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What Are Common Fish And Chip Shops In Melbourne Food Experience?

You'll be in the centre of all the action when it comes to finding the best fish and chips. Some are located in the central business district of Melbourne, while others are found in the city's outlying neighbourhoods. In this article, we'll provide you with a list of the best places to get that tried-and-true combo.

We really hope you'll visit one of these restaurants soon and indulge in some crispy chips and flaky fish. There is nothing to worry about, as we have you covered. As a result, we have rounded up some of Melbourne's finest fish and chip establishments and put together a list for your convenience. The restaurants on the list range from fine dining to the most modest of diners.

Fish and chips have the same effect on Melburnians as a swarm of seagulls. We've memorised the menu and can order a family pack of fried fish, potato cakes, or Chiko rolls with ease. You can find Australia's most popular fast food restaurant in almost any part of the state, as franchises can be found in virtually every suburb. If you're looking for the freshest fish and crispiest fries in Melbourne, these are the best fish and chip shops to visit.

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Fish And Chip Shops In Melbourne

We've got the low down on where to find crisp deep-fried fish and chips. From old-school corner shops to edgy, Japanese-British fusion, Melbourne’s best fish and chip joints will have you licking the chicken salt off your fingertips.

As the weather warms up, head to these small businesses and take your bounty to the beach or spread it across your coffee table. Whatever floats your boat.

Tommy Ruff Fish Bar

The Tommy Ruff Fish Bar is the result of years of experience in the seafood industry and the wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. But, of course, with new generations comes new ideas. 

Tommy Ruff’s offers patrons the opportunity to see specifically which fish will be prepared for them. A concept that has proven very successful. It also helps that the Fish and Chips Tommy Ruff Fish Bar produces is of consistently exceptional quality.

This is by no means your typical takeaway corner shop. Tommy Ruff’s even has its own. The newest outpost of a family of second-generation fryers is in Windsor. This branch boasts beautiful mosaic-tiled floors, pendant lights and a glowing pirate skull – it’s all rather sophisticated for a fish and chip shop. The menu skips between the traditional – the ‘Rod and Reel’ box contains chubby fish bites, calamari, prawn and herb-salted chips (which are our pick of the crop – crisp outside, fluffy inside and perfectly seasoned) – and more sophisticated menu items like mussels in a tomato and chilli sauce or prawn tacos with juicy tomato salsa, cabbage slaw and a liberal dollop of smoky chipotle mayonnaise. Charming service means there’s nothing ruff about Tommy.

Hooked Fish and Chipper

Feeling a tremendous amount of responsibility to do a classic gastronomical justice, Hooked Fish and Chipper provide the best of British Cuisine to Melbourne. In addition, they are offering a wide array of options to meet everyone’s needs. For instance, if you have a gluten intolerance, the shop says “no worries”, as many of their options are gluten-free. 

Furthermore, all meals are prepared with the utmost concern for your health to ensure you can visit numerous times. What’s more, these fishy friends have got three locations across Melbourne! Offering online pickup, there are absolutely no excuses anymore.

Hooked pays homage to the British origins of fish and chips, and when you order one of these patriotic parcels, you won’t be disappointed. The hand-cut chips, which come in regular and sweet potato, are chunky and well-seasoned. 

When it comes to seafood, both the Blue Grenadier and New Zealand Dory have been certified sustainable and with a Hooked guarantee, you will never get a fish different to that on the menu. Gluten-free options are available for most dishes, and serving sizes are quite large, plus the best part is that this fish and chipper is located in three locations, Hawthorn, Fitzroy, and Windsor.

The nautical decor – photos of salty sea dogs on the walls and Popeye and Olive Oil on the bathroom doors – is an appropriately whimsical backdrop for a fine fish and chip experience in landlocked Fitzroy. The traditional British Fish & Chips gets top marks: a flaky slab of blue grenadier encased in golden tempura batter arches over a bundle of chunky chips. 

It wouldn’t be complete without a scoop of minted mushy peas, perfectly textured and the colour of Robin Hood’s tights. The chips – hand-cut, no less – have more in common with a roasted potato than a French fry and are the perfect vehicle for tartare. A grilled flake meal deal with brown rice and a Vietnamese slaw that’s punchy with red chillies is equally satisfying and an easy way to get a fish supper past your new year resolutions to eat better. 

Cerberus Beach House

In Melbourne, there is a chip shop with a view worth a million dollars. Cerberus Beach House, named after the sunken HMVS Cerberus, is located on the beautiful Red Bluff cliffs and offers stunning views of Half Moon Bay from its casual kiosk and restaurant on the second floor. For the past six years, Cerberus has been buying sustainably caught fish and seafood from area markets, and their tempura-style batter is made possible by using filtered cottonseed oil. You can get all the standard fare in addition to burgers, fresh fish, and some unique options like sweet potato cake and a battered hot dog.

Oakleigh Fish & Chippery

If you care for a truly authentic experience regarding Fish and Chips shops, look no further. The Oakleigh Fish & Chippery is a traditional family-owned Greek Fish and Chip restaurant, something that they are very proud of. 

For over 30 years now, the store has been keeping customers satisfied with a wide array of options to choose from. But for those of you who are here for the Fish and Chips, their different sized packs and multiple varieties of fish will keep you going.

Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory, a franchise with seven locations across Melbourne, is not your average fish and chip joint; instead, it's a restaurant that takes great pride in offering customers healthier alternatives to their traditional fare. They are open seven days a week and have locations in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, South Yarra, Richmond, Highett, Moonee Ponds, and Eastland Ringwood where you can eat in, get takeout, or have a special event catered.

Since 2004, Hunky Dory has been serving fresh fish grilled to order alongside superfood sides like quinoa and kale. The business was inspired by the 89-year fishing tradition of the family's native Greek islands. Wraps, burgers, and the rest of your fried food favourites are also available.

Here at Hunky Dory, we promise that everything is great. Naturally, this bodes well for the state of affairs. However, are you aware of the things that succeed? The food served in dining establishments. With multiple citywide hubs, the company serves the city as a whole.

Their restaurants offer a variety of dishes with a healthy spin, such as grilled salmon with brown rice and a Greek salad. In a calm, seated restaurant, you can enjoy it all with no worries at all.


Conveniently located in Lygon Street and at the Emporium, Tank is fitted with stylish interiors, and their batter is crisp and flaky. Positioned amongst Italian cafes and restaurants, the Lygon street shop stands out for all the right reasons and if you’ve ever walked past, then you’ll know just how popular Tank is, with tables both indoors and outdoors always full. 

Tank only sources fish from Australia and New Zealand, and their menu includes gluten-free options. The chips at Tank are sprinkled with finger-licking herb salt, and their Moroccan chicken burger is a fan favourite.

Fish Tank

The enticingly vibrant window display will no doubt draw you inside, but it’s the quality of the long-line caught seafood that will have you coming back for more. From Tasmanian salmon to wild barramundi and garlic prawns, the menu at Fish Tank is full of fresh choices and even provides fun facts about the benefits of eating fish. 

There are baked, fried, and grilled seafood options and the staff are even happy to clean a fish for you to bring home and BBQ yourself. The chips are served with a light, crackling batter, and there are even recipes for salmon, swordfish and spicy mussels for you to try.

Fish by Moonlite

fish by moonlite

Fish and chips are wonderful, but any devout fan of the humble potato cake might consider it to be a dealbreaker when choosing their favourite fish and chipper. Might this be a snack that has the power to divide our country? Probably. 

West and South Australians refer to it as a potato cake, while those in New South Wales might refer to it as a potato scallop. We know they're both wrong, but that's not the point. If you’re after Victoria’s best potato cake, look no further than Fish by Moonlite. The Anglesea fish and chipper (yes, of Captain Moonlite fame) fry up a thick potato disc (think the width of two regular potato cakes) in a crisp shield of beer batter. If you’re looking for an almighty summer snack, this is the one for you.

Tank Fish and Chippery

With Tank Fish and Chippery, you have chefs who regularly display their passion for delivering excellent seafood meals. On multiple occasions, the Melbourne fish n chip joint has shown us that sustainably sourced fish has a taste that is hard to match. 

It is fished in a beneficial way for future generations and is equally admired. Another definitively desirable factor is that the shop offers customers fresh uncooked options to take home. Tank Fish and Chippery might be the tastiest fish and chips Melbourne CBD has to offer.

Harry’s Fish & Chips – The Chip Professionals

Chip Professionals by name, Chip Professionals by reputation. Yes, Harry’s Fish & Chips gives you plenty of reasons to make it your regular place for fine fish and chips. With 40 years’ worth of experience within the industry, the chaps here know how to make meals. 

If that weren’t enough, the various other options, such as juicy burgers and salivating souvlaki, provide many choices for every visitor. Finally, to top it all off, you are most certainly guaranteed service with a friendly smile. Harry’s has some of the best fish and chips Melbourne has to offer.

Richmond Oysters

Well, the name is a bit of a clue as to what these folks specialise in. However, Richmond Oysters provide visitors with more than just live-shucked oysters of various varieties. Providing both a dine-in experience as well as a takeaway menu, you’re sure to find something that interests you. 

For example, we highly recommend the Lunch pack. This option provides you with a beautiful piece of fish, golden crunchy chips, a potato cake, dim sum and then you can top it all off with some tartar sauce and lemon.

Blu Australian Seafood Group Fish and Chippery

Coburg’s industrial streets are unlikely for a fish and chip shop, though the grim concrete view doesn’t deter the crowds, who have good reasons for their loyalty to Blu. The bright, split-level space bustles with tradies grabbing fish burgers, couples cooing over grilled prawns and families sharing huge oval platters laden with fried things. 

The fried fish tastes fresh and is armoured in a thick, golden batter with crisp, bountiful chips reinforcements. You want to add a few calamari rings – these supersized beauties are big enough to lasso a shark.  

A blushing-pink salmo­­n fillet is a bang on medium-rare from the griller and pairs beautifully with a pear and rocket salad. Maybe the one-stop-shop element is what ensures the crowd's unwavering support. All appetites are catered for, from the humble souvlaki to a luxe supper of crayfish and Moreton bay bugs.

Archie’s Fish and Chips

Affordability and quantity are the names of the game when it comes to Archie’s Fish and Chips. However, the freshness and quality of fish is also part of their business. You can choose from Flake, King George Whiting, Blue Grenadier or Tasmanian Salmon. 

All of which can be accompanied by various sized packs of goodies. If you’re looking for something a tad different, perhaps you should give the Chicken Schnitzel Roll or Beef Souvlaki a try. Archie’s has some of the best fish and chips in Melbourne.

The Fish, Fish And Chippers

Let’s face it, fish and chips aren’t the healthiest takeaway option, but at The Fish, you can feel slightly less guilty about your order as the Heart Foundation approves their cholesterol-free oils. Located in Heidelberg, this family-owned shop dishes up fries, burgers, souvlaki, salads and locally sourced seafood, plus your favourite fried foods can be ordered with a gluten-free batter. 

Open six days a week, The Fish has an extensive selection of seafood, including Blue Grenadier, Atlantic Salmon Rockling, prawns, scallops, and mussels. There is also a selection of family packs full of golden crunch and generous serving sizes.

Theo’s Fish Bar

The classic no-frills, bare-bones fish and chip shops of days gone by are hard to find in this modern land. Provided you haven’t visited Theo’s Fish Bar in Ivanhoe. This particular joint is aimed at the takeaway variety of fish n chips. 

A major drawcard is the quality of ingredients and how it is prepared. An example of this is that the batter used to cook all of their fish is gluten-free, and the meals are expertly wrapped at the last possible moment. This prevents any unwanted sogginess. So check them out, and it is worth it.

Fish on High

Capitalising on years of experience within the industry, Fish on High specialises in providing fresh, modern alternatives to traditional fish and chips. Don’t worry, the classics are still there, but the shopfront offers variations to the usual bunch of fried goods. 

Grilled salmon and fresh Greek and grain salads are provided to those who wish. As stated on the restaurant website, whether it’s your cheat day or you’re on a health kick, they have something for everyone.

D’Lish Fish

He is often regarded as one of the best in Melbourne, D’Lish Fish dishes up crisp chips and potato cakes with views of the pier. Watch the Spirit of Tasmania pull in and out of port from the comfort of the alfresco dining area and enjoy tender fish, including the beautifully grilled salmon. 

D’Lish provides vegetarian options, and the gluten-free batter is only a request away. Unlike many places, the fried food at D’Lish won’t leave you feeling greasy, and for a decadent dessert, we recommend the battered Mars Bar.

Ebi Fine Food

Footscray may be renowned more for its pho than its fish, but Ebi serves up excellent Japanese/British fusion fish and chips, and it works. Try not shouting ‘banzai!’ (hurrah!) as an overweight, an oblong hunk of blue grenadier in bronze beer batter is sprinkled with dried nori and accompanied by a bountiful serve of crunchy chips and sweet Kewpie mayonnaise arrives at your table. 

Order a perky green side salad with Japanese pickles, lotus root and sesame dressing to compliment your meal. This tiny shop also turns out bento boxes, tofu cheesecake, and their legendary springy veggie balls, making them a prime lunch destination for local hospital staff. Surely if health care workers are eating it, that’s a green light for the rest of us?

Paper Fish

To truly enjoy fish and chips, it seems only right that the sea should eat them. You can do so at Paper Fish in St Kilda. It is marketing itself as a fresher, healthier alternative to traditional fish and chips. 

They are located in a beachside kiosk within the Stokehouse Precinct of St Kilda Beach. You are welcome to enjoy your meal in the restaurant, or you can utilise the takeaway option and enjoy the splendours of nature at one of Melbourne’s many famous beaches.

The Fish Market

We finish things off with The Fish Market. Again, you are provided with various options to enjoy your meal at this Richmond restaurant. You are more than welcome to dine in and be looked after by their friendly staff, or, if you are so inclined, you can take away your meal and enjoy it wherever you want; it is completely up to you. With fresh catches of Barramundi, Flathead Tails and Tuna on offer paired with some crispy chips or perfect potato cakes, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re judging a fish-and-chipper by its potato cakes, the Fish Market is up to the challenge. These hand-cut golden beauties score full points for audible crunch, each bite revealing more of that pillowy centre. You’ll get two of them in ‘The Fish Market for 2’ pack, along with double dummies, two firm flake fillets and chips or rice. 

We recommend rice: that way, you can stare your server in the eye and say those three magic words: sweet potato fries. Should the canary-yellow décor feel a touch too ‘cupcake store’, the glistening chunks of seafood in the window are available to cook up at home. Surprisingly, they also flip some seriously good burgers here. Whatever you decide, be sure to get a deep-fried Mars Bar for afters – and for old times’ sake.

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Captain Gummy’s Fish and Chips

Located in Frankston, Captain Gummy’s Fish and Chips is a family-run business well-known for its splendid service and delectable meals. The emphasis is fresh, with the business placing huge importance on delivering quality cuts of fish to customers. 

Their chips are equally compelling, crunchy and crispy and oh so satisfying. The Fish and Chip shop has been serving the public for over 25 years now, and we hope for many years to come.

King George’s Seafood and Oysters

It takes courage to call your business "King George's Seafood and Oysters," but the proprietors live up to the name. On a regular basis, the shop's helpful staff serves up some of the freshest seafood around.

In addition, the Family pack is sufficient to satisfy the appetites of a sizable army. True, we'd genuflect to King George because his fish and chips are fantastic.

FAQs About Fish And Chip Shops

Fish and chips shops Businesses in this industry sell cooked fish and chips for consumption away from the premises. They may also sell hamburgers, hot and cold drinks, and other convenience foods such as ice cream. Fish and chip shops may also be attached to fresh fish and seafood retailing businesses.

Patrons enjoy fresh fish and chips from The Fish Joint' Cafe at Brighton Le Sands. “Australians don’t look at fish and chips as a planned meal anymore,” said Sydney-based chef Stephen Hodges, co-author of the Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook with Susman. “It’s a knee-jerk reaction meal and not a sustainable business like it once was.”

One in six cod suppers sold in chip shops is a cheaper type of fish, says a food safety expert. According to a food safety expert, fish and chip shops regularly source cheaper fish species before selling them to customers as cod and haddock.

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