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How To Shop In Melbourne?

However, over the past ten years, shopping centres have made subtle but significant improvements to their offerings. Therefore, there is a greater variety of stores, activities, and foods available in today's malls than ever before. Property values, especially in Melbourne, have benefited greatly from the proximity of these major shopping centres.

Eastland Shopping Centre is just one example of how retail development in Ringwood and the surrounding area has boosted the local economy. Since the Eastland Shopping Centre was renovated, real estate prices have risen dramatically.

Shopping in Melbourne is enjoyable because of the city's many charming arcades, lively shopping centres, and fashionable boutiques. More than that, though, it is universally acknowledged as the premier shopping capital of the planet. Visitors to Melbourne will adore the modern feel of the shopping compounds that are conveniently co-exited with the malls.

When you shop at Chadstone for some beautiful items, shopping in Melbourne becomes enjoyable. This Melbourne institution has grown into a global meeting place for tourists.

FAQs About Shopping In Melbourne

This city is like Paris or Milan of the southern and eastern hemispheres. With some wonderful arcades, buzzing shopping centres, and stylish boutiques, shopping in Melbourne is considered fun when you visit Australia. Also, it is known as the best shopping destination in the world.

Victoria's capital Melbourne deserves its reputation as Australia's fashion and style capital, with an unrivalled collection of boutiques that merge the high-end with the Avant-garden.

"Melbourne is the style capital because it's an international city, which has confidently felt this way for decades," he said. "A sophistication defines Melbourne that penetrates from the underground cool art scene to the high-end business deals in Collins Street.

Chadstone The Fashion Capital is Australia's number one retail, dining and entertainment destination for local and international visitors.

The overall cost of living in Australia is 9% higher than in the USA, but 10% cheaper than in London.

Best Places For Shopping In Melbourne

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One thing you need to know is that Australians are fairly eco-conscious. As such, they do not like wasting plastic bags. So you will gain mega points (along with more favourable bargaining power) if you break down and buy a few cloth shopping bags in which to put your purchases. Besides, these bags usually have handles long enough to fling over your shoulder, making carrying everything much easier.

Chadstone Shopping Centre

Chadstone Shopping Centre is located approx. 15 km southeast of Melbourne CBD. It was the first freestanding shopping centre in Victoria, opening in 1960. With over 550 stores, it is the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere. It has some of the largest worldwide brands, from fashion to retail. The centre has become its city with a free shuttle bus taking you from Melbourne's CBD to Chadstone Shopping Centre. It has been referred to as "the fashion capital" for over a decade.

Also known as the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere, the Chadstone Shopping Centre is located in the suburbs, 30 minutes away from Melbourne. Surprisingly enough, it has something for all age groups and all types of people, from high-end to relatively cheap local brand shoppers; everyone can shop something from here.

Westfield Fountain Gate

Westfield is among the largest retail property owners in Australia. There Fountain Gate shopping centre is the largest centre in Victoria. Located in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, it's the second-largest shopping centre after Chadstone. 

Highpoint Shopping Centre

Highpoint Shopping Centre is located in Maribyrnong approx. 10 km west of the Melbourne CBD. Along with over 400 stores, Highpoint also offers fantastic entertainment by buskers, an IMAX cinema and "Playtime" for games.

Westfield Knox Shopping Centre

Westfield Knox City is another huge shopping centre located in Wantirna South approx. 17 km from the Melbourne CBD. With over 350 stores, Knox has been well known for its outdoor restaurant and bar precinct called Knox O' Zone. In addition, it has many different amenities, including a Village 15-screen state of the art cinema complex, AMF Bowling Centre, Timezone and a Fitness First gym, to name a few.

Eastland Shopping Centre

Approximately 25 kilometres east of Melbourne's central business district is where you'll find Ringwood and the Eastland Shopping Centre. Following a recent renovation, it is now home to over 400 stores selling some of the world's most recognisable brands. In addition, there is a bustling food court on the second floor, where patrons can choose from a wide selection of restaurants and cafes serving a wide range of cuisines.

Westfield Southland

Westfield Southland is located in Cheltenham, approx. 19 km from the Melbourne CBD. A large shopping precinct features over 400 stores offering a great choice of fashion brands, bookstores, food, gifts and other specialty shops.

Watergardens Town Centre

Watergardens Town Centre is located in Taylors Lakes approx.. 27 km from the Melbourne CBD. Watergardens is a focal point for the western suburbs and is situated in the heart of the Taylors Lakes community. If you're looking for a one-stop shopping destination, you'll find it here. It is filled with over 200 stores, including supermarkets, designer fashion stores, electronic shops, and speciality stores. There are also plenty of hair salons, nail bars and massage parlours to choose from.

Westfield Doncaster Shopping Town

Westfield Doncaster, located in Melbourne's affluent eastern suburbs and about 16 km from Melbourne's central business district, features over 420 stores, including locations for some of the largest local and international brands. Valet parking, in-room makeovers, and a personal butler are just some of the exceptional extras you'll find here. There are numerous eateries, a movie theatre, and a sizable food court all located here. Top-floor dining establishments often feature breathtaking panoramas of the city below.

Melbourne Central

The Melbourne Central precinct is a high-end shopping, dining, and nightlife hub in the heart of the city. It has one of the highest volumes of foot traffic in Victoria thanks to its position directly above the Melbourne Central train station.

There are numerous cafes and restaurants scattered among the more than 300 stores. The majority of these establishments keep late hours.

Located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, right next to Bourke Street Mall and Melbourne Emporium, this multi-level shopping centre has something for everyone. Its location around the historic Shot Tower is perhaps the only thing that makes the complex more recognisable than the fact that it houses more than 300 stores. Considering all of this, Melbourne Central is an absolute must-visit for any shopper.

Central Business District shoppers will recognise Lonsdale Street as the site of Melbourne Central. In the American sense, this shopping centre is a mall because it contains more than 300 stores. You can get your hair done, get your nails done, have a nice lunch, or shop until you drop for books and Australian opals.

Pacific Werribee

pacific werribee

Pacific Werribee has been a favourite local meeting place for over 25 years. Located in the middle of Werribee, it's approx. 29 km from the Melbourne CBD. The precinct has plenty of natural light, wide malls and 240+ stores. The wider Wyndham community has access to all daily necessities and entertainment, such as the Village Cinemas Gold Class.

Bourke Street Mall

It's not a shopping centre, but rather a pedestrian-only area of the street with a variety of stores. However, a trip to Melbourne is not complete without a shopping spree along Bourke Street Mall, a pedestrian thoroughfare lined with Victorian buildings and home to a wide variety of high-end retailers such as Zara, H&M, Myer, and David Jones.

The Bourke Street Mall is a pedestrian-only stretch of Bourke Street that features major department stores like Myer and David Jones, but is not a mall in the American sense of the word. On the other hand, this is one of the best places to spend a day if you want to shop for high-end apparel and accessories.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is a must-visit for any tourist in Melbourne, and it would be a shame to miss out on all the unique goods and delicious food that can be found here. This open-air market, which began operations around 120 years ago, is the largest in the entire southern hemisphere. It would take more than a day to see everything there is to see. Whereas the area is well-known for its street style and affordable quality garments, this market specialises in food, fruits, groceries, and other non-clothing items.

King's Cross Station, Queen Vic. Anything you might need, from groceries to trinkets, can be found in this massive market. The market is among the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. String Bean Alley and the surrounding market stalls sell everything from clothing to locally sourced meats and produce. If your room has a kitchen, you can skip the grocery store and do all of your food shopping here. It's a must-see while in Melbourne, and you can get there quickly and easily by tram or by walking north up Elizabeth Street.

Melbourne Emporium

When it comes to high-end shopping in Melbourne, Australia, the Melbourne Emporium is the newest addition, having opened just two years ago. The place is relatively new, but it has quickly become a favourite among serious shoppers. This is due to the fact that many well-known international labels are represented, including Armani Exchange, H&M, Calvin Klein, Camila, and Lacoste. If you want the ultimate luxury shopping experience, you must go here.

Chapel Street

Often known as the longest catwalk in the southern hemisphere, Chapel Street extends to numerous neighbourhoods and is around 2-3 km from each side. With a myriad of hundreds and hundreds of shops selling anything from second-hand clothing to high end branded clothing, this Melbourne shopping street is no less than a heaven for shopaholics.

Direct Factory Outlet South Wharf (Dfo)

If you want to shop for the best high-end brands at the cheapest rates, then Direct Factory in the South Wharf area of Melbourne, Australia, is the best place to be. A lot of brands with around 120 different factory outlets, this is a shopper's destination. From Nike to Calvin Klein and MJ Bale, you can find anything here.

Collins Street

If you have thousands of dollars to spend on some of the fanciest brands, then head straight to Collins Street for the best shopping in Melbourne. A street is full of historical Victorian-era-style buildings and houses stores with some of the most expensive brands on this planet. So make sure you have some extra Australian dollars in your purse when you are headed here.

Collins Street is where you take your limitless American Express. Seriously. There are wonders galore in the uppity rich shops here, but they come at a hefty price. So even if your bank account isn't close to that of Bill Gates, you should at least have a look. There are some very cool items here to drool over.

Collins Place is at the upper end of Collins Street and is an enclosed shopping centre worth seeing for the architecture alone. It is a beautiful building of glass and polished metal. Their food court has better than average offerings. Collins Place is very stylish and very popular. It is the place to be seen if that kind of thing matters to you.

Brunswick Street

Brunswick Street, in inner northern Melbourne, is famous for its alternative fashion stores and bohemian atmosphere. But this street is always bustling with activity, and its stores sell trendy streetwear at incredibly low prices, making it one of the best spots in Melbourne to find great bargains.

The Rose Street Market

One of the relatively unknown places to tourists, the Rose Market is a market situated in a secluded part of Melbourne, which is the Fitzroy suburb of Melbourne. Famous for its handmade things, this market has everything from stunning homewares to hand-sewn dresses up for sale, making it among Melbourne's best shopping malls.

Block Arcade

In operation for nearly a century, this historic shopping centre is a fantastic destination for retail therapy junkies. The marble floors and glass ceiling canopy are just two of the architectural highlights of this mall. As a stop along Melbourne's Golden Mile Heritage Walk, this arcade is home to some of the city's most acclaimed bakeries and confectioneries. You must visit the Hopetoun Tea Rooms, where they have the most delicious cakes, and the Haigh's Chocolate Shop.

Bridge Road

Visit the market and get a glimpse of the cultural history of the neighbourhood. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind shopping adventure on the historic Brigade Road in Richmond, which dates back to the 18th century. Corn and hat shops once dominated the market, but now it's home to cutting-edge boutiques, acclaimed eateries, cosy cafes, and a wide variety of other unique goods and services. The area is also the site of regular heritage walk tours.

Flinders Lane

Find a luxurious range of apparel for men's wear at Flinders Lane, established in 2009. Flinders Lane is the answer for tailor-made, exclusive sharp prints with contemporary elegance for modern men. This market hub is sourcing the finest yarns from across the world with a heavy influence on the colours and texture to give you the best modern wear.

Toorak Road

Indulge your penchant for glitz and glamour at this posh shopping mecca. Toorak Corner is Melbourne's answer to high-end retail, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. It's well-known for many things, including shoes, jewellery, bakeries, concert halls, and handbags.couple looking for furniture · free stock photo

Fountain Gate Westfield

The second largest shopping centre in Australia, it is a popular destination for Melburnians and visitors alike. This shopping centre has posh shops on both levels selling food, clothing, accessories, health and beauty products, and more. Plus, you can satisfy your shopping hankerings with items from international labels.

St Kilda Esplanade Market

While discussing Melbourne shopping, if you are rising at the crack of dawn for shopping, you are probably not in the right place. In Melbourne, the marketplace opens at sharp 10 am, and it starts packing up sharp at 4 pm. Therefore, if you have to go for a shopping hunt, you should catch these shopping complexes before 4 pm. However, you will be experiencing plenty of shops for natural skin care products, health products, vintage pieces, stalls for arts, Jewelry and many other intriguing staffs.

The District Docklands

This shopping centre is well-known throughout Melbourne as the city's premier shopping destination due to its wide selection and low prices. With the ArtVo 3D gallery, Dialogue in the Dark (an experimental installation by Guide Dogs Australia), and the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, visitors to Melbourne will have a great time while shopping in the District Docklands area. So, it's safe to say that if you're in search of the best shopping in Melbourne, your options are limited to The District Docklands and nowhere else.

Brunswick And Smith Streets

You make a single trip to the market at Brunswick and Smith Streets when you go out on a shopping trip. For visitors in search of a wide variety of stores, the intersection of Brunswick and Smith Streets is an absolute must-see, as it represents a dramatic departure from the city's traditional style. When they're just hanging out on the street, the locals here totally rock. Also, both of these streets are stocked with unique finds to add to your vintage wardrobe. This place will keep you entertained in every way possible, so there's no need to waste time agonising over which of Melbourne's many shopping centres to visit.

Sydney Road

The 14-mile long Sydney Road is lined with various eateries and shops. If you're in a shopping rut while in Melbourne, head to Sydney Road, which is lined with unique boutiques and a wide selection of jewellery shops. In fact, in addition to selling jewellery, these stores also sell electronics, cosmetics, and groceries.

Swanston Street

Swanston Street isn't featured in any of the travel guides, but believe us when we say it's worth seeking out. There is a fantastic outlet mall just north of Flinders Street Station where you can fill your shopping bag with amazing deals. Don't forget to check out the stores in the basement. A few of the clothing stores down there are offering ridiculous discounts. Swanston is also a fantastic place to find souvenirs at slightly reduced prices compared to other areas of Melbourne.


Without a doubt, Melbourne is one of the most significant fashion hubs in the world and the fashion capital of Australia. You aren't truly a local unless you're up-to-date on Melbourne's newest fashions and best shopping destinations. It's no secret that Melbourne is one of the world's most vital centres for all things stylish. In the southern and eastern hemispheres, this city is comparable to Paris or Milan.


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