

With over ten years of experience, she’s a real pro with precision cuts and barbering. On the iconic Johnston Street, Little Rebel Collective has that true Fitzroy feel. Creative, edgy, and filled with energy, this spot is as cool as the suburb in which it dwells.

Address: 2/104 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

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