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How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Melbourne?

The challenge, however, is in locating the ideal location. There are so many options to choose from, whether you're looking for a stunning barn, an elegant ballroom, a cosy restaurant, or a quiet stretch of beach.

If you're shopping for the best wedding venues, Melbourne can read our tips to choose the best wedding venues Melbourne can offer. Finding the right indicators could be challenging. Keep in mind that you're just starting to plan your wedding, so you don't have everything figured out just yet.

FAQs About Wedding Venue in Melbourne

Some couples choose to nail down the exact date when they'd like to wed and then find venues to accommodate that particular day. Other couples with more flexible timelines look for venues first and then choose their date on their selected venue's availability.

The average Australian wedding costs $36,000. But, according to a Moneysmart survey, 82% of couples dipped into their savings to pay for their wedding. Another 60% got a loan, and 18% used their credit card.

Generally, plan to budget at least $100 per guest. However, if you're planning a wedding on a budget, one of the easiest ways to reduce costs is to invite fewer people and have a more intimate celebration.

A too-small space will feel cramped and claustrophobic, while rooms that are too large will make any event feel empty and lacking in ambience. Hope this will help you.

The most important aspect of choosing a venue is cost-efficiency. Make sure the venue offers price flexibility, such as pricing tiers or packages. You can also check whether a venue offers an all-inclusive hire rate or if they offer more price-friendly, digestible options.

How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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Reception Centre

Reception centres are designed for hosting large gatherings, making them ideal for a wedding's many guests. Most reception centres offer a range of packages depending on your needs, whether it be a large function room to host a large number of guests or an in-house caterer. It should come as no surprise, then, that 41% of married couples in the past few years have celebrated their nuptials in a reception centre.

Many visitor centres are located on garden grounds, in tree-lined alleys, or in forested areas. As a result, you can plan for both an indoor and outdoor ceremony, in case it rains. What's more, the reception site is conveniently close to the ceremony site.


Restaurant or hotel wedding venues are a second favourite among couples, with 21% of weddings being held in a restaurant or hotel setting.

Similar to reception centres, restaurants and hotels can host many guests, and they have different wedding packages that couples can choose from. City restaurants, especially with a view of the skyline, set the perfect background of a modern wedding for the cosmopolitan couple.


Winery wedding venues have gained popularity in recent years as they set the perfect backdrop for rustic style weddings. Due to the vast space wineries offer, you can hold a ceremony and reception merely step away.

You will spoil your guests for choice as wineries offer the most delicious food and wine! If you want a romantic, rustic setting for your wedding, wineries are the way to go! 19% of couples will agree with you on this choice of venue.

Historic Site

Are you a history buff? Do you fancy getting married at a location with open fireplaces, grand dining rooms, breathtaking garden views and castle-like verandas? Then we recommend choosing a historic site for your special day!

When you're saying you're "I Do's" in a place rich with culture and stories of the past, there is nothing quite like it. Embrace the character of your historic venue with romantic decor using lots of fresh flowers, or let the venue speak for itself by keeping it minimal and classic.

Golf Club

It's not common to envision a golf club as a wedding venue. Still, we find them to be an undiscovered treasure. Only about 6 percent of married pairs know this.

Golf clubs provide opulent, exclusive venues for weddings, and their locations in naturally beautiful settings with meticulously maintained grounds make for breathtaking wedding photos.

Golf clubs typically only host one wedding per day, ensuring that you and your guests will have the course to yourselves. All of your guests will appreciate the ample lawn for playing lawn games and dining in the open air.

Tips To Choose The Best Wedding Venues Melbourne Can Offer

Going wedding venue hunting is an important part of wedding planning, not to mention one of the most exciting parts. When visiting the many wedding venues on offer, keep these tips in mind:

Bring A List Of Questions

It's time to ask A LOT of questions about all of the venues you visit, questions like "How many guests?" "When's the best time of day for wedding photos?" and so on.

No More Than 2 Per Day

If you visit too many venues in one day, your head will spin, and you'll be unable to make wise decisions. So instead, stick with just 1 or 2 venues per day, and take your time with each. It will ensure that you can examine each venue carefully, finally choosing the one that feels best.

Make The Big Decision Together

Brides are often tempted to tell the groom exactly what they want, and many grooms let the bride decide for them because it's easier. However, in a successful marriage, both partners make big decisions, the first big decision in your life. So make it together and make sure that both the bride and the groom have a say in choosing the venue.

Bring Friends Or Family

Why not get a third-party opinion on the wedding venue? Even if the bride and groom can both attend the venue walkthrough, why not bring along the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, or the maid of honour? Again, an outside opinion can be invaluable input!

Take Lots Of Pictures

Want to know how the venue will look on the day of your wedding? Visit the venue at the time of day when your wedding will be held and snap dozens of photos. Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Venues Melbourne Can Offer.

Talk Numbers

It may be awkward to talk numbers with the venue manager, but it's the only way to ensure that you can get the best price. They will offer up a number for the package deal, and your job will be to negotiate the price a bit lower. If you are smart about it, you can seriously slash the price on your big day!

Wedding Day Venue Problems And How To Deal With Them

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Here are a few lessons we've learned and how you can apply them to deal with common wedding day problems, should they arise.

Vendor No Shows Or Not Turning Up On Time

In the past, we've all heard horror stories about photographers, stylists, caterers, and bands who failed to show up for their scheduled events.

Whether you're having your wedding in Melbourne, Victoria, or somewhere else, we recommend searching for service providers who have a strong online presence and lots of positive reviews. Consider using the recommended vendors from the wedding venue you book.

The best wedding venues in Melbourne will usually have strong relationships with the vendors that they recommend – for this reason, it could be wise to choose from the vendors they suggest.

Why? The venue only works with reliable, trustworthy partners because those are the standards by which they judge their business. It's more likely that your wedding vendors will show up on time and do a fantastic job because they know that if they mess up once, the venue won't recommend them again.

Before committing to a vendor, discuss the possibility of a contingency with them. You can, for instance, ask that the contract include a provision stating that if they are unable to provide the service on the specified date due to illness, they will be able to provide a replacement.

It is the responsibility of the wedding day coordinator or maid of honour to contact alternative vendors in the area if the original one does not show up or cancels at the last minute. You'd be surprised at how many will be available at short notice. Don't let something as annoying as this detract from your wedding day. After all, it's about you and your partner, not the naysayers.

It's Pouring Down With Rain, And You've Booked An Outdoor Wedding Venue.

It happens a lot at weddings, and it's not something you can avoid. Yep, no matter how much you pray to the sun gods! But, it doesn't have to ruin your day. Of course, every couple hopes for beautiful sunshine on their wedding day, especially if they're booking an outdoor or garden wedding venue.

The best way to avoid this is to speak to your chosen venue about whether they have a backup plan. The best wedding venues should be able to offer a solution. This way, if you see that the weather forecast doesn't look promising in the days before your wedding, then at least you know you'll be covered.

Remember that it's not all doom and gloom – some of the best images are taken when it is overcast and cloudy as you aren't squinting or hot and flustered! But, of course, if you are game, you can also get some stunning shots in the rain, so take it in your stride – or even have a joke with it and bring some gumboots and cute umbrellas for photos!

Children Throwing Tantrums

Kids will be kids, and if a child throws a tantrum at a wedding, don't fret. We understand this can be an issue, especially during the ceremony, important speeches or a photography session. The last thing you'll want to hear is a child screaming over the top of your wedding celebrant.

If the child is part of the wedding party and is having a tantrum through the ceremony, then have a trusted family member try to calm them down or remove them from the situation to give them some air and time-out if they don't settle.

When it comes to photographs, the earlier you get snaps involving children, the better. As we all know, children get tired as the day goes on, and with tiredness can come a great deal of irritability. So, it's best to get this kind of stuff out of the way as soon as possible.

The other thing is that it's a good idea to accommodate the children at your wedding, particularly at the reception venue. Have a part of the wedding reception set up as a child-friendly zone, if you can. Have colouring-in books or sheets in supply, as well as crayons and pencils. A few helium-filled balloons can also help to keep a small child happy and occupied.

Sore Feet

A lot of brides will encounter this problem on their wedding day – but if you ask us, we err on the side of 'yes, the dainty designer shoes are worth it!'

Be sure to break in your shoes before the day, look into the gel inserts and see if they help too! Most brides are also prepared with a pair of transition shoes as the day progresses – whether a cute pair of flats or even thongs! Better yet, if you want to avoid this altogether, you can pick up some gorgeous flats from the get-go, or why not go for a custom pair of converse sneakers?!

Drunk Guests

We've all seen this at weddings; there's always one. A guest has a little too much to drink and starts getting a little out of hand. It's easily done with things like open bars, toasting to the bride and groom every 15 minutes and an atmosphere of pure love and celebration. But, sometimes, it needs to be curtailed.

If this happens at your wedding, have a trusted friend or family member take them outside to quieten them down give them a glass of water while taking in some fresh air. 

Unfortunately, every venue will have a responsible service of alcohol obligation. It will need to slow down drinks or cut off the person if they go too far, so an intervention from a family member or friend can save everyone in the long run!

The Bride Or Groom Gets Sick On The Day Of The Wedding

We feel a little unwell even mentioning it. Some people say that rain is their worst nightmare, but we'd say this is probably worse in reality. Believe us, and it can happen. 

We give our brides and grooms advice to take care of themselves in the months, or even years, leading up to their wedding day. That includes exercise if possible, eating well and having regular medical check-ups. You're giving yourself the best possible chance of being a picture of health on your big day by doing these things.

In particular, a lot of brides tend to try out new products or fad diets in the lead up to the wedding but be careful in doing this too close to the wedding day – you don't want to have a bad reaction to a new product and break out in a rash etc. either. Try to have a steady routine leading into the wedding month. 

Be sure not to forget to eat and get lots of sleep in the final week and the night before/day of, as this can lead to you feeling less than great throughout the day.

To relieve any ailments on the day, have a supply of things like anti-nausea, cold and flu, and headache tablets on hand. In Melbourne especially, people can be prone to asthma attacks, be prepared. If you have a medical condition that needs to be kept in check, make sure you take daily medications. If you have a condition that can spring up in response to stress or other factors (for example, migraines), make sure you have a supply of the necessary medications you might need should you have an episode? Again have that trusted friend or family member – maybe even a bridal party member, have an emergency kit stocked with everything you can think of so that you are prepped just in case!

Running Behind Schedule

Don't be alarmed if things don't go according to plan at your wedding.

The first step is to calm down and accept that this is a normal part of life. It's the last part of your wedding day and a time for revelry. Do not wear a watch or carry a schedule so that you are forced to interrupt a conversation or a photo opportunity with someone because it is time for the next formality. A slight delay here or there is of no consequence, and everything can be adjusted to make things work.

Make sure to schedule in adequate breaks for the speakers, caterers, photographers, cake-cutters, and more. Having everything fall right on top of each other is not only stressful, but can also lead to extremely overextended deadlines. The top wedding venues in Melbourne will walk you through the entire planning process and help you create the best schedule possible to increase the likelihood that your big day will go off without a hitch.

Check to see if your wedding venue has a day-of coordinator; doing so can save you time, stress, and money, all of which can be useful if you're planning a wedding. Get in position! You can trust them to organise everyone who needs to be there for the speeches and photos, as well as to make sure that everyone involved knows where the bride and groom are, how the venue is decorated, who is providing what services, and so on. This way, you won't have to worry about organising anything on the big day and can instead focus on having fun.

Pick a dependable friend or family member who can help the event run more smoothly in the absence of a day-of coordinator. Keep in mind that a wedding is a major event, and as such, there will inevitably be delays.

Last-Minute Beauty Disasters

If you find that your hair starts to fall flat or your makeup feels like it's melting off your face, don't panic. Instead, make sure that you always do a makeup and hair test before the day of your wedding. It will ensure that you'll be able to test the longevity of the products and styles chosen for you by the hairdresser and makeup artist you're looking to hire.

Again, have that trusted emergency kit that will contain a supply of some of the essential products you might need so that you can perform touch-ups during the day if required!

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Don't Be So Hard On Yourself.

No one is immune to wedding mishaps, whether you're getting married in Melbourne or anywhere else. It's the preparation and awareness of common issues that will help you deal with any issues as they surface.

The simple fact that you're getting married is a cause for celebration, so don't let any setbacks ruin the experience. It would be best if you remembered that your guests are there to see you happy – so embody this, let go and have fun.


There's no shortage of Melbourne wedding venues, so how do you narrow it down to the best one? To facilitate this, we have compiled a list of suggestions. You should first think about what kind of location would work best. For a more personal celebration with close loved ones, a more compact location may be preferable. In contrast, a larger room could be perfect for a formal occasion that calls for pomp and circumstance. After determining which venues are suitable based on their capacity, think about other factors like proximity to your office, cost, and the availability of food and drink. After making a list of requirements, start touring potential locations to find one that ticks all of your boxes.

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