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What Are The Best Animal Farms in Melbourne?

For a fun family day out, Melbourne is home to several excellent animal farms that kids will enjoy visiting for the chance to get up close and personal with the animals. Being able to get close to animals and pat them (when allowed!) is a wonderful part of growing up. There is nothing quite like the cool smoothness of a reptile's skin, the weird but nice carpet-y fur of a koala, or the soft fluff that is a ball of baby chicken.

Get to know Melbourne's animal inhabitants at these top attractions.

In addition, many of them allow you to interact with the animals through feeding, petting, and other means, making the experience that much more memorable. Listed below are some of Melbourne's most visited animal farms, perfect for families with young children.

Best Animal Farms in Melbourne

Kids can learn about farm animals up close, get a taste of rural life, and see how life is different from the city by visiting an animal farm. Many children in Melbourne visit animal farms. These are the top ones to take with you on your next trip to the farm.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Collingwood Children's Farm is the best animal farm for city dwellers of Melbourne. The Capital City Bike Trail, which runs alongside the Yarra River, provides easy access. This Melbourne children's farm offers visitors the chance to milk a cow twice a day, bottle-feed newborn lambs (seasonal), feed the animals, assist with chores, interact with sheep and goats in the paddocks, pet a guinea pig, waddle after ducklings, feed chickens, and hunt for eggs.

Collingwood Children's Farm in nearby Abbotsford is the closest animal farm to central Melbourne. They offer a variety of services at no cost to the community.

With so many gardens and paddocks to wander through, there is never a shortage of things to do. Cows can be milked, goats can be petted, and ducks and geese can be fed. Of course, you can also see a wide variety of other animals here.

To have even more genuine farm animal fun, come on down to Collingwood Children's Farm. You can milk a cow, pet a duck, play with guinea pigs, ride a pony, avoid being eaten by goats, watch rare-breed pigs roll around in the mud, or even watch English sheep being shorn (in season, in November). Wear your gumboots, because there's plenty to do.

FAQs Best Animal Farms in Melbourne

Despite being a big city, Melbourne has a variety of family-friendly farms to visit – and many of them are very convenient to the CBD. To get your children in touch with farm animals they can see up close and learn about – check out our list of great farms for kids in Melbourne.

I like a children’s farm (I can’t guarantee it’s the best) Horseshoe Bend Farm in Keilor. Managed by Parks Victoria, it is open weekdays from 10 till five and free.

Then, of course, there are the usual animals - sheep, pigs, alpacas, etc., plus hens and ducks. It is a peaceful place, with shady trees and picnic spots.

When you get to the park, you will have the opportunity to feed and pat the farmyard animals located on-site, including chickens, sheep, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Kids can also join in with feeding sessions and learn how to milk cows with the milking demonstration.

Myuna Farm

At Myuna Farm, you can pet guinea pigs and rabbits, see snakes, lizards and other reptiles. Take a scenic train ride or pony ride. Feed the animals in the paddock and enjoy lunch at the cafe or even take your picnic. There’s a playground opposite the cafe with a farm theme.

Myuna Farm is a public community farm in Melbourne’s South East and a soon to be favourite for your kids. The animal farm offers special river gums, wetlands, and birdlife environments. Make sure to take the train ride, which gives a farm tour and then head out on the wetlands for a nature walk. Kids will be able to ride a pony, cuddle baby rabbits and Guinea pigs, and feed sheep, goats, deer and much more.

A farm with a full playground? Yes, please! And if that’s not enough, this public community farm in Melbourne’s South East has plenty of lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs, bird aviaries, deer, alpacas, buffalo, emus, and a red-tailed black cockatoo. So take a picnic or goodies for the on-site BBQs, go on a pony or train ride, or stroll around the wetlands on the farm for something completely different.

Bundoora Park Farm

Bundoora Park Farm is next to the free Bundoora Park play space, and entry to both locations is via the Bundoora Park cafe. Inside Bundoora Park Farm, you can feed and handle the farmyard animals at 11.30 and 3.30 daily – the baby animal farm area is the cutest! Take a tractor ride to visit the emus and kangaroos. 

Several playgrounds and bbq facilities if you don’t wish to eat at the on-site cafe. With school holiday activities and animal encounters, it’s our favourite animal farm in the north! Bundoora Park Farm is a council-run farmyard in Melbourne’s North where you can get an authentic animal farm experience for the kids. You can cuddle rabbits and pat and bottle feed the lambs and goats. Then, take a tractor ride through the reserves to see the wildlife. You can spot kangaroos and emus. 

There is also a huge playground for the kids to run around in once you have finished with the animals. The only time I’ve ever been fortunate enough to milk a goat was at Bundoora Park Farm, and I have to say, it was quite the experience! The farm is simple and quiet, and the coffee and playground are excellent. 

You can stroll by sheep, goats, and horses, hug a rabbit or a guinea pig, hitch a ride to see emus and kangaroos or hang out with lambs and other baby animals. You can even poke through the on-site heritage village and get a real feel for what early settlers must have been like.

Ballarat Wildlife Park

If you have a crocodile fan-like, you won’t want to miss the croc show at Ballarat Wildlife Park. We enjoyed a full day of family fun here, roaming with the kangaroos, koalas, wombats, devils, giant tortoises and snakes. There are daily one on one animal encounters with koalas, wombats, snakes or giant tortoises.

The Big Goose

the big goose

In addition to its animal attractions, The Big Goose on the Mornington Peninsula also features playgrounds, water play, mini-golf, tractor rides, and mazes. For an even more entertaining day trip, they also frequently host seasonal events (like Easter and Halloween) and activities during school breaks.

An amusement park that also features animals. Tyaab, on the Mornington Peninsula, is home to the Big Goose, a tourist attraction that the whole family can enjoy. Since it includes both indoor and outdoor attractions, it's great for kids of all ages and in any season. The farmyard is open for strolling, so you can get up close and personal with the various farm animals.

Then visit the wildlife park to see kangaroos, wallabies, and emus, as well as other native Australian animals. You can buy them some food and feed them too! Fun for the whole family, this event features a tyre maze, a splash park, playgrounds, and even a tractor ride! The best place for a Melbourne family to spend the day.

Moonlit Sanctuary 

Melbourne’s award-winning wildlife park, with 10 hectares of bushland, meeting endangered species, feeding kangaroos and wallabies, petting koalas and enjoying encounters with colourful birds, reptiles, dingoes and many other animals.  At night, it comes alive with world-famous lantern-lit tours. Night birds are active, tiny feathertail gliders and giant yellow-bellied gliders swoop around, and endangered quolls, pademelons and bettongs forage for food.

Ten acres of this award-winning park is bushland, meaning there’s plenty of wildlife to be explored. You can feed a kangaroo, pat a koala, or sea bird, reptiles, dingoes and endangered species in their natural habitat. At night the whole park gets lit up with the famous lantern tour, where the sleepy-during-the-day animals come out to play. Spot night birds, feathertails, yellow-bellied gliders above you, or watch the quolls, pademelons, and bettongs dig around for some grub.

The park is open 10 am – 5 pm every day except Christmas Day, and you can call for evening tour session times (bookings essential).

Animal Land

Children and their families can enjoy a genuine farm adventure at Animal Land. Also, they are a great place to have a birthday party or bring a group of students. A trip to a Melbourne farm is a great way to extend your stay in the city. Visit Animal Land and stay in the homestead, a self-contained cottage with two bedrooms, linens, and a fireplace that can accommodate up to six guests. Get up early and smell the fresh country air as you help milk the cows and collect eggs from the chicken coop.

The best animal farm in Melbourne’s West, if you haven’t taken the kids to Animal Land Children’s Farm yet, you are missing out. For 30 years, this children’s farm has been offering visitors an authentic experience of a working farm.  Jump on the tractor and take a tour around the farm where the kids can ride a pony, milk a cow, cuddle the sheep, feed the ducks and other animals and much more.

This children’s farm is just that: a true working farm. Your price of admission includes a pony ride, tractor ride, admission into the animal nursery, hand milking a cow, collecting eggs, feeding the ducks on the pond and the chance to explore the whole farm.  Let the kids get practical farming experience while holding, patting, feeding, and riding the animals, and seeing what life is like away from the big city. 

Animal Land is open seven days a week as a tour (bookings preferred, but not essential). Tours are 2 hours and run on weekdays at 10.30 am and noon and weekends at 10.30 are noons, and 1.30 pm. 

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Funky Farm

Hastings is home to a small private zoo that has never been open to the public before, but it is only an hour from Melbourne CB.

The original purpose of Funky Farm was to serve as a homestead and hobby farm, but today it is a zoo for all kinds of exotic and domesticated animals. There is a strong focus on education because most of the residents have been rescued, hand raised, and rehabilitated here. At this refuge, you can see both domesticated animals and native species.

The Funky Farm is a family-run farm that's home to a wide variety of domesticated animals and native Australian species like kangaroos, emus, and koalas. Also available are various snakes, lizards, and even a small crocodile that you can hold! You can get up close and personal with all the animals on one of their 2-hour, small-group tours. This is one of the few free opportunities in Victoria to get so close to these creatures.

Caldermeade Farm

Caldermeade Farm in Gippsland was settled in 1875 as a beef cattle property. It now runs a family-friendly café with indoor and outdoor dining, milking, tractor tours, a garden with a children’s playground, shops with farm-made produce and an animal nursery. You can pet and hand-feed calves, chooks, goats, lambs, ducks, llamas, and donkeys at the nursery.

Living Legends

Come to visit the champion Living Legends racehorses down in their paddocks on daily guided tours at 11.00 am and 2.00 pm each day. Rub noses with these legends of the racing turf. 

This coupon applies to the entrance to the horse paddock area, where you can visit with and pat the Living Legends, plus participation in the public tour where you will get up close and personal with the legends. 

There are also pictures and career information about each champion racehorse for you to read in the Living Legends paddock area. Come to visit the champion Living Legends racehorses down in their paddocks on daily guided tours at 11.00 am and 2.00 pm each day. Rub noses with these legends of the racing turf. 

This coupon applies to the entrance to the horse paddock area, where you can visit with and pat the Living Legends, plus participation in the public tour where you will get up close and personal with the legends. There are also pictures and career information about each champion racehorse for you to read in the Living Legends paddock area.

Rain Hayne & Shine

A children's farm in the style of a real farm, complete with lots of cute rabbits and guinea pigs and other amiable farm animals. The farm's emphasis on interactive learning makes it stand out. Rides on the horse and ponies are available, and there's also a free hayride for the whole family.

Free cuppas and gas BBQs are available. BYO food. There is a small playground and hay shed to play in and many undercover areas. So get together with your family and friends for A Farmtastic Day Out! Rain Hayne & Shine Farmyard is a lovely family-run animal farm for kids on the Mornington Peninsula where you can get up close to a range of farm animals and join in the farmyard experience, playing with and feeding animals, milking cows, riding a pony or a horse and taking a tractor ride.

You can also find special school holiday activities with demonstrations separating milk and cream, churning cream to butter, grinding wheat to flour, baking bread and tasting the bread and butter.

“A Farmtastic day out” is the promise at Rain Hayne & Shine Farmyard, and they always deliver! The baby animals here need a bottle regularly, and when your little one is not helping out with that, they can have a $2 pony ride or jump up with all of you for a family hayride. 

There are plenty of undercover areas for a picnic or BBQ, FREE COFFEE AND TEA (sorry for yelling, this gets me excited!) and a small but cute playground. For more native options, you can see wallabies, emus and the resident dingo, and there is even a mobile farmyard if you prefer the animals to come to you.

Jirrahlinga Koala & Wildlife Sanctuary

Make a day of it, pack up the family, and head to Barwon Heads. See Koalas, Kangaroos, Wallabies and lots more Australian species, including various native birdlife. At designated times of the day, enjoy a close encounter where you can get up close and personal with some of our native animals.

Chesterfield Farm

Chesterfield Farm is a private working farm situated in the heart of Scoresby that also operates as a tourist/children’s farm. The activities, such as tractor rides and milking demonstrations, and animals, give visitors a real “hands-on” experience of farm life.

For those looking for an animal farm in Melbourne East, Chesterfield Farm in Scoresby is perfect. Chesterfield Farm gives you the chance to experience a real “hands-on” farm life experience. Kids can get up close and interact with the animals and learn about daily farm life.

There are tractor tours that operate at various times of the day and a farm show that is great fun for all ages. You can check out the baby animal nursery and bottle feed the lambs and goat kids. You can milk a cow and even learn how the cream is made.

Edendale Farm

Visit Edendale Farm to see goats, sheep, alpacas, spiny leaf stick insects, guinea pigs, spinifex hopping mice, blue tongue lizards and various breeds of poultry. You can buy a bag of chook feed for $1 and enter the enclosure to feed the chickens.

The gardens at Edendale Farm are dotted with artworks made from recycled materials. And Café Eden offers plenty of outdoor seating and a sandpit for kids to play. Right near the north entrance to Edendale Farm is the Eltham North Adventure Playground, great for a pit stop to burn off some additional energy.

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Green Olive at Red Hill

There is something for everyone to enjoy at Green Olive at Red Hill, including kids farm tours. So pop on your gumboots and feed the chooks, guinea fowl and ducks, collect eggs, pat a Shetland pony and meet Maremma sheepdogs.

The tour price of $15 includes hot chocolate and cupcakes, and tours are at 10 am. To secure a table at the farm for lunch after the tour, it’s best to book ahead. The café serves an all-day tapas menu, with plenty of fresh produce and their farm wines.

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