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How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Melbourne?

There are a lot of moving parts, including location, menu, drinks, etc., that make this a difficult question to answer.

For weeks, the bride researches and interviews potential wedding vendors before narrowing the field down to a select few. Since we're human, we deserve the best wedding services Melbourne has to offer, but we can't afford those sky-high prices.

How much do weddings in Melbourne usually cost? It seems like too broad of a question to answer in a single sentence. Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty.

What are the average prices in Melbourne for various wedding services, such as reception hall rental, photography, a wedding dress, flowers, a band, etc.?

If the bride and groom do their research, they'll have a better idea of how much money to allocate to various aspects of the wedding, allowing them to make more informed decisions about where to spend their money.

In the beginning, we can work with a null wedding budget.

FAQs About Wedding Cost In Melbourne

Generally, plan to budget at least $100 per guest. However, if you're planning a wedding on a budget, one of the easiest ways to reduce costs is to invite fewer people and have a more intimate celebration.

The average Australian wedding costs $36,000. But, according to a Moneysmart survey, 82% of couples dipped into their savings to pay for their wedding. Another 60% got a loan, and 18% used their credit card.

The ticket price is generally higher, but if you add up the costs involved with bringing things in yourself (including delivery and pick up fees), you might find that an all-inclusive is cheaper.

However, just because you have a tighter budget for your wedding doesn't mean you need to make tons of sacrifices or go into debt. Because contrary to what you may have heard, planning a beautiful wedding under $10,000 is completely attainable.

It's tradition for the bride's family to pay for the ceremony venue, while the groom would pay for the celebrant and the marriage licence.

The Minimum Cost To Get Married In Australia 

If you want to reserve the money to put on the house deposit and do a low-key wedding, you can consider getting married at the registry; each state has a different price for registering a marriage. The registry marriage is only for legal purposes, which means there will only be a small ceremony for you to sign the paper, there won't be a wedding venue or food, people would usually invite their immediate family and very close friends to attend the wedding as the ceremony location is often small and intimate.

How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Melbourne?

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You could spend anywhere from $450.00 to $40.000. Although if you really want to go nuts, the price tag will reflect that.

How far you want to go in a completely unrestrained manner is the deciding factor.

MoneySmart estimates that the typical wedding will set you back $36,000. This figure has gone up year after year.

The following is a detailed breakdown of wedding costs, covering everything you need to know about them:

The wedding dress

Marriage celebrants

Wedding venue

Marriage registry costs

Wedding flowers

Hair and makeup


Other costs

Wedding Dresses

25% of all brides say that the cost of their wedding dress doesn't matter if they find the right dress! So if this is you, skip on through to the next section and find that perfect gown regardless. 

A wedding dress may cost, on average, approximately $2,600. Therefore, you will very likely need to prepare your wedding dress in advance – I'd say around eight months before the wedding.

Of course, it will depend on which particular store you buy your dress and how much you want to go all out to look stunning on your big day.

According to research, brides would choose a wedding dress quite early in the brides' wedding planning journey. Therefore, if you want to have a tailor-made wedding gown, you need to allocate around eight months before the wedding.

Human nature, our consumption scheme would be too conservative or radical during the earlier shopping stage because we don't have a clear insight into our total wedding budget. 

Just like you play a jigsaw puzzle game, you can't see the whole picture when you play the first few pieces.

Brides shall make a specific plan to get a reasonable price on a wedding dress, for instance, get a couture wedding gown, dress on the rack, online shopping, renting a dress or second hand (still white). So you know which price tags suit your total budget.

Wedding Venue

The majority of your wedding budget will go towards your venue, which comes in at a shade over the median price of $15,264. The cost of your wedding venue may be as much as $16,000.

There is a general trend among venues to impose price hikes on weekends, holidays, and "special" days like Valentine's Day. The winter months are considered to be the off-season, so you can expect to pay less (1 June to 31 August).

What Is The Cost Per Head At A Wedding Reception?

The average guest list comes in at 97 people, around $165 per head. Chat with your venue about other costs, such as beverages, decorations, ceremony hire, etc.

Wedding venues are probably the most expensive part of your wedding. Couples may spend nearly half of their entire wedding budget on just the venue.

So you must choose the right one!


Victorians and Melburnians, in particular, are known for being big. So it's no surprise that we're spending more on our wedding catering than any other state in the country! Forget the national average of $9,666. If you're in Victoria, give yourself a bigger budget for your catering and spend around $11,947 instead.

Wedding catering would be the second-highest cost in wedding budgets in general. There are most popular four popular styles of catering, according to Wedding and Bride magazine reports in 2019:

  • Formal sit down (52%)
  • Buffet (29%)
  • Cocktail or finger good (15%)
  • Other, i.e. DIY, food truck (4%)

We can see that formal sit-down wedding catering is still the most popular. However, some wedding venues can provide seated dining and a cocktail wedding package; money-wise, the cocktail wedding package is approximately 15-25% less than formal sit-down catering.

In addition, the cocktail wedding has more capacity than a formal sit-down wedding. That means you could invite more guests to a cocktail wedding at the same wedding venue so that you would cut down the price per head.

Marriage Celebrants

You can't have a successful wedding without a marriage celebrant. They're the one service provider who can elevate your wedding celebration to the next level.

How much does a Melbourne celebrant charge for a wedding ceremony? Between $350 and $800, with an average of about $500.

In order to provide you with a ceremony that is unique to you and your spouse, a licenced celebrant will work closely with you to create the ceremony.

They won't merely have you sign the papers at their convenience. You can get tailored recommendations on music, rituals, vows, and other mystical elements from these professionals.


Marriage Registry

The Victorian Marriage Registry is the most affordable way to get married in Melbourne.

Located at the Old Treasury Building at 20 Spring St, East Melbourne VIC 3000, the Old Treasury is still a beautiful place to get married.

The ceremony costs are very affordable:

  • Monday to Friday $450
  • Saturday and Sunday $550

A marriage registry wedding will complete all the legal requirements to get married.

It includes a celebrant, a choice of the ceremony room, a classic ceremony script (which you can personalise), a Commonwealth and an original marriage certificate, as well as booking administration.

Wedding Photographer

The average cost of a wedding photographer could be between $2,500 and $15,000. Does that sound crazy? 

You can budget around $2,914 on your wedding photographer, who comes in a bit below the national average if you're in Victoria. However, 53% of previous couples will purchase a wedding album with their photos, so factor this into your budget when meeting your favourite wedding snapper.

Although the wedding photography package only takes 5.8% of the total wedding budget in Melbourne, traditionally, wedding photography is always considered the top 3 most important suppliers in wedding planning. It is because you have spent time and effort planning this once-a-lifetime event, and a wedding photographer will be the one who captures all of those for you. However, a wedding photographer's price range would be significantly different depending on his skill, reputation and package items.

Your photographer is important. So important that a whopping 99% of all couples around Australia hire one for their wedding day!

You're paying for talent to capture amazing wedding photos that will create long-lasting memories for you and your partner when you think about it. But, once you see the results, you'll truly understand why they cost so much.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers and greenery are still massively popular at weddings and have experienced a 5% increase in couples' spending. From your bouquets and buttonholes to your centrepieces or arbour, the average cost of wedding flowers is around $1,650.

At first, you may find that surprising. But you'll find that wedding flowers play a critical role in capturing the overall theme of your big day.

The price of wedding flowers includes:

A bridal bouquet

Flower décor

Hanging flowers


A whole lot more (depending on how many flowers you want)!


More couples emphasise the decorations for their wedding to make sure it looks just as they imagined. We've seen an 8% increase in the national amount spent on wedding decorations, and Victoria has also experienced an increase. You should budget around $1,424 for your wedding decorations.

Hair And Makeup

Keep in mind that your bridesmaids and a makeup trial could add to the price of your hair and makeup for the big day.

The average cost of hair and makeup for a wedding in Melbourne is around $800. These costs are in addition to those incurred by the bride and groom for pre-wedding beauty treatments.

It's one of the wedding's more inexpensive but essential components.

The price covers the standard hair and makeup for the bridal party, including airbrushing and traditional application.


The standard expenditure on music for a wedding is around $1,700.

The cost of hiring a live band for a wedding in Melbourne, however, can easily exceed $3,000 for a quartet.

If you need them to play for more than three hours, you'll have to provide them with food and drink. This usually amounts to three or four sets. They also require proper lighting and playing equipment.

Your wedding music, whether provided by a DJ or a live band, will play a pivotal role in creating the atmosphere you want for the ceremony and the reception.

The majority of couples (65%) have hired a DJ for their wedding reception, while the remaining third (35%), a band or duo.

Wedding Cake

Prices for wedding cakes in Melbourne can range from $450 to $1,000. About $655 is about average.

Keep in mind that this is not some generic cake purchased at Coles. You're spending money on some seriously impressive performers.

The best wedding cakes are works of art in their own right, with careful attention paid to taste, texture, and presentation.

Other Costs

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Organising a wedding can be overwhelming; it's almost like endless research, but in a limited time frame, the bride could benefit by spending more time researching higher costing services, such as wedding venues and bridal gowns, to control the budget.

Depending on your wedding, some of the other costs you might be expected to pay to include:


Videographers are becoming more popular for weddings, with 49% of couples across the country making sure they don't miss out on reliving those memories. So if you're getting married in Victoria, you should budget around $2,598 for your wedding video. 

Wedding videography package is also considered one of the costly suppliers (5.16%) in the wedding industry. Also, you could save significantly (6-10%) on wedding videography if you book wedding photography and videography in the same company.

Formal Wear

Formal wear in Victoria should cost you around $1,558. It is based on more grooms having custom suits made to stand out for their day, and the traditional wedding party has three groomsmen. If you're on a budget, don't be afraid to chat with your wedding party about who should pay for what. 

Bridesmaid Dresses

If you've already had a chat about who pays for the bridesmaid dresses, this budget might be different. A traditional wedding party will have three bridesmaids in it, and the total average spend on their dresses in Victoria comes to $814.

Wedding Invitations

61% of all couples buy their wedding invitations from a professional supplier to get those trending features such as acrylic, metallic and letterpress details. They're also opting for additional items such as save the dates, menus, signage and table settings with the same style and theme as their main invitations. Despite this, you can still expect to spend the same on wedding invitations as you did last year at $801 in Victoria. Don't forget to factor the cost of stamps into your budget!

Wedding Cakes

Couples are making their wedding cakes fit in with their decorative themes, and 53% will incorporate their florals into their cake decoration. The average wedding cake in Victoria should cost around $553, with most other couples ordering a cake with three tiers.

Photo Booths

Although fewer couples are renting photo booths, those who do care about the experience rather than the souvenirs. To rent a photo booth in Melbourne or Victoria, you should allot about $863.


Most couples will spend between $1 and $5 on the Bomboniere for their wedding guests. If this is something that you're looking at, factor in how many guests you have and budget appropriately. All up, the average Victorian couple will spend $476 on their wedding favours.

Tips To Save Your Money On Wedding Budget

Tip #1

Search for the average wedding cost in Melbourne.

Tip #2

Understand how each supplier takes into account your total wedding cost. Based on your original wedding budget, you could have price fluctuations between 5-7 % on each segment.

Tip #3

Knowing your priority. Wedding venues, catering and photography, and dress account for more than 60% of the total budget. 

You may want to spend more time researching better deals on those high-value wedding vendors.

Normally, brides would meet 3-5 different vendors in each category. But, unfortunately, you don't have time to meet all the wedding vendors in this market. 

Also, generally speaking, grooms have less patience shopping around than brides at weddings.

Tip #4 

Don't pay too much on one certain wedding supplier even if you fall in love with their service. It can lead you to break your original budget too much, and you end up having to sacrifice other wedding services and products later on. Think about playing a game in Casino, and you won't find All Of your money in one game. Keep the same tactics on wedding budgets. 

Tip #5 

Don't be fooled by an attractively low price; it likely masks other, unmentioned costs and potential pitfalls down the road. When deciding whether or not to pay the deposit, it's important to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Always keep in mind that life is not giving anything away. The process of creating a wedding budget is just the beginning.

As an example, you may be wondering, "Where can I have my wedding ceremony in Melbourne?" If permission is sought or not. Where can I find information on the best Melbourne wedding locations?

Getting Married?

If you're looking to get married in Melbourne, you probably think there's so much cost involved – but it's worth it for one day.

A wedding will be one of the most magical days of your life – especially when you have amazing wedding photos to remember them by.


Wedding costs in Melbourne vary depending on what you want. But, by doing your research and planning, you can save yourself a lot of money. We hope this article has helped give you an idea of how much weddings cost in Melbourne and some saving tips. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!


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